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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Tiffany Roberts

I recently read a statistic that said nearly two-thirds of all Americans are on a diet plan.  In 2007 I found myself at my local weight-loss center joining the ranks of the dieting legions and I wanted a way to document the transformation I was undergoing.

There are several ways you can create a weight-loss journal.  The most important thing is to make it personal, and to create something that is easy to access and that you are excited about using.  Keeping a journal is a wonderful motivator and stress reliever.  Nearly a year and half after I started my own weight-loss journey it still moves me to read about what I went through to get healthy.

Here are a few ideas for weight-loss journals:


The easiest way for me to journal the ups and downs of the weight-loss plan I was using was to use my computer.  It's a place I find myself at several times per week, and I could easily jot down a journal entry without having to worry about my messy handwriting, spelling errors, or misplacing my journal when I wanted it.  Keep in mind how often you journal - this will help you decide the best format for your own project.  I'm not a very active writer, so I only had a few entries for each month.

Once I hit the one-year mark I decided it was time to put my first year's worth of entries into a keepsake-type album, and add some photos taken throughout the process.  I wanted something very personal so I printed all of my journaling onto 5" x 7" pages, and I saved all of my related photos, as well as a backup of the journal entries onto a CD.  A small album from Making Memories was the perfect size to hold my printed entries, and a pocket page at the very back of the album holds the CD.  Journal entries that have accompanying photos are labeled as such in the album. 


My first page is an introduction with my starting statistics, a before photo, and my weigh-in record book from the weight-loss center.  Other than that it was simply a matter of getting the journaling pages inserted in the correct order.




This style works for me because it's simple, easy to store when it's complete, and it can hold an entire year of entries in one place, including a backup of the entries on CD for safe keeping.

For more ideas be sure to check out the Scrapbook.com gallery.  You can search for journals, or by the subject of weight loss.   I'm sure you'll be inspired by the creativity you find, as well as the inspirational stories!


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