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On the 25th of June, we were surprised and saddened to find that Two Peas in a Bucket (www.twopeasinabucket.com) had announced their imminent closure. Some functionality on the site was already disabled and, according to an announcement on the site's front page, the rest of the site will be shut down on the 10th of July. (UPDATE: Two Peas has announced that they have extended closure date until July 24th 11:59 CST)

Two Peas In a Bucket was a pioneer in the scrapbooking industry and a source of inspiration for so many crafters over the years. The Two Peas gallery in particular has been a place for scrapbookers and crafters to share their creations with others. We were sad to hear it would be getting shut down and we were particularly concerned for those people who had uploaded images of their layouts and projects to Two Peas and would be losing them so abruptly.

If you have images at www.twopeasinabucket.com and want to save those before the site is closed, we can help. We now have a tool that will quickly import your Two Peas gallery into your Scrapbook.com account. This tool will preserve your images, descriptions and high level category details. Your imported images will retain the original date you uploaded them to Two Peas and will be put in your own custom album at Scrapbook.com called "Two Peas Import" so you can view and manage them separately if you want. 

Click here to use the tool now and import your images to Scrapbook.com. 

NOTE: Scrapbook.com has been online for 14 years and we plan on being here forever. The Scrapbook.com gallery has over 2 million projects and we consider it to be a precious resource that chronicles the history and evolution of scrapbooking over time. Scrapbook.com is a safe and friendly home for your past project images and for your future ones as well.  



1. Will the importer preserve comments and votes on my images?
Unfortunately we cannot import comments or votes (for a number of reasons). We're really sorry. 

2. Are there any limits to how many project images I can import/host at Scrapbook.com?
You can import your entire Two Peas gallery and there are no limits. And you can upload unlimited projects to share at Scrapbook.com in the future.

3. I already have some images in my Scrapbook.com account. Will this tool affect those in any way?

No. This importer does not affect your current gallery images at Scrapbook.com in any way. It just imports all of Two Peas gallery images and adds them to your Scrapbook.com gallery. 

4. Who should I contact if I have issues importing my images to Scrapbook.com?

Please contact us if you have any problems.We're more than happy to help! 

Click here to use the tool now. 

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