{Inter}National Scrapbook Day 2014 **INFORMATION**

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Hello NSD Fanatics!

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 is {Inter} National Scrapbook Day and we have some very fun plans for you!

We hope you plan to join us for our annual online crop! Below is a list of challenges and teasers, as well as some suggested supplies you'll want to have on hand for the BIG day.

Challenges will last ALL DAY! We're hoping this makes creating and uploading a smooth, easy process for you on Saturday, May 3rd!


Hope to see you then!!!

Please post any questions you have below, so I'm sure to see them. I'll answer as quickly as I can!

TIME ZONE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HEREWe are hosting this event from the same time zone as Los Angeles, California United States. Please find your time zone on the map and ensure you're calculating the correct number of hours ahead or behind you are from PST (Pacific Standard Time) so you don't miss a deadline.



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