Journaling Text Within a Circle

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When creating a layout, the placement of the journaling should be considered. To add interest to a scrapbook page consider putting the journaling in a circle. Here are a few ideas:

Fully Fill a Circle with Text. Journaling can fill an entire circle. The circle could be made out of cardstock, chipboard, patterned paper or a circle tag. Use a pre-printed tag or make one with a large circle punch or circle cutter. Templates in a circle shape can also be helpful.

In "Explore Tioga," I used a sentence of journaling and the date on a circular tag.


Partially Fill a Circle with Text. Alternatively, the journaling text can be included in part of the circle. The rest of the circle could be hidden, left blank or embellished. In my layout "The River" I typed the journaling in a word processing program, adjusting the margins and spacing so it fit inside the circular shape. After printing it, I adhered it to cardstock and tucked the bottom section of the circle under the photograph.


Fill the Circle with Handwritten Journaling. One of the easiest and most personal ways to fill a circle with journaling is to use your handwriting. In "Soccerfest" by Ramona Greenspan she uses her handwriting to tell her story.


Fill the Circle with Computer Journaling. Journaling in a circle can also be created on a computer. In my layout "Snow Play" I used a half-circle journaling template by Jessica Sprague. The template allowed me to type my journaling into a predetermined boundary. Templates like this one can be used on digital or hybrid scrapbook pages.


Mix the Journaling and Other Elements in One Circle. Don't feel compelled to use only text in a circle. Mix it with embellishments, stamps, word art, etc. If you have a short title and a little bit of journaling consider adding the two elements together in the same circle. In Ramona Greenspan's layout "Hot Fun" she wrote a sentence of journaling on top and included the title below. All of it is within the circle and centered nicely.


So use those circular embellishments, templates and punches to create great journaling circles for your pages.