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Australian owned and operated, Kaisercraft is a leading scrapbooking manufacturer and wholesale supplier. You can find their products right here in the Scrapbook.com Superstore

It all started about 20 years ago, when owner Stephen Kaiser’s wife asked him to make her small, wooden products that she could sell in her own craft store. From there, as they say, the rest is history. The wooden products inspired Stephen to create stencils made from plastic and he began creating a series of acrylic paints that became the basis of Kaisercraft’s product line.

Word quickly began to spread about the high-quality Kaisercraft products and the brand quickly became in high demand throughout Australia.

From the very start, Kaisercraft has been focused on ensuring their customers are happy and providing the best possible customer service. In 2005, the company decided to shift its focus from developing its line of scrapbooking products to concentrate on developing its relationship with independent retailers, but the basic tenets of the business remained true – service first.

The move was the right one for Kaisercraft, which experienced great success as it became a much-loved, quality brand across Australia and, eventually, the world. Still owned by Stephen Kaiser’s family even today, it’s known for having great leadership and innovative designs.

Kaisercraft’s line of scrapbook embellishments offer the perfect finishing touches to your pages. The trendy wood flourishes that got Kaiser started are still an essential part of the company’s line. The flourishes have simply stunning, intricate detailing. Cut with lasers, the flourishes are very thin and add wow factor for your page without bulking it up. They can either be used as is, with the elegant natural wood tone, or stretch your creativity and color them with your favorite paints or inks. Best of all, these wood flourishes come in so many different shapes, from the more expected hearts and music notes to the unusual, like deer heads, sausage dogs and zoo animals, ensuring there’s something that will fit with virtually any subject. This line can also add a touch of whimsy to child-themed pages with collections like the space or martians wooden pieces.

Stunning flowers that complement Kaiser’s other product lines offer the same realistic look, yet have the added benefit of being light enough to work well on any scrapbook layout. If you prefer some sparkle and shine to your flowers, the line of Sparklets are eye-catching and pack a lot of glitter into a little stone. Even better, they come in a variety of unusual colors that will match well with whatever papers you use.

Kaiser also offers a full collection that always has numerous items to coordinate with their papers: cardstock cut-outs, rub-ons, stickers and clear stamps, just to name a few. Known for dainty designs and soft hues that create the perfect romantic look, Kaisercraft also offers a line of products that will fit your more masculine projects. The Base Coat Collection, for instance, is perfect for outdoorsy layouts or grunge ones. Kaiser also offers a great line of holiday-themed papers.  The recently-released Holly Bright collection, for example, features a lovely line of papers with traditional Christmas colors and patterns reminiscent of years gone by.

The company is also known for its high-quality rub-ons. Whether you’re adding a tiny piece or a longer quote, the rub-ons go on cleanly and with ease.

Kaiser also offers a line of organizational and storage products, including storage units, crates and a wonderful ribbon dispenser that’s ideal for people who purchase ribbon by the yard and not by the spool – the dispensing holes allow you to see your ribbons and keep them close at hand. Best of all, you can even be creative with the unit itself – made of wood, you can personalize and customize it to suit your tastes.

Kaiser continues to build on the wooden pieces where it got its start with a line of home décor projects as well. From wall art to dimensional party favors to bookends, the stunning workmanship and lovely designs appeal to all.

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