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This week the Scrapbook.com team went searching through the last year of layouts in the gallery in search of the funniest ones we could find. These ten tickled our funny bone.

Ekskou's layout starts with a funny title and we had to laugh at the fabulous journaling thought bubbles giving voice to her cats' argument.

Skrapaddict's adorably funny photos and sweet journaling had us giggling.

Dogs in hysterical costumes? Enough said. Charper's eye popping hilarious photo made us laugh.

We all know pets get can get themselves into some interesting predicaments. As scrappers we owe it to the world to do what Dkscrapper did and take a photo!

BlueStarDesign's journaling and pie chart tell a humorous story about a day in the life of a dog.

Potty training is serious business of course, but Oldmissb's funny photo and hilarious title add light to this milestone.

Happy Go Lucky's layout demonstrates that even adults can have fun. Sometimes all you need is a funny quote to explain fun photos.

SaraS's shows that sometimes a funny story deserves telling even if you only have a quick snapshot to go with it. Her journaling had us all laughing about how kids can do the funniest things! 

We loved Mlepitts fun title!

It doesn't get much funnier than the animal antics in SarahEdens's hilarious layout. From photos to title to journaling, this layout is all around funny!

So that wraps it up! Do you use humor in your titles, photos, journaling or all three? Be sure to upload all your layouts to the Gallery. You never know what we are on the lookout for to feature on the blog! Be sure to follow the Scrapbook.com blog, (RSS here) and sign up for the Scrapbook.com newsletter for all the latest information, sales and more.

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