Marvy Uchida Really Big Clever Lever Craft Punches

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Maegan Hall

I have a philosophy when it comes to purchasing punches. It needs to save me time and/or money, contain a classic image and be easy to use. Punches aren't considered cheap, although they certainly can pay for themselves over years of use. While I was browsing a local scrapbook store, I caught a glimpse of Marvy Uchida's new large punches and I was wowed! Normally you have to own a diecut machine to have such large, crisp results. The price wasn't too bad either. I'll be honest, if I hadn't seen oneused, or held one in my hand, I don't know that I would've blindly bought them online. I hope this review gives you the knowledge needed to purchase accordingly.




When you purchase it:

First, you'll have the daunting task of choosing a size. Although Marvy Uchida punches come in several different sizes, we're discussing the newly released Clever Lever punches , where the punched image is larger than two inches. Ordering online can be confusing if you're not careful. I hope this breakdown makes it a little easier. You can also download the template included in this article here.

  • Super punch - Blue, 2"
  • Mega punch - Pink, 2.5"
  • Giga punch - Purple, 3"
  • NEW Extra Giga punch - Seafoam Green, 3.5"

The package designers at Marvy Uchida considered our precious fingers when designing their easy-to-open punch package. No steak knife required. The punch is ready to use upon purchase.

Let's talk about how it looks:

First off, as annoying as colored punches can be when trying desperately to match your scrapbook room, I actually appreciate these color-coded punches. I know what size punch and what color to look for while looking at their handy size chart. The punches are large, which is expected considering their ability to punch up to 3.5", depending on the punch.

How it works:

There is a large lever on the back of the punch that you use your whole hand, or the ‘heel' of your hand, to press down on. You'll have no more sore fingers, because this punch is so easy to use. Once you have pressed down, your punched image will collect underneath in a clear plastic collecting plate. I haven't tried to remove this, so I'm not sure if you can. You can also flip the punch over and line up the paper if you're trying to conserve your paper. When you want your image(s), you simply slide away the cover and your images are waiting for you.

The possibilities are endless:

Marvy Uchida's images are really classic and versatile. Besides the fact that you really could use these punches for years, you can use them for just about anything. You can punch out the images for photo cropping, journaling blocks, handmade flowers, layering, cards, etc.




Some things to consider:

The punches are big and heavy. They're not the most travel-friendly, but their large size is needed for the large images. I will tell you that even though it's heavy, I frequently travel with mine because they're so usable! They perfectly add just a little something to build off while creating.

If you would like to see what or where you are punching, after each punch you have to clean out the plate. Although you can see through the collecting plate, you cannot properly judge paper placement when you are looking through several punched images.

Prices range from $13-$25 per punch, so choose wisely. Also consider getting some friends together where everyone purchases a different punch for the ultimate collective collection!

I bought the Mega Scallop Circle and at 2.5 inches, it really is usable for everything. I'm totally happy with my purchase and can't wait to get my hands on some of the new releases. I would totally recommend this product.


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