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My Mind’s Eye has been providing scrapbooking goodies to the papercrafting community since 1999.  My Mind’s Eye made their debut into the scrapbooking industry with their Wild Asparagus line.  Incidentally as well, My Mind’s Eye was the first scrapbook company to offer double-sided scrapbook paper on a thick sturdy base.  Additionally, My Mind's Eye is the only company to date that had an entire release of papers in a 6"x6" paper format (the Six by Six line).  Today, My Mind’s Eye is known for their beautiful papers, die-cut titles and journal cards.  Currently, My Mind's Eye has several collections lines available with coordinating papers, embellishments, stamps, washi tape, and enamel dots.  One of the most recent collections to be released by My Mind's Eye is a chalkboard-inspired line called Chalk Studio.  Here is a look of the collection, which can be found in the Scrapbook.com store.

When I think of My Mind’s Eye, a fresh vintage feel comes to mind.  Truthfully, My Mind's Eye is known for their clean, glimmery, vintage look they bring to their collections and products. Another wonderful thing about My Mind's Eye is that they often produce different lines of the same release - one with feminine undertones and one with masculine undertones.  This can be seen in the recent relases of Kate & Co. and the Cut & Paste collections.  Although these collections consist of "mini collections,"  they can be mixed and matched to create beautiful and different combinations.  This again speaks to the unique concept My Mind's Eye brings to the scrapbook industry.

To learn a little more about the company, I contacted their blog manager and design team coordinator, who then passed along my questions to the owner, Marcia Cornell.  I thought I would share with you what Marcia Cornell shared with me.

What sets you apart from the other companies?

If you ask the guys at My Mind's Eye they may say having the best looking salesmen! While that may be true, I feel that it is our customer service and design that sets us apart quite a bit from others. We give very much attention to detail on both. We also have close relationships with our customers. More so than most is what we hear. 

I have to echo what Marcia shared, I was very impressed with the responsiveness to emails and the time they took to answer my questions (or find the person who could answer my questions).  As someone who values having a relationship with companies I purchase from, I felt confident that they would be responsive to me as a customer.  This is always a wonderful bonus.

How did your company decide on the name My Mind's Eye?

The name came about from me always saying I could see things in my mind's eye, but being frustrated that I couldn't find what I could see. I wanted to be able to create the beautiful things I could see in my mind. Now due to some very talented graphic artists, it is a reality. It also has a sweet personal and spiritual meaning to me

I found this response so fun.  It was nice to know that I am not the only crafter who often has a picture of what should be in my mind and struggles with translating it into a product.  I also found it interesting that the products created by My Mind’s Eye are a result of a creative process of translating what you see in your mind to paper, literally.

What paper line has been your most popular to date?

At this very moment Chalk Studio is very popular, but year to date I think would be our Lost and Found line. Which also happens to be one of my favorites. I love the vintage look with the addition of glitter. 

I just have to say that I also love the glitter vintage flair of the Lost and Found Line.

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