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Our New Rainbow Icon

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From now on, you'll see this icon on our site and our social media accounts: 

This icon is a reminder that this storm too, will pass. It's also an invitation to see the rainbows that exist in our lives, or even to be the rainbow for someone who needs it right now.

We hope it serves as a reminder to spread kindness, joy, and hope like rainbows. A small act of generosity or goodwill towards others will keep rainbows spreading across the world. You will see this new icon on our Instagram, Facebook pagePinterest accountYouTube channel, and some other places as well. 

We can check in with a friend or family member, we can be extra kind in our social media interactions, or we can use this time to make uplifting cards for people in need with the Scrapbook.com Cards for Kindness Initiative. 

You can read more about what we are doing at Scrapbook.com right now. We love and appreciate you! 

- Your friends at Scrapbook.com

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