New Looks for Hand Journaling

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One of my favorite things to do on my scrapbook pages is journal in my own handwriting. I love the homely feel it gives to my pages and the legacy I will be leaving behind. We all know how great it is to discover something written in a relative's handwriting, especially if that relative is no longer with us.

In this modern age we communicate primarily via text and email and sometimes lose the handwritten word. Don't forget that handwriting adds that special personal touch to your layouts that no one else can replicate.  No one else has the same handwriting as you do, because it's unique to you..

My only problem with handwriting on layouts is that it can start to look the same on every layout. My handwriting doesn't change in its style and while you can see it's written by me, it doesn't always look pretty or blend with the theme of my page.

Some people do not like the look of their own handwriting either and opt for the typed page instead.

But fret not! Here are some great tips and ideas to inject some energy and interest into your handwritten journaling.

  1. Write your journaling in paragraphs.
  2. Use bullet points.
  3. Create your own sentence strips. Write a whole sentence on a piece of paper, cut around this and adhere it to your page.
  4. Journal around the outside of your page.
  5. Write entirely in capital letters.
  6. Use all  lower-case lettering.
  7. Mix it up.  Randomly use capital letters and lower-case. Forget all the rules.
  8. Print your letters.
  9. Use cursive or connected handwriting.
  10. Try to copy some of your favorite computer fonts or even trace them.
  11. Create a word cloud (similar to www.wordle.net) where each word in your journaling is a different size, at a different angle, in a different font, in a random pattern, etc.
  12. Write in different colored pens / pencils.
  13. Use different thicknesses of pens / pencils.
  14. Occasionally add those odd sticker letters you have in the middle of your writing (a great way to use up leftovers).
  15. Enlarge certain words of your writing to make them stand out.
  16. Underline quotes of importance.
  17. Trace a word twice to create a shadow effect.
  18. Add dots to the end of each letter.
  19. Journal with two pens of different colors in your hand at one time.
  20. Forget writing in sentences across the page. Write random words in a straight line from the top of the page to the bottom.
  21. Journal in a shape - circles, squares etc. Follow the sentence around turning the page as you go.
  22. Don't write in a straight line, create your own patterns.  Journal diagonally or in a wave.
  23. Write in italics.
  24. Get your child, partner, family member or friend to handwrite your journaling for you.
  25. Take a picture of your handwritten journaling and add this to your layout instead.
  26. Consider the mood of your layout and choose your writing style accordingly. For soft and mellow,  perhaps you would want curvy writing. For angry or sad, try straight hard lines in a dark pen.
  27. Be brave and write with your less dominant hand.
  28. If you are good at doodling and drawing, why not add a picture behind each letter or word.

There are a lot of ways to spice up your handwriting and make it more interesting and fun to read. Some take more effort than others but ultimately you will achieve such great satisfaction to know it has all been created by you. Don't forget that the randomness of handwriting techniques such as I have described are a great way to cover up any mistakes!

So give it a go. Next time you handwrite on a layout, try something new. Don't forget to upload it to the gallery and show us your creations.

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