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Our New Logo

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Today we unveiled the new logo. We’re so proud of this new identity and we love what it means and how it represents us as a company. We hope it resonates with you. The decision to change our logo was not something we took lightly. We talked about the possibility for 2 years, decided we needed to do it 7 months ago and then worked very hard on making sure we got it right.

We are embracing this new identity as we honor and remember our past. Below is a history of our logo, with a bit of information about each change and then some information about this new identity and the process we underwent to create it.

1999: The site launched in 1999 with our first logo. When was first unveiled to the world, it was a community for scrapbookers and the site was actually called the Neighborhood. Everything was based on the theme of a cute little neighborhood. We believe it was one of the most beautiful and innovative sites on the web and the logo was perfect for us at the time. We used the original “Neighborhood” theme extensively for nearly a decade. Here was the original logo: Original Logo

2004:  While the original logo was cute and fun, it was not easy to use in multiple sizes and formats. Plus wasn't just a small online community anymore. We were growing quickly. We had added a store. We needed something that could be printed on boxes and could work in both large and small applications. We needed a logo that was more simple. One of our marketing representatives came up with the following idea one Friday afternoon. We loved the simplicity, so we ran with it:

We felt like the house as the “A” was a little dated and we also wanted a wordmark that could stand alone without the house. We moved it outside of the word and off to the left of the logo: 3nd Logo

As part of a large site redesign, we cleaned up the logo and put the house inside a circle. The yellow-orange burst behind the logo always presented difficulties when placed on different colored backgrounds. On dark backgrounds, the burst looked great, but the house got lost. On light backgrounds the reverse was true. We introduced the following iteration:

This logo was clean and simple and meshed with our site design but it also had the unfortunate side effect of making the house element look like a “home” button. Plus, even before we launched it, we were already realizing that the original “neighborhood” theme of that first logo designed in 1999 had faded and did not resonate with many site visitors and members (especially those new to the site).

We knew it was time for a change. We also knew it was time to rethink how we present ourselves to the world. So we started a long and detailed process of identifying what we wanted and didn't want in a logo. 

Our criteria for the new logo:

  • - Beautiful without being pretentious.
  • - Iconic and recognizable without being weird
  • - Handwritten and organic without being hard to read
  • - Warm and friendly without appearing cutesy

This new logo also needed to say “We are you and you are us.” Our company was founded by an avid scrapbooker/journaler/cardmaker Jill Davis. Today, 90% of our core team including designers, warehouse managers, merchandising specialists, customer service representatives and marketing team members are women who scrapbook and papercraft. Our company is run by people like you and our logo needed to reflect that.

In order to meet those requirements, we knew we had to find the right designer/artist too.

We embarked on a search to find an artistic woman with elite expertise in hand-lettering who valued all things handmade. We considered hundreds, probably even thousands, of logo designers and letterers before we found Jessica Hische. When we found her, we knew she was a perfect match.

The design process took several months and multiple iterations to get it perfected and we worked closely with Jessica during the process. She was able to truly capture our essence as an organization and brand. Our new identity is perfect for us and we’re really, really proud of it.  It feels like a handwritten note from us to you or you to us. We also feel like it embodies who we are as an organization: warm, friendly, handmade, creative and beautiful. New Logo

In the future, this logo will appear in different colors and on all sorts of textures on our site and across the web. Here are a few examples:

You probably noticed our new slogan in those graphics: "Life HandmadeTM". This new slogan has a lot of layers and meaning and will receive its own blog post soon.

Ultimately, you, our customers and community members will decide if this new identity speaks to you. We hope it does. We hope you look at the logo and say “that’s me”. We definitely look at it and say “that’s us”.

McKane Davis (President) & the Team

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