Photographing Girls

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Patter Cross

When I think of photographing girls, I think of the color pink and “girlie things.”  Whereas when I think of photographing boys, I think of the color blue, and mud, trucks, and other “rough and tumble” things.  As a mom, photographing girls of any age can be super fun.  Let’s look at some fun shots to catch and some girl-themed scrapbooking topics you do not want to miss getting on film.

Fun Shots to Catch

First, what “girl specific” things should you photograph?  Here are a few ideas for you:

  • bedroom décor
  • dressing up
  • favorites (shoes, clothes, blanket, toys, crafts, etc.)
  • firsts (car, cell phone, job, etc.)
  • getting driver’s permit
  • giggles
  • girlie Shopping
  • learning to. . .(cook, sew, craft, swim, etc.)
  • painting fingernails/toenails
  • playing dolls
  • playing make-up
  • quiet moments
  • silly faces
  • sports/activities
  • sweet 16
  • the hair!

Of course, that is a very short list but it will help get you started.

Some Sample Shots

Here are some shots I took from the above list.  These first two shots are of my niece. She loves to make all kinds of faces, so these are some “silly faces” shots. 

Here is a shot of my daughter as I caught her in a quiet moment in my parent’s backyard:

Many times I will put my camera on “sport mode.”  I find when a child is giggling, running, moving, or just goofing off that I can shoot many photos super fast. I will always capture a few great shots by using “sport mode.”  Here is my favorite of my daughter when she had the giggles:

I can almost hear her laugh in that photo. That is not how she normally smiles for a “posed photo.” This was truly the giggles.

What girl doesn’t love to play with their hair? One of my daughters loves to try new hairstyles and play with her hair.  I caught her fiddling with her hair in this shot. Girls of all ages can be caught doing something silly with their hair or just trying something new.

Do not be afraid to zoom in really close to your subject. Sometimes my favorite shots are really close-up and shot at a slight angle like some of my samples above.

If you have older girls like I do, most are pretty cooperative and love to pose but I truly love to capture those candid moments. Those are my favorite, expressive photos.

If you have toddler girls, I encourage you to read Maureen Spell’s article on Photographing Toddlers.  This will give you great ideas on how to photograph your toddler girls.

So, grab your camera, put it in sport mode, and start capturing those cute “girlie moments.”  Enjoy!