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A Message From About Racism

In light of recent events, we wanted to add our voice. Racism should have no place in our communities. Our black sisters’ and brothers’ lives are of infinite worth.

Where love and respect are lacking, whether in our own hearts or in our societies, we have a responsibility to change. We can all do more to remedy the ways in which black persons have not been afforded equal treatment and justice.

When we love our neighbors as ourselves, that means we treat each other as equals--with empathy, protection, compassion, and kindness.

Our hearts ache for all those who are suffering, and we are working to do our part to help; we are listening and learning so that our efforts might make a long-term difference.

Last week we made a large donation to the Equal Justice Initiative, and we will be making additional donations every month for at least the next year.

We are continuing to have conversations internally and with black community leaders about other ways in which can help.