Scrapbooking With Your Children

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Article courtesy of Scrapjazz.com: by Marge Michaud

A scrapbooker can be anyone including women, men, old, young, in-betweens, kids and animals too -- paw or nose prints done with water base paints make cute designs for your pages!

While I was a stamps and supplies store owner, I incorporated scrapbooking into my merchandise and was surprised at how many customers used both for the arts. Most of the time they knew what they needed and wanted but we had fun looking through all the items to make a special page.

I recently took a very informal poll to find out how many children were included in the scrapbook making time and if they had their own supplies.

The results were a bit disconcerting, as not everyone included their children (or other children from the neighborhood, etc.) in their scrapbooking. Others were very informative and gave many details about how they worked with the children and which ones had their own supplies.

I have conducted scrapbook classes with many children, especially those in Special Education classes at local schools and a local adult day care center.

These were fun and each child worked individually and as a group when the occasion arose that someone needed assistance. The teacher and para professionals were wonderful with their students and when the projects were completed the children were proud to show off their designs. Some made bookmarks, while others made gift bags and pages. It was interesting to see how they designed their artwork. They didn't copy or follow what the next one did, so they didn't have the same type of work, which shows how creative everyone can be.

In scrapbooking, the object is to create something from your heart. This includes using other things besides a page to denote what your theme is. Many people tend to forget their hearts contain their children too. Sometimes the little ones are excluded from many activities and this leads to much frustration on their part. Many of the disturbances children make come from a need to be recognized for who they are and not what we want them to be.

Allow your children into your lives of scrapbooking and see just what they can come up with. Something as simple as a bookmark with a small photograph at the bottom, or wherever they wish to place it, a scissor-ed edge, and some ribbon might make all the difference in the world to an unhappy or disruptive child.

Don't forget, having their own supplies makes them feel very grown up and trustworthy. Just a few simple items in a case of their own will do a world of good. Reconsider the inclusion of your children into the world of scrapbooking.

Try it. They will like it - and you will too.


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