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The Ultimate Christmas Photo Checklist

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With the exciting hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's easy to forget to take must-have photos! This checklist will ensure you finish the holiday season with memorable photographs to look back on for years to come!

Scroll down to the bottom for a downloadable PDF that you can easily print out! 


🔲     This year's wrapping paper and ribbon

🔲     Someone sitting by Christmas lights

🔲     Winter boots all in a row

🔲     Holiday sweets and treats (handmade or otherwise)

🔲     Favorite holiday beverage (hot cocoa, eggnog, etc.)

🔲     Christmas candles aglow

🔲     December weather out your window

🔲     Christmas tree "runner-up" at the Tree Farm

🔲     Loading the family car with the Christmas tree

🔲     Decorating the Christmas Tree

🔲     Someone holding up his/her favorite ornament

🔲     Close-up of the tree topper

🔲     Making Christmas cards 

🔲     Someone wrapping presents

🔲     Close-up of home decor

🔲     Family photo of everyone wearing red or green

🔲     A family tradition in progress

🔲     Writing letters to Santa

🔲     Addressed Christmas cards, stacked and ready to send

🔲     Christmas cards you've received

🔲     Someone in a Santa hat

🔲     Playing in the snow

🔲     Baking cookies or goodies

🔲     Someone all bundled up in scarves, hats, and mittens

🔲     Christmas formal wear (for Church, a party, etc.)

🔲     Something red and green

🔲     Candy canes

🔲     Watching your favorite Christmas movie

🔲     Glitter

🔲     Hanging wreath

🔲     Winter coffee run!

🔲     Your holiday to-do list or planner layout

🔲     Visiting friends/family for the holidays

🔲     City holiday lights

🔲     Stockings in a row

🔲     Christmas jammies

🔲     A kiss under the mistletoe

🔲     Milk and cookies set out for Santa

🔲     Children asleep (or pets!) on Christmas Eve

🔲     Kids waiting to unwrap presents on Christmas morning

🔲     Christmas breakfast

🔲     The unwrapping after-math

🔲     The Christmas dinner table set

🔲     Recipe for Christmas dinner

🔲     Your New Years Resolution

🔲     Photo from under the tree, looking up 

🔲     Pets in front of the tree - bonus points if they're dressed up!


Click here to download the Ultimate Christmas Photo Checklist!