Unmounting Your Wood-Mounted Stamps

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Tiffany Roberts

I love using stamped images on my scrapbook layouts; however, I hate storing wood-mounted stamps.  I've just never found a convenient way to catalog the images I have or to store the stamps when not in use.

Several years ago I decided to unmount all of the stamps I have.  This has made more room in my scrapbook studio, as well as making it easy to store and organize all of my images for easy reference. 

I like to use a product called EZ Mount Foam and a set of acrylic blocks when stamping.  I store all my stamps in empty CD jewel cases and carefully label the spine of each one.  This way I can quickly find what I'm looking for.


To unmount your wood-mounted stamps you'll need the following items:


I like to place my wood-mounted stamp in the microwave for approximately 10 seconds.  This helps to loosen up the adhesive that is holding the rubber and foam to the wooden block. 

Then it's simply a matter of pulling off your rubber image.  This can be sticky business. I like to keep a bottle of UN-DU handy as well as a small plastic, non-stick spatula to remove those really stubborn images. If you are converting your stamps with a product that is a combination of foam backing and cling material you won't need to keep the foam attached to the rubber image.  If you are using a product that is only a layer of cling material, such as Tsukineko Tack and Peel, then you want to make sure you keep the foam attached so that you can get a good, solid image when you stamp.

After removing the images / foam from the wooden block I attach the EZ Mount and store the images in jewel cases.  This is the perfect time to trim your stamp of any excess rubber. Inexpensive stamps, such as those found in the one dollar bin of your local craft store, can usually benefit from some trimming.  A good pair of sharp scissors is a must here.

To create a catalog of the images in my collection I stamp each image onto a 3" x 5" notecard and make any notes, such as the manufacturer or collection the stamp comes from.  These cards are kept on a ring.  Tabs mark each theme.  I can easily take this ring with me when shopping for new stamps. This way I never double up on images.

With a little time and patience I've reduced the storage space my stamp collection requires from several large shelves to one single drawer.   That makes room for all kinds of fun new supplies!


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