Wedding Journaling Ideas

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When you think of a traditional wedding album, you probably imagine a large heavy black book with black pages and beautiful portraits, but few (if any) words.  These days, "traditional" is overrated when it comes to wedding albums.   Instead of (or maybe in addition to) a traditional wedding album, aim for meaningful and memorable by adding details, stories, and all the true memories from your special day to your wedding album.

Since wedding scrapbook journaling hasn't always been popular, you may be wondering what kind of journaling to include in an album like this.  Below are several styles of journaling that will help jumpstart your story-rich wedding scrapbooking adventure.  Just pick your favorite and you're ready to document the happiest day of your life:

  1. Transcript.  Surely someone video-taped the ceremony, toasts and even quotes from guests.  Transcribe those words and thoughts and include them with corresponding photographs in your album.

  2. Notes from Guests. A guestbook with everyone's names is nice, but what if at the reception, each guest wrote a little note to the bride and groom and dropped it into a mailbox?  Include a few instant cameras on the table as well, and you've got a wedding scrapbook in the making!

  3. He Said/She Said. Every wedding has a bride and a groom, and I'm guessing you both have a unique perspective on the details of the wedding day.  How fun would it be to get both the bride and groom's "story" about how they felt, how they prepared, and what they were thinking  each step of the way?

  4. Song Lyrics.  Often a couple has a favorite or sentimental song that parallels their relationship and wedding day just perfectly.  Using the lyrics of a song throughout a wedding album can bring continuity and a poetic aspect to your journaling.

  5. Timeline.  Follow your wedding day (or the entire wedding-planning process) from start to finish chronologically by introducing a timeline or a diary-style of journaling.  Use dates, time-of-day, and locations to introduce each aspect of the event. Start a blog as soon as the process begins, and you'll have an online diary of wedding journaling already begun.

  6. Topical.  Rather than organizing your album chronologically, use a topical approach, which allows you to focus on smaller details such as the necklace you borrowed from your grandmother, or the guest who surprised you and arrived from overseas for the wedding.  Tell the stories that made the day uniquely yours.

Whatever style of journaling you choose, remember that a wedding is so much more than people in fancy clothes with smiling faces.  It's a union of people, families, cultures and lives.  Pay tribute to those important people and stories by including the meaningful words and memories to accompany your portraits in your wedding keepsake album.