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What Is The Magic Mat?

Get ready for the die cutting game-changer that you've been waiting for! Taking the crafty center stage for your amazement and delight is the exclusive Original Magic Mat by! This replacement for one of your plastic cutting plates will absolutely WOW you with its tricks and magical die cutting results. 

What is the Magic Mat™?

For our first trick, let us introduce you to the Original Magic Mat Cutting Pad. This innovative cutting pad is made from a high quality self-healing material that is designed to be long-lasting when used with blades and cutting tools - specifically in your card making machine or die cutting machine. The resiliency of the material makes it the ideal surface for metal dies to cut into again and again and again. Oops, we guess the magician revealed the secret to this trick!

The Magic Mat is designed to be a replacement for one of your standard plastic cutting plates - specifically the one that gets cut into. Do you know what that means? Say goodbye to warped plastic cutting plates and deep etchings, marks, or scratches that may transfer onto your next die cutting project. 

Refer to the individual product pages here for specific machine compatibility.

magic mat close up

You will also use fewer plastic cutting plates since you're only using 1 at a time and pairing it with the super affordable Magic Mat.

Say goodbye to warped plastic cutting plates and deep etchings, marks, or scratches that may transfer onto your next die cutting project.

Simply use the Magic Mat as the cutting plate your metal dies cut into (blade side cuts into the Magic Mat) and roll through your machine.


We've even found that two - that's right, TWO Magic Mats can be used instead of plastic plates all together. How amazing is that?

How is the Magic Mat™ Different From Cutting Plates?

When your die cuts come out the other side of your die cutting machine, you'll instantly see (and hear!) the difference.

Not only are there no cracking noises with the Magic Mat, but you'll also see amazing results every time. Why is that?

Not only are there no cracking noises with the Magic Mat, but you'll also see cleaner results every time.

Standard cutting plates are made of impact-resistant, hard polycarbonate plastic. The Original Magic Mat Cutting Pad by is made of 5 layers of recycled PVC plastic which forms a self-healing, forgiving material. While ordinary cutting plates resist the blade of your metal dies, the Magic Mat absorbs the blade and allows for a smoother cut on its long-lasting surface.

magic mat die cutting

The self-mending material also ensures your Magic Mat lasts longer than standard plastic cutting plates. Spend more time crafting and less time replacing your tools!

The Magic Mat also offers a helpful gridded pattern on the surface of each pad so that precision alignment with shapes, sentiments, and letter cut-outs on your project are picture perfect! Don't forget to turn the Magic Mat over periodically to extend its life - it gives the same amazing cuts upside down. And there's a grid on the backside too!

How Do You Use the Magic Mat™?

In die cutting, building the right sandwich for your machine is everything. The Magic Mat is approximately 3mm thick and replaces one of the pieces of "bread" in your sandwich. Wait... which part is the bread again? The cutting plates!

Build your sandwich, but replace the bottom plastic cutting plate with the Magic Mat. 

The Original Magic Mat comes in a variety of sizes and works with a number of different machines. Find the one that suits your needs here

magic mat and cutting pads

The Magic Mats are designed to be the SAME size and thickness as the Sizzix Big Shot Cutting Plates (Standard and Extended sizes). If Sizzix cutting plates do not currently work in your die cutting machine at home, then the Magic Mat may not fit or work in your machine.

Make sure you refer to each of the product pages linked above for specific machine compatibility.

Cleaning and Care of the Magic Mat™

The Magic Mat is an extremely durable tool that will provide you with seemingly endless assistance in your die cutting. To make sure your Magic Mat is always clean, unwarped, and free from paper threads, check out our guide to Magic Mat care & cleaning.


It turns out the Original Magic Mat by is not a magic trick at all - it's a die cutting and crafting game-changer reality! Try it out today and see the difference for yourself! 

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