Designing Your Story with Nancy Damiano

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In this class, Nancy Damiano incorporates fun ways to tell your stories and design your layouts. Nancy provides expert guidance in creating beautifully designed pages with meaning. You are sure to come away with many ideas on how to design your story. Full Description.
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Lesson 1 - Lists and Other Perspectives

Nancy shows how using lists is a simple way to include other peopleís perspectives to your layout. Designing with lists can be fun too! Watch this lesson to get fun tips on painting cork and numbering several lists to tell your story in an organized and well-designed fashion.

Lesson 2 - Relationships, Candid Photos and Frames

Sometimes the photos themselves tell more of a story than journaling ever could. Nancy demonstrates how to design a grid based layout with pre-made frames and lots of layers to showcase 2 candid photographs. Just a bit of typewritten journaling completes the story.

Lesson 3 - Places We Go

Place your journaling at the center of your layout! Nancy shows how to add maps and patterned papers to help tell stories about your favorite places to visit. You’ll also get fun tips on using enamel dots to create a large focal point letter for your title.

Lesson 4 - Events and Holidays

Are you overwhelmed with too many holiday photos? Or are you bored with telling the same story every time the holidays roll around? Donít stop documenting your events and holidays! Nancy demonstrates fun ways to tell the stories about events and holidays and clever ways to design those layouts.

Lesson 5 - Everyday Life

Nancy reminds us to document everyday moments and photos. With fun tips and techniques you will turn these everyday memories into works of art!

Lesson 6 - People, Personalities and Word Association

Play the word association game to document elements of your favorite people and their personalities!

Lesson 7 - Hardships and Hidden Journaling

Not all of our stories are easy to tell. Sometimes scrapbooking our hardships can be important so that we can look back on them and see how far we have come. Nancy shows how to design a layout to talk about difficult subject matter. She uses a combination of visible and hidden journaling to share her important message.

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Nancy Damiano


Nancy Damiano lives in New Jersey with her husband, son and a gaggle of nieces and nephews she adores. She has a passion for the color aqua, Disney, and anything paper + craft. She's been scrapbooking for over a decade and currently designs for American Crafts, Simple Stories and Hip Kit Club. You can find more of her work and life at her blog, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also find a lovely collection of process videos on her YouTube channel.