Get More Out of Your Dies: Budget Friendly Cards with Stephanie Barnard

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Creating cards on a dime is easier than ever! Crafting maven Stephanie Barnard shows you how to use Sizzix tools to create professional-grade cards with ease & budget in mind. From flip-its to shakers, making your own patterns, envelopes… even ideas for your die cut scraps, Stephanie doesn’t let anything go to waste.   Full Description.
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Lesson 1: How to Make Your Own Oval Flip-it Card

From start to finish, Stephanie Barnard demonstrates how to make an adorable oval flip-it card with her new oval flip-it card die cut kit with Sizzix. This card is easy-peasy AND budget friendly! In this lesson, you’ll learn how to to create your very own flip-it card, plus be privy to some of Stephanie’s impressive insider tips such as how to get the cleanest die cut with your Sizzix and how to tie that perfect decorative bow that will make your new flip-it card the star of the show! You won’t want to miss this!

Lesson 2: How to Create Patterned Paper

Save money by creating your very own patterned paper! Stephanie Barnard will show you how to use your Big Shot and inks to make your own beautiful patterns. Her simple technique will revolutionize how you make your cards forever; she even calls it “magic.” Watch as she shows you everything you need to know from making masks to how to keep your dies from moving on the board to ensure the thinnest, cleanest cuts every time. Plus, you’ll find out what Stephanie always keeps on her desk. With these simple tips and Stephanie’s easy-to-follow instructions, the possibilities with patterned paper are endless!

Lesson 3: How to Make Your Own Rectangle Flip-It Card

You deserve a treat and that’s what’s in store for you in lesson 3. Watch and learn as Stephanie Barnard teaches you how to make a rectangle flip-it card with her Gift Card Flip-It Die set from Sizzix. It’s so easy, anyone can do it. She’ll show you just how painless making professional looking cards can be. Also, Stephanie reveals three amazing tips that will radically change the way you stamp and which stamping sidekick she calls her “handy dandy secret weapon.” Tune in now!

Lesson 4: How to Make a Stand-Up Shaker Card

In this lesson,we’re shaking things up a bit. Why just create a stand-up card when you can make it a stand-up shaker card!? That’s exactly what Stephanie is going to demonstrate in Lesson 4. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make the sweetest stand-up shaker card with her die set “The Bubbly.” Like always, Stephanie adds tidbits of industry-acquired advice like when it’s ok to layer cut with your Big Shot and whether or not those little crackling noises are normal! You’re going to love this innovative card and we’re so excited for you - so let’s get shakin’!

Lesson 5: How to Use Your Die Cut Scraps to Make a New Card

After so much card making, you’re bound to have extra die cut pieces. Stephanie wants your dollar to stretch as far as it can, so she shows you just how to use all of those extra die cut scraps… by making another card, of course! All you need here is your scraps, some Umbrella Crafts adhesive, alphabet stamps, and whatever embellishments you’d like to create an adorable card in a pinch. That way the next time you need a card on the fly, you’ll have one at arm’s reach. This is a great chance to be economical with your supplies, replenish your card collection, and to play with beautiful paper! How fun is that?

Lesson 6: How to Make a Die Cut Envelope

We’ve learned how to make so many cards in this class, but we haven’t forgotten about how to package your card… with the envelope! In the final lesson of the series, Stephanie shows you how to create this anybody-can-do envelope! You’ll never have to purchase plain envelopes for your cards again with the A1 Envelope Die and the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine. You’ll learn how to die cut a handmade envelope with a lovely, scalloped edge. Then, Stephanie will even show you how to make a cute note to tuck inside for your special recipient. Surprise your friend with not only a beautiful, handmade card, but with a matching, handmade envelope. What goes around, comes around- and in this lesson, it’s all fun!

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Stephanie Barnard

Besides serving as the Sizzix spokesperson, Stephanie Barnard offers the Sizzix research and development team invaluable insights into new products from a crafter's perspective. She is also a licensed designer, and the owner and designer of a stamp company, The Stamps of Life. In addition, Stephanie is a popular teacher, demonstrator and web personality.

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