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Pockets are both fun and functional accents for scrapbook pages. A pocket is the perfect solution for displaying items that you want to include, but not permanently attach to a page. Memorabilia such as letters, brochures, and cards are just a few of the many items you might want to include in a pocket.

The following example will demonstrate how to create a “pleated” or accordion-style pocket.

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Begin by cutting a piece of cardstock into a 6 by 12 inch strip. Fold it in half to create the front and back of a 6 by 6 inch pocket.

Next, trim two 1 ˝ by 6 inch rectangles. These will create the side pleats of the pocket.

Fold each strip into three sections. Using the edge of a ruler will help to create a straight fold. Bend each side in opposite directions to create an accordion-style pleat.

Glue the pleated strips to the back of the pocket. Place them on each side so they mirror each other. This will make the pocket look the same on both sides, as well as help it open and close correctly.

Add glue to the top of the pleated strips and glue the front of the pocket to the sides. Press the sides of the pocket down flat and line up the front of the pocket with the edges of the sides. Since the pocket is folded, it will naturally create a point at the bottom, and a larger opening at the top.

Decorate the outside of the pocket with the embellishments of your choice.

When creating pockets and attaching them to the layout, it is important to heavily reinforce the edges so the pocket can withstand the weight and bulk of memorabilia. Most of the weight will rest on the bottom of the pocket and the two top corners. Pay special attention to those areas. Use a heavy cardstock for both the background of the layout as well as the pocket itself for the strongest results.

Whether they contain memorabilia, journaling notes, or extra photos, pockets full of memories are a wonderful way to help preserve the moment and tell the story.

Supplies needed for this lesson:


cardstock – Bazzill Basics
beaded trim - unknown
gem – Westrim Crafts
mesh – Magic Mesh
ink - VersaMark
adhesive – Magic Scraps Scrappy Glue
heart punch - Emaginations
paper trimmer - Fiskars
font – MA Flirty

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