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Photos are the most important element on a layout. Unfortunately, not all photographs begin as the perfect shot. Using todayís computer technology, you can fix problems and enhance the condition of your photos.

With practice, photo editing software is a wonderful tool for editing and improving photographs. Photo editing programs will vary in the exact steps and instructions for editing images. Check your programís instructions and manual for specific information about the program you use.

The following example will show how this photograph was altered to improve its composition.

While this photograph is decent, some improvements can be made to make it great. First, we will blur the background of the photo to emphasize the two subjects in the foreground and give it the look of a professional photograph.

To do this, use a selection tool in the editing software to outline the entire background of the image.

This can be a tedious process and takes time to achieve the desired results. Take your time, and make small lines to outline the background as accurately as possible.

Once the entire background has been selected, use the blurring function to blur the background of the photograph. This will immediately bring the focus to the subjects in the foreground of the photograph.

Next we will improve the composition by bringing the subjects closer together. Using the selection tool, outline the subject on the left.

When you reach the top of the subjectís head, continue upward to include the rest of the background on the left side of the photograph. Move the entire section toward the subject on the right.

Since the background of the photo is primarily green, moving the subject of the photograph does not significantly change the background. This makes it easy to move the two subjects together without an obvious break in the background of the photo.

Using the cropping tool, crop the photograph to center the two subjects.

To eliminate the sharp line where the two parts of the background meet, use a cloning function. The cloning function will allow you to copy part of the background and draw it into another part of the photograph. Here we are simply taking the image of the tree and cloning it over the sharp line to help blend the two sides together.

Finally, the bright colors in this photograph can be distracting to the subject of the photo. Converting the photo to grayscale is a great way to bring the focus to the subjects, and not to what they are wearing.

Digital photo editing opens the doors to a world of options for how to present photos on scrapbook pages. It gives you the opportunity to make each photo perfect for the page, helping you remember your memories the way they should be remembered, not just how they were captured on film.

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