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New Conversations Platform (aka New Forum) | READ ME FIRST

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  • Scrapbook.com
    We have retired the old forums and replaced them with this new conversation platform. The company that created and maintained the old forum software no longer exists and the software was no longer compatible with the Scrapbook.com website. Rather than remove the forum entirely, we decided to replace it with a new conversation platform.

    Some past topics were not compatible with the new platform and we were unable to migrate them into this new platform (We have migrated over 100,000 topics were compatible). We were also unable to migrate favorite topics, notifications, private topics, old smileys and several other legacy features. We want to let you know that we're sorry for any disruption and disappointment this might cause.

    The new platform has many new features and tools for you to play with including:

    • A more robust topic/post editor so you can format posts quicker and cleaner
    • Hundreds of new, fun emojis
    • The ability to directly import and showcase your gallery images quickly
    • Ability to reference products from the store quickly with just a link
    • Extensive and robust spam controls to mitigate spam flooding and scams
    • A cleaner, quicker interface
    • Better mobile phone experience
    • The ability for users to close your own topics (great for swaps and challenges)
    • Granular control over what updates you want to get sent to you (including a daily or weekly digest)
    • Simplified categories and a quick way to see latest updates, new topics or trending topics.
    • Ability to mark any post or any topic as favorites that you can find and reference later
    • Your own personal area to follow topics you have marked as your favorites (reduces need to hunt and find recent posts on topics)
    • Ability to sort recent topics on top or on bottom of the thread
    • You can now view a topic in linear (flat) format or in a threaded conversation format
    • Better, cleaner direct message functionality and support for many users at once
    • Ability to stay logged in on multiple devices at once
    • Ability to call our or mention other users by typing @ and searching for them

    Please read the complete FAQs and tutorial on the new platform here. It will give you a good sense for what changed and why. And it explains many of the new features in detail.

    We understand that this is a place where you build friendships and a community where you feel welcome. We hope that you will continue to communicate and share on this new platform!

    Note: We updated this post after additional upgrades (10/21/2019)