White Pen

  • Samothrace
    What is everyone's favorite white journaling pen?! I have one that I've never really loved, but it worked. Need to upgrade to one I really like!
  • Motherload
    My go-to white pen is the gel pen from Sakura. Easy to find, not too expensive, lasts a while, and writes okay. I noticed each pen seems to have a perfect angle at which you need to hold it to get the best ink flow, so I usually test it on a dark scrap first. I would be interested to see what everybody else prefers, though!
  • Sewflake
    I have found the inexpensive gel pens people use for the adult coloring books work just as well and often better than any of the Brand name pens. 
  • Kel3
  • Gluemore Girl
    Thanks for the tip,  I just put the Signo in my cart. It's got a a 5 star reviews and tons of them!
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    My favorite is the Signo.  I usually order 3 at a time and they always work for me.