Problems Embedding Images

  • Cindy312
    All of a sudden, I'm not able to embed images except for the smallest size. It used to be that I could click to choose what size to embed, but no matter what I choose, it gives the code for the smallest size. If I edit the HTML to get a larger image, it just stretches the smaller images, causing it to be blurry. Argh! Anyone else having this problem? Or better yet, anyone have a solution?
    If you are trying to showcase a gallery image in the forums, there is a simple/streamlined way to do that now. You can see an explanation here:

    If you are hoping to grab the html code and embed it on another site or blog, it looks like there is currently an issue/bug with that. Thanks for letting us know. We will add that to the list and work on getting that corrected soon!

  • Cindy312
    I was using the HTML for a blog. Thank you for adding the bug to your list!
  • Cindy312
    New problem - now it gives me a choice of sizes, but there's something wrong with the code when clicking the radio button. It appears to be markup for forums, not html. When you first goes to the page, I get html, but it goes away even if I click back to that small size.