October 2019 New Layouts and Cards

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  • Lcmemories
    Welcome to the New Layouts and cards for the month of October. We would also love to see any other project you'd like to share.

    This thread is for sharing love on all new projects shared here. If you don't do a lot of challenges, this is a great thread for getting your wonderful work seen and even if you do a lot of challenges...well one can never have too much love!!

    It's a challenge of sorts though.... keeping up on giving love can be a real challenge!! We all JCI (Just Check(ing) In) often and try so hard to be ACU (All Caught Up) and MMS (Mark My Spot)... but let a day go by and you'll be VFB (Very Far Behind). We've also been known to toss about and create some new acronyms!!

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. There are NO challenges and NO Requirements on the TYPE of comments you leave, just be sincere but if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all. But I'm sure you can think of something nice to say!

    Please also remember several people post here; try not to flood the post with too many layouts or cards at once. Please be considerate and do not post more than 5-7 in any post. No limit per day.

    So, think you can do it??? Then come on by and join the fun! This thread has gained a fairly regular following. We enjoy seeing new people come by to share their work and join in the fun! You can join in at any time. Just remember that it is more fun if you give love and get love too!
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    Part 2 of the thread Intro post:
    Here is how to put your layout photo on a thread:
    1. Go to layout/picture in your gallery that you want to post on the thread.
    2.Click "Link & Embed Image"
    3. Click on "IMG CODE (for forums and bulletin boards)" Make sure the little dot is in front of that phrase now.
    4. Select what size you want the picture to be on the thread, most of us select "Larger".
    5. Go to the third tab at the top of the post where you are sharing. Copy and Paste the link code.
    6. The picture should appear as part of your reply.

    While this is a laid back community of artists and crafts people sharing their work and support, it's not a place to just drop off work and not visit the galleries of others in the thread. We encourage you to enjoy all the marvelous talent and leave comments! Should you encounter a problem with another poster in this thread, please PM them directly to ask your question or resolve your issue. The hostesses are not referees and can't step in the middle for you.
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    Part 3:
    Speaking of hostesses..... this is a collaborative effort. We are rotating the job of hosting the thread. Included in the opening post is the schedule of hostesses over the next couple months.
    November---- Cathe
  • Scrappin 2
    Good Sunday morning!
    It is rainy and cool here.-supposed to be in the 80's on Monday and Tuesday. crazy weather.
    The newpaper is late so while we ate our donuts and drank coffee we watched the Weather Station.
    Hard to believe SNOW if falling out West--over the same towns we drove through last August.

    Danielle and Andrea-- did you get snow?

    Danielle- I don't blame you for being bummed that you are cold already.
    Why was your dog whining? Did he just want you to get up? Dogs are so funny.

    Terry- Your Steampunk Halloween kids are adorable.
    Do you mind sending out all the addresses for the Christmas card exchange?

    Laura- How far is Georgia Tech from you? Will your son try out for the band? I think that would be hard playing at all those football games and still have time to study.
    You can put me down for moving the thread in November. ---Hope it moves the same way as it used to.
    It was fun reading you and your family went to comic con.

    Anna- glad you had a good time at your SU card making club.

    Andrea- I'm sure glad you are back. I missed you.
    When is your surgery? (pardon my forgetfulness)

    Now I can't remember what I was going to tell you Jane. and your post is back in September. LOL

    Thanks for my well wishes. I shouldn't complain.
    It feels a tad better today. Maybe I'll try sitting and scrapping later. But it doesn't seem to like being bent like it is when I sit. Here at the computer I have a little stool under the desk that I prop it up on.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • Abby0317
    Posting this here too---
    Sunday @ 7:37AM PST
    Hi ladies: Cr-aa-zz-y weather here yesterday! The rain we did get was more like a monsoon and the temp kept going up and down depending on sun breaks. Just across the Columbia in Portland there was an area that had 65 mph winds (like a twister wanted to form) and they lost trees everywhere. Another area was getting lightning and one guy was in his basement when it struck his house. You could see the roof area where it came in, down a wall, into a bedroom where it scorched the bed and floor and blew out thru a window. But the intensity of the electricity broke all item glass in the home. Weirdest thing I've seen in ages! He said it was less than half a minute! There's snow in the mountains and more coming!

    Andrea: I'm so glad that everyone is helping you now. When I took chemo that was my biggest worry---how to clean house, cook, etc when I could barely stand for 3 days a week. DIL came in to clean and my DG Emma who was 6 yo would sit in the next recliner and just stare at me. Her "job" was to be sure I didn't try to get up and help DIL! So cute.... Hope you continue to feel better every day! Good news about your DD!
    Anna: So glad you got to go play with the SU group!! Can't wait to see your projects. When I came back on last night to link my "kids" here, I was surprised to see you already commented!! Had to smile....
    Ashley: Julianne Hough has a new album out too. The first release from it is called Transform --- she sang it and danced on AGT final show last month. Derrick also has a YouTube channel that he "experiences life". I've also wanted to know if the novel challenge tells you what topic to write. Have fun at ComicCon!!
    Cathe: how are you feeling today? My doctor told me to ice the knee for 10 min and then use heat for 5. I hope you didn't tear any cartledge! I had to laugh about the crutches as I had flashbacks of me trying to use them. About killed myself! Have you heard from Cheryl? How did Karyol's visit home go?
    Danielle: I know you don't like the cold but I think after this weirdness moves on it will warm up again. Hopefully!!
    Denise: Hoping you are doing ok on your trip!
    Jane: I'd send you some rain if I could! I did see the temps were in mid-90s there. I heard my niece & hubby may be going to Knoxville for a couple of months and I wish I could go with them. They are allowed thru their work places to work remotely so they have spent almost 2 yrs working from all parts of the US. They love it and I would too. How's your grandbaby?
    Laura: Your son is going to MSU? Is that Missouri or Mississippi state? My son told DGS before he left in Aug that the greatest thing about college was temptation. And that was also a huge learning lesson. How right he was!!! OOPS...you snuck in before I got this posted!

    Ok, so far for the card exchange we have me, Anna, Cathe, Laura, and most likely Andrea. If no one minds I'll post all the addresses I have from last year for the exchange but I will need Laura' s and Jane's to add. We do this thru PMs but I'll see what they now have that replaced that. If not, I'll ask for another way as we won't post addresses in a thread. I'm going to copy this post over to Oct thread as well. I am going watch some football and just hang out today!

  • Abby0317
    Thanks Laura for doing Oct! And for changing the posting LO to reflect the new SB platform.
  • Lcmemories
    Yay!! The link worked. Cathe thanks for volunteering for December. Glad you are feeling a tad better. I keep a stool by my couch to prop my feet up on all of the time (even as I type this). And Georgia Tech is extremely far away from me compared to Mississippi State or University of Alabama at Huntsville. Sam hasn't decided whether he is going to try to play in the band at college yet. I am just taking all of this one day at a time. I am a "planner" type of person, and all of this unknown stuff drives me a little bonkers.

    Terry, if you go to top right where it says My Conversations, click that and you can scroll down and see Direct Messages. That is where you private message everyone now. Ignore where I sent you the one earlier in the month when I was trying to find the old thread.
  • OnlyJane
    September 29th 2:55pm est
    Found the October thread really fast must be getting use to some of the stuff. Terry I did send you a direct message, apparently I did not have you checked as a following so until I did that was unable to message you.
    Thanks Laura for posting October and Terry thanks for following through with all the changes September required with the new forum setup
    93 at the moment, we beat the record from 1904 when on this day it was 92. ,
  • Andrea M
    Sunday sept 29 1:00

    Terry wow that is some crazy weather. I love your monsters. Are those digi stamps? I am addicted to digi stamps I have more than i can ever color and yet i keep buying more. I had a few copics and i just bought a few more. I have money saved to buy more but i really want to practice with what i have and see how i go with them. I love my colored pencils. The coloring classes i take have both markers and pencils classes. I just started getting both. Now to actually sit down and do a marker class.

    Cathe no worries on forgetting my brain is mush lately with all my meds. I have to right down replies as i read peoples posts. My surgery is the 10th of October.
    How is your knee today?

    Danielle sorry you cold not get back to sleep.

    No snow at my house yet but a little more up higher. Its a lot of rain right now.
    DD is taking me to see abominable at the theater. She works there and gets to see movies for free.

    Thanks for doing OCT Laura. I look forward to getting to know you better.

    I am glad to be back. I quit doing a lot of things as dealing with mu pain, dr. appointments, and just processing it all was a lot to deal with .
  • Anna C
    Sunday, September 29
    10:35 EST

    Found the new thread! Hope everyone had a great Sunday.

    Laura, you can put me down to host January, 2020. And thanks for hosting October.

    Thanks Terry for getting September going for us. I appreciate the extra time you spent getting it set up and dealing with all of the changes. Love your new "kids" and your coloring is so awesome!

    Cathe, hope the knee is doing better.

    Danielle, hope you were able to get a nap today since you had to get up early.

    Denise, hope your are doing well on your trip.

    Jane, dh is doing well. He is working for Rhino Coal that took over the Virginia Blackjewel mines. They are not in production yet but hopefully sometime in October.

    Here is the sampler we made yesterday. It looks so much better irl.

    Each month, we make a new magnet for our HOME sign.

    Here's one of four cards we made yesterday. I will try to get the other three uploaded tomorrow.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Spent today hanging out at home and reading. I'm trying to do this thing where I only ready eerie or spooky or Halloweeny type topic books for September and October. Thankfully a bunch of the books I preordered are about eerie topics and I have a bunch on my to be read pile. My to be read pile is probably taller than I am at this point though LOL! I also built a dog house for the cat that lives in our yard. She was living in this old plastic greenhouse on our porch but it's leaky and probably not going to last her through the winter so my dad ordered her a dog house (for a 100 pound dog...this cat is only about 5 pounds at most) that we're going to set up for her instead. I just hope she's willing to go into it because she's a very picky outside kitty.

    Cathe- The National Novel Writing Month challenge is this event that encourages you to write 50,000 words of any new story you're planning on writing in the month of November. You track the number of words you write per day on the website and, when you hit 50,000, you "win" and can order things from the winner website like t-shirts and pins and stuff. I've "won" the last two years so I'm hoping to make it a 3rd year in a row.

    Jane- New York ComicCon is my one day a year I get to be a super geek and no one can say anything about it. It's a huge event and takes over a good part of the area around the convention center. My sister works in Times Square and will see cosplayers wandering around in their outfits and usually gets annoyed with them.

    Terry- It's still super sunny and hot here in NYC but I'm not going to complain. My mom and I saw snow trucks and trucks with plows driving around and both of us kind of freaked out a little. My dad, who use to work for the Department of Sanitation, said that it was just training and to stop freaking out.

    Andrea- I saw "Abominable" on Saturday! It's super cute!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mroning

    well we didn't get snow here but it was cold and rain here yuck I am want my warm weather here. but I know where andrea at she probably got a dusting of snow up there. I made some crumble apple for the first time it came out alright. well today go into the city it looks like we be get a kohls here at the mall. I cover my strawberries and my raspberries and blueberries up. they said we got a frost here last night and in the morning.

    ann- thoes are nice cards no I didn't get a nap in from wake up early. I just can't take nap.

    here a birthday card I did for my sister

    hope everyone has a nice Monday
  • Scrappin 2
    Monday Sept 30th
    The sun is out yay!! It was so dreary all weekend.
    My knee is much better--thank you. I'm walking without a crutch.

    Ashley- I think the challenge to write 50,000 words is a wonderful idea especially if they dangle prizes in front of ya. LOL
    That is so sweet that your Dad got the stray cat a dog house. I heard a suggestion for a shelter for strays---take one of those Styrofoam coolers, turn upside down and cut a doorway. ---that would have been cheaper. (I need that little guy rolling on the floor laughing) I'm sure what your Dad bought will be like a Hilton for the cat. Have you named him? It must be a him, as I don't remember kittens being born and you've taken care of this kitty for a long time.

    Andrea- That is a nice perk--getting in free to the movies since DD works there.

    Terry- I'll have to call my SIL and see if she had any bad weather in Tualatin.

    Anna- I love your HOME decor. The card is really cute. I didn't think I'd have much use for that set, but now I see the possibilities. My friend Sue and I haven't been to Michelle's casual club in months. We haven't liked the cards. Perhaps she shouldn't show them to us before hand.LOL Although the Christmas cards she and her friend made for the Open House were awesome! I'm still a demonstrator, but I don't know for how much longer. Each month I get farther and farther behind in $$ I'm supposed to sell. I only got into it because I wanted to learn to make cards and I thought I'd use the stamps for scrapping, but I don't.

    Danielle- Your sister's birthday card is cute. Love the vintage look of those little kids.

    Laura- choosing a college is such a big deal. When I chose --- the campus just felt right. --of course that was eons ago. LOL
    Thanks for telling us about Direct Messages. Does one get a notice if you have a Direct Message?

    Jane- How many children and grandchildren do you have?

    Report on Cheryl-- Karyol's visit home did not go well. She had to really help him at one point and she hurt her back. She thought her back would be ok. It made him realize he wasn't ready to come home.

    Have a nice day everyone!
  • Abby0317
    Monday @ 8AM 9/30
    Good morning---a brisk 35 deg here at 7:30. Brrr'¦..
    I didn't see any notification that I had 2 direct messages but to Laura & Jane I did get your messages. I'll double check and make sure I'm following everyone so you will get mine. I'll also post on the thread that I sent them out.

    Andrea: Did I miss you telling us what kind of surgery on the 10th. If you didn't and don't want to say that's ok forget I asked! That is so sweet of your daughter! I just bought about 10 more Copics too since CarpeDiem had a sale for $4.85 & free shipping over $35. I would love to see a class on more blending techniques. Some colors blend well and others don't. I get those big eyed kids from Sherri Baldy: mybestiesshop.com
    Anna: what beautiful projects for fall those were! Love the colors and themes Glad to hear Bucky is doing well too. I really wonder why one mine co would close its doors yet another one jumps in and does great. I guess I thought the mine closed due to some restrictions of the Fed gov.
    Ashley: Congrats to you on winning for 2 years! Do you know what you'll be writing about?
    Cathe: Glad to hear your knee is feeling better! Poor Cheryl! I hope she's feeling better because with all the stuff going on right now she doesn't need to worry about a bad back sprain.
    Danielle: I had a restless night last night and didn't fall asleep until after 2:30AM. I hate it when that happens and really wish I knew why it happens. Hope you got better sleep. Cute card for your sister!
    Jane: Good grief you sure do need some cooler weather! As I said, I'll add you to the list and direct message when I get it all typed up. Wish I could attach the word file in the message!
    Laura: I talked to my son and DGD Lauren, who's a junior, is also looking into colleges a bit now too. She wants to be a theater arts major so she's looking at that. I cannot imagine going thru that again. Aaron won WA state champ for DECA & participated in the national contest, which won him a 2 yr all expense paid at any WA state college/university. I about chewed my hand off when he declined that and went to a private school. He loved it and got a great education but he did take out student loans, I paid cash, and also 1 loan. You just never know what the kids will decide. Patience! I do feel your pain tho'¦.

  • Abby0317
    Sorry---retraction here---Cathe, you do get a message that you have a direct message. However it just comes in quietly under that bell icon up at the top. I liked it before when it would show up before you could get into a forum.
  • Andrea M
    Danielle are they putting the khols where shopko used to be. I was so bummed shopko closed. I shopped there a lot. Not as excited for a khols.

    Cathe glad your knee is doing better.

    Terry I am finally having the back surgery that started all of this. they found the cancer while doing the mri for my back surgery. I needed to take care of that surgery first. They are going to scrape my disc that is pushing on my sciatic nerve and causing so much pain. My whole left leg does not want to work because of it.
    That is a good deal on copics. The place i buy from is average price but always free shipping if you spend $25.00. In a online group im part of they are talking about hobby lobby clearancing a bunch for 1.99 each. My hobby lobby is 75 miles away and i haven't been able to make it there.

    Ashley my dd buys books just like you. She bought herself bookshelves this summer and every time i turn around she has new books coming. She works hard and im glad its books she buys. She is also saving for her trip to Japan. we are paying for most of it as her senior gift but she has to pay for some.
    I hope the kitty likes her new home.

    Hi Anna

  • Scrappin 2

    Here are three of the Grans I met this summer.
    Terry- I have kicked myself over and over that we didn't get a photo of us together!!! I'm so bummed about that.
  • OnlyJane
    9/30/19 1:02PM
    Good afternoon,
    Still hot, looks like it will still be in the 90's until the weekend where it may actually go down in the 70's.
    Terry, I would love to see 35 degrees for awhile, I would run outside without a coat for just a short time though, but it would feel good.
    Andrea that is so nice dd takes you to the movies, that certainly is a nice treat. You do have to travel far to get to some of the stores, goodness we are spoiled where I live, major grocery stores within a 3 mile radius, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target, Michael's less than 5 miles. When the boys were in middle and high school, the schools were just a little over a mile. I bet you do order things a lot. How great that you dd loves to read.
    Cathe, glad your knee is doing better. I have two sons who are both married and 1 granddaughter that will be 1 year old in November.
    Ashley, how sweet of your Dad to get a doghouse for the kitty, hope she likes it especially with winter coming. I need to start looking for another dog. I miss my little fellow so much. This time it will be harder because we have to be sure that if we go the rescue route he/she will be good with children.
    Anna, your projects and cards were so nice. Glad your dh is doing good and back to working.
    Cheryl if you check in so sorry you hurt your back and hopefully it won't be long until you dh can come home for good.
    I better go and accomplish something, dust or vacuum, put stuff away...not very interesting to say the least.
    Danielle hope your berries survived your cold weather.
    Have a good day everyone.
  • Southernlady2
    andrea- they are put the kohls where sears was. I did some shopping at ShopKo. I wish they keep macy's I love that store but I like kohls. I wish you have more store but we don't.
  • Rockmom

    Back home, there is no place like home!

    The funeral was very nice. Such sweet memories recalled. Parker was my dad's first cousin. He lived across the road from where my grandparents lived and farmed. My grandad Foster and Parker's dad were brothers. They I herited their daf's farm. The older brother got the largest portion by far and the original rock house. My grandad got the smaller portion and the newest farm house. My dad was born there. It's a huge farm. Parker inherited the entire farm his dad inherited from my great grandfather. Parkers to sisters didn't get any land. My granddad divided his land amongst his three kids: dad, uncle Bob and aunt Doris. My mom owns my dads land now. It will be divided between my brother and I. I dont know what I'm going to do when the time comes. So hard to part with so much history.
  • Andrea M
    Jane lol we moved from the city. I grew up in a tiny, tiny town i mean tiny no bank nothing. I swore i would never live somewhere i had to drive 75 miles to get to stores and yet here i am. we live in a resort town so there are about 10 banks and a ton of places to eat. Its big for a little town. We do have albertsons and another mom and pop chain store. but for clothes and such we have to drive. I used to be 5 minutes from costso, boy i miss that. We have dr and a hospital here but all my specialist are the 75 mile drive. Its better than going to boise. We are only a couple blocks from the high school and the community college.

    Denise Im always in awe off your family history and all your research. I dont know much about my family on my parents side. My grandparents were not a big part of my life. They have all passed now.

    Danielle I thought Hobby lobby went in where sears was. Have you been in there? I haven't and that sad. I cant really walk long distances so shopping is a challenge.
  • Lcmemories
    Andrea, so neat that you were able to go see the movie with your daughter. I will be keeping you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery from your surgery on October 10.

    Denise, I am so happy you were able to reconnect with some family members. Parting with land and history can be heart wrenching. Maybe you and your brother will be able to figure out a way to keep it for family gatherings and such.

    Jane, our weather here is similar to yours. Beautiful sunny days, but it is hot and dry.

    Cathe, I hope your knee continues to improve.

    Sorry to hear about Cheryl, and that she now has back issues on top of everything else.

    Terry, thanks for coordinating that address list. I am excited about the card swap.

    Danielle, I hope the frost did not hurt your berries too much. I am like Jane, and would love to have some cooler temperatures. I love the birthday card you made.

    Ashley, that is awesome that you have a writing project like that. And I can't wait to see the photos from your comic con. Do you have any autographs or photos scheduled? Are you dressing up? We don't really dress up much, but we wear themed t-shirts, and one year, my husband dressed up as the 3rd Doctor from Dr. Who. The last comic con we went to was here in Jackson, and we got to meet John Rhys-Davies. He was so nice! He autographed one of our DVD sets from Lord of the Rings, and took a photo with us. He spent a lot of time talking to Sam and asking about his future plans.

    Anna, I love your projects!! So good to see your wonderful work again!

  • Lcmemories
    Here are a few more pages to the journal I am trying to finish:

  • Anna C
    Tuesday, Oct 1 @ 5:56

    I just typed an entire post and went to edit it and the whole thing disappeared. No time to retype it. Just wanted thank you all for the love on my projects and card. I forgot to take my misti with me so my stamped sentiment on the card isn't as dark as I would have liked it to be.

    Local tv station just released the Sept stats. We got 0.012 inches of rain in September and broke all kinds of daily records for the temperature. We are so dry and brown here. No grass for the cattle and the creeks are getting so low.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • Lcmemories
    Ok, I finished a quick project life page. The quality of the photos are not the best, since I had to rely upon the other mothers' cell phone photos. I am grateful that they shared these though:

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well another cold day here this morning. I am hope we get some warm weather here. well nothing much going on today oct 1. wow we in oct already time fly's fast . well sent my sister her birthday card. I am going to walk the dogs and go back to the gym. I am have a hard time try to lose some weight here.

    well hope everyone has a nice Tuesday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good Tuesday morning!

    Denise- Wow, that is so interesting how you all have kept the land in the family. Have you taken photos of the homes?
    Is changing your diet helping you at all? I really don't think doctor's know what to do with gut issues.

    Danielle- you're cold and it is humid here and uncomfortable. I don't know why it is so hard to loose weight, but it is!! Is there a personal trainer at the gym who can give you tips?

    Jane- I wish I could send you some rain. We don't need it and keep getting it. But that is better than drought.

    Laura- Love your junk journal. Sam's homecoming photos are so fun! He is a handsome young man and his date is really cute.
    I didn't know about apps for scrapbooking. So do you design the lo on the phone and then send it somewhere to print?

    The knee seems to get better every day. I have a hair cut today and I'm wearing DH's brace. It seems to help.
    Rum left to go golfing. He said if I can't work the gas pedal to come back home. LOL

    Andrea- I find where you live very interesting. Can your daughter walk to school? Our friends DD and family moved to Steamboat. They had a huge older home here and what they could afford there was a shock. But they love it out there.

    Terry- have all your coloring classed been from You tube?

    Anna- don't work too hard.

    I see Oct 5 th is World card making day. Guess I'll try making some cards that day.

  • Abby0317
    Tuesday @ 8AM 10/1
    Morning! Crystal clear and 35 deg. Frost on the ground too so it makes me think I need another latte. Also grocery day and I'm going by myself as Steve has minor surgery at the Derm Dr office and then pre-surgery visit at the foot doctor's. For a guy that saw 1 dr from 1973 to 2006 he spends a lot of time in their offices now!
    Andrea: Boy, now I do feel your pain! I see the back doc next week to discuss surgery on 2 pinched nerves. However not the Sciatica. What a lucky situation that they found the cancer early by doing an MRI. Sometimes I have to wonder about stuff like that! I laughed at the grocery store story. We have 3 here but I was jumping for joy when they put in a Taco Bell and now we have Starbucks & Dutch Bros. Moving into the big time!!!
    Anna: That was a bummer! Remember when Jeannie kept losing posts? I think nature goes in cycles. The west coast had several years of draught conditions and then last year we had huge amounts of rain.
    Ashley: if you are dressing up, what will you be?
    Cathe: How stupid we didn't take a photo!!! Love the LO and just the fact that you did get to meet up with sb buddies is awesome. I wish we all could.
    Danielle: used to love Kohls but I don't shop there anymore. The 2 in Vancouver are selling junk especially in the Plus size area.
    Denise: How awesome the family farms are still owned by the family. My SIL has that problem as her hubby's family homesteaded the ranch in the CO rockies in the early 1800s. Now Tom is the only one left and they have 3 daughters, 2 live in Denver. No one to hay the ranch and yet no one to buy that huge property either. A conundrum!
    Jane: Yea, 70 deg would be a great change!! Do you get snow?
    Laura: great LO....homecoming is so special! You son looks like he could play football too. I just have football on my mind as I watched about 5 games in 2 days.

    I best get my patootie in gear since I have about 5 stops today to get groceries. I really do hate grocery shopping.
    PS---when does everyone want the list of addresses? I either have to send it now or the 1st of Nov when I'm back. Let me know....
  • OnlyJane
    October 1st @ 1:05 PM
    Good Afternoon,
    Was out this morning looking at all the fall clothes and what colors seem to be - looks like rust, golden yellow, olive green, purple, a brilliant red purple? All looks so pretty.
    Terry I dislike grocery shopping also, seems like you always have to buy the same old stuff, get it in the car, then drag it all into the house and put it away. Is your dh home all the time or is he still working? Mine retired but still is working as a contractor but I don't think he will do this much longer and be home all day, every day - joy, not. I am a type person that has to have some "me time" I know that sounds selfish but I do. Oh, and you can send me the addresses anytime your ready. If you want I can give you my email by direct message and you can use word as an attachment. Let me know.
    Anna I think you got more rain than we did for September. Goodness they said that for the month of September we had 18 days with temps. being over 90 and it has been the driest September in quite a few years. Actually we are still 11 inches above average back when we got too much rain, that doesn't help right now.
    Denise glad you made it home safely and that is wonderful that you know so much history about the family land. Our subdivision was once all farm land and has history of battles during the civil war.
    Laura I see you posted some more nice layouts, will go and take a closer look.
    Cathe glad your knee is doing better and you can get out to get your hair cut. Did you say you watch Dancing with the Stars? It is interesting now in how the judges decide on the lowest 2 couples in points.
    Danielle you must enjoy going to the gym, wish I was that dedicated to do something like that.
    Andrea did you see that movie yet and did you like it? Hope your day is going well for you.
    Better go and do something constructive like iron, ugh not a favorite chore to do.

  • Andrea M
    Terry lol on taco bell. I wish we had one. We have very little in the way of chains here. there is a McDonald which is pretty surprising. We do have about 5 Mexican restaurants.
    The dr. said they find cancer more by accident then anything else. I am lucky it was found early and where it was located. I only lost A part of my kidney. If it would have gone untreated until i had kidney problems it would be a whole different outcome. They said by that time it is usually to late to save the kidney and the cancer has usually spread. Kidney cancer likes to spread to the lungs first and then other parts of the body. Mine was just on the line between stage one and two.

    Cathe my dd can walk to school but she doesn't. They all like to drive especially once winter comes and its in the negatives.
    glad the brace is helping your knee.

    Housing here is the number one problem. the prices are like big city prices. The house next door is tiny and just sold for 525. The house on the other side is appraised in the 600s People who work here can barely afford to live. Our house we got on a fluke. We bought it on a short sale as it needed a lot of work and we got it cheap. Its doubled in value with the work we have done and we still have a long ways to go. A lot of people have more than one job just to survive and a lot commute over an hour to work in Sunvalley and Hailey . Its talked about non stop in the papers . But then they say they are building affordable housing and they want 350 for a home. Rent here is 1800 to 2k its just insane. We could not pay that in rent.

    If anyone is interested in amazing coloring classes check out kitandclowder. She even has a few free classes. one is a markers 101.
    I buy both markers and pencils class plus get a free bonus class and its only about $25 a month. it is about $15 a class and you get a discount for buying both. If you just buy one you still get the free bonus class every month. The classes are yours to keep forever no time line. You can cancel at any time as long as you do it before the next class comes out. She is in Australia so you have to account for the money change when you are looking at prices. There is a fb page as well and you do not have to be a member to join it. She gives away a bunch of free digi stamps. plus you can message her for free one on one help and she always answers all questions. The classes do not come with the digi stamp for the most part. But the stores usually give it at half off for the month of the class.
  • Rockmom
    Im in for the card exchange
  • Rockmom
    You asked about the change in diet... well I'd say I sure think so..I am feeling some bettet
  • DNA301
    Hi! Not having a great week so far at the lab. They put me on Body Fluids, which is my least favorite bench in the main lab all week, and gave me a person to train. The problem with the Body Fluids bench is that you can't really predict the workload. It's either very busy or not busy at all, there's absolutely no in-between. Today and yesterday have been pretty light but that's probably because of the clinics being closed for the Jewish holidays. I'm expecting tomorrow to be a horror show. The person I'm training doesn't help the situation any. She doesn't really want to be trained...she just walks around and hangs out with the other techs in the lab.

    I'm in for the card exchange as well!

    Cathe- Glad to hear you knee is doing better!

    Terry- I have a vague idea on what I'm writing about. I know what characters I'm going to be using and some of the major plot points. It's just the little details that I have to figure out LOL!

    Jane-We had a beagle but he died just before Easter this year. My dad would really like to get another dog but my mom and I aren't ready yet. We still miss our beagle terribly.

    Laura- I don't cosplay (my mother might not let me out of the house if I dared to cosplay) so I usually just wear a t-shirt or something instead. This year I have no paid photo ops scheduled but I do have two authors I'm keen on meeting and getting autographs from. If I can do that, it will have been a good New York ComicCon for me LOL! (Last year I did a photo op with Matt Smith and Alex Kingston...OH MY GOSH! I could even get words out, that's how excited I was! I'm a huge 11th Doctor and River Song fan so meeting them made my whole week.)

  • Lcmemories
    10/2/2019 7:15 a.m.

    Thanks everyone for the love on my latest projects. I hope I am a little more productive this month. I need to start working on some cards.

    Ashley, I would love to meet Matt Smith and Alex Kingston! Matt was scheduled for New Orleans a couple of times, but it cancelled each time. I have met David Tenant though, and he was incredibly nice. Have fun at your con. Take lots of pics too. I hope the work week improves.

    Andrea, I would love to learn how to color, and I will look up that site. Also, I can hardly believe the housing prices you mentioned. That just does not make any sense to me. Everyone just needs to move south. It is hot here, but housing is very affordable.

    Denise, I am glad you are feeling better.

    Jane, I am loving the new fall colors as well. I need to change out the wreath on the door, and put up some fall decorations. It will probably be this weekend though.

    Terry, you can go ahead and send me the addresses. If you want to send that to me via email, I will send you my email address via direct message. And yeah, Sam is built like a football player. My husband would never agree to allow him to play. Too worried about injuries, especially head injuries. So, he went the band and JROTC route. That marching tuba is large and heavy, so he is extremely broad through the shoulders.

    Cathe, you asked me about printing my pages. I purchase all of my pages through Persnickety Prints. They run a special about once a year where you can prepay for prints at a discounted price. So, I just use up my prepaid prints, and I only have to pay shipping, which is not bad at all. It runs about $2.00 per page with shipping I think. The app just helps me stay more current, than I have in years past.

    Hi to Anna and Danielle!! Hope your week is going ok.

    Bye for now.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    last night I had a migraine. so I had to go to bed early. sometimes they just come out of nowhere and I just wish I didn't have them. well today another cold day with cloudy. it looks like Monday we get back in the 70's which is good. I sold one of my grab bags that I put on a group on face book. I am try to sell some of my scrapbook stuff my mom and grandma gave me that I will not use any more. not make much but just to get out of my room.

    cathe- they trainers here you have to pay for them. they don't have any trainers that can help you.

    andrea- where hobby lobby at is where macy's was at. I miss that store I like that store.

    I am in with the Christmas card

    hope everyone has a nice Wednesday
  • Scrappin 2
    10/2/19 8:28
    I was so disappointed and i got to the end of conversations. LOL

    Denise- I'm so glad to hear that the change in diet is helping.

    Terry- Wow are you every chilly this morning.
    I don't like to grocery shop, but I tell myself how lucky we are to have all that food for our disposal.
    I am definitely in for the card exchange. Send out the list whenever you want.

    Ashley- I'm so sorry to hear about your Beagle. I don't remember getting hearing about that. Dogs are a lot of work, as you know. On the news last night, there was a piece on how 50 dogs from the flooded areas in TX were sent here. I said to Rum we foster one and he said NO. He LOVES dogs but sure enjoyed going away without worrying what we'd do with a dog. I would offer to help them walk the dogs, but then I remembered I have a bum knee.
    I think you should dress up!!

    Laura- Well I'd be with you DH about football injuries. I'm glad our son didn't want to play football. He wrestled and I hated every minute of it. He also ran cross country.

    Andrea- I was worried last summer as a spot was found in my bladder when they x-rayed my hip. I had to see the urologist. There was nothing in the bladder thankfully. So then they sent me to an ob-gyn. She agreed with the urologist that it was a fibroid tumor and I was relieved. But there is that little nagging voice that says "Are they sure?"
    Thanks for the tip on where to get a free lesson on coloring.
    Your housing costs are insane!

    Jane- I think we all need "me time" don't feel selfish at all.

    Danielle- Have you cleared out your garden yet? I saw you Pinned a beautiful Christmas wreath. Are you going to try and make it?

    Anna- Hope you had a good day at work. Do any of the other employees live in Tazewell so you could car pool? (just a thought)

    Cheryl's husband is having more problems. I'm sure she'd appreciate more prayers .

    Ok I'd better get going. I need to go to Target today. They have Pepsi on sale. I'm supposed to be taking Vit. D-per doctor's suggestion and I have been putting off buying it. I was on a once a week one but my Vit D was back to normal so he took me of that. I liked the once a week plan. LOL
  • Abby0317
    Wed @ 8.44 10/2
    I just got back from taking Cricket to the groomers. She's not going to be a happy camper!! I decided she had to go back to the puppy cut (she's a Havanese) because she's creating mats and I just don't have an hour a day to groom her.

    Andrea: Thanks for the info on the classes!!! I will look that up and get re-educated on blending, etc. OM stars how lucky you were that one test found an early cancer that was "easy" to take care of. "easy" ---well it's never easy per say but at least not what it could have been.
    Anna: You just never know---Mother Nature may have a hard winter in store. I hope not tho!
    Ashley: I didn't know your beagle passed either. I think it must have been during that time you were absent from here. I'm sorry to hear that! I know it seems that it's better to wait but nothing takes away the sorrow than a new puppy or pet to love. I've been thru it enough.... Why on earth would a new lab tech just wander around and not sit to be trained? Puzzling....
    Cathe: I agree....after seeing the havoc Venezuela is in with no food etc I am definitely grateful for our life. Thanks for the update on Cheryl....send her my love when you talk. I hope there is something to make Karyol well again! My DGS, who wants to be a vet, spent 2 yrs volunteering at the city's dog shelter walking all the dogs at least once a week. For a 17 yr to be that caring just warms my heart! I can actually see Rum's point of view about being able to just up and go and not worry about who's taking care of the dogs. Question: do you take Calcium? If so you have to have Vit D to help the calcium work or so my doctor says. When I needed Chemo, my vit D was in the danger zone so I was taking 2500mg a day for 2 wks. Who knew?
    Danielle: I feel so bad for people who have migranes!! Hope you are better today
    Denise: Glad to hear the diet made your gut feel better. And that you are home!!
    Jane: Steve is retired but he also did some consulting work last year. Mainly they had him training new guys on the software/hardware system that runs the machinery out there. He loved it! Here's how my life went when he first retired: let's do this.....oh, lets go there.....ummm can you come out and hand me tools while I fix this....and ad nauseum!!! Then it settled down and he now spends all day either reading the computer or watching Walking Dead. Infuriating!!
    Laura: Boy do I understand the football thing. A kid got paralyzed for life while my oldest played football. So very very sad. Then my youngest played ice hockey and baseball due to a torn ACL which they wouldn't fix until he was 20. I totally agree about Sam's build and that's why I asked. He looks like an offensive guard to me!

    Ok, ladies---Within the next 2 days I'll send out the addresses..... Steve is having foot surgery tomorrow, today we have some errands to run, but I'll send them before the weekend.
  • OnlyJane
    Wednesday @ 12:58 pm
    Good afternoon,
    Another hot and dry one as usual.
    The mailman is late today, usually he delivers the mail before 11:30, not today but goodness they have to drive around in those trucks w/o any air.
    Terry even though dh still works, when he does things around the house it is always "I need some help" and it is to hold or help move something, gee wiz, makes one wonder how he can get through the day when he is away for work so I hear what your saying also.
    Laura I think your dh was smart in not wanting your son to play football, there seems to be so many bad injuries taking place. Some of the pushing and shoving to the ground seems to be done on purpose (in my opinion of course), just saying.
    Danielle sorry you had a migraine. Hope you feel better today.
    Cathe, I am suppose to take Vit D also but forget to take it. Dr. did mention to consider a shot (guess it would last either 6 or 12 months, not sure) but I told him we would discuss this when I see him next month). When you talk with Cheryl please tell her I am thinking about her and hope her dh starts to feel better.
    Ashley I hear you on getting another dog. We have been without a dog for over a year, the time is getting closer to getting another dog. DH really wants one. Sorry the person you are suppose to train isn't interested in learning what and how things should be done.
    Hi Denise, Anna, Katy
    Hope everyone's day is going good. Just heard the mail truck, time to go to the mailbox (excitement of the day
  • Andrea M
    I wrote a post this morning and now i cant find it.

    Yesterday my lips swelled up and i got a rash all over my face. so i spent the evening at the dr. i was given prednisone and it helped. I was worried about it affecting surgery. After lots of phone calls back and forth it should all be good. I now have two dr. appointments tomorrow one 75 miles away and then i have to rush back for one here.

    Danielle sorry about the migraine. I hope your better now. I did not shop much at macys or the mall. I pretty much went there for torrid and shopko. I need to go in the Hobby lobby at some point.

    Denise i hope the diet keeps helping.

    Ashlley sorry about your Beagle I remember you talking about him a lot in jaffjr. We lost our little Jack Russel just a few months ago. I still look for her sometimes. She was 13 and half.
    Does your supervisor not monitor any of the training or the goofing around?

    Cathe I understand the worry. Its hard sometimes when they find things just to trust all is well. I am still worry about every little thing with my Kidney.

    We got snow yesterday but its melted now and it is a nice fall day. I am not ready for snow yet.
    DD and i spent the afternoon getting her passport stuff done. She is going to Japan for spring break. It will be quite the adventure.
    Please let me know if any one has any questions about classes. I think if you sign up and give my name we both get $5.00. I am not sure how that works for sure. But check out the free classes at least. they are nothing like you tube tutorials.

    My ds played football for a little while. He liked robotics and programming club better. DD plays softball and summer softball can get pretty rough. DD always has ball marks, bruises and skinned legs. She goes for it though and will jump in front of the ball before she lets it past. She only plays school ball now.

    Terry please send me the addresses and if you need mine please let me know. The only thing that will keep me from doing the exchange is recouping from this next surgery.

  • Andrea M
    this image is a before image of a coloring class.
  • Andrea M
    this is the finished class done with prisma colored pencils.
  • Andrea M
    wow it took me awhile to figure out how to post those here, it sure is different. i just wanted to give you and idea of the classes. She breaks it all down for beginners. This is a pencil class not a marker class but you get the idea.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Today we were all expecting a bad day at the lab since all the clinics were opened after the Jewish holiday but it wasn't so bad. The only bad part was that the three people running the CBC station lost a test tube and the doctors came up looking for it. They thought the patient had malaria and wanted further testing on the blood. The three people running the CBC station somehow misplaced the test tube they wanted so the doctor had them and two of the clerks running all over the lab trying to find them. Our supervisors were no where to be found during this event. I swear that they hide whenever they hear something in the lab is going wrong so they don't have to be bothered by it.

    Cathe- They're supposed to be opening a Target by my job. My coworkers are convinced that we're all going to go broke now because we'll all be at Target after work LOL!

    Terry- My mom says she doesn't have the time or energy to take care of a new puppy since she's busy with my dad and grandmother. I think the other part of it is that my sister's cockapoo is here EVERY SINGLE DAY and he has run of the house now. If there was a new puppy in the house, he can't have all the space.

    Jane- My supervisors don't really pay attention to us. They're always off in meetings or hiding in the office. I guess we're supposed to be "professionals" but that's never really the case. The girl I'm supposed to be training spent today wandering off to talk to three other techs while I worked. I'm concerned the person who's training her on Monday is going to be angry with me for her not being further into her training.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well today is my sister birthday. well look like a nice day the sun is out no cloudy. looks like it might warm up this weekend which is good seen we need to winter the grass . I am working on a pocket letter right now. it still cold in the morning here and little frost here. well going to the gym. later this afternoon is walk the dogs.

    cathe- we haven't turn the dirt in the one box that had the cron in it. will probably do that this weekend and use some of are composite and put some of it in the box. in one of the garden box we still have are tomato plants. put I cover the garden box that has the strawberries and the raspberries and blueberries I use straw on them and put a black cover over them and we put some dirt on top of it that way it dosen't fly away.

    hope everyone has a nice thrusday
  • OnlyJane
    October 3rd @ 2:00 pm
    Hi everyone!
    Still hot but cool weather is on its way, so they say.
    Danielle do you like doing pocket letters?
    Ashley how in the world does a tech misplace a test tube sample - no doubt the dr. was not a happy camper,
    Andrea that is a gorgeous card that you colored.
    Terry how did Steve's surgery go? Hope all is well.
    Had to retype my post as I left the one that was started, came back (did not close my tab) and it was gone, oh well.
    Hope everyone is having a good day.
  • Lcmemories
    10/3 10:24 p.m.

    Hi! Just checking in quickly. I finished a page:

  • DNA301
    Hi! Today was bad at the lab. We're very short staffed after four techs quit in August (they haven't hired any replacement techs yet and I don't think they will until the new year) and we had three call-outs today. We were so short staffed that they pulled the girl I was training off of training to have her work a different bench and one of the supervisors came out of the office to work the bench with us. We all know things are THAT BAD when one of the supervisors actually comes out and does lab tech stuff with us instead of doing whatever it is they do in the office all day. I just have to survive tomorrow and then I'm off the weekend LOL!

    Jane- The doctor was very angry because it a suspected malaria patient in a child (a three year old I think) and they don't mess around with things like that. I've been processing a lot of spinal fluids that are also being tested for Lyme disease which I find very strange. I think this is the first time I've see that many Lyme tests done at once.
  • Lcmemories
    Yikes! Malaria and Lyme disease sound like the mosquitoes and ticks are a problem this year. Ashley, you have had a tough week. I hope things go more smoothly today.

    Jane, it finally rained here! It is supposed to cool off a little as well. I think my sister and I will go to the fair to eat today. The State Fair, even more than football season, seems to be my official signal that fall is finally here.

    Danielle, I am looking forward to seeing your pocket letter.

    Andrea, I haven't had a chance to check out that coloring site, but I will probably do that this weekend. I will let you know when I do. I can't believe you already have snow. We are lucky to see a few flurries about once or twice per year.

    For those of you with cutters, there is a free SVG cut file on this site that I just downloaded with cute floral pockets and covers for cards.

    I love Target, and I have to force myself to stay away. That discount aisle is where I get sucked in and could waste tons of time. Also, there is a Star Bucks inside the Target here, which usually gets some $$ from me as well.

    I had a hearing that was close to where my mom and dad used to live, and I went by the grave site yesterday to check on everything. The floral arrangement I had left back on August 31 was a little tattered looking, so I spruced that up, and I cleaned the headstones a little. I ended up thinking about one of the last trips to Hattiesburg that my mom and I took last October, and I stopped by the country store we had visited last year. Long story short, is that I purchased some potted mums and placed my mom's old fall wreath on the door when I got home. I was an emotional mess. I don't know why I put myself through that, but it was a sweet memory of a trip we had together, so my fall decorations seemed like a nice way to remember her.

    Terry, I hope your husband's surgery goes ok, and that he has a speedy recovery.

    I will check back here later tonight.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Laura- sorry that you where have rough time yesterday.it hard when people you love pass away and remeber all the stuff. it hard on me when my birthday comes around because that the same day as my grandpa birthday and I remember all the time we had family parties for are birthday. hope you had fun at your fair.

    well today I am meet my husband at work in the morning and we are going to the lawyer office and going to pay him to go to court with fil to get are money back and we are going to go for more money. so I hope this gose good and after that fil going have to pay me for are lawyer. when this is over with I feel more better and husband will to. I go to the gym later on and work out my legs have been hurt me little bit. I got some of my fall stuff down yesterday my husband got down for me. I need to go threw all my Christmas stuff and see what I want to keep and what I don't use any more,

    jane- yea I like pocket letter they are nice and you meet other people.

    Terry, I hope your husband's surgery goes ok,

    have a great Friday

  • Scrappin 2
    Friday 10/4

    Terry- Did Steve's foot surgery go ok?
    I don't take calcium. I told my doc that when I've tried taking calcium and Vit D I get constipated. So he only prescribed the Vit. D.
    Those poor little pooches sure don't like having their hair cut off, do they?
    Our Sheepdogs always wanted to hide--and sleep with us because they were chilly at first.
    Rum loves dogs. I'm surprised he doesn't want one. The thing is if we were to get another dog, I'd want a medium sized rescue. He'd want another Old English sheepdog.

    Andrea- well darn it on the allergic reaction! I hope it has cleared up with the prednisone.
    Your coloring and shading is wonderful!
    Good luck at your doctor's appointments. Hope they are good docs and get you well.

    Laura- Your State Fair is late! Is that because the weather finally has cooled down? Do the kids get out of school to show their things at the fair?
    You son will love his scrapbook.
    Has it only been a year since your Mom passed away? It is wonderful that you have that trip as a fun memory.

    Denise- hope the migraine is gone.

    Danielle- Happy Birthday to your sister! How is the she-shed going?

    Ashley- that would be nice if a Target opened up by your work.
    Your lab sounds like a crazy place to work.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

    I will send on your well wishes to Cheryl.

    I'm going to go see if I can find the free SVG file. Now---- if I download it , I wonder if I'll be able to find it on my computer! I'm really bad at computer things.

    Hello Jane, Anna and Katy.

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