October Budget Challenge

  • Suebird

    I do believe I managed to start this month's challenge!

    The rules: List your scrappy budget for the whole month. Then list the high priority items that you want to buy this month!
    OPTIONAL List something you are NOT allowed to buy all month! (Forty lashes with a piece of wet twine if you cave in on that one!)

    Tell us how much you spend throughout the month, and keep track of it as you spend. We like details about your shopping around here. No such thing as TMI! You do not have to include costs for adhesives, swaps, storage, gifts or shipping, unless you want to. Please round to the nearest dollar value.

    Planners themselves and things like separator pages and page protectors do NOT count, but things to pretty them up DO COUNT

    Continuing this into perpetuity:
    - Black, White, Cream and Kraft cardstock will NOT ever count.

    Free $25 spend for anyone who has a birthday during the month.

    I am going to go with $30, even though I didn't buckle last month. Forgive me if I don't update right away; work always has 'first call. Plus, I have an eye doctor appointment Monday, and I am dreading it.

    Sorry I don't remember everyone's name. Updates:

    Boricuapr: $75

    Scrapanda: $200, plus $25 Birthday

    GluemoreGirl: $50

    Kamananui: $50

    Lcmemories: $60.00.

    Tammy: 150 pounds sterling.

    Godschild: $50, plus or minus....

  • Boricuapr
    I can't believe I'm first!

    Budget is $75 just because my annual benefit crop is this weekend. Hopefully I won't bust
  • Scrapanda
    My budget is going to be $200 plus it's my birthday month so I get the extra $25!

    I just realized I only have three months of shopping before my no buy starts again for the year! All I have bought is white paper since I completed my no buy for this year!
  • Gluemore Girl
    Don't worry Amanda, you can do a lot of damage in 3 months!
    I'm in for $50.00 this month.
  • Boricuapr
    Amanda - have a great b-day month. What an awesome budget! You'll be able to buy lots of pretty papers and embellies.

    Maria - $50 may go fast this month since all the holiday stuff is already on the market.

    Sharon - I guess you're getting close to moving.
  • Lorilei1971
    Wow! Super impressive Amanda! Happy birthday month!
  • Lorilei1971
    Hmmmm. I have to check my travel paper because I'm going on a trip in early November and need to make a travel mini or something. Then I'll set my amount. tee hee hee
  • Kamananui
    I'm in with a budget of $50. Hoping I spend less, but you never know what shiny bauble will catch my eye.
  • Kamananui
    Any BasicGrey fans here? They are seriously considering coming back into the scrapbooking industry, but they are trying to see what the demand will be first. They are requesting that if you are on FB, and are interested in buying their paper again that you send them a message on FB and include your e-mail address to be included in paper updates. I am so thrilled to hear that they may be coming back and sent off my message last night. I hope they are getting tons of demand. **crosses my fingers**
  • Gluemore Girl
    OMG, Kelly! You just made my day! When I was out with my foot surgery last year I bought 3 packages on Ebay. I am using it for those "special occasions".
    I'll check that out on FB.
    Spent the night with 2 of my best ladies making page kits using our own and each other's stash. We are preparing for our winter crop... like squirrels and nuts . I got 10 or more kits completed... some I had started last time and finished them off last night.
    I swear if you can get that going with some of your scrapping friends it really is fun and cost-effective!
  • Kamananui
    I really miss having scrappy friends in the neighborhood. That kit prep sounds like a great idea. Although I have a metric [email protected] ton of supplies. I should be able to accomplish this on my own. :/
  • Suebird

    I have no idea what all making page kits entail. I 'have' seen them at HoLo, but of course I can't reach the bloody things to really look at them too well.

    Still haven't bought anything. Just as well, as I am in a scrapping slump.

  • Gluemore Girl
    Sue, I know what you mean about HoLo's page kits... SO far up!
    I followed NicoleJones911 on You Tube. She has a page kit process where she chooses papers by color and then adds embellishments without knowing what photos will go with them. It really works. I always find photos to go with the kits and have loved the results. I have some of the LO's in my gallery. Lots of them are from kits. In addition, my friends and I share our stash to this so it's easy on the budget and loads of fun.
  • Boricuapr
    OK so I prep my kits in opposite order. I put pic I want to scrap in page protector with list of items I want to include or specific products I'm looking for. I find/make embellies to go with them or challenge guidelines, then select papers that pulls it all together and add items inside page protector. I have a binder with these "kits". I have a 12x12 plastic paper holder that is my perpetual counterfit kit. I can easily grab ribbons, buttons and bling that goes with the papers and pic. I've even included stamps and embossing folders when my kit had a theme - i.e. Vacation, wedding, etc.

    A few years ago we had a Counterfit Kit challenge. You put your stuff in a box/tote enough for 4 layouts-each week we were given a different challenge and had to create a layout only using our Kit. No cheating since we had to post pics of our Kit contents. This was a great way to use up leftover coordinated products.

  • Boricuapr
    Well my bad I haven't posted my "support the vendors at crop" budget. I'm going to use the Class Fee loophole so I don't bust. Each Stampin Up class was $10 - one to make 2-page layout and the other to make 5 holiday cards. My Close to My Heart class was $20 and that included a stamp set and 4 of their Shimmer brushes - I chose Black, Wisteria, Red, and Mint.

    I also purchased the Seaside kit for $32 and 2 Stamp sets for $40. I won a $5 gift card that brought my total $67. And I got a free $20 stamp set because I spent over $55.

    $75 - $67 = $8
  • Gluemore Girl
    Good Morning and TGIF! I forgot to report out that last Sunday I did spend about $20 but outside of tape refills and blades, I probably only spent around $10 on a thickers alpha and a clearance stamp and die set. I had a 25% off sale and regular price and honestly was not drawn to anything. Of course it was M's and there ya go.
    Tonight is Gluemore Night and I have some LO's I want to work on. After tonight I need to prepare for a weekend and then a day long crop back to back in November. Think I'll bring a mini album to one and some LO's to another.

    Linda, that was me ... could not do a LO without the photos first. This process sort of adds a fun and surprising twist to making kits. I still do it the other way too.

    Kelly, I did put a shout out in my FB groups to email Basic Grey. I really would love it if they started producing some paper again.
    As for making kits with your own stash, it's totally what Nicole 911 does but my friend had the idea to gather our supplies and she has a whole basement room with 4 six foot tables. It's literally our playground!

    Lorelei, there are some really nice travel papers out now. I can't think of a particular line but I have a few cause my kids travel and I live vicariously through them, lol!

    Tammy, hope you are feeling better in all ways. Lots of good thoughts and prayers being sent yout way.

    Happy Friday everyone!
  • Kamananui
    I've been good this month which was necessary because our new puppy has cost an absolute fortune. We had him neutered and he needed some dental work done, and ouch! My Catherine Pooler stamp kit should ship in a few days, so that should take care of my need for something new. Honestly I don't need much except for some Christmas washi tape. I used all my Christmas washi last year to seal envelopes. I didn't even know it was possible to run out of a washi roll.

    Hey Tammy, just wanted to check on you and see how you are doing. Miss you, my friend.
  • Godschild94
    Oh my ladies! I fully forgot that it was October and time to sign up again! I have positively been awful this month! I met a scrappy friend in Michigan at a scrapbook store and spent $100. Then last weekend I went to a stamp show and spent another $100 and then the same day I went to another scrappy store and spent $50. I am headed to Disney for a week on Monday so I won't be able to shop this coming week. But the Simple Stories "Say Cheese Christmas" is screaming my name so I may be buying that before the the month is out!

    So my budget is $50 for the rest of the month, after all the damage I did already...lol!
  • Sewflake
    Hey all...I am like Janeen this month, I have spent way over what I would have declared for a budget by buying baby boy papers for new albums. Out of need and stress and frustration I just went with it! I have no plans on more purchases but you never know! Then of course SB went and had free shipping!

    I was going to do a direct message Linda but I don't have you listed as a friend so therefore I can't send you a message! I miss the "old days"! Hubby has been in the hospital for over a week and just don't have the time inclination or whatever to get things in order on SB! I have not joined any challenges this month but do scrap as stress relief, or shop !

    Going to finish getting ready and heading to the hospital soon!

  • Boricuapr
    Tammy - wishing you a less stressful healing time xxoo,

    Sharon - I meant to ask about hubby too - just had a feeling something was a kilter when I didn't see you posting anywhere. He sounds like he's down in the dumps and frustrated. My dad was like that after his surgeries. We just made sure the grandkids visited to make him smile and laugh and then he focused on them. Glad you're scrapping therapy is keeping you in balance. I had to figure out that if I click on the avatars then I see in the column on left that says "Follow" and had to check that. I've been SOOOOO good not to click on checkout with the free ship. I may have to cave and get my JN doll stamps in my wish list before they're not available anywhere.

    Kelly - OOOhhh can't wait to see pics of your furbaby.

    Janeen - Surprised the SS Say Cheese wasn't already in your stash lol!

    Lorilei - my fave travel coordinated set is Getaway by Echo Park. I LUV that it works with heritage style and current styles too. Everytime I see any of the product at TMs I grab it.

    Maria - I've got to get ready for another crop - a 4-day retreat in a cabin in November too. This is the one with the least crop space and the room is compact - no place to put empty wagons, totes, etc. Just like being at the back of full airplane and waiting to get your bag from overhead lol. I signed up last year before we found out our preferred house was no longer available for public use.
  • Scrapanda
    Well remember when I said there was no where to shop for scrap stuff in our town except for M's? Well a friend liked a page on FB and it popped up on my feed - I followed the link and it is a tiny, tiny, tiny little scrap shop inside of a local market that is open 6 days a week (I didn't know the market existed either - some pretty neat stuff there too!) My mom and I went on Saturday morning and I spent $47 on mostly paper and one set of beige flowers. I will be making more stops before my new no buy starts in January for sure!
  • Kamananui
    You went so long without buying anything, you deserve these shopping trips. Enjoy!
  • Boricuapr
    Oh Amanda - what a wonderful surprise to have a shop near you!
  • Scrapanda
    Agreed - it really is a wonderful surprise!
    Today is my birthday so the kids gave me some scrap stuff - 2 paper pads 12x12, some vinyl sheets, glitter (ugh what was dh thinking letting them buy that?!?!?) and some stickers.
  • Gluemore Girl
    Happy Birthday Amanda! Lol on the glitter! Yay on finding the little scrap store near you.
  • Kamananui
    Happy Birthday, Amanda!
  • Boricuapr
    Happy Happy Birthday to You!!! I sure do miss those little candles from old challenges. I'm sure you'll find a use for the glitter
  • Scrapanda
    Thanks ladies!
  • Kamananui
    My CP stamp club shipped. It is Christmas themed. Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!! Also, if you don't follow Catherine, she announced 4 new inks are coming out at the end of this month. I will buy them. I will bust. I have all of CPs inks and refills. I can't stop now.
  • Gluemore Girl
    Kelly, we now know your weakness! CP is your kryptonite!
  • Kamananui
    And that's the truth!
  • Kamananui
    Tammy, you have been quiet. How are you, my friend?
  • Suebird

    Well, I pretty much busted. Placed an order onsite for about $25. Got some of the Authentique Calendar Collection papers, and some BoBunny, also.

  • Gluemore Girl
    Sue that sounds pretty! Something for you to play with when you are healing up.
  • Suebird
    Riiiiight, Maria. Try scrapping with one eye in working order. Having a cataract removed, so that's why I was wondering what you were up to around that time.