New feature to mention users in posts using @username!

    This new feature was just released...
    Now you can mention users by typing @username in your post
    We're really excited about this one! When you want to mention someone specifically in a post, you can type @ and a little pop-up box will show up where you can search for the user you want to mention. Then you click on their name and it will mention them directly in your post. This is really helpful for a number of scenarios. Please note, that you can search and mention any person that you follow, or any person that is in the topic you are posting in, or any person in the direct message conversation as well. When you mention a user by name, they get a prompt in their notifications and their username is linked to their profile in your post.

    We're really excited about this new feature and we hope to expand it to other areas of the site in the future (like gallery comments etc).

  • Doreena
    YAY! This is always something I wanted!
  • Jess E
    Thank you! this is a great option!
  • Gluemore Girl
    Very cool!
  • One Hot Mess
    This is really cool and helpful!!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Thank you!  I'll have to give this a try!