ISO 7 Gypsies ATC Carousel

  • Ladyinblack1964
    ISO the 7 Gypsies ATC carousel, and any accessories that go with it. These sold out ages ago. Does anyone recall what they cost when they were released?
    EDIT: I keep trying to attach an image and a video but it won't work. So please Google it--it will come right up!
  • Suzerq98
    I saw this at They are on Facebook also, Canvas Corp or 1320 Creative. It's an awesome store! Their phone number is 479-318-2127. They have 7gypsies and Tattered Angels and lots of other hard to find stuff.
  • Ladyinblack1964
    Thanks very much! I did a search on the site, though, and it didn't come up. I'm sending them a message via Facebook.