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  • Anna C

    Welcome to the New Layouts and Cards for the month of JANUARY. We would also love to see any other project, photo or imported images you'd like to share with the group.

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. Since there are several people here try not to flood the post with too many LOs or cards. Maybe 5-7 in any post and no daily limit. Follow instructions for downloading and linking your projects.

    Come by and join the fun! This thread has gained a fairly regular following. We enjoy seeing new people come by to share their work and join in the fun! You can join in at any time. Just remember that it is more fun if you give love and get love too!

    While this is a laid back community of artists and crafts people sharing their work and support, it's not a place to just drop off work and not visit the galleries of others in the thread. We encourage you to enjoy all the marvelous talent and leave comments! Should you encounter a problem with another poster in this thread, please PM them directly to ask your question or resolve your issue. The hostesses are not referees and can't step in the middle for you.

    This is a collaborative effort. We are rotating the job of hosting the thread. Included in the opening post is the schedule of hostesses over the next couple months. Please volunteer as its the easiest job youll ever have!

    Thanks Jane for being our December hostess!

    January is Anna,
    February is Cathe, and March is Terry

    Lets celebrate everyone's special day. If you need added to this list, contact the current hostess and she can add you.

    Laura January 11
    Cheryl January 13
    Danielle February 11
    Denise February 13
    Ashley March 1
    Cathe March 18
    Jeannie April 3
    Katy May 1
    Jane June 14
    Terry August 5
    Anna December 24

  • Anna C
  • Southernlady2
    Thanks Jane for being our December hostess!

    thanks ann for hostess January 
  • Anna C

    Did you make any resolutions??
  • OnlyJane
    Good morning ladies,
    It is cold this morning, 35 but the sun is out to start 2020!
    Hi Anna, thanks for hosting this month and as far as resolutions, going to try to be more positive about things and less being negative.
    Our New Year's eve was good, we saw the ball drop from New York. Had on the Dick Clark New Year's Show which I thought was pretty awful, not in to all that rap stuff (I know I am old) and of course, my opinion. Good grief is sounds negative doesn't it (lol). Anyway we had that show on and we had some snacks and a drink
    Will be working on taking down Christmas decorations today, once that is accomplished time to start decluttering.
    Will check back latter on to see who comes on the site today. Have a good day..
  • Scrappin 2
    Happy New Year!!

    Jane thank you for hosting December 2019 and Anna thank you for hosting the first month of the new year!

    Anna- you can put me down to host February. Hopefully I can get the job done. LOL

    Jane- I could copy and past your post, as my own. LOL ---my sentiments exactly about the ball drop. It was awful. And I should try to be more positive. Rum-o frequently says, "you're so negative" although I have been working on it.

    I'm not taking down decorations today. I'm leaving them up till Saturday. Our little dinner party was moved from Saturday to Friday and I decided I want all my Christmas things up.

    I plan on cleaning today and running to the grocery store in preparation for Friday's guests.
    Tomorrow I plan on going to the outlet mall with my SIL, Rose. It is a little over an hour away. She wants to see if she can get the hoodie she received in a bigger size. I need nothing. LOL

    Have a great day and a wonderful year!!
  • Rockmom
    Happy New Year!
  • Scrapkaty
    Happy new year everybody!
    I didn't make it till midnight. I don't even think I made it till 10. And of course woke up wide awake at 4:30 this morning!
    Today my niece, Vicki and her husband Michael are coming over for a visit with my grand nephew, Aspen! I can't wait to see him. The last time I saw him he was just a couple months old... I can't believe he's already eight months old. My sister sent me some videos of him when they were visiting her at Christmas time. And he's crawling… So… I guess I better put the cat food and water containers in the other room… And move the cat box! LOL wouldn't want him to be playing in that sandbox!
    Instead of waiting until this weekend to take down my tree, I tackled it couple days ago. I love my tree's such a B*tch to get it back into its box. It fought me the whole time.. but I won... barely.

    Cathe.... have fun cleaning.. and shopping... but, shopping is more fun! Lol

    Jane, I didn't recognize hardly any of the performing celebrities' names in the preview of the “Rocking New Year” show... so I didn't even watch it.. Sounded like it was more a “Rapping New Year”...

    I hope you all have a wonderful January 1st. 2020!

  • Abby0317
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I predict that Baby Yoda is going to be the hottest ticket in town this year. He's adorable & I have 2 on order for my mid-40 yr old sons!!

    I'm with everyone else so far that what I could stand to watch on the rockin' eve shows was terrible---except watching Keith Urban for a few short min and even he didn't look happy with what was happening! (some jerk trying to act like Mick Jagger)
    I have come to realize that making a resolution is dooming to whatever it is. I know what I need to do and hoping it will happen. If I had to make one it would be to not retaliate verbally to when hubby gets snarky or grumpy. He'll live longer!!! hehehe....

    Thanks to both Jane & Anna for doing the posts! would have offered to do Feb but it seems I might be a jurist in Federal court during that month. Which means a 100 mi travel, hotel room etc. Why not just our county court? What do they try in Federal court anyway?

    That whole scanning all those photos wasn't working for many reasons so now I'm taking a picture of a picture and downloading those. Believe me it saves a ton of time.

    I need to run to the craft store and look at lanterns---a wall project for the living room. Have a safe day!!
  • Cdjohnson
    Happy New Year!! I will try to check in when I can.
  • Lcmemories
    Happy New Year!!
  • Scrappin 2
    Terry- You're Italian .........right?
    Do you have a good lasagna recipe?
    or anyone don't have to be Italian.
    I have always used the one in the Better Homes and Garden cookbook, but want something different for Friday.
  • Southernlady2
    hello there good afternoon

    well last night we went to see the sugar beet drop in another town close by use. this was the first time they done this. Boise has the potato drop so we got to the town it is call the Christmas town at Christmas time. but it was cold I had everything on to keep me warm. they had a band playing. so close to midnight the sugar beet drop. I took pic of it and then they had fireworks. it was snow little bit. so then we head home and went to sleep. I didn't get up untill 8 am. then I start taken down all my Christmas stuff down and put it in the boxes. then I clean the house little bit move everything back to wear it is. then put most of the stuff back in the grage. I am so tried right now. the weather here is been werid on minute is rain and then the next minute is snow.

    hope everyone had a nice new years 2020
  • DNA301
    Happy New Year!'s the 20's again. Does that mean we can dress like flappers? I had to work New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. It wasn't busy at all today and that sort of drove me bonkers. I'd rather be busy than have to stare at all for the whole day LOL!

    Jane- Thanks for hosting December! We only watched the part of Rockin' New Years where the ball dropped because none of us like the music. My mom and grandmother spent most of the night playing a game on my mom's Kindle Fire and laughing like crazy people.

    Cathe- Enjoy shopping! I'm 110% OVER shopping now LOL! I'm glad I don't have to buy my sister a gift until her anniversary.

    Terry- It's the New Year's Kevin (my sister named Baby Yoda Kevin for reasons unknown)! I need to go preorder my Baby Yoda stuff before it's sold out everywhere.
  • Lcmemories
    Ashley, I want a Baby Yoda too!!
    We had a lazy day here yesterday and it was wonderful. Todd fixed us our traditional black eyed peas, pork and greens for supper last night. It was amazing!! I am taking some for lunch today (with cornbread).
    Back to work today. I just wanted to drop by before I left for work and say "hello". I will check in later.
  • Southernlady2
    hello good morning

    well my dog not feel well. I think my husband going to call the vet and see he can take her in , he is much better at this then I am if the dogs are not feel good. she been in the grage she like the coldness, she has not been eat at all but drink water, it is make me sad I want her back to her normal self. It is just so hard, well on the other note my husband dosen't have to go back to work untill Friday. so we are going to go into the big town go to the bank and my husband has to get the app on his phone. then I have to go back to home depo to buy another big container for the rest of my village. then need go to best buy to take my new laptop in to get the virus portion on it, I get my Christmas tree Tuesday they are ship it.

    hope everyone had a nice new years.
  • OnlyJane
    Thursday, Jan 2nd - Rain, 44 degrees, icky!
    Good late morning,
    Just got back from therapy for dh, he is doing good.
    Working on the tree, lights are off, now to put it in the box, slow going.
    Danielle sorry your dog isn't feeling well, that is interesting that she likes the cold of the garage. I would have been making her a nice soft bed to lay on inside that babying her.
    Ashley, glad it wasn't too busy for you since you worked New Year's. While I was waiting for dh at therapy noticed the hospital was busy compared to New Year's eve day. While waiting a group brought in two Goldendoodle therapy dogs, they were so sweet and loved to have people pet them. Glad your Mom and Grandmother enjoyed the game on the kindle.
    Laura that does sound like a traditional New Year's dinner in the south. My dh always had the tradition to have pickled herring, ugh and double ugh, thank goodness this year he forgot about them (lol). Is everyone feeling better now at your house?
    Hope this finds everyone doing well. Finally have a hair appointment this afternoon, boy do I need it, so will go for now. Hopefully will check back in later on.

  • Abby0317
    I do!!! Lasagna is basically just layering noodles, cheeses, sauce, meat, and mushrooms. SO here's my tips and how I do mine: first saute the mushrooms with a little garlic & butter (adds flavor & takes out the water in the mushrooms!). Second, fry hamburger and/or ground pork (shoulder or butt) and add garlic, s & P, pinch of red pepper flakes, about 1 to 1.5 tsp ground fennel, & a pinch or two of oregano. Drain well. I think the biggest key to the dish is good sauce. I use mine but if you want to buy a good canned sauce get Mezzetta's brand. Not the spicy one tho as it contains a lot of red pepper. Cook the noodles & drain then in a pan add a coating of sauce first and then layer 2 rows of noodles, drops of Ricotta, sprinkle meat mixture on, add mushrooms and fresh mozzarella slices then another light covering of sauce, handful of Pecorina Romano (grated---or Parmesan) and repeat until pan is full. Bake covered at 350 deg until bubbly and let set for 10 min before cutting.
    That's my recipe. Truly the best is made with a great sauce and homemade noodles!!
  • Abby0317
    BBL later to chat---
    Cathe---look above at your post for my reply
  • Scrappin 2
    I went to the outlet mall with my SIL, Rose. It is an hour from here.
    We had fun. I bought 3 tops and a pair of tennis shoes. Merry Christmas to me. One top is kind of like a turtle neck and long enough to wear with my leggins. It was $10 at Columbia. I got another pull over heather black top at Columbia for $15. Got tennis shoes at addis for $35. I won't tell you what I paid for the Polo Shirt. I will have to take a picture of me in has 3 different plaid patterns onit.........just like scrapbooking.
    My feet hurt.

    Terry- What is your sauce???? That is the part that I want different. My recipe calls for 2 cans of Tomato paste, a can of tomatoes. basil and salt. I use egg and Parmesean in with the Ricotta for the filling. The Ricotta is fresh from the grocery store and not that pre-packaged stuff in the dairy case. My noodles won't be homemade. LOL

    Jane- glad your DH's recovery is going well.

    Laura- you sure eat "southern". I've never had black eyed peas nor pork and greens.

    Danielle- I'm worried about your dog. I'm hoping he has a virus or something curable.

    It's almost dinner time so I'd better go take out the left overs.
    Have a nice evening.
    I'm excited as your regular Thursday night shows are new.
  • Southernlady2
    Well took to the vet and it wasn't are vet a different one. He did another blood test and she is diabetic. She is stay at the vet to get her conglomerates I hope spell it right at good level. So we will have give her shots which I can't do.this make me sad. We will see what are vet sAy.
    Jane she loves the cold it helps here bones seen she has arthritis in her legs.
  • Abby0317
    Cathe: I don't measure my sauce ingredients because I learned from watching G'ma Rose do it. In a large 8 qt maybe saucepot you put in canned tomato sauce, equal amts of water, s&p, garlic, oregano, celery half a bell pepper wine Romano and Italian seasoning. Plus the dripping from the meatballs, and a left over from roasts or chicken. Cook for 8 hours keeping the sauce thick but not runny. Stir and stir and stir. Remove all the meat and veggies. Voila!! Best bet right now would be to get that Mezzetta sauce in a jar as it comes as close to ours as anything I've tasted. You can add a can of tomato sauce to make it a larger quantity. Most sauces in jars have onions as the 2nd or third ingredient. Onions make the sauce sweet due to their high sugar content. I absolutely hate onions in my sauce. The Mezzetta sauce doesn't put onions in it. The egg, Parmesan, and ricotta is what we do for the ravioli filling (along with meat) The egg is there to keep the mixture together. You really don't need that for lasagna but you certainly can do it. We just take tsp of ricotta and drop it along the noodles every inch or so. it spreads out when cooking.
  • OnlyJane
    Good evening, still raining
    Watching the Gator Bowl, TN vs. Indiana, 2nd quarter started, still 0 to 0, not much excitement yet.
    Terry your lasagna sounds delicious along with the sauce. I make one from a recipe I found called Lazy Day Lasagna, it tastes pretty good but nothing like what I think your recipe would taste!!
    Cathe sounds like you had a fantastic shopping day. I love when bargins are found. Your Columbia tops sound nice. A few years ago I found a Columbia Rain Coat for $7.00 and that was at an Outlet Mall.
    Danielle I am sorry about your dog being diabetic. Is your dh able to give her the shots? Not sure if I could give shots myself.
    Got the Christmas Tree down and boxed. Since dh can't get down the stairs that good yet to the lower level, he tied a rope around the tree box and stood at the top and I went down the stairs in front and helped it down the stairs, we are quite the pair, but where there is a will there is a way
    Have a good night!
  • DNA301
    Hi! Today was a wild day at the lab. We had two call outs and there were no leads techs for hematology in...which meant the changes to the schedule could only be made by the most senior techs. That meant one of my coworkers (who's been there 15 years) and I (I'll be at this lab 4 year in April) had to fix the schedule. We spent a good 15 minutes trying to find someone who could do it for us but no one was in. He wound up going to the windowless lab since the person who worked there called out and I stayed in the main lab where we were critically short staffed. I didn't get a morning break and I only got a half-hour lunch.

    Jane- I sometimes see the therapy dogs at the hospital where I work! They have little ID cards on their collars and everything! It's so cute!

    Terry- My grandmother puts mini meatballs in her lasagna. She forgot once and everyone couldn't figure out what was wrong until someone pointed out the lack of meatballs in it.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mornig

    jane yes my husband can do the shots .seen he had to do it for his MS he had to give him shots. I don't know if I could ever do it. it just sad.

    well today I have to see what are vet say. she stay at the vets. so she not going to be happy when she comes home. If they call my husband to come get her I am going to have the vet talk to my husband about it. I have a few question like can she still eat dog treats and I know this other dog told us that she can eat her dog food she eat now. he said you have to feed at the same time every day so that going to be little hard I have to right it down. now my husband want to maybe check the other dog because they are half sister they have the same dad but different mom. so this will be hard. but they are old dogs it just hard seen them like this. I know this probably be the last year for them. well today go to the gym and then clean the kitchen and leave my car out that way my husband can put the rest of the boxes away.

    hope everyone has a nice Friday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    Danielle- sorry to hear your dog is diabetic. At least it is treatable and Jim can give him his needed shot.

    Terry - thanks for the instructions. I have saved it in Words.
    What kind of wine do you use? I've never put put onions or mushrooms in my lasagna mainly because it wasn't part of the recipe in the Better homes and Garden cookbook. the kids wouldn't have eaten it.
    I bought Italian sausage to put in the sauce so that is what I am going to use. I used hamburger when the kids were little. I probably should wait and try your recipe when I'm not expecting company. LOL

    Jane- I bet that was quite the comedy act with you and your hubby getting the box down the steps.
    Didn't the TN vs Indiana turn out to be exciting?

    Ashley- You've only been at this lab for four years? Seems longer. You are an invaluable employee I'm sure.

    I feel like I have a lot to do to feel good about the house and food for tonight, so I best get off of here and get my rear in gear.

    have a nice day!
  • OnlyJane
    January 3rd at 10:15AM - cloudy and damp
    Good morning,
    Hope today all Christmas decorations will be put away for the year.
    Cathe yes that was a sight to see dh and myself get the box down the stairs. The box is heavy and no way could I carry it down. Yes, the TN vs Indiana game became really exciting at the end, we won by 1 point - unreal. When the 4th quarter started we figured no way can we win, just shows you never know. Have fun at your gathering tonight,
    Danielle glad your dh can do the shots. I am not sure I could even give myself shots. Do bad they don't have some pills that dogs could take.
    Ashley hope you have enough people in the lab today. That is interesting your grandmother uses mini meatballs in her lasagna. Are you off from girl scouts until school starts again? With the boy scouts we were.
    Where is everyone? No doubt still trying to get caught up with things after the holidays, Does everyone have lots of exchanges to do? For the first time in a long time think there is only 1 item to take back and that was one I bought for dh.
    Guess I better get to work and finish putting things away...
    Have a good day!
  • Abby0317
    Friday? Already? I have to spend this weekend putting away all the Christmas stuff, cleaning, and re-decorating from the painting. And let's not talk about my office--holy cow!!!

    Anna: hope your week is was good. I'm sure yesterday was a madhouse since the banks were closed on the 1st.
    Ashley: sounds like you had quite a time at work yesterday! The meat in my lasagna are chunks not typically fried and crumbled. I guess you could say I have malformed mini meatballs--tehehehe! BTW, I love books that are 300+ pages as I like to get into my stories. Patterson put out these Bookshots and I hate them due to their "shortness".
    Cathe: I have found that doing a new recipe for a dinner party is not a good idea! But do try mine at some time! I also serve meatballs & sausage along with it. I've heard of this recipe where you don't cook the noodles first but let them cook in oven. I cannot even imagine. Hope you have a great dinner and a fun time with your guests!!
    Cheryl: Glad you had a fun New Years Eve. We used to do things like dinner and/or a movie but I guess we've become fuddy duddies in old age. I stay up late but Steve is in bed by 8PM!!
    Danielle: I hope your dog will be ok and live a longer life. I saw many diabetic dogs when I worked at the vets and once they got on insulin they did quite well. I heard there is a new prescription food for diabetic dogs too. It's a shame that their treats and foods don't tell how many carbs or calories are in them like human food. I give myself shots for diabetes and it never bothered me. I have given dogs shots as well---just the intramuscular ones. Maybe watching Jim do it will help you. Just an idea for you regarding the arthritis problem. Vets have Rimadyl for dogs but that is pretty spendy for long term use but you can also give them coated aspirin like Ecotrin. Be sure it says "coated" which helps their tummies when they take it.
    Denise: Are the girls still there visiting? I saw some new pins you did with groupings of kids. Really cool shots!!
    Jane: That is funny but I tell you, it is hard to get things done when hubby's are down! Glad you got that done and shared!! I think we all are specialized cooks in our own way. I learned from Dad & my Grandma Rose at 12 yo how to cook out of necessity since Mom worked and Dad worked 2 jobs. That left me to cook supper for 5 to 6 people. So my style of cooking is Italian. I'm horrible at Asian foods etc.
    Katy: Are either of the younger girls coming to visit soon? I hate that families are so scattered anymore. Sad really! Any resolutions? When's the next trip to see Jeannie? Enjoy the visit from Vicky!! Roni is still living in NV with Jeannie isn't she?
    Laura: Good ole southern cooking and I bet you are a whiz at it! Sounds like real comfort food to me but I love soups for any meal. I hope everyone is well by now too.

    Need to finish the grocery shopping today. Yesterday was such a mess in the stores!! BBL...
  • Southernlady2
    I am sorry I am crying right now we got bad news from the vet. she didn't do to well last night her balder I think rupcher I don't know if I spell it right. so they call my husband and my husband pick me up and head to the vet and talk to him about the blood work they took. it wasn't are vet. so we saw her and I bet her and talk to her and she look okay but her back legs are not great. so my husband going think about it. we can do sugery for her balder . she start this after her birthday. I am crying a lot and I don't know what her sister will do. this is the youngest one and I think she just turn 11 or 12 years old. she is my baby dog and it so hard seen they are like my childern. I don't know what I do with out her. I am sorry I am just so sad want her to live one more year.
  • OnlyJane
    Danielle I am so sorry about your dog. Sometimes we have to make decisions that are best for our pets that hurt like heck but in reality you are making a decision in the best interest of the dog and you made it out of love for her. You don't want her to suffer anymore and she knows that you love her. I know how hard this is and what your going through. Not an easy decision at all.
  • Cdjohnson
    Danielle - So sorry about your dog.

    Just a quick check in.
  • Abby0317
    Oh Danielle I too am sorry for you and the news about your dog. It is very hard to realize that some decisions we have to make is to end our dog's suffering. I'll pass on what my vet told me last year with my Abby. He said you gave her a wonderful life one where she's been happy and loved. Now the next loving thing to do is to send her peacefully to heaven. It still brings tears to my eyes! I hope you can do the surgery if that is what will help her live longer and be well. Thinking of you and Jim and hoping this will get better!
  • Southernlady2
    Well went to vet at 4 pm took my other dog scrappy and had her close to her sister. Took some pic of both of them. Cut cocoa hair and I brought ink and paper to get her foot print. Was we put her down. It hard I been crying a lot. We are cream her ashes. It just so hard I know she had a nice just so hard.
  • Scrappin 2

    Danielle - such sad news this morning. I feel so sorry for you. All of us who have had a dog that we had to put to sleep feel your pain. It is such hard decision, best for our friends. Hugs. I like how you thought to get a footprint. Wish I had done that with our three dogs.

    Everyone liked the lasagna, the two Italian men had second helpings so I guess it was ok. I thought it was a little dry.
    Ricci brought a wine I liked. I usually don't drink wine, but I knew I didn't have to drive home. It was a Kim Crawford.

    Terry- Once, I did try those noodles that you supposedly don't have to pre cook. I didn't like them. ....don't remember why.

    Guess I will take down the Christmas decorations...........or maybe wait till tomorrow and I'll get Nev and Van to help. They don't know that yet. LOL
    I've always done it myself. It would be helpful to have someone help bring the containers up from the basement.

    Have a nice day.
  • OnlyJane
    Saturday Jan 4th at 10:30AM - Cloudy, rain just stopped
    Good Morning,
    Suppose to have dropping temperature through out the day along with wind. Higher elevations may get snow. Need to get busy and finish up with getting things back in order around the house but so far here I sit, need some motivation this morning.
    Danielle so sorry on what you had to do with your dog. Like Cathe said all of us who have had a dog that we had to put to sleep feel your pain. Hugs to you and dh.
    Cathe glad your dinner turned out and things went great. If your grandkids are coming over Sunday I definitely would get them to help with the decorations.
    Terry it seems every room in our house has stuff that doesn't belong from Christmas and I do need to declutter and get rid of stuff, problem dh being home all the time right now makes that almost impossible as he doesn't like to throw much out (lol). Need to figure out what to do over the new sliding doors upstairs, the old one had roman shades but with the blinds in-between glass of new ones, perhaps a fancy rod with valance?
    Cheryl how is your dh doing? Hope you have a little time for yourself now.
    Katy have you had to use your generator yet or has turning off the electric stopped for now? Around here they are all upset about the potential installation of 5G networks - everyone has an opinion but it seems for this to happen, every neighborhood will have to have some towers in a cluster, and the mention of towers puts people in a tailspin. I think they are ugly and sure would not want one in my backyard. No telling what 5G really entails.
    Guess once again, better go and accomplish something today, just not sure what (lol).
    Have a good day.
  • Abby0317
    I have a very funny cousin who posted this on FB and Steve forwarded it. I for sure relate!!! Do you?

    Spent the day re-decorating, decluttering, packing up, throwing out, and I am pooped with a back ache! Of course no help!!! Take that back, he went and disposed of the mouse in my car because I do not do dead animals of any kind. Yep, the joys of country living!!! The puzzling part is how did this critter get into my car which isn't parked in a garage. Hope it isn't a trend!

    First off---Danielle, I am so very sorry that you had to endure this. As has been said, all of us who have had to send our animals "over the rainbow bridge" know what you are feeling right now. The only thing I can say is to keep the memories close to you heart as they will also help you heal. If you want, and I assume that you are keeping the ashes, there are many places that make beautiful commemorative artwork from our pets ashes. I've seen some and they were stunning. Something you might want to look into. Here is one

    Anna: doing anything this weekend?
    Cathe: I haven't heard of that wine---local winery? I think you did ask what wine I used in the sauce and it's just a rich red such as chianti, merlot, cabernet or something like those. Hope you get the kids to help de-decorate!!! I've heard those non boil lasagna noodles taste like glue.
    Cheryl: hope you will be popping in more often and time willing
    Jane: I don't even tell hubby what I'm throwing out or not. He's a hoarder. For instance, I finally convinced him to throw out a 48 yr old reel to reel tape machine that he had to play music reels on back in the mid 70s. We don't even have anything now to hook it up to. It's also moved with us 18 times over 6 states. Crazy!!! Once many years ago, Steve had to work out of state and Danny & I went into the garage and took a trailer full of crap to the dump. Steve never knew!! I think just a valance would be good!

    Time to finish supper now and relax. I can't even tackle my office until I get all those photos taken care of.
    Take care ladies!!
  • Abby0317
    Sorry about the link---I apparently do not know how to insert a site link anymore
  • Anna C
    Good morning!

    Have been under the weather and not feeling well. I hope to get caught up on her later.

    Have a good day.

  • Southernlady2

    Ann hope you feel better

    Thanks terry I look into those sites

  • Scrappin 2
    Sunday, Good morning!

    Anna- sorry you don't feel well. bummer. Hope it is short lived.
    When you are feeling better, you can put me down for February. I'll take a stab at it again.

    Terry- What a cute little poem. Thanks for sharing.
    It seems like men tend to be hoarders. Mine isn't good at getting rid of things either. Only on Saturday he took some electronic things to the recycling center. --which is only open on Saturdays. He also took a kitchen fan and a lamp to the is a store open to the public where you can get used items and I guess some new also that are donated by businesses. It is connected with Habitat for Humanity. I stopped to dropped the fan off the other day and the guys said ---well what I thought he said was "We take things on Monday"......So I went back on Monday and the same guy...........out there smoking a cigarette...........said "We don't take things on Monday." I was mad. I rarely get mad. I'm thinking a bad work and thought 'You can just take the @[email protected]! thing as you are just standing there???" Guess I should get hearing aids.
    The Kim Crawford wine isn't local. I've seen ads on tv for it.

    Jane- I regretted that we didn't get blinds between the panes in our front window. That window is now old. LOL What room is the new sliding door in? I think a valance would be nice.
    I was thinking about having the kids help take the ornaments off the tree but.........I have a system for taking them down and putting the ornament away. I think I'll enlist their help bringing up storage containers from the basement. -- think I said that yesterday. LOL
    I didn't know that the 5 G required more towers. interesting.

    Have a great day everyone. I'll try to bbl.

  • OnlyJane
    Good Morning, Jan. 5th at 11AM - 36 out but sunshine
    Got up late this morning, must have been tired. Last night we were watching the new winter Hallmark movie and I think I saw the first 15 minutes and fell asleep. DH said when it was over he got up and went to bed and said I was sound asleep. I did wake up at 11:30pm. It did look like a cute movie though with scenes from Vail, CO.
    Anna sorry your not feeling up to par, feel better soon!
    Terry that is a super cute sign and how true! You were busy yesterday. I laughed when you talked about a reel to reel tape thingy, I do believe dh still has his somewhere, garage maybe, I don't know. He also has a receiver he built from a kit by Hewitt Packard when he first started college, never uses it anymore why is it taking up space.
    Cathe I think your correct in men being hoarders. That would make me mad, too, if someone was outside smoking and could not make an exception and take your donation, lot of people these days seem to be only focused on what they want and not doing something beyond their job description once in awhile. Enjoy having family over for dinner tonight. This 5G networking is really hard to understand right now and for some reason I am thinking this is a global issue and the whole world is trying to be the first to have 100% 5G, who knows.
    Yesterday I did not accomplish much at all, same mess is still around house so maybe today will actually get some things taken care of. Just depends on how many interruptions happen.
    Everybody have a great day.
  • Abby0317
    Checking in this dreary gray Sunday. I have so many things to do I'm not sure what or where to start.

    Anna: hope you feel better! Cold?
    Cathe: that was totally rude and uncalled for. What would it hurt for them to take you things? When I put up my little tree, I saw that all the upper lights were off. Since I had decorated it I just tucked in an extra string and let it go. So now I'm taking it down and need to fix the pre-strung lights. I went thru the first several lights and changed them but nothing worked so I thought no biggie, I'll take them off and get new lights. Wrong!!! First I cannot imagine the person who was paid to wrap lights on these small branches because that string was here then went off in a bizarre direction. Needless I was at this for almost an hour and finally after being just down to the bottom, I started cutting them off. I was that frustrated! So now I get to buy a new strand and rewrap those branches. What a disaster!!! I would have the kids bring up the boxes too.
    Danielle: I hope you find something you might like on the site or find another site that does that type of thing.
    Jane: You are sure right about some people and how they do their jobs. Frustrating when they are in the people businesses. I wonder if our hubbies were twins separated at birth!!!

    I'm off....(in more ways than one!)
  • Scrapkaty
    Good morning ladies! Here in Central CA it is sunny and bright blue skies and a balmy 41°.
    Anna… I hope you're feeling better soon.
    Ashley… You have been at that hospital for a long time… 4 years.. I bet you have seniority over a lot of others there.
    Cathe… I haven't made a lasagna in ages… Probably even before Lloyd passed away. And that was five years ago. Since his two daughters at the time were vegetarians, (not anymore they missed bacon and hamburgers… LOL) he would make a vegetarian lasagna and fill it with bits of broccoli and cauliflower and I forget what other veggies..Both girls loved it.
    Cheryl... It's good to see you popping in. I hope your life is slowly getting back to normal and that your husband is well.
    Danielle...I am so sad to hear about your poor dog. My heart hurts for you. About six years ago, Lloyd and I had to have our cat put down… She had health issues and was blind and was 19 years old, but you wouldn't know that from the way she acted like a kitten all the time. The vet said they could do some procedures on her, which would probably be temporary but she wouldn't have a good quality of life , and it would be selfish of us... I didn't want her to be in pain anymore so we let her go. It's like losing a child. Again Danielle, I'm so sorry for you and your husband.
    Jane... Nope, I haven't had to have the generator going… Yet. I don't think we will have any of those “public safety power shut off's“ at this time of the year. Only time I would lose power now would be mostly storm related… but at least I'm ready for next fire season. Are the Hallmark winter movies like the “happy sappy Christmas Hallmark movies“? They all seem to have the same storyline… But I kept on watching them! LOL
    Terry… I don't know when I will see Lindsay… She lives up in Oregon and is working and going to school up there. She did text me a photo of her and her boyfriend in his car on Friday. They were driving down to Sebastopol (north of SF) to empty out her storage unit.. That's still four hours away from me… But it least she got to see her sister who lives there. Jordan is working part time waitressing and also is working for a company that works with the fish and game. They were up in Northern California… Way up north....repairing beaver dams for the beavers... I'm sorry but when she told me what she was doing I laughed at first… But she is making good money doing that. My next trip to Jeannie's depends on mother nature. And my schedule… Whenever I see a couple days of clear weather either she or I have something going on. And when my schedule is open mother nature decides to put a stop to my trip… I am not going to go drive up over the pass when it's snowing even with my jeep and 4 wheel drive and snow tires. I am not that adventurous! It was so good seeing Vicki, Mike and baby Aspen! He is such a happy baby… Always smiling and laughing!
    My DD, Kelly came to visit me the day after Christmas. We had a really nice visit.. she stayed for a couple days… She and her roommate are considering the possibility of thinking about the chance of moving out of state in about three years after Kelly completes her schooling for CPA. They couldn't pick Nevada which is next-door or north of us in Oregon… Oh no! They are considering moving to Freeport Maine! WTH?! She couldn't move any further away!! They have been doing a lot of research on the area. Alicia is from upstate NY. And they would be able to afford to buy a house there, as they can't afford where they are now. Alicia is a nurse in the ER at the VA hospital in the SF bay area. It shouldn't be hard for her to find a job. And Kelly is going to wait until after she completes all the testing to become a certified… Or licensed…( Whatever it is.)..CPA.. I told Kelly that there's nice hospitals and VA hospitals in Nevada… And I'm sure there's lots of CPA jobs in Nevada as well. But a lot of people who are leaving California..most of them are heading to Nevada and driving up the cost of houses..
    OK… I'm done blabbering… I have to go start breakfast… Well now it'll be brunch… Michael will be here in about 45 minutes. Hope y'all have a wonderful Sunday!
  • Andrea M
    good afternoon.

    Danielle i am so sorry about your dog. Hugs to you. It is so hard to lose a fur baby.

    I have been crazy busy. All my decorations are down and put away. My dd is still sick poor thing. I finally got the dr, to give her some antibiotics. My son started his new job. He seems really happy with it. Dh took a few days off work and got our shower tiled finally. I met a really nice lady and we have a lot in common. We have went shopping in the city twice together. and we chat a lot. we took our daughters to see little women. I really enjoyed the new movie.

  • Anna C
    Sunday, 1/5/2020 cold and windy but sunny

    Danielle: so very sorry about your dog. I understand your pain. Hugs sweet friend!

    Jane: very glad your husband is recovering nicely. He'll be back to normal in no time!

    Terry: Any other time your lasagna would sound delicious but right now food is the last thing on my mind!

    Ashley: our weather is cold and we had some snow last night, nothing significant but just enough to make everything icy.

    Denise: loved all of the photos on FB of your grands. They sure are growing up and are such beautiful children.

    Cathe: glad your dinner party went well. Decorations down now?

    Laura: hope everyone is well at your hours. Not a real fan of black eyed peas.

    Cheryl: glad you are able to check in some now. Hope things have calmed down for you. How is Karyol doing?

    Katy: Got a new generator and who knows when you will get to use! I guess that is a good thing. Honestly, I wish we had one. My parents have one and they have used it many times over the years. I'm right there with you….all those Hallmark movies are the same sappy theme but yet I keep on watching them.

    Andrea: so sorry your daughter is still ill. Hope the antibiotics will provide the cure she needs!

    I guess I have had some kind of stomach bug with lots of throwing up. Still not 100% but feeling better than yesterday. Have slept most of the day but haven't eaten much yet. Hope you all have a great evening.

  • Scrappin 2

    DH is still sleeping and it is 9:06. I hope he isn't sick. I didn't get up until 8:15 so maybe we were just tired.( he mentioned last night he had a gut ache, and he never compal

    Anna- did you go to work?

    Katy- so good to hear all about your daughters. Hope Kelly doesn't move so far away!
    Our DD is always threatening to leave Illinois. She will some day I'm sure.

    My decorations are not down. Oakley started taking the ornaments off the tree because I mentioned taking them off. Nev joined in and so the ornaments are off and in a plastic bin. My plan today is to get the tree apart and into it's nice red canvas bag. ..........of course if Rum-o is sick, that won't happen.

    Terry- I don't think I'll ever buy a pre-lit tree. Our friends have one and have had trouble but they can take it to the local nursery where they got it and they will fix it. ............for a charge of course.

    Andrea- gee your poor DD has been sick a long time. I hope the antibiotics kick in.
    You found a new friend? how wonderful!!!
    What did you think of the Little Women movie?

    Jane- the REstore place where they take things is run by Habitat for Humanity. I'm not sure who they hire to unload things being donated. Maybe the men are recovering addicts, or that segment of society that is trying to rebuild their lives. Perhaps they don't have what it takes to accommodate an old lady dropping off a fan. LOL

    Denise- All of your Grandchildren are darling. Did you have the little guys put their hands in their pockets? That was so cute.

    I'd better get dresses and either start taking down the Christmas things OR...............SCRAP!!!
  • OnlyJane
    Monday, January 6th at 12:27PM - Sunshine with a temp. of 46
    Good afternoon,
    Where is everyone today? Cathe I see you checked in. Sure hope dh isn't feeling sick today. Hope you are able to finish up putting your Christmas decorations away. I still have a few items to put away but something else pops up that has to be done. Thought I would not have to take dh to therapy this morning, but he decided he might have a problem walking too far to the car as parking can be the pits, so off we both went.
    Katy I hope your dd doesn't move too far away, so far we are fortunate as both boys live close and have no desire to go anywhere else.
    Andrea so sorry dd still isn't feeling well. Hope the antibiotics help. How nice you found a new friend with similar interests.
    Anna hope your feeling better today, did you take a day off?
    Terry what is on your agenda today? I have this urge once again to start purging but dang it will have to wait until I can do it alone and get rid of what I want.
    Here I sit, so time to get up and get going. Still have some every day decorations to put back in place after Christmas.
    Have a nice day everyone!
  • Andrea M
    Anna sorry to hear you are ill.

    Cathe I really liked the movie. It was different than all the others i have seen.

    I have a check up with my back surgeon at 2. Im not looking forward tot he drive.
  • Scrappin 2

    This is for the Jan. challenge set up by Cheryl on the Rockin Scrappin Grans.
    It felt good to be in the scrap room and scrap.
  • Rockmom
    Our guests went home today. Feels good to get back to a normal routine but I miss them.

    Danielle, so.sorry you had to put your sweet pet down. It hurts the heart.

    Cathe, yes I told them to put their hands in their pockets. It does two things ...helps them stand still and looks cute.

    Thanks, I think they are cute kids too. Lol

    Everyone get well soon.
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