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Getting started - again

  • Catgb56
    It's been quite a while since I sat down and scrapped. I feel so out of the loop. Where do I catch up? It is like starting from scratch. All scrap stores are gone so no classes.....ideas on how or where to get caught up with what's in, layouts, embellishments. Like I said I feel like a newbie. Have lots of paper, dies, stamps, etc. that have been collecting dust, but feel like a fish out of water. Thanks!
  • Lisn2cats
    Just Google "scrapbook" and there are plenty of sites that appear. has free tutorials as does YouTube. You just need to do searches. Pinterest is a good source of inspiration and if you keep clicking, you eventually find blogs and how-tos. On YouTube, I like Kelsey Webster's channel - she has an easy style to follow and you can follow her process. Lauren Hender, Jennifer Gallagher, and Moira O'Reilly are also good with explaining stuff. MercyTiara doesn't post anymore but her channel has some good tutorials. If you're more adventurous with mixed media, Missy Whidden (who posts here on is the queen of using various inks and messy things.
  • Scrapanda
    Come on over to the challenge boards and be inspired by some of the challenges here!
  • Groovy Deborah
    I felt like that for a little while. I was no longer holding crops since I moved and hadn't been here for too long. I made the decision that I was jumping back in and I am happier now like before. For me, I started with one challenge, and before I knew I was right back in the loop.

    Come take a look. Perhaps one will be just the thing you need to jumpstart
  • SusanneG
    I am another one who suggests going over to the challenge forum and get some inspiration!
  • Gluemore Girl
    Welcome back to scrapping! Just start and check in frequently to jumpstart your mojo!
  • Catgb56
    Thanks for the suggestions - just checked out the challenges - looks interesting. Cleaned off the scrap table, organized and I do believe I am ready to jump in feet first. Will also be checking out the gallery for inspiration as well. Need to use up my old stash before I get anything new so this will be my challenge (lots of stickers - and I do mean LOTS of stickers - what was I thinking?!? lol) Looking forward to participating with you ladies!
  • Groovy Deborah
    I organized my stickers again a few days ago. I could not believe that I have two overly full big plastic containers. Thank goodness they have lids so I could squish it shut lol!
  • Ladybing Tammy
    welcome back to scrapbooking! I took a bit of an unplanned hiatus last year but challenges really do help and sketches!
  • Teresakay
    Welcome back look up RTS scrapbooking she is on a short break right now but her videos are great she mainly posts videos using her stash and she has some awesome ideas // check out her 4x4 series and her go to designs series and base pages .
  • Catgb56
    Deb - I have one of those sticker binders that were so popular back in maybe the early 2000's - that is jam packed. Seriously? Who needs that many stickers??? lol Plus those little plastic drawers for specific times like Valentines, Birthdays, etc., PLUS 2 shoe boxes of Chirstmas....really?? I should participate in the sticker challenge.
  • Gluemore Girl
    Teresakay, I've watched RTS scrapbooking and 2 of my friends are obsessed with her "go to" LO plans.
    Catgb56, lol on all the stickers. I have tons and have been scrapping since the late 1990's. Jen Schow has some very clever you tube videos called "use it or lose it" as well as a few videos on using up sticker sheets. I'm definitely using up old stickers and almost finished up a few of some old Christmas stickers. The sticker challenge will help too. Yay! glad you have your desk cleaned up and ready to roll.