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Envelope designs for giving the gift of experiences over things - does it have a fancy name?

  • Lutz
    While I was pregnant, I came across a gift idea that was to give the gift of experiences instead of things. To do this, a mama (or grandma? I don't know) decorated 12 envelopes - one for each month - and put them in a box. Each envelope was to be opened at the beginning of the month and inside was an experience. For example, picnic, zoo, restaurant dinner, shopping trip, sleepover with cousins - something to be done with family.

    Anywho, I'm stuck on my scrapbook pages and wanted to design some envelopes. Have you ever done anything like it?

    Also, this is my first post since the forums changed. I have no idea what will happen when I hit send
  • Jess E
    well, I just read it, so it did post! I am familiar with the Christmas gifts of the envelopes, but I dont' think I"m sure of what you're asking as far as your scrapbook pages go. Are you asking how to make envelopes? There are lots of videos on YT with and without an envelope punch board.
    I am not sure how the experiences pertains to the envelopes for your scrapbook pages. Sorry!
  • Pierced_scrapper
    I do! I use the theme of what I'm giving. I prefer giving and getting experiences.