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Help! HappyCut Artemio sandwich is not going through

  • MichouClaudine

    I have a very old HappyCut Artemio machine, that has been used a lot in the past. When I try to use it now, it doesn't seem to work so properly anymore (not a entire shocker), but I was wondering if there is anything I'm doing wrong or if there are any tips for this problem?

    I have the correct sandwhich:
    1. Base plate A
    2. Stencil for die cutting
    3. Paper (tried several weights, 160 - 200gr)
    4. Plate for max 200gr

    When I try to roll it through the machine, as soon as it hits the stencil, it shoots back and forth and is not going through any further. I got it to work 2 times and the other 50 times it kept hanging. The machine and the plates are very old and the stencils i'm using have been used many times before. Is there anything I can try?