Reneabouquets Valentine Embellishments Swap! OPEN!

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  • Lorilei1971
    OH. MY. Goodness! I don't know if I can make things this fancy. I'm feeling super intimidated now. :/
    Hi Everyone!

    I think I'm going to pass this round. 6 is a little overwhelming and time consuming. I have too much going on right now with work to make that kind of commitment. I'll be watching from afar.

    Donna, I hope you are feeling better. Please get some rest.

  • LauralsAttic
    Count me in. I would Love to join.I was having a Dah moment yesterday. LOL! I checked my stash and and I have plenty to use something on each one. I was fixing to make some embellishments for all the books and journals I am fixing to start on. So great opportunity to do extras! I had bought extra RB stuff for future swaps since you started the swap to build up some stash.
  • Bonprof
    Welcome Suzanne!!
  • Bonprof
    Yes, Laura
    These are great examples.

    If you scroll up, I did say you don't need a RB product on each embellishment.
    Just 1 for the whole group is fine.

    Did you enter your coupon in all CAPS?
    I will send you a message.
  • LauralsAttic
    is this what you mean by embellishments? And you never answered about having at least 1 RB on each of 6 items or?
  • Lorilei1971
    I tried using the code yesterday and it didn't work
  • Sroseberry
    Oh, yeah! Yes, please!
  • Bonprof
    Welcome Lori!!
  • Lorilei1971
    okay, I'm looking at Reneabouqets now and wow! I'm in. I would also like to do a variety of V-day and other. I will do international
  • Bonprof
    would love to have you!

    Peggy, fun! I hope you can join!
  • Bonprof
    If anyone finds a great embellishment on Pinterest or anywhere please share.
    There are some good ones right here.
  • Krizzy05
    I'm trying not to buy any new embellishments until I use up a lot of my stash and I just don't have much RB stuff since it's only sold online. I think I have enough RB products that I can join.
  • Ppilgrim
    Hmmn, I'll have to have a think about this. I'm sure I can do it, and I'm definitely in, I just need to check my stash and hit Pinterest for inspiration. This is going to be fun :-)
  • Bonprof
    I was not able to make samples.
    But if you go to Pinterest, you'll find hundreds.
    I can cut and paste some examples tomorrow.
    Hope this helps.

    1 RB embellishment for the whole swap is fine.
    You don't have to have 6 RB products.
  • LauralsAttic
    Do you have any examples? Not sure what you mean by embellishments. Having a DAH moment I guess! Also 6 embellishments with 1 RB product on each of the 6 we make? Just need clarification before I commit.
  • Krizzy05
    This looks fun. I'll need to go check what RB products I have in my craft room to see if I will be able to pull something together. I'm hoping to join in the fun this month.
  • Bonprof
    Welcome Darlene and Elizabeth!!
  • Eapipkin
    I'm in for USA. Personally, I would prefer to make a variety, not just Valentine's day theme.
  • Star77
    Hello, I am in on this one.
    take care Donna
  • Bonprof
    Welcome Everyone!!
    I'm so happy and excited you're here!!
    Please make sure you read everything.

    This month we make beautiful embelishments
    suitable for cards, tags and layouts.

    Here's how it works:
    1. Let me know you're "in". International or USA.
    2. Partners will be up, Saturday,February 1st.
    3. Create 6 layered embellishments for your partner.
    4. IMPORTANT; PLEASE NOTE. If you and your partner would like
    to create other themes for your embellishments, that's fine.
    As long as you both agree. For Example: 2 Valentine, 2 shabby, 2 vintage.
    And so on. You are not locked into 6 Valentine Embellishments.
    5. Don't forget to use 1 or more Reneabouquets products on your embellishments.
    A special COUPON is available for this swap only and may give you inspiration.
    6. Please mail by 2/24. Even though Valentines Day will have passed, we can all
    enjoy the swap.
    7. Please post your embellishments for all to enjoy here as well as your gallery.
    8. Please stop by here to chat once a week. Some of you are missing so much
    by not getting to know everyone.
    9. PLEASE connect with your partner 48 hours after partners are posted.

    Reneabouquets COUPON.
    Buy $25 worth of Reneabouquets products and get a Free SMALL 0.6 jar of Candy Flatback Pearls.
    Buy $50 worth of Reneabouquets products and get a FREE LARGE 1.8 Jar of Candy Flatback Pearls.

    Coupon CODE for small jar: CANDY
    Coupon CODE for large jar: MORECANDY
    Use only Reneabouquets Website.
    Put your jar of pearls in your basket with other products.

    Please check with me if you have any questions
    about the coupons or swap.

    Donna xo



    Have fun!!

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