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Which electronic (not motorized physical dies) cutting machine do you like best?

  • Lorilei1971
    I am thinking of getting an electronic die cutter. I've read the PDF on SB.com but wanted more input. I have a pretty old Cricut that uses cartridges but am aware there is so much more that is versatile with design software etc. Please share what you have and what you like and why.
  • Ppilgrim
    I'm of two minds on this. I have a Silhouette Portrait and I really enjoy it; but, my scrap buddy has a brand new Cricut and that thing's da bomb. My advice would be to include customer service and tech support in your consumer research, prior to taking the plunge. Your new toy will need to talk to your computer and there can sometimes be set-up issues requiring a bit of expert assistance.
  • Lorilei1971
    oooohhhh good point
  • Boricuapr
    Go with Silhouette! I have friends who have original Silhouettes and still get great customer service help. My Explore Air2 was a gift the day before I was set to buy myself a Silhouette.

    Cricut stops supporting every product they've made when a newer version is released! Don't even think you can just turn on your machine and make a cut in 5 minutes. Every time I try to access Design Space, I have to physically connect and turn on my machine and WAIT while Cricut tracks your laptop and machine IP address, verifies you're the owner, then give you the glorious honor again of waiting forever while it downloads the latest version and then you have to install and restart your laptop and turn on your Cricut. Seriously, it take me 30-45 minutes to get to cut a design I already created. Cricut Craftroom was so much better and easier to use. I could select my cartridge, weld each of my letters together to make a word, and hide the layers I didn't want to cut, click Cut, and glue it to my project. All in about 15 minutes from start to finish. Craftroom hasn't been available since the release of the online Design Space.

    A "desktop" version of Design Space is now available to download to your computer - DO NOT save it to your ipad because you won't have enough memory. They don't tell you that you have to open and save to your device each of your saved designs every 29 days. Basically - you need a Terabyte hard drive so you can save your SVG files. Then after finally getting to the screen to make my design, I don't always have the desired "feature" for the cartridge I have selected. Don't even think of leaving while you're cutting or have an intricate cut, because you'll time out between mat cuts. and will have to "reconnect".

    And by the way Silhouette is cheaper than the Maker!!!! AND no monthly fee to cuts you will NEVER use.

  • Sewflake
    I have one of the original Silhouette Cameo's and it is still going strong. It even fell off my bookcase today, the lip popped off and it still works perfectly, I got the lid back on and it keeps on ticking. I have downloaded plenty of free fonts to cut as many titles and words as I will ever need. The main feature I LOVE with Silhouette is the offset feature, which allows you to made a mat for any image with ease!!!
    I feel I have gotten very fair prices for the images I have purchased and not a single one that I would never ever cut like the cartridges with Cricut...I have had a subscription a couple of times with a large enough library now... I am able to create just about anything I want or need. If my Silhouette does not have the image then I will go to my Cricut to see if I have a cut on one of the many cartridges I have downloaded to my account, before they did away with the cartridge system. I don't plan on ever going with a Subscription to the Cricut. I don't ever plan on buying another Cricut either...for the same reason that Linda mentioned. I have been burned too many times with Provo Craft and Cricut and their non support!
    My current Cricut is the original Explorer, it works fine but I turn to the Silhouette most often.
  • Lorilei1971
    @boricuapr and @Sewflake thanks for the info!
    Linda, It sounds like using the Cricut is a pain in the . . .neck.
    Sharon, Wow! That Cameo sounds pretty durable. I have heard that Provo Craft's service sucks before. Okay ladies I'm convinced.

    Do any of you have any experience with the Brother Scan and Cut?
    Thanks again for info,
    This includes you too @ppilgrim Peggy!
  • Sewflake
    I have seen the Scan and Cut and it sounds wonderful, but don't know of anyone that uses it will easy.....but then I only see the ladies that bring their Cricut to crops. I take my Silhouette...the only person that has ever done so of the 40 ladies that attend regularly. Many people do like their Cricut!!!

    I have seen some ladies buy the Scan and cut but can't give you any insight as to its workings. I like the ease in which Silhouette or Cricut for that matter makes it to download an image to cut. Now if I have a ton of artwork that I wanted fussy cut, then a scan and cut would be on my shopping list!!!

  • Ppilgrim
    I've not seen any on-line reviews of the Scan and Cut, so I can't advise on it. I know of some quilters who use it to electronically "fussy cut" patterned fabric and they love it for that. I expect it would work as well, or better, on patterned paper.

    I'm so old-school that I'm still using old Sil software for my Portrait: I don't need the design features in the newer versions because I do all my designing in Photoshop anyway. If you want to learn about the new software and what you can do with it, check out Kerri Bradford's site. I think she still does the occasional on-line Sil class and she's a good instructor.