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Lacking Creativity in Scrapbooking, but have the Desire and Interest to Create

  • TeckelMom
    Scrapbooking (is it still called that?) has been an area of interest for me for a long time. Over the years (just turned 60) I have amassed a large collection of supplies. BUT, they sit in storage bins and drawer units unopened and unused, much like my creativity. I'm starting a new chapter in my life, and would like to embark on a journey of Scrapbooking (and soap-making, but that's another talk show). It's much like my desire to learn to paint. I know what I want the finished product to be, but getting there is the challenge.

    The interest is strong, the creative spark, not so much. I'm open to ideas on how to feed my creativity with other's experiences, tips, and knowhow that you care to share. I will be relocating to the San Antonio, TX area in the next few months and would love to find workshops that I can attend with like-minded individuals who enjoy scrapbooking. But, because of my level of creativity, I need to start with a beginner type of environment. Is there such a thing?

    I have looked at videos on YouTube, but most seem to be geared towards a specific product being used and for those who are more advanced in the 'art'.

    I believe I would eventually like to get involved with one of the scrapbooking companies that offer home-based business opportunities. But obviously I can't do this without the largest missing ingredient (in my mind)....creativity.

    Thanking you in advance for your feedback, suggestions, etc.
  • ArtsyLC
    To get back into it, I'd look in the gallery and start by scraplifting (kind of copying) things you like. Maybe that would be the spark you need to get going. It might not be all your own ideas, but at least you'd be creating.
  • Lisn2cats
    Sometimes it helps to just touch all your pretty things. Take out a few sheets of gorgeous papers, pair of scissors, a couple of stickers or embellishments, etc. - the goal is not to take everything out but just enough to get something started, not overwhelm you (which looking a full bin will do!) I like to then just admire my little pile and flip things around to see what they look like together. Then, find a picture you want to use (or don't - I have a bunch of layouts done that are just waiting for the right photo) and tweak your pile. Then, like ArtsyLC said, you could look in the gallery (or find a few magazine layouts you like and use those as a launch point) or Pinterest (or do a Google search - ex., scrapbook layout green brown chipmunks - and see what pops up). I think you'll find that once you start cutting here and there, you'll start branching out to your own style. I've noticed that, over time, some scrappers have started with very simple layouts (2 rectangles, a tag, and a sticker) and their pages have evolved into some really creative pieces of art with inks, fibers, etc. Come play with us in the Forums (I'm still a relative newbie there but, oh my gosh, I get so many ideas looking at what others have done and the community there is so so supportive and kind!) Another group to look at is the Scrapbook Layout Facebook group (I think that's what it's called) - lots and lots of shares at all levels are posted there.