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Introducing the Podcast: Life Handmade

    microphone emoji We're so excited to announce the launch of the Podcast called "Life Handmade"!

    You can see all of the released episodes here.
    And you can subscribe on your favorite app (iPhone or android) here.

    We're just getting started, but we already have interviews with Heidi Swapp, Paige Evans, Jen Hadfield, Layle Koncar, Vicki Boutin and a Creativation Overview episode as well.

    We have so many fun guests and topics to cover in the coming weeks and months and we hope you'll subscribe and take this journey with us. If you like what you hear, we'd love it if you left a review on Apple Podcasts too.

    Also, if you have ideas for guests or for topics/questions you'd like us to cover in coming episodes, please let us know in the comments below! Thank you so much!

    sparkling_heart emoji - The Team

  • Jen E
    Excited to listen!!
  • ScrapNess
    I've been listening and it is a great podcast! it's very well done and just fun to hear about other crafters slightly_smiling_face emoji
  • WeekendCraftaholic
    Highly recommend these, loved every episode so far...eagerly waiting for more ) emoji
  • Debra*
    I have listened to all of them a couple of times. Love them. Finally something that is informative, inspiring, relaxing and just makes me feel really happy. Sounds silly but at this time, when the world is a little crazy, it's nice to switch off and find your happy place. My only complaint is I wish there was less gap between them. More please!
  • LauraWil5080
    A new Life Handmade Podcast episode debuted yesterday, featuring the wonderful Catherine Pooler!

    Today on Life Handmade, we sit down with the profoundly inspiring Catherine Pooler from Catherine Pooler Designs. Hear how Catherine's business evolved from a one-woman-show with an early crafty YouTube channel to a talented 8-person company that designs classic, trendy products inspired by fun, community, and friendship. Also, learn about her struggles to break free from unhealthy relationships and toxic negativity to form new confidence-building friendships with craft community members all over the world.

    A New Life Handmade Podcast episode debuted today, featuring the talented Ali Edwards!

    Listen to our interview with the talented Ali Edwards here, or download and listen to it anywhere you listen to podcasts.

    Ali Edwards: The Stories We Choose to Tell

    Today on a special episode of Life Handmade: At Home Edition, we sit down with crafter, instructor, and author Ali Edwards. Join us for a trip down memory lane, all the way back to her roots of memory keeping with the birth of her son in 2002. Get some need-to-know advice about choosing which stories to tell and when, and the importance of the deep-dive details in everyday moments. Learn about focusing on the photos and words first and how the crafty inspiration will follow. Hear about embracing life's imperfections to live a full life and how Ali has found time to celebrate small moments amidst divorce, new love, and raising her autistic son.

  • Lisn2cats
    Really enjoying these podcasts! Great way to get my craft-time started each evening. Thank you and keep them coming please!
  • Anna Sigga
    These episodes are the perfect addition to a crafty session. I just love listening to a new episode while crafting away in my craft room. heart emoji
  • Zmelgreen
    I have been listening and have learned a lot. It is easy to understand and follow, which is appreciated.
  • Tiwillti
    That's a great podcast! I got so much inspiration from it. I just think that if once I create a list of all the podcasts that I've listened to, that would look really funny. It'll be a mixture of true crime and crafting podcasts joy emoji
    joy emoji joy emoji joy emoji
    Story-Driven Scrapbooking And Embracing Self Love With Tazhiana Gordon - Podcast Episode 24
    On this episode of the Life Handmade Podcast, we chat remotely with Tazhiana Gordon. Listen in as Tazhiana describes how scrapbooking is a form of self-love and how we may all benefit from a creative outlet.
    Brush Lettering & Building A Creative Legacy With Kelly Creates - Podcast Episode 25
    On this episode of the Life Handmade At Home Edition, we chat with Kelly Klapstein, creator of Kelly Creates. Kelly shares her thoughts on how handmade crafts leave a lasting legacy and also encourages us to take risks in all aspects of our lives.
    Remaining Creative Through Life's Challenges With Becca Feeken - Podcast Episode 23
    On this episode of the Life Handmade podcast, we chat remotely with Becca Feeken, a Licensed Designer with Spellbinders. Hear how a little encouragement helped her experience a resurgence during a long journey in faith through grief, leading Becca to a new creative path. Listen in as Becca shares how the crafting community held her up in difficult times and how crafting has acted as a beautiful lifeline.
    Crafting A Life Of Balance And Harmony With Amy Tangerine - Podcast Episode 22
    Please note, this episode contains tender topics. On this episode of Life Handmade: At Home Edition, we chat with crafting maven Amy Tan, better known as Amy Tangerine. Listen to Amy share her experiences from her creative, professional, and personal paths, including infertility and pregnancy. Hear Amy explain what differentiates balance and harmony and the importance of giving yourself permission to nurture yourself.
    Bible Journaling With Meaning And Authenticity With Shanna Noel - Podcast Episode 21
    On this episode of the Life Handmade: At Home Edition we speak with a Bible journaling pioneer and creator of Illustrated Faith, Shanna Noel. Listen in as Shanna discusses how documenting milestones helps us reflect on our past experiences. Shanna shares the importance of finding your creative “why” and how it propels us forward.

    Today on the Life Handmade: At Home Edition, we speak with Alicia Harrison. Alicia is a creative leader who loves to try new things while encouraging others to do the same. Listen in as Alicia shares the importance of letting your creativity shine despite the fear and her belief that crafting is a space where all are welcome.

    On this episode of the Life Handmade podcast, we are sharing our ideas on documenting our December traditions. Listen in as we share how documenting the smallest moments can help us reflect on holidays past and create incredible keepsakes for our future generations.
    On this episode of the Life Handmade Podcast, we are discussing items featured in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! If you aren't sure what to get the crafty person in your life, or if you don't know what craft supplies to ask for, we have those answers!
    On this episode of the Life Handmade Podcast, we hear from our family as they share their most meaningful handmade holiday traditions! Listen in as they share the different ways they create with their hands and how it has formed special memories they cherish!

    On this episode of the Life Handmade Podcast, we are sharing our tips and tricks for cleaning your craft supplies! Hear our hacks to keep your products clean and in beautiful condition!


    On this episode of Life Handmade, we are chatting about all things die-cutting! We share the difference in machines, what products are needed, and how you can get started die-cutting!

    On this episode of the Life Handmade podcast, we are speaking with Dana Joy and Pocono Pam! These two crafty friends share how they formed their friendship over the Internet and crafting! Hear them speak of the importance of representation, creating a pathway to inclusion, and making sure all are embraced in the crafting community!
  • Annieclover24
    Hi everyone, Thanks for sharing.. Excited to read this thread:)
  • Purplemoonlight
    Thanks for the podcast!