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March 2020 Layouts & Cards

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  • Abby0317

    Welcome to the New Layouts and Cards for the month of March. We would also love to see any other project, photo or imported images you'd like to share with the group.

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. Since there are several people here try not to flood the post with too many LOs or cards. Maybe 5-7 in any post and no daily limit. Follow SB.com instructions for downloading and linking your projects.

    Come by and join the fun! This thread has gained a fairly regular following. We enjoy seeing new people come by to share their work and join in the fun! You can join in at any time. Just remember that it is more fun if you give love and get love too!

    While this is a laid back community of artists and crafts people sharing their work and support, it's not a place to just drop off work and not visit the galleries of others in the thread. We encourage you to enjoy all the marvelous talent and leave comments! Should you encounter a problem with another poster in this thread, please PM them directly to ask your question or resolve your issue. The hostesses are not referees and can't step in the middle for you.

    This is a collaborative effort. We are rotating the job of hosting the thread. Included in the opening post is the schedule of hostesses over the next couple months. Please volunteer as its the easiest job you will ever have

    2020 Hostesses:
    March -Terry April - Jane May - Cheryl June - July -

    Lets celebrate everyone's special day. If you need added to this list, contact the current hostess and she can add you.

    Laura January 11
    Cheryl January 13
    Danielle February 11
    Denise February 13
    Ashley March 1
    Cathe March 18
    Jeannie April 3
    Katy May 1
    Jane June 14
    Terry August 5
    Anna December 24

  • Abby0317
    Thank you Cathe for hosting February!!
  • Rockmom
    Yes, thank you Cathe and you too Terry.
  • Scrappin 2
    thank you Terry for setting up March.

    Denise- that is quite the day Cooper had!! I'm sure glad he wasn't hurt badly. It was so sweet of him to try and help take the cup for your mom.
    It is wonderful your Dad's uniform is on display. Mom donated Dad's Marine uniform to the Streator Historical Society. She also donated his football sweater. I stop in and see it every now and then when I'm in Streator. (my hometown)

    Terry- I will copy and paste the links into Words. However I can't find copy and paste!!! When Rum comes into the computer room I'll ask him. He has had Windows 10 for awhile.
    thank you for the explanation of how you did your card.

    Jane- I have a friend leaving for a cruise today. I forget where they are going.
    I'm glad we are driving to Florida. We leave Thursday. I have purchased travel packages of Clorox wipes. I plan to wipe down the light switches and faucets in hotels. rum will think I'm nuts.

  • Scrappin 2
    I posted as Rum came in and I needed to go back to February and copy and paste Terry's links. He couldn't find the copy and paste. I know he'll mess around with it later. Sometimes he has no patience, other times I don't. LOL
    I think I will see if I can find a you tube video on windows 10.

    Ashley - when are you going to the play?

    Danielle- I admire you for getting the gym so often.

    Anna- I use my credit card for almost everything so I don't have to touch money. Do you have to work weekends?

    Have a nice day.

  • Abby0317
    Steve went training and yes, the rain is back! He mowed the lawn 2 days ago and I love the smell of it. Was enjoy our 4 days of cold spring.

    Cathe: it isn't windows 10 ---its this site. In order to copy highlight the text you want to copy. Right click and "Copy" appears. Then just paste the link into the https:// at the top Hit enter and you will be directed to the site. I figured out that the hyperlink icon only works if you are linking something else from SB and not from the web. Seems the people at SB are not liking llinks to other sites, whether its YouTube or SimonSaysStamp. Did you hear of that Forest Hills, CA school that completely shut down until the janitors can totally clorax the enter school inc floors, lockers, desks, chairs, etc All because 1 student was "suspected" of being around someone with Coronavirus. Holy cow!!!

    I found out last night that BFF had a major OMG Thurs. She was going into the house, her toe/foot missed the step, she fell into the house doing a full face plant on the floor which according to hubby "knocked out" 4 teeth, bruised up her from head to toe, and her bad knee just got worse. I need to call her today and see if I can help her somehow. It hurts just thinking about it!!

    Denise: how is Cooper doing today?

    Hi everyone....just came in to check up and make sure the thread was working.
  • Cdjohnson
    Terry - Thanks for getting March up!!

    I thought I was going to Maddie's 2 volleyball games this morning but it cancelled due to not enough girls to play. So I am going to play in my scrap room. I have to get Karyol dressed and to dialysis and drop him off then have several hours to myself.

    I don't have time to go back and read everything. Hope everyone is doing well.
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: text and outdoor

    Saturday, 2/29/2020 @ 11:18

    OMG Denise! So sorry your family had such a rough day! Glad Cooper and dsil are ok. Hope they both are feeling better today.

    Terry! I had no idea that you were a teller at one time! In this day and age, it is a hard job. It is very stressful and it is the lowest paid job in the bank with the most responsibility. I did apply for a position that just came open at Corporate working behind the scenes with deposits. Job posting doesn't close until mid March so won't know anything for a while. I'm really not expecting to get it but thought I would try. I am about to decide that I am too old for all of this change.

    Cathe, we have several bottles of hand sanitizers at each teller station and all over the lobby. That was available before the virus but now we are wiping down our stations constantly as well as computers and phones. No, thankfully, the branch I work at does not open on Saturdays but some of our branches do open on Saturdays (drive thru only). I don't see the need for it honestly. You can get cash from the ATM as well as make deposits thru the ATM. As well as mobile deposits too.

    Jane, did you get snow? We got a couple of inches of the white stuff last night and it is continuing to snow now but I do see some sunshine out there.

    I know you all sick of my whining about my job. I truly am thankful for a job but I am not happy with it. I so appreciate you all letting me rant here and your words of encouragement mean so much.

    Hello to the rest of the gang! Have a great day!
  • Anna C
    Thanks Cathe for hosting February and thanks to Terry for hosting March! You ladies rock!
  • OnlyJane
    Hi, last day Feb. 29th, Sunshine, beautiful 44
    Good afternoon,
    Cathe thanks for hosting this month and to Terry for hosting March.
    We went to the Mall this morning to just get out and look at stuff. I did not buy a thing, of course dh was with me, and he did not buy anything either. Need to get some chores like laundry done and vacuum for starters.
    Anna all we got yesterday was snowflakes off and on, no accumulation in our area, but up in the higher elevations they did get snow.
    Cathe I don't blame you for wiping things down when your in the hotels. This whole thing is getting scary, I would rather drive but Boston would be 2 or 3 days on the road, plus parking the car is expensive for the week. I did tell Bob to check and make sure the conference wasn't cancelled as some companies are doing that.
    Terry ouch for your bff, wow, 4 teeth knocked out even, poor thing, and you mentioned she had a bad knee to begin with. Hope she heals fast.
    Cheryl glad you will have some free time today.
    Denise, so sorry about Cooper's accident and your sil's accident also. Hope they are both doing o.k. today.
    Have a good day everyone!
  • Cdjohnson
    Our RSG Group is working on 8x8 layouts to do as an album in memory of Donna for her spouse. Here is my first one:

  • Cdjohnson
    Here is my second layout for that album. We are each doing 2 pages.

  • Anna C
    Happy Birthday Ashley! Hope your day is extra special!

    A Nice Happy Birthday Card For You.

  • Scrappin 2
    Happy Birthday Ashley!!!! Hope you have a great day!!

    I can't stay long. I have to get ready for church.

    Terry- Oh your poor friend!!!! Would she like a card? If so text me her name and address or email it to me.

    Cheryl- Your LOs are such a nice tribute to Donna. I will post mine later today.

    Anna- We are hear to listen.
    Perhaps you'll get the more appealing job! You didn't think you'd get this one.

    Jane- Glad you dodged the snow!
    Charity is supposed to fly to San Fran this week. I hope it gets cancelled.


  • OnlyJane
    March 1st - 11:02 AM Sunshine

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY! Hope it is a wonderful day for you, enjoy!

    Will be back this afternoon.
  • Rockmom
    Happy Birthday, Ashley!

  • Abby0317
    Ashley: I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Is today the day of the play?
  • Rockmom
    Oh goodness, your poor friend had a really BAD fall. Shudder. Hope she feels better soon.

    Yes Cooper is doing fine. His left had is bruised up and swollen but it isn't slowing him down. SIL hurts to walk but he is toughing through it.

    Overcast and blah here today.

    Cheryl, how is your hubby doing. Holding his own?

    Anna, hugs. It really is no fun doing a job you dislike. I pray you find a better suited one fast.
  • Abby0317
    I found out that you cannot resize the images that are linked. Oh well!!

    Anna: It's just absolutely fine to rant here. I think we've all been in jobs that we hated and can really empathize with you. I hope you do get the job you just applied for. You never know!!
    Ashley: again Happy Birthday!! I loved that one picture of your new book about Alice and all your pottery with that theme!
    Cathe: Are all the grands making a memory page for Donna? Can't wait to see yours!! Have a great day... She''d love a card and how generous of you to do it. Its Pam Bunnell, 143 Val Vista Rd, Roseburg, OR 97471. Make sure you tell her I didn't show you the photo she sent me. She was really specific about that selfie being kept to only me!!
    Cheryl: Very memorable pages for Donna's book. She seemed to be a great mentor and friend and I am sure all that knew her are grieving her loss.
    Danielle: Did you get to see more rescue places yesterday?
    Denise: How are you?
    Jane: You are a brave soul taking your hubby into the mall. I'm pretty sure the last time Steve was in a mall, Gerald Ford was President. Of course he has no problem what so ever dragging me to Sportsman shows or gun shops or sporting goods places like Cabelas. I wouldn't dream of taking him into a craft store. What a miserable outing that would be.
    Katy: how are you doing? Getting any rain at all?

    I am going to work on either taxes or clearing out my office. It needs reorganizing terrible bad!!
  • Southernlady2
    Well today they had adoption at PetSmart. So we went to it and saw a dog I like. So we have to do a application flll it out. Then have to see if are dog is okay .so we see what happens . It snow here little last night.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! My mom, sister, and I went to this art installation (they're these exhibits that pop up in random places around Manhattan, stay for a few weeks to a few months and then close) called "The Museum of Ice Cream." It wasn't really about the making of ice cream or anything. It was just a lot of art you got to run around and mess about in that was all themed to ice cream and sweets. You also got free ice cream and candy as you went through LOL! It was a good time but my sister ate something that she might have been allergic to so she was grumpy the rest of the day. Well, grumpier than she normally is whenever she has to do something she doesn't want to do.

    Terry- Thanks for getting March started!

    Anna- We have hand sanitizer all over work but, then again, it's a hospital LOL! Most of us are carrying our own bottles to use for when we go to lunch or come back from lunch or if we leave the hospital and come back in. One of my coworkers thinks this is the most awesome thing ever...she even said she's excited to be living through an outbreak. I think she's a little nuts.

    Cathe- We're not going to the play until the middle of month. I had taken a week off in March because we were going to go to Disney. Since we're not going and it was too late for me to ask for the week off back, I decided that's the best time to go see the show LOL!
  • OnlyJane
    March 2nd at 9:50 AM - Rain and more Rain
    Good Morning,
    Never did get back on here yesterday afternoon, not sure why. Anyway yesterday was quiet without anything going on. Watched, sort of, the NASCAR race and did not find much on to watch on tv. Notice that this whole week is sort of blah, they seem to put on a few new episodes of shows, then run repeats. It looks like Wednesday we will have our granddaughter for awhile while her Mommy goes to the dentist. That will be fun, just hope she is over the crying as she is now 16 months old.
    Ashley glad you enjoyed "The Museum of Ice Cream". Sounds interesting. I read this morning that NY has a case of Corona? Not sure what to believe anymore, media loves to cause panic. In some ways I want to hide but then I know life goes on. I have decided when in Boston this time perhaps it would be a good idea to avoid the subway as they are crowded and dirty....of course elevators pack people in....
    Terry actually I don't like shopping with dh and generally avoid it (lol)!! I will not go to any craft type stores though with him. I went with him on one of his jobs, can't recall for sure which one it was, but we stayed at a Drury Hotel that was right next to a huge Mall with an Archivers in it. All you had to do is walk out of hotel, walk across a side street and you were at the Mall so when Bob went to work, I went shopping, had a ball!! How is your friend that fell doing?
    Cathe how was your dinner with family last night? Are you getting ready for your trip? Guess I will start in a day or two for ours, but sure would not be super disappointed if they cancelled the conference.
    Looks like another icky day weather wise. Notice that some of the rain is making puddles in the low spots of yards since everything is still wet from all the rain we had last month, ugh and double ugh.
    Hope everyone is having a good day!
  • Abby0317
    Good morning! It's grocery day and you all know how I hate that. I had to laugh last night at the news lady here in Portland. She was all a-twitter about the stuff flying off grocery store shelves due to the coronavirus scare. And to empathize her seriousness on this story, her last line was "Even Amazon is sold out of sanitizers and that's scary". I feel lucky that I have a large bottle in the house already. The panic the news can cause!! Up in Seattle 3 more schools are shut down for intense cleaning.
    Ashley: that museum sounds like a bunch of fun!! Can't wait to hear your review on the play!
    Cathe: Did you say you are leaving Thursday? I bet you are busy packing. I make lists before we travel so packing is pretty simple.
    Jane: I spent yesterday balancing the checkbook for the last 12 mos (yep, I do it once a year!). That's step 1 in doing our taxes. I finally watched the last 2 Criminal Minds episodes. I did think the ending being all about Garcia was weird. Maybe they are prompting us unknowingly for a spin-off with just her. How fun for you to have the DGD for a day!! I sure do miss the babies.....

    Hope y'all have a great Monday!
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!! Monday

    Ashley- The ice cream museum sounds like fun. Too bad your sister went along.

    Danielle- hope you are approved to adopt the dog.

    Jane- Have fun with the little one. Hope she doesn't cry. Take a picture so you can scrap her visit.

    Terry- I heard on tv about the schools closing.
    Yes we are leaving on Thursday. I have brought up my summer clothes from the dresser in the basement. I have capris that fit! I suppose I should be farther along in my decisions on what to take. LOL My plan is to work on it today. .........or tomorrow.
    I'll try and get a card off to your friend Pam. I'll be sure to say that I did not see a photo of her.

    Just Doug and Charity and the dog came for dinner. Van stayed home.

    I'm so proud of Charity. She set up an outing for 35 high school girls to come to her company in Chicago. Most of these girls have never been out of Rockford. She isn't sure how the girls were chosen. Charity is going to talk to them about careers in STEM--Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.
    Actually she can't be there and has a video to welcome them. Then she has a couple of African American women who work in the company to speak to them as most of the girls are minorities.

    Charity is going to San Fransisco for an important meeting. I sure wish it would be cancelled.

    Ok, I'd better go get busy. Have a nice day.

  • Rockmom
    Ashley that sounded like fun. Your sister needs a chill pill.lol

    Allergies are bad but not horrid.

    Doing laundry today including Cooper's bedding. Mended Sadie's blanket and a hair is that came off the clip. Next is lunch then nap for Sadie and school for Cooper.

    Cathe, yay clothes that fit!

    Terry, I made a menu and grocery list yesterday. DD ordered it and will pick it up this afternoon.

    I'm sure it's just a matter of time before someone in Houston has the virus. It's a large international city. Mom, Tim and I are at risk with preexisting health issues. SIL working at the jail and hospital with inmates brings all the germs home. Sigh.


  • Anna C
    Image may contain: possible text that says 'Good Night At the end of the day what really counts is it's Blessing THANKFUL THIR TEEN Be thankful for them...and let go of the rest'

    Long day. Hope to be more talkative tomorrow.

    Have a good night ladies!
  • DNA301
    Hi! So, they hired a new lead tech at my job to replace the one who left last June. We were told she was supposed to start today and we all assumed that meant she'd be in the lab today. Turned out she had to go orientation like the rest of us and she'll start training in the lab tomorrow. I heard she's supposed to be really mean but, at this point, I will take a lead tech who is mean as long as she's mean to everyone equally. The people in charge at the moment are mean but only to certain techs.

    Jane- We do have a case of Coronavirus in NYC but it's not at my hospital, thankfully. My mom and grandmother are very upset my sister works in Times Square and takes the subway every day. They want her to use her paid time off and not work until the outbreak scare passes. I'm sitting here trying to figure out how that's any scarier than my working in a hospital.

    Terry- Here in NYC, they're going to be sanitizing all subway stations every 72 hours to minimize chances of the virus getting around via train. I told my mom on Wednesday, since I'm off from work, I'd like to go get some hand sanitizers that don't smell like alcohol. (And I'd like a small bottle to use at Girl Scouts with the kids)

    Cathe- Since we moved our Disney trip from March to, hopefully, August, I now have to find shorts and capri pants (or "hobbit pants" as I call them). I found out today my mom has already picked out the shirts she wants to take with her LOL!

    Denise- My mom is very worried about someone bringing the virus into the house because of my dad and grandmother. I keep telling her that my dad needs to get an N95 mask for the rare times he goes outside but she won't listen to me. My grandmother won't wear a mask of any kind. She thinks she'll be fine if she stays in the house.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well nothing much going on here. I got a invite to a baby shower from my brother girlfriend but I think I am not going to go to it because I rather go there when she has the baby. well the weather here been alright nice and cool not that cold here. it windy right now but they said we should be get in the 50's or 60's here this week. I work out last night with my husband. I work out today. I just wish I could lose weight.

    hope everyone has a nice Tuesday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    We had a snow shower about 8:00 but now the sun is out.

    Anna- that is a very nice Good Night reminder.

    Ashley- Hope the lead tech is competent and treats everyone equally.
    Why won't your mom get your dad a mask if he has to go out?
    How do they sanitize an entire subway?

    Danielle- I'd wait and go too, when I could see the baby.

    Denise- I sure hope and pray this virus can be contained. Of course we all know that isn't going to happen soon. Do be careful. I keep telling myself not to touch my face.

    Cheryl- was having storms last night and was under a tornado watch. Hope she got some sleep.

    I have a hair cut at 10:00. I had better get going.
    Have a nice day everyone.

  • OnlyJane
    Tuesday, March 3rd at 9:30 AM Rain and more Rain
    Good morning,
    Evidently a tornado hit the Nashville area early morning, 9 dead, plenty of damage, so sad. Bob's home office is located there, haven't heard if they had damage yet. He does not spend much time there as he either is working on a site or from home but still he has worker friends who do live there. We had a strong t-storm go through our area around 6 AM and of course it is still raining.
    Ashley no doubt before this virus leaves every state will have had some of it, I don't know it is scary but if you can not panic much, use common sense in washing hands all the time, etc., but still, I have the fear of being stuck in Boston and can't get home due to being quarantined, see panic hits again - oh well life goes on. I can see though where you all would be worried about your Dad due to his health issues. That is interesting about sanitizing subways every 72 hours. Hope the new hire turns out to be a good one.
    Danielle I admire your dedication to working out constantly.
    Cathe are you getting ready for your trip? I need to start packing or getting out the clothes to take. This blah weather is not helping my mood. At least tomorrow morning will have fun with dgd, plus grandpa will enjoy having her also.
    Terry did you get your grocery shopping done yesterday? I need to get a few things for snacks while flying and waiting for flights. Actually if all goes well we leave Knoxville at 5:30 AM and should be in Boston by 10:20 AM, one stop in Charlotte. Not bad, beats driving for days.
    Denise how did your school for Cooper go yesterday? Do you generally have school when Sadie goes down for a nap? Hope your not getting any bad weather.
    Everyone, enjoy your day!

  • Rockmom
    A new lead tech is good.

    Sorry to hear about the bad weather. Tornadoes are monsters. We are headed for bad weather her tomorrow here in SE Texas north if Houston. We are in the plotted bullseye. Great

    Danielle, I'd wait to go until the baby came too.

    Jane, Cooper's mom.does school.with him on Tue, Thur, and some Fridays. She goes in to work late so they do it before lunch. I take Sadie downstairs while they do school. I do Tue and Wed while Sadie is asleep. It works.

  • Abby0317
    Morning! Since the rash has subsided I'm getting a long overdue mani & pedi today. Even Steve is getting a pedi---he asked if they did men's feet! Ok....this ought to be hysterical. Speaking of the rash the test results came today and it was "allergy induced dermitis must like cause is drug interaction" So I'm thinking the Valerian root. I see my derm tomorrow anyway.

    Anna: that is such a great thought for all of us to remember! Hope your day today goes better and whatever happened yesterday is gone!
    Ashley: I know for a fact that kids under 17 are germ factories and they need to be contained!! I always got this "Grandma watch the kid cuz he/she is sick" and 2 days later I'm sick. IT seems the catch phrase at the moment is "Abundance of Caution" and while that is good we all need to use common sense. I hope your new lead isn't Attila the Hun and does a good job for the lab.
    Cathe: I got the sale catalog you sent and will delve into it later. Boy do I miss not having a basement!! You are almost going to have to pack some winter clothes too for the upper states part of the trip. I presume you are still driving or do I have that wrong? I do need to call Pam and see how's she doing. I cannot imagine being without that front tooth for 6 mos!!
    Cheryl: I hope you all are safe. Tornadoes already? Holy cow!!!
    Danielle: do you know the breed of the dog you are getting? How long is the wait period? I'd wait for the baby's birth too.
    Denise: Ahhh….so that is why there is school and then DeeDee's school. Makes sense!! Plotted bullseye?? Is that like a hurricane coming into the gulf? I like that term....you could use it referring to the weather or being mad at someone, or an area you plan to clean. Hmmmm…..
    Jane: I hope you are safe! What devastation Nashville took and the sadness of all those who died during the storms. Boggles my imagination! When do you leave for Boston? I still have some groceries to do today as I pooped out yesterday---actually the hip said enough!

    Stay safe!!
  • Rockmom
    Terry, that rash sounded like a drug rash. Horrid. Never use that again.

    DeeDee school is not Cooper's regular school. It's when Emmett comes too. It used to be on Tuesday afternoon but now its Thursday afternoon. Emmett and Christopher go to preschool MWF. Cooper does Kindergarten homeschool MTWTF. Emmett comes here one afternoon a week to spend time with me and play with Cooper. Christopher and Sadie both nap during that time. Since we read, do projects, play learning games, do learning activities we call it DeeDee school. After an hour or two I let the boys free play.

    Next year Emmett goes to public school kindergarten and Cooper goes to homeschool 1st. Christopher will come MTWT morning not Fridays. He and Sadie can play together while Cooper does school TTF in the morning with his mom and I will do school with him MW afternoon while Sadie is asleep and after Christopher leaves. Crazy.

    My schedule next year:
    Monday get kids up, they play in morning. Christopher comes at 9 leaves 1pm. Laundry for mom and me. Lunch at noon. Nap as soon as Christopher leaves. Cooper school during Sadie's nap. Daughter gets home at 230. Kids play after nap. Fix dinner. Clean up, collapse.

    Tuesday daughter gets kids up. Christopher here 9 to 1. School for Cooper with his mom. She leaves at 11. I do lunch for kids. Christopher leaves at 1. Sadie naptime. Finish school with Cooper if needed. Launder someone's bedding. Cook dinner. Daughter gets home after 630. Clean up. Collapse. Watch my TV shows.

    Wednesday same as Monday. Kids laundry. Kids and daughter go to church in the evening.

    Thursday same as Tuesday. Hubby's laundry.

    Friday same as Tuesday except 2 times a month kids go to a program at church with other grandma in the morning so I get free time because Christopher doesn't come on Fridays. SIL's and daughter's laundry. Sometimes daughter does it on the weekend depending on our schedule for the weekend. Prep school for the next week.

    In there I also have to garden and clean house, menu plan, do stuff for mom, my Bible study, and find time for stuff I want to do. There will be no DeeDee school because Emmett will be in public school and Christopher and Sadie will be too young at 3. When they are 4 we will start up again. Also a trip to Missouri every 2 months. Crazy huh?

  • Cdjohnson
    Good evening!! Fortunately for our area, the tornado went south of us. We had some bad storms for several hours but I was able to get to sleep.

    Denise - Yes, DH is holding his own right now.

    No kids here tonight so I might try and get a little scrapping done. My classes start on Monday. I am excited to get it going!!
  • Scrappin 2

    Here is one of my layouts for Donna's partner Kerry. We are all making two 8x8 layouts. We are mailing them to Tish and she will assemble the book.
    The butterfly is going to be replaced with an angel. Jojo had one and is mailing it to Tish since to put on the LO for me. Since I'm leaving Thursday I wanted to mail my two LOs to Tish.
    The second LO you will have to see in my private album. My code word is Paper. I forgot and didn't cover up last names. I didn't want it being linked anywhere. It is quite different. Not vintage at all.
  • Scrappin 2
    Denise- You are one busy DeeDee!!! My head hurt just reading your schedule. LOL
    But the time with your Grandchildren is priceless.

    Terry- glad to hear the rash is going away. At least you know what caused it. My poor fellow RSG doesn't know what causes her hives.

    Jane- When do you leave?

    Yes we are driving to Florida and boy am I glad!
    I do need to pack clothes for hot and cold weather.
    Rum asked today if I was packing jeans. I said, "We will be wearing a pair, and I'm taking us each one other pair." Yes, I pack for him. I always have. I like packing so it's no problem. I always tell him he is in charge of his shoes and a belt. LOL

    I hope we didn't loose Laura. Hope she got over her virus and is just busy with Sam's last year of high school.

    Catch you in the morning.
  • Cdjohnson

  • DNA301
    Hi! We were told today that our hospital system has a Coronavirus patient. He's not a my hospital, thankfully, but at one of our sister hospitals. There was a short meeting about it today but it kind of just boiled down to "stay away from crowds, wash your hands, and don't steal hospital gloves and masks." The last two I understand but the "staying away from crowds" is hard because most of my coworkers take the train into the city and it's Manhattan...it's always crowded! I understand they want us healthy enough to keep coming to work but it's hard to avoid crowds!

    Cathe- My dad's pulmonologist said he doesn't need a mask but I don't see why we shouldn't get him one anyway just in case. My mom said she'd talk to the pulmonologist next time they go about it. I have no idea how New York City is going to sanitize the subway every 72 hours. I'm not even sure that's possible!

    Jane- Two of my coworkers are in Paris at the moment (not together...one is traveling alone and the other is with her girlfriend) and we're not sure they're going to be able to come back to NYC and, if they do come back, we're not sure if they'll be allowed to come back to work right away.

    Terry- On Friday, I'm taking all my Daisy Scouts into the bathroom for a lesson on hand hygiene. We're going to practice washing our hands the way I was taught to in my lab licensing program (which is, quite oddly, to use soap and warm water and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"...the song is long enough for what is considered adequate washing time LOL) and then they're getting antibacterial gel before snack.

    Denise- That's a crazy schedule! It's awesome that you do all that stuff though! I remember, when I was little, my mom use to do school with after I came home from nursery school (she put me in nursery school at 2 years, 9 months old). She'd have worksheets and stuff for me to practice reading, numbers, and writing.
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: one or more people and text

    5:40 am 3/4/20

    Having my coffee and getting caught up around here.

    So sad about about the damage and loss in Nashville. I just read where a young couple and there baby were among the dead.

    Denise, don't know how you keep up with that schedule!

    Danielle, I, too, admire your dedication to the gym. I am trying to get back to walking every day and that is a struggle with this crazy weather.

    Cathe, hope your are packed and ready for your trip. You leave tomorrow?

    Jane, when do you leave? Hope you have fund with dgd!

    Laura, we miss you!

    Cheryl, glad Karyol is holding his own.

    Ashley, I hope you don't come in contact with "the virus" while commuting or at work.

    Terry, so sorry about your BFF. How's your hip feeling today?

    I hope everyone has a great day.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mroning

    Terry- glad to hear the rash is going away

    Cathe, hope your are packed and ready for your trip.

    well today nothing much going on here. little windy here today but the sun is still out. going to the gym later on today.

    have a great Wednesday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    The tornado is Nashville left so much heartache. so so sad.

    Cheryl You Lo is adorable. I need to have us document that it was a lift from Kzookeeper. Can you do that please?
    I love the colors and event you chose.

    I have a load of towels going. I wanted to do the undies first but when I started the washer there was a towel in there already. Since it got wet I decided to do towels first. I'll get packed today.

    Terry how is your rash and hip today?

    Ashley- I know how to wash my hands because our nurse at school used to demonstrate to the kids. Of course when I sent them to wash up before lunch they were in and out of that bathroom too quickly to wash well. But then we never had such a scary virus going around.

    I had better get busy. Catch you tomorrow morning.
  • Rockmom
  • Abby0317
    Hey ladies! I only have a few minutes before I need to shower etc for the doctor's appt. Can't wait to hear what she says. The hip usually only bothers me when I'm walking a lot like in the huge warehouse grocery stores. I'm not sure about returning to the acupuncture ---will have to discuss that one. I truly am thinking of chiropractic manipulation.

    Anna: I'm trying right now to have that first cup of coffee but it's too hot! Monday must have been bad for you as it was the first of the month.
    Ashley: that is a great idea to teach the little ones. None of the stores here in town have sanitizer but since I already had a large bottle I just bought a travel size bottle and put mine into it. Need to get a purse size one tho. I'm sure someone is making a ton of $$ on this panic. "Avoid crowds in NYC" is an oxymoron and a really stupid statement.
    Cathe: If you check back in today, have a wonderful trip and take lots of photos!! Look at your PM too---I sent you something.
    Cheryl: adorable LO---I really loved your journaling. Glad that you get to start school very soon too!!
    Danielle: I meant to tell you that you were a gorgeous bride and I love the wedding photos on FB
    Denise: Holy cow girlfriend!! Where's the DeeDee nap in all of that. I do agree that time with the grands is most special and to be cherished as they grow way too fast. Hope your mom is getting better too!
    Jane: Hope all is well!!

    I just thought I'd pass on something I found yesterday even tho I wasn't specifically looking. It's a system of dies that make scrapbook LOs. You can get 1 die or a bundle of them. It goes under 2 names: Mosaic Moments and SnapNCrop.com where you can get the dies. YouTube has several videos they have made for examples and to show how it's all done. Yep I bought a couple of the small ones.

    That's about it for me today....BBL
  • OnlyJane
    March 4th at 2 PM - partial sunshine
    Good afternoon,
    Had a post all finished and it locked up on the last sentence - had to close out and forgot to do a copy. Frustrating. Had an enjoyable morning with dgd, she was so good, only cried for a minute or two when she realized Mommy left, but with some distraction she was good to go, and boy is she full of energy. Grandpa enjoyed the company also and took pictures. Haven't seen them yet. Anyway now the countdown is on to get ready for our trip.
    Terry glad your rash is gone, hopefully for good, and your doctor appointment goes well. I purchased several bottles of sanitizer for my purse along with some small packs of wipes, got some for Bob, too. We are attending a conference put on by Doble Engineering at the Westin in Boston's seaport, and they have assured everyone they are working with the Westin - Boston seaport - to keep things safe, yep, o.k., they did mention plenty of sanitizer all over and constantly wiping items down.
    Ashley that is a good idea you have showing your Daisy's how to properly wash their hands. Everyone seems to be on the same page on hand washing. Avoiding crowds, that is a hard one, plus if you take a taxi, your driver could have the virus, I mean who knows who may have it. Hope your co-workers can get home but not sure how international flying is going right now. I have a fear that while we are in Boston they will shut down travel in the US and I can just image how hard it would be to get a rental car to get home. I think I need to stop thinking (lol).
    Denise hope the weather does not become a problem for you. After reading your schedule, I am tired. You, are, indeed, the energizer bunny.
    Anna the tornado that hit the Nashville area was horrible, so much damage and I believe at least 25 lost their lives, and as of last night 77 people were still missing, so sad. We are leaving Saturday morning at 5:30 AM, which is early but if all goes well, should be in Boston at around 10:20 AM. Hope your work week is going good for you.
    Cathe are you all packed up? Hope you have a safe and fun trip.
    Better go and post this before this post disappears on me.
    Everyone have a fantastic day.

  • Scrappin 2
    Good Morning! Thursday

    I am packed. I think I am taking too much.

    Terry Did you know our DGD wants to be a chiropractor? She's a Sophomore in college.
    What did the doctor say about your hip?
    My bursitis hasn't been bad this week. My hip seems better if I DO walk.

    We will leave here about 2:00 p.m.
    We will drive 2 hrs down to my brother's and spend the night. Then the next day we can get down to the Manchester TN area.
    We only drive about 8 hrs a day.

    I am nervous about traveling through so many different areas. Being next to people!! Staying at hotels. But I am actually more afraid of the regular flu and colds.

    I will have my Ipad so hopefully I can check in.
    I didn't get around to getting a larger phone. It is hard to type and read on the sb.com site on my phone. So I don't like trying to come in here using the phone.

    Anyway I will be thinking of all of you.
    Stay well.

    Jane- have a good time in Boston.

    Have a good two weeks!
  • Rockmom
    Cathe, how long are you going to be away?
  • Abby0317
    A sunny morning here and I hope the day stays that way! My derm doctor was pleased the rash is totally gone and after showing her what I think was the culprit she agrees with me. She wants me to take that product into the Allergy testing clinic and have a test done to be sure. Good for me! Now the really exciting news that may apply to several of you. Long story short I found out thru my dr that there are companies that "broker" price costs of medicine between you and the manufacturer. I was directed to it by AstraZeneca and after an hour with this guy, the end result is that my two insulins and the insulin helper are all part of this program. So currently I pay approx. $400 a month for those 3 meds (based on Medicare's Gap category). With this new thing, I'll pay $80 for the same meds directly from the manufacturers. Steve is only on that insulin helper one and he'll go from $150/mo to $40/mo. Doesn't that just boggle the mind. Who knew these places exist. Even with medicare this Advocate My Meds company still approved me. Most individual manufacturers won't give coupons or saving cards with Medicare. So I ended up a very "happy camper"!

    Anna: how's your day going? Did you apply for that one job?
    Ashley: the coronavirus scare up in Seattle now has Microsoft telling their people to either work from home or take vacation for 3 wks! The one thing that is going to do is to clear up half the traffic issues in Seattle!! Not sure if it helps the virus situation....
    Cathe: I cannot imagine how fun this trip for you will be!!
    Jane: So glad to hear you weren't in the path of the tornadoes. Man, the devastation is incomprehensible and the loss of life is so sad! Glad you had a fun day with the DGD!!

    Half the morning is gone and here I sit.... Won't check in tomorrow until late as hubby has a quick surgery scheduled---again! Hopefully for him it will be the last!!
  • OnlyJane
    March 5th - sun is in and out - 58 - 12:52 PM
    Good afternoon,
    Ran errands all morning, bought some things to make snack bags for each of us to take on plane. Now to start gathering up clothes to pack. Noticed good old retail jacked up the prices on things like kitchen/bathroom wipes, large containers I do believe were $5,89 here. They usually run around $3.49. Forget about buying the paper surgical masks, no one has them.
    Terry that is extremely interesting on dealing direct with drug companies, wow just shows you if one company can do some of this price reduction they all could reduce all drugs so that people could afford them and still make money. Hope Steve's surgery procedure goes well and will be the last.
    Cathe 8 hours driving on the road sounds good, we use to do 12 but that is way too hard now so we are going to have to take extra days when going to Fla. especially. This virus is concerning that's for sure. Oh one more thing that the conference we are going to is doing to keep us safe, no more handshaking, wow, o.k. whatever. You think you are taking too much stuff on your trip, I can't take all that I would like on mine (lol). Again, have a safe trip.
    Denise, hi!!
    Not much chatter today, everyone is busy no doubt so I better get going and get packing.
    Have a good day!

  • Anna C
    Image may contain: text

    Safe travels Cathe! Have fun! Enjoy the warm weather.

    Terry, yes, I did apply for that job. The posting doesn't close for another two weeks. So won't know anything until after that.
    Congrats on big win with your insulin! That's awesome. Hope Steve's surgery goes well.

    Jane, glad you and enjoyable visit with our dgd.

    Hello to all and have a great evening.

  • Rockmom
    Wow Terry! That is wonderful.

    Hi Jane.
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