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Community Check-In: Tell Us How You Are! :)

  • SusanneG
    Doing okay here in Austria. We are on self isolation for 2 weeks now, everything is closed since then, besides grocery stores and pharmacies. Dh is doing home office since he is high risk person with his MS. We stay inside most of the time, I go grocery shopping once a week and we try to keep in touch with family and friends with the phone. We are fine, but we terribly miss our little grandson, who just lives a 15 minutes walk away. But we still cannot see him. He does not understand why we won't come. When we video chat he laughes, then he looks to the door and waits for us to come in. He cries then and we feel sad. But although with 7 months he cannot understand, we have to do this and hope it will be over soon. Things in US seem to get worse the last days and I really hope you all are safe! Take care!
  • Cindy312
    We're doing well. My husband and I already worked from home, so there was no adjustment needed there. Our son has adapted well to homeschooling. I am grateful for technology that connects us to friends and family. I did a virtual crop with friends last weekend and it was just what I needed to rejuvenate and recharge.
  • Toni-n-tn
    Doing ok here in East TN, outside of Knoxville. I work two jobs, one at a school, which we are obviously not attending. Have to reach out to
    my students tomorrow and see how they're doing. We probably are going to have to put some packets together. They do have some
    websites they can go to, but I've got to tell you, not all kids like doing their work on the computer, which is why we will have to put
    together some review packets too.

    my other job is at Joann's and, yes, our store is open as it's one of the major Joann's on the east coast. Our hours have been shortened
    and we are working on a very, very skeleton crew. Every day more and more people ask for leave of absences. That's fine, I would rather
    they be safe. We have a lot of people who still come into the store though, and believe me, some of these people are not very nice.
    This is very stressful on us workers, and these people are mean to us... hard to imagine, Huh? Here we are risking our lives so they
    can have some yarn, or fabric, or whatever, and they're mean to us. I mean, there are times I would like to slap these people into reality.
    So, if you're one of those people who don't appreciate the people who are out there working for YOU, then slap yourself, and don't bother
    coming into our store. Sorry for the rant but you would not believe how people can be. We are also one of the stores making the masks
    so they can be donated to various hospitals, nursing homes, etc. We are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts and for the sake of
    those people who are working around the sick so they can take care of them. So people, be kind. It's not that hard, really.

    On the other hand, my DH and I are trying to entertain a 4 year old when my DD works, and it's not that easy because she is an only child,
    and since her parents are going through a divorce, she has become very clingy. It's exhausting. I love her to pieces, but wow,
    it takes a lot. Especially when you're not used to having someone depend on you like that anymore.

    Thanks for letting me vent, but sometimes it's better to the people I don't know IRL, so I can be nicer to the ones I see everyday face to face
  • Vivian Lake
    I've learned in the last 5 years that even though I'm an introvert it's not good to completely cut yourself off from people. I moved to Texas 5 years ago and got involved in activities that I enjoyed and met some wonderful people. I miss them all terribly. My son is 13 and his school started virtual learning this week. He's pretty resilient to the whole thing cause he's a loner and introvert as well. He does ask us questions and we try hard to not ooze our worries onto him. On the bright side, I have made some mixed media pieces I'm quite proud of! P.S. Hubby is getting on my nerves. LOL.
  • Sunnydi
    Hi Scrappers/Crafters: I live outside Seattle WA, and WA is hard hit with virus. Being I'm 73 and hubby 76 we decided to quarantine 3 weeks ago. We've been retired for 10 years so sorta used to being together alllllll day, except when I go to my room or he goes thrift store shopping, dollar tree shopping, grocery shopping.. he likes to shop.. boy has he gone thru withdraw. We have been ordering groceries online and picking them up.. it's working well. My daughter is doing same and sometimes I get chicken, she doesn't and so I drop it off on her porch and it's like the package is contaminated.. her: gloves, cooking tongs to pick it up, wisk off to garage to open.. I should scrap this time and journal...

    are any of you thinking of doing that?? do hope all of you are not suffering due to having this virus..
  • Anda11
    I live in the city Columbus ohio. I have huntigtons so i can't drive & i fall lots so i cant live alone. my wonderful husband died this year. so my daughter & her boyfriend moved right i n.. during this crisis they saw that you need a food supply. she & HER BOYFRIEND WENT TO MANY STORES ..i HAVE NOT BEEN OUT FOR A LONG TIME. THANK GOD FOR MY SCARPPING MY DAUGHTER THOUGHT SHE HAD A FEVER THE OTHER DAY BUT SHE WAS FINE THE NEXT DAY. I SURE HOPE SHE DOES NOT GET THIS. SHE IS A SMOKER & HAS ASMA. SHE SAID THEY WOULD PUT HER IN THE HOSPITAL.i DO NOT WANT TO LOSE HER. SHE WORKS AS A NURSE AID IN A HOSPITAL SHE SAID THEY TAKING PEOOPLE AS OVERFLOW.
  • Groovy Deborah
    Doing ok over here in VA! Haven't seen the outside since Tuesday and am missing my normal routine :/ I started an online crop here to help others feel uplifted (along with myself) since scrapbooking always makes everyone feel better praying that everyone follows instructions and stays home and keep away al the sickies.
  • Mjmarmo
    I am glad that we chose this winter to try being snowbirds near my daughter and her two kids in AZ. I would hate to be in Michigan and so far away from them while this is going on. So instead of getting a lot of scrapping done, I am playing with the 2 1/2 year old and almost 1 year old. The 2 1/2 year old and I do lots of crafts and she loves playing outside in the dirt and mud with papa. We are pretty much hunkered down only going out for food. I did bring my art and scrapping supplies with me so I am in good shape.
  • Jess E
    I live in NY state. We start lockdown tonight, as parts of CA have too. JoAnn's, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby are all closed, and I'm not sure about Michaels, since they were hoping they could get by with having educational supplies, since all of the schools are closed. Not sure how that worked out for them. Hubby and I have essential jobs, so we are working, thankfully, although I'd love to have a couple of weeks off, in jest. Not sure where non-primary medical offices futures are going to hold, but we're still plugging along. We're fine on TP and groceries, although it took shopping over several days after work to find what we wanted! Couldn't believe how hard pasta and flour were to find.
  • Ppilgrim
    I'm good. Got my dogs and my scrap room full of stash, so I'm happy. I'm also surrounded by plenty of family: we keep in touch and help each other out. Plus, I've got the best neighbour in the world right next door.
  • Ared2die4
    Doing good in S Florida, I scanned & made bread the other day. Thanks mom & my church for the many years of learning self reliance & food storage. Only drawback... I LOVE BREAD!! ahhh it's so good! Lol I have a grinder on my Kitchen Aid mixer so i even grind my own flour for some breads (rye, kamut, hard wheat)

    I also finally after 3yrs have a workable craft room. I paint, cards, mixed media. I also run a little buisness selling Rare & Endangered breed Sheep wool for knitting, spinning & weaving. So I'm glad to have the time. March is usually a busy time for me but I've only gotten 1 order!! This economic downturn is gonna be really hard. But the beautiful crafti.g helps.

    Hope you are all well!
  • Eapipkin
    What a darling card, Lis!!

    We live in the country too in a canyon. We don't go much, mostly me, to get weekly groceries. I am extra careful about using wipes on shopping carts, and my steering wheel, door handles etc. I was even before this craziness since we have a lot of immigrants here.
  • Gluemore Girl
    We are fine. I work at a hospital so still working though I had a couple of vacation days I just used. Except for the gloomy weather I enjoyed laying low and doing some virtual scrapping with 2 of my friends on FaceTime. It was a blast and oh so convenient!
  • Puddin Head
    Hanging out at home with my husband in Texas, but missing my children who no longer live at home. One of them is in the Coast Guard currently in far-away Connecticut! Doing a lot of scrapbooking, puzzles, cooking. Looking at Facebook WAY too much!!
  • Lisn2cats
    Queen and Company sent this image to their subscribers and I thought it was so cute. Can't find the stamp/die set though so if anyone knows where to get it, I'd love to know. Not willing to share my TP but happy to send a TP thought!
  • NMscrapper
    We live in a rural area, just south of Albuquerque, so social distancing isn't a problem. We are housebound most of the time anyway, as d/h has a chronic illness. So far, we are good. Food in the freezer, some TP, and lots of homemade hand sanitizer for the times we need to go out for something. Isolation isn't a problem, but we worry about keeping d/h out of the hospital. He was there twice last year, and it's the last place he needs to be right now.
  • Scrapmomof4
    Haven't left the house since Saturday night feeling a little trapped. I came on here for some scrapbooking inspiration.
  • Eapipkin
    Doing well here in the middle of Washington state. Had to go to six stores yesterday since I grocery shop on Thursdays. Walmart still out of all paper products, rubbing alcohol, along with a lot of other stuff, but miraculously had a new shipment (that I hit just right) of disinfecting wipes, limit 1 which is fine by me!! Also was able to get a case of bottled son works for Weinstein Beverages which provides Walmart with bottled water. He told me they had gobs to put out so I got a case since we use quite a bit. Target had TP and napkins so I got one pack of each. Had to get small boxes of tissue at the Dollar Tree (which was a surprise).

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