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  • Cdjohnson

    Welcome to the New Layouts and Cards for the month of April. We would also love to see any other project, photo or imported images you'd like to share with the group.

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. Since there are several people here try not to flood the post with too many LOs or cards. Maybe 5-7 in any post and no daily limit. Follow SB.com instructions for downloading and linking your projects.

    Come by and join the fun! This thread has gained a fairly regular following. We enjoy seeing new people come by to share their work and join in the fun! You can join in at any time. Just remember that it is more fun if you give love and get love too!

    While this is a laid back community of artists and crafts people sharing their work and support, it's not a place to just drop off work and not visit the galleries of others in the thread. We encourage you to enjoy all the marvelous talent and leave comments! Should you encounter a problem with another poster in this thread, please PM them directly to ask your question or resolve your issue. The hostesses are not referees and can't step in the middle for you.

    This is a collaborative effort. We are rotating the job of hosting the thread. Included in the opening post is the schedule of hostesses over the next couple months. Please volunteer as its the easiest job you will ever have

    2020 Hostesses: June===Cathe, July===Anna, August===Terry

    Lets celebrate everyone's special day. If you need added to this list, contact the current hostess and she can add you.

    Laura January 11
    Cheryl January 13
    Danielle February 11
    Denise February 13
    Ashley March 1
    Cathe March 18
    Jeannie April 3
    Katy May 1
    Jane June 14
    Terry August 5
    Anna December 24

  • Anna C
    Thanks for getting May started for us Cheryl!

  • Anna C
    Happy Birthday Images, Free Happy Birthday Pictures 🥇

    Happy Birthday Katy!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mroning

    Thanks for getting May started for us Cheryl! and thanks for doing April jane

    happy birthday katy hope you have a nice one.

    well today I am going to the grocery store early this morning. well little cloudy here today and might get some rain today. last night we had big windy with the storm. we planted are potatoes last night. my grandma birthday is this Sunday I sent her a birthday card and I probably call her and tell her thank for the seed that I got them. I can't wait until we can travel and go see family. I am just getting little cabin fever here not doing much. well hope everyone has a nice Friday and take care.
  • Scrappin 2
    Happy Birthday Katy!! Treat yourself to a nice 'order and go pick up meal'.

    Jane thank you for setting up April and
    thanks you Cheryl for getting up into May

    When you were in grade school did you make May baskets? --I'm thinking us older gals did. Being i went to a Catholic Grade school, the nuns made them with us. I can't remember where I got flowers to put in them. Probably from our yard.

    I've had dreams for two nights in a row involving Covid-19 !!

    Denise in particular because you are such a good photographer---but everyone else too---- Did you see the new topic about taking 10 photos this month??
    I may try it.
    Denise - your categories on FB are more interesting than the 10 suggested in the new thread.

    Danielle- You might want to try this new challenge if you are bored.
    I want to see my kids, grand-kids and extended family members too. AND my BFF!
    There are just too many new cases out there to safely do so.

    Casey is still waiting for her swab results.
    Yesterday Oakley told me he was sick. I don't know what that was all about. I thought he was ok. I didn't ask questions because I was face timing and he was right there.

    I worked on making cards yesterday. I even made a design all by myself. Usually I go on Pinterst and copy a design.

    Have a nice day!
  • OnlyJane
    Friday, May 1st - Sunshine
    Good morning,
    Thanks Cheryl for putting the May thread up!
    Katy Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your dinner!!!!!
    Danielle enjoy at least getting out to get groceries! Some things are opening today in our area, Belks, Hobby Lobby, Salons, for starters, lots of rules, crazy hours and days but it is a start. Everyone to be masked up. Elective medical procedures and dental start Monday.
    Anna bet your glad it is Friday! Still no word here if banks can open their lobbies
    Terry how did the grocery shopping go?
    Hi to everyone else, will check back later on.
    The sun is out so will be working some in the yard, not going to hit any stores yet, let them get setup to see what works good for them.
    Enjoy the day, keep staying safe!

  • Cdjohnson
    Good morning ladies!! I took the day off and since I don't have grandchildren tonight it gives me a FULL day to do what I want. Of course, part of that will be consumed with school work but that is ok I enjoy it. I do plan on scrapping today. Karyol wants to go for a ride in the car and knows I am going to the meat market which is about 20 minutes away and will go with me just to get some fresh air. Nice and sunny here today in the low 70s. Karyol did sit outside yesterday afternoon when he came back for dialysis for about an hour watching Zoey and Zeke play in the yard.

    Katy - Happy Birthday!!

    Jane - My nail tech sent me a text that she will open on May 25th. I decided to go ahead and make an appointment with her since the shop she works in has only 3 people. We will be waiting in our cars until we are told we can come in. Of course, masks are to be worn and I think she has to put up a plexiglass to have between us as well.

    Cathe - I hope Oakley is ok!!

    Danielle - Great that you got potatoes planted. My daughter's birthday is Tuesday. She lives with me so I will be making her favorite cake.

    Anna, Terry and Denise - Good morning!!

    I hope I didn't forget anyone. I will check back in later.
  • Abby0317
    Thank you Jane for hosting April and to Cheryl for doing May. And May 1st here in SW WA is sunny and about 39 deg at 7AM. Steve and one of his dog training buds went dog training this morning so I'm stuck here waiting for his medicine. This stuff is so expensive that it has a tracking device in the box plus another device on whether or not the box got too hot and we have to sign for it.
    Grocery shopping yesterday was interesting to say the least! Costco now has a sign up that you can only have 3 pkg of meat. Cashier told me some woman yesterday ( pre-signs apparently) came thru with 17 pkg of hamburger all 7 lbs or more. WTH???? I found everything except tomato paste---weird! But a restaurant food store that I also shop in had no meat whatsoever. NONE!! I was stunned! Then the meat market in Portland has changed now to pre-orders and curbside delivery a day later. But at least they have beef and pork. Just amazing the panic and what it causes that no one expected.

    Anna: hoping your day isn't to hectic and that the freeze on hiring opens soon! Can't believe May is here but then again April seemed like it dragged on forever.
    Ashley: please check in!
    Cathe: Oh no....Oakley is sick? Poor little guy. Hoping he's ok and getting well. I do remember making May baskets and decorating this tall pole in the school yard with reems of colorful paper. So pretty but it meant we couldn't play with the ball on the chain either. What the heck was that thing called? I remember getting whacked in the head with that soccer like ball and my lights went out! Was it called a tether ball? The things that pop in my head!
    Cheryl: how is your class coming? Do the obesity report yet?
    Danielle: How awesome your grandma sent you seeds! From what? My Italian grandpa was a true gardener and he also incorporated superstitions from the old country. He said to start your tomato plants at christmas in the pointsettias or they would be bitter. Plus he planted garlic around them in the ground to keep those green bugs away. Strawberries always had a black hose wound thru them to scare the birds so they wouldn't eat them. He had the most beautiful tomatoes ---oh my mouth just waters for them.
    Denise: Ok dear friend....you stumped me on that last challenge with the leading line. I don't think my photo was really true to the challenge but it was all I could find. If nothing else this tells me I need to go shoot different things. I'm in a rut per se.
    Jane: I hear you gov is being reasonable about opening up and at least something is going on! Our idiot decided not to do anything for at least 2 more weeks. Of course CA gov is throwing a hissie fit so our gov will go with that. Jerks!!!
    Katy: I just read that Modoc county is going to ignore Newsom's directive and cautiously open up places. They are doing it because he refuses to respond to any of the counties who have asked permission to open. I say go for it! Can't enforce a "law" that isn't a law.
    And: Happy-Birthday-Text-Colorful_PNG.png This didn't have it written on the image but it really reminded me of you!
    raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa:ca443f4786.jpg Hope you have a wonderful day and treat yourself to some good Italian food!!

    Well best get dressed since I don't know when that medicine will get delivered!

  • Rockmom
    Thank you to our hostesses! Y'all rock!

    Cathe, that photo thread has been around for a long time. Lori, the lady that runs it is a dear friend. She has a granddaughter Cooper's age. It's kinda dead now mostly Lori and I talking lol. Anna used to be part of the group too. We should all join in and make it fun again. But I will try to get pics if you do! It's fun when we actually do photos.

    Our stay home order expired at midnight. However some businesses can't open yet, bars, salons, etc. All the others must maintain distances and masks are recommended but in Houston required.
  • Rockmom
    Terry come join us in the photography thread.
  • Abby0317
    Okey dokey!!!

  • DNA301
    Hi...sorry I disappeared last month. My parents and grandmother are fine...my dad's lost a ton of weight actually, so he's breathing better. My grandmother often forgets she can't go out with her friends but remembers we didn't give her a huge birthday party...go figure. My mom's...my mom. She's obsessed with cleaning everything all the time to the point where the whole house smells like vinegar and bleach pretty much all day, every day. I'm...ok...tired but trying just to muscle through work. I'm still having problems with my anxiety and have now fallen into a funk where all of this seems like it's hopeless. It just feels like, here in NYC, things are never going to get better. We're never going to be allowed out of lockdown. This feels like our scary reality now.

    I hope everyone here is doing well and staying safe. Hopefully, it's ok if I come back once again this month.
  • Anna C
    Happy Saturday Good Morning GIF - HappySaturday GoodMorning HaveAFabulousDay GIFs

    Jane, many thanks for hosting April. Our bank has over 40 branches in various states (some in TN too) so our reopening will be contingent on all of the rules of each state so that all branches can reopen at the same time. The email we got yesterday said we would continue to be closed for several more weeks. There has been some internal talk about reopening June 1 so we will see. I really hope they put up the plexiglass dividers before we reopen.

    Cheryl, I hope you enjoyed your day off. I am interested in your obesity paper too.

    Ashley, glad you checked in and are ok. I think we all were in a funk in April. I'm determined to get out of my funk and I know I will feel so much better when I get a hair cut and color which I need desperately! Seriously, not to make light of your anxiety issues, I hope your anxiety settles down soon! I get in funks too and can relate.

    Cathe, hoping for negative results for your dd. Hope Oakley is feeling better too. I don't remember making May baskets but we did the May Day Pole every year.

    Denise, your photo challenges do sound interesting on Fb. I just haven't taken the time to participate. Yes, I play along with Lori's group from time to time. Lori is very talented and creative.

    Terry, yesterday was a wild day. Double lines wrapped around the building all day. Came home exhausted, ate a sandwich, and went to bed. It is my understanding that the freeze on hiring will be lifted when everything reopens. I got an email yesterday from a job placement service that I'm with and they are accepting new apps and resumes starting Monday so that is a good sign that things are starting to reopen and move forward.

    I am going to see my parents this weekend. I'm excited to see them. I haven't seen them in six weeks. We talk by phone and/or email almost daily but I have stayed away as precaution since they both have heart issues and Dad has lung issues also.

    Off to make my grocery pickup! Have a wonderful weekend ladies!

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mroning

    well today I think we will do some stuff outside in are backyard like put some grass seed where the grass is dead from the dogs. then start put the dripper in the garden area. I need to paint the trunk of the cherry tree. we might get little rain today. are state is open up a few things up. I am still scared to go some of these places. oh are vet call yesterday to get scrappy ashes . when I pick them up and put them in the car I was like talking to her . now we have to start digging holes for her in the back yard and put scrappy and cocoa and scobby ashes and I put there head stone that I got on top of them. I am going to call my parents this week and I probably call my grandma tomorrow wish here a happy birthday.

    Denise, your photo challenges do sound interesting on Fb. I just haven't taken the time to participate.

    happy national scraper day

    hope everyone has a nice Saturday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    Ashley- Of course you can come back any time!
    It is wonderful your Dad lost weight and feels better!!!

    Katy- Hope you had a nice birthday..........as nice as you could with being home alone.

    Terry- that calico cat you put up for Katy's birthday is awesome.
    I am such a kitty lover. I'm so glad I have the cat next door to love on...........and I don't have to feed her or pay for her shots!
    Wow, Steve's medicine sounds as precious as gold! Of course if it is keeping him healthy it is as precious as gold.

    Danielle- It is sweet you got a headstone for your dogs.

    Cheryl- What kind of cake did you make your DD? How is she feeling?
    It is so nice Karyol got out a little bit. It is surprising how a car ride can perk up ones' spirits.
    I remember my Grandpa taking my Grandma on a Sunday drive. It was a bit of an ordeal getting her up and down the steps after she had her stroke.

    Anna- Safe travels to see your parents. I miss seeing your cards.

    Danielle- So those 10 things listed by Lori---do we take the photos in order? Guess I need to go back and read. All day yesterday I looked for something "Floppy"..........I found nothing. I even looked as I drove to pick up soup at the diner. I was willing to stop!! LOL

    I spent yesterday switching winter and summer clothes around. I ironed up some jeans I hung to dry. I worked on cards a bit. I sent in a Stampin Up order.

    Oakley was better yesterday. I will check again today. Thank you for all your concern and prayers.

    Have a nice day. Going back to read about challenges.
  • Abby0317
    Morning---looks like we are in for a day of rain rain rain. I had no plans for outdoor work anyway.

    Anna: I'm hoping by joining Lori's photo challenge it will get me out and playing with the camera. I need to find new things to photograph and new adventures. Last year I went to the local tulip fields and ended up having some guy watching me shoot the photos. Then I noticed if I squatted down to get some shot he'd do the same thing after me. I was giggling so bad and started doing silly things like laying in the dirt. It was funny! Hope you enjoy seeing your parents! What we all need is some humor and some human contact.
    Ashley: absolutely you are welcomed back!!! I was hoping that all was ok and it sounds like it. That is great news about your dad!! It's very sad that the handling of this crisis has caused so much upheaval. But it is time to let people take care of themselves and make their own decisions. I'm sure that between living in NYC and your job this is causing more anxiety than you need or want. I feel so bad for you!! Huggss....
    Cathe: Did the check get there yet? Well money not check! Have you heard about Oakley yet or Casey's results? My kids don't ever tell me when they are sick or have some medical thing going on. Privacy is one thing but hey, I'm the mother here and it's my right to worry. What are you doing today?
    Cheryl: how did your day off go? Glad to hear Karyol wanted to go out.
    Danielle: Do you use a reg white wall type paint for the tree or is there a plant paint?
    Denise: see what you've started!!! hehehe..... It will be fun to play along. And lord knows we all could use some fun right now!!!
    Jane: what are you doing today? I so wish our gov would realize that the people are getting antsy and need things to open. My sister texted me yesterday and she''s been home and not out at all for 45 days. Since she's divorced and no kids at home she's totally alone. That's just sad so I told her to go take a walk in the grocery store if nothing else.
    Katy: I went and picked up Olive Garden for supper last night inc tiramisu and I thought of you hoping you did go treat yourself! Anyway, hope it was a good birthday.

    Take care and have a great Saturday!!
  • Abby0317
    Cathe: This medicine is Humara and it retails at $5000.00 per month. It currently is used for arthritis and autoimmune problems. Steve has that skin condition (which we call HS because the name is so looonnngg. Hidryanitis or something like that). Anyway, our new derm doctor wanted him on it and put him into a trial that Humara has going so he gets this med for free. They are seeing how well it works on his type of condition. And it is! But he'll have to be on it forever if it is to keep these awful boil type things away. (that's also why he has so many surgeries is to cut those out) I won't go into details of the awfulness this causes and what we used to do. Thankfully it sure has helped!!
  • Scrappin 2
    Came back in because I saw there was "new activity".

    Terry- Well I'm sure glad that drug is helping Steve. I didn't realize the extent of his skin problems. Poor guy!

    People are sure confused over how to join the challenge here on sb.com. It says JOIN THE CHALLENGE but doesn't direct you to WHERE?
    It sure isn't very exciting.

    It is almost 10:00! I hate getting up after 8:00!! I know I could remedy that, but hey why get up is I don't have to?
  • Southernlady2
    terry- I bought some paint it is flex seal. my dad told me to paint the tree the fruit ones last year that way the I don't remember the name of the bug but it goes threw the trunk of the tree and ruins the tree. that why we need to get a new cherry tree because we did to late paint the trunk and the bugs got into it and ruins it. the paint is white. we did the apple tree last year just in case but we never got any bugs on that. my grandma bought these seed somewhere in Utah.

    Ann- hope you have a nice time visit your parents. I can't wait until I can go see my parents and my brother and his girlfriend and my nephew and hopeful see my new niece.
  • Cdjohnson
    Good morning!! I got up and went to Cash Savers (grocery store) at opening time which is 8:00. There was just two other people in the store. They were stocking things and no signs up limiting meat purchases. I bought 2 - 5 pound packs of meat which I separated and put into 1 pound pkgs. for my freezer. They were completely out of chicken which I thought was weird. I got everything I need for the next couple of weeks except small things I might run out of. I was in and out in 45 min. I forgot juice so Priscilla is going to pick that up for me later. I will be taking Karyol to dialysis shortly and then coming back to work on my obesity paper. My focus for obesity is on Kentucky and where we rank and how to combat the problem. Research shows that there are many factors that play into obesity. I will be listing those and ways to help the communities work on those areas of concern. It is really interesting but takes a lot of time to read articles and look at research.

    Cathe - I am making what most people call a Texas Sheet Cake for Priscilla's birthday Tuesday. It is my aunt's recipe. She always made it for my birthday every year. It is our favorite kind of cake.
  • OnlyJane
    Saturday, May 2nd - Sunny
    Good morning everyone!
    Sunshine, that is good. DS is suppose to mow today, good!
    Ashley glad you hear from you and so sorry about your anxiety issues. I try to stay upbeat but it is hard, for some reason today I feel like we are never getting away from this stuff. Our county is slowly opening things but still there are so many rules to follow when doing any business with those that are open. Anyway glad your family is doing good and that sounds awesome that your Dad has lost weight and is breathing better, good for him. Do keep posting here, we love to hear from you and we get concerned when you go missing.
    Cathe I remember May Day from school days, we would put streamers of crate type paper on the pole, take turns grabbing the streamers and dance around, not sure about the baskets though. Hope your dd hears back on her test. Our governor is allowing churches to open with strict guidelines and highly recommends those who are high risk not to go in person. I am not sure that this is a good idea because I think it will be hard to crowd control.
    Anna wow it sure sounds like your were extremely busy yesterday. Glad you can visit with your parents this weekend. Bob was able to get his luncheon meat this morning, he did look for some regular meat, no ground beef and he said the small amount of steaks available did not look that great. So here we go, how long this shortage will last, who knows. Our credit union is opening up their lobbies Monday. Staff will be wearing masks, customers should, floors marked where to stand, etc., public restrooms closed, no coffee, and more. I would assume the other financial places will be opening soon themselves.
    Terry I just saw where protestors are giving the California Gov. heck over him closing down the beaches again. There is going to be lots more of this taking place in all the states, people want some freedom back.
    Katy how was your dinner yesterday?
    Cheryl were you able to find meat yesterday? Just saw what you posted on finding meat. That is strange about no chicken.
    Hi Denise and Danielle!
    Have a great day, stay safe and let's hope May will be a much better month.
  • Cdjohnson
    Jane - I can always find meat but some places have limits like 1 pkg. only of ground beef. I have 5 people to feed 4 nights a week and then just the two of us other nights. I like to make casseroles and such that the kids will eat so I use a lot of ground beef. I like to have chicken on hand to cook and shred for casseroles as well. I keep hearing that meat prices are going to increase and wanted to get some and get it in my freezer so I am prepared.
  • DNA301
    Hi! I'm off from work this weekend which is nice. It's two days I don't have to worry about being at the hospital. It was super nice out here in NYC today but I elected to spend the day in the house so I wouldn't have to put on a mask and gloves and stuff. I finished a book of short stories that I'd been reading and played a video game for a while instead.

    Anna- My anxiety got so bad in April that my doctor gave me permission to take extra medication if I needed it but only to do so at home (so I wouldn't randomly fall asleep at work). Thankfully, I haven't had to do that so I guess that's a good thing.

    Terry- I completely understand my mom's want to get out NYC once this is over. It's all just been way too much. A few of my coworkers have talked about quitting once this mess ends because they didn't sign up for this sort of thing. I can't blame that for that either. None of us signed up for this level of being afraid.

    Cheryl- Getting chicken has been an issue here in NYC for some reason. My dad, who's become obsessed with things like InstaCart and Shopt and a few other sites like that, always has chicken in his carts but rarely gets it.

    Jane- I told my mom I feel like I'm out of hope and that this is never going to end. I just want to go to sleep and wake up and have this be over with even though I know that's not how science works.
  • Anna C
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mroning

    ann- I like that picture

    well today right now it is little windy right now I think it this storm with the cloudy. well yesterday we put the seeds for the grass on yesterday the ones area that are dead from the dogs. I was talk to my mom about how I am miss the dogs because I feel lonely when my husband goes to work and I have no one to talk to. when I had dogs I talk to them. my mom say she knows that we need a dog. I see other people walking there dogs now and just make me want to get a dog. I was watch in California where my brother and girlfriend live in Huntington beach that they had a crowed of protestors by the beach bad look like none of them where distance or had mask. well today is try to get the drippers in the garden that way I don't have to water them. I call my grandam today later on.

    hope everyone has a nice Sunday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good Morning! Sunday!

    Ashley- Sure happy that you had the weekend off. I can't imagine what it would be like working in a hospital setting. They keep telling us Science will win out. I hope and pray that is so.

    Yesterday evening Doug, Charity, Nev and Van stopped over. We sat on the back deck apart from one another. It sure was fun catching up with them. Van is into baking. He wanted to know if I had any good recipes. So I went into the kitchen and got one of my recipe books and handed it to him. I think I should start him a recipe book.

    No plans for today. It looks like it is going to be a nice day........then get cool and rainy.

    Have a nice day.
  • Abby0317
    Morning ladies! Rain rain and more rain but I'm ok with it since that is what keeps this place green and the trees so very tall. Yesterday was one of those bittersweet days. Our wonderful loving neighbor finally passed away from his fight with Hodgkins Lymphoma. So very sad and I really don't know what we all will do without him. I'm so thankful his family was with him at home. Mad tho that we couldn't get down there for the last month to see him because of the virus threat. The sweet part was Emma & Danny came over. Danny bought this off road vehicle and delivered it here and Emma came but she was mad about it. Her & I went thru my jewelry box and I gave her a pair of 14K gold Italian horn earrings. They are very small and will look good on her.
    WA gov finally issued a plan that literally has this thing drawn out until July. And no rhyme or reason as to who gets to open when. Why insist that the stay at home order remain but you also opened up camp grounds and state parks? May 25th supposedly the restaurants can open and the salons but only to 50% capacity. What???? How are you seriously going to regulate that non law order?????

    Anna: love that cat! I've seen it before and it just speaks volumes!!!!
    Ashley: What states is your mom looking at now? I highly recommend staying out of CO because the cost of living there now is astronomical. I'm so sorry you have so much fear right now. Hoping it gets better
    Cathe: awesome you got to visit with your kids!! I made my DIL a cookbook about 10 yrs ago. I called it Traditions and not only did I put in all the family recipes but also ones from Steve's famous French bread and my jambalaya. I think it would be so very cool to make Van a book!!
    Danielle: It's such a shame that you can't get a dog during this virus thing.

    I'm going to color today while Steve makes some pulled pork on the green egg bbq/smoker.
    Hope everyone is well....enjoy your day!
  • Cdjohnson
    Good afternoon!! I finished up my obesity paper and turned it in. I plan on scrapping this afternoon. I am currently outside grilling steak and pork chops.
  • Cdjohnson
  • Scrappin 2
    Cheryl- Beautiful Layout!
    Good job on getting your paper done.

    Terry- How nice that Emma wanted a piece of your jewelry. Why was Emma mad?

    I have a layout done, but not the journaling. It is about the covid 19 quarantine.

    I still can't find my prom pictures and it is driving me crazy----they are the old 3x3 square size. Guess I'll go continue my search.

    Have a nice evening.
  • Abby0317
    Cathe: Emma wants desperately for Danny to buy or rent a house and get out of the apartment which he will do when his lease is up. Of course being sixteen she assumes he's spending money on his new "toy" that was supposed to go towards the house. She's not privy to finances and all that adult stuff like big bonus money which he gets twice a year. Still doesn't stop her from voicing her "30" year old opinions!!!! Of course, I also worry but not my place to voice my opinions either. The one thing I will say is that I haven't seen him this happy in over a year. So good on him!
  • OnlyJane
    Sunday evening, 9:45pm
    Good evening,
    Wow am in late today! It was beautiful out today, temps. reached 82. Worked quite a bit outside, Bob trimmed the shrubs, and I bagged all the mess. Yesterday ds mowed and edged, plus he got up on the roof and cleaned out all the gutters (they were a mess). He saw a snake on the ground while on the roof, I hate the snake and this one has been hanging around the front of the house for awhile, needless to say he is no longer around, I know they have a purpose but not when they scare the daylights out of me.

    Cheryl glad you got your paper finished. Yummy on the steak and pork chops cooking on the grill. Guess tomorrow will check out a few other grocery stores to see if they have some meat. Beautiful layout that you did.

    Terry how nice you gave Emma a set of your earrings. Thursday I will see how it goes getting my hair done under the new rules. My stylist will wear a mask, I have to wear a mask, can only come in the building when she is ready, otherwise sit in the car, etc. I need to get color soon and just wonder how that will be with the mask (from time to time I get so hot feeling with it on). Our state numbers are still going up, but our county is not that bad, not good, but plenty of recovery and few deaths, of course 1 death is too much. Yesterday we had 0 cases but today 8. Boy it sounds like you and Steve are good cooks. I will admit Bob is a better cook than me, he is the cook that puts a little bit of this and that, me, follow the recipe exactly.

    Cathe how nice you got to see some family. I miss that. We did facetime again with dgd, she looks so big to us now, she smiles when seeing us, then runs and gets a book, pointing to the pictures. She hasn't said any words to us yet. I know her daddy was a late talker. Did you find your prom pictures?

    Danielle I am not sure if any of the rescue groups have many dogs right now. I look at the website of our and they only have a handful of big dogs, mostly with pit bull in them. Also looked at a website called Crockett doodles, which have adorable dogs and seem like an excellent place to get a healthy puppy, have none at all which is strange. I think they don't want to let them be adopted right now with the virus. Hopefully before too long, there will be more dogs to chose from.

    Ashley glad you had some time off to just rest. I noticed that the for the who month of April only put 28 miles on my car, and it was used for going to the grocery store, but when going in the store there is an urgency to hurry up and get out of there. Do you like to take a nice long hot soaking bath just to relax? I find that helps sometimes to make you relax. It must be hard on your grandma not to be able to spend time with her friends. Was your Mom busy doing things before all this mess?

    Anna hope you had a nice visit with your parents.

    Guess better call it a night, will be back sometime tomorrow.
    Stay safe everyone.

  • DNA301
    Hi! It was nice here again today...in the 70s I think...but I spent the day hiding out with a new book and a video game I'm determined to finish (I like to play video games...but I'm not so great at finishing them). Tonight was the season finale of "Westworld"...which left more questions than answers but it'll be interesting to see the speculation online about what's going to happen next season. Whenever that season will be since the show's on HBO and they can go years between seasons.

    Cathe- I think it would be awesome if you made Van a cookbook. My dad's mom had a ton of recipes but we never got copies of them so they got lost after she died. My dad use to try and recreate some of her baking but he said it was never the same.

    Terry- My mom is looking at North Carolina this week. She's got my sister on her side now, wanting to get out of NYC as soon as we can. That was very nice of you to give Emma earrings!

    Jane- We can't use the tub in my house to take baths. The water winds up leaking into the basement or something like that. My mom wasn't super busy before all this awful went down. I think she's just very stressed worrying about everyone and then having to basically care for my dad and grandmother at the same time.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well today look like a nice day here. well today is clean the bathroom day. I need to get some flower here to put in the flower pot. I am going to try a ride my bike around are neighborhood. I need to water my garden later today. I am work on a mother's day card for my mom. I am hope that we can go visit my parents in July or Augusta that way I can go see my new niece and give my brother girlfriend all the stuff I made for her. I wouldn't fly out there I see if my husband can take a few days off and we drive out there. I am just not sure about fly yet.

    hope everyone has a nice Monday and take care
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning! Monday

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend, especially those of you who work outside the home plus inside!
    My big accomplishment was cleaning my SU cutter.

    Jane- i have not found my Prom pictures. I looked again yesterday. I know they will show up, but WHEN???
    For me.............a dead snake is the only good snake. I am very, very afraid of them.

    Denise- rattlesnakes are one of the reasons I'm so upset Casey is moving her family to TX. I guess you don't find the snakes in the city?
    Sonny's brother got bit on the golf course several years ago. I'm not sure he ever got feeling completely back in his thumb.
    Are the allergies any better?

    Terry- oh I see now, Why Emma was upset. Glad to hear your son seemed happy. Is their divorce final?

    Danielle- I'll look forward to seeing your Mother's Day card for your mom. Is Jim's mother living?

    My brother Rick and and SIL Lynette were called upon to babysit in NJ for their 3 Grandkids. ---the twins and the 3 yr. old. Their son and DIL work from home. The au per quit.
    Rick and Lynette didn't want to fly so they drove the 15 hours out to NJ yesterday. Their DD Kelly is the wedding gown designer. You might have seem me share her dresses on FB. Clint is a patent lawyer. The au per (don't know the correct spelling) came from an agency. I don't know why she quit but I imagine it was a lot of work caring for twin 5 mo. olds and a 3 year old.

    Anna- Did you get to see your parents?

    Cheryl- Happy Nurses week! Praying you and all nurses (lab techs and doctors too) stay safe during this pandemic. Hugs.

    Katy- How was your birthday meal?

    Casey didn't get her test results. She was told 3 to 5 days and yesterday was day 5. I'm just glad she and Oakley are feeling ok.

  • Rockmom
    Hello. I've had issues signing in but finally made it back.

    I've missed a lot over the last few days. Sorry.

    Re rattlesnakes. I've been in Texas since 1984 and only see rattlesnakes when I go out in the country especially in the Hill Country (the limestone core of Texas) or West Texas. Mosquitoes are another matter. We have too many is SE Texas. Ugh. No rattle snakes in Houston. We have seen alligators but only near water. You don't hear of people being harmed by them in town, usually just the bay is ircswampy areas of SE Texas. We do have cicadas and tree frogs which create a loud chorus at night. Casey should be fine.
  • Abby0317
    Morning and may the fourth be with you! The saga with Danny and his toy continues....he's apparently pretty mad at Emma for spouting off like that. He has a weekend trip planned to central OR to ride the thing with friends. That's one reason I am happy he has it since now he has an outdoor hobby that puts him with other people. He's a gamer and spends waaayyy too much time at that. Plus Emma will be off to college in 2 yrs and I worried about that. Can you tell I'm a worrier? Anyway, they will work it out and its not my problem!!!

    Anna: how are your parents doing? BFF's parents are having a snit mostly about not being able to go to church. Don't understand why if people are filming it for the internet, why they can't be there too. Then the doctor issues but mostly her mom is causing a tizzy about getting her hair done. Anyway I hope your parents are faring much better!!!
    Ashley: North Carolina sounds to me like a great idea! My niece just moved to Charlotte and is loving it. What about your Grandma? Does she know? Now with everyone stating you need masks to go anywhere I am concerned greatly about that. I have a huge phobia about masks covering my nose. I start hyperventilating in minutes wearing one. It's why I can't do a CPAP machine and they put me out in surgeries before the oxygen mask goes on. Besides the CDC says they don't prevent getting the virus at all so why have them?
    Cathe: why do you need your prom photo? Are you scrapping it? I was cleaning out some cabinets too like under the sink. I had 4 bottles of lotion I've never used and were years old. I am with you about those snake issues. Holy cow! We only have little garden snakes here but east of the Cascades they get rattle & bull snakes. When we took the dog event to TX (Palestine) there was an endangered species of snakes there and the guys shot 17 of them. They are a cousin to the rattler. We were supposed to inform the land owner who would inform the state, etc but once they found that out they stopped telling when one was shot. These were big big snakes too and aggressive. I ran over one with our rental car and then ran over it again to be sure it died.
    Cheryl: Steve cooked pulled pork on the bbq yesterday and then a steak for dinner. I'm not allowed to BBQ!!! Fine by me....that means he cooks.
    Danielle: that would be really nice if you got to take a trip in Aug to CA. But hot too!
    Denise: was it sign in problems or site problems? Texas is a beautiful and diverse state. So far I think Austin is my favorite area. We never saw gators in Palestine and that would have freaked me out! We were near the Trinity River and the ponds were man-made but maybe the land owner killed the gators.
    Jane: that's how I cook too. Even if I find a recipe, I tweak it. I do follow exactly on baking recipes but I rarely bake now. Steve is a good cook and the only bad thing is that he maybe puts in too much hot in recipes. He loves red pepper flakes!

    I'm almost done with the Kit n Clowder class. Just have the mice to do. It was a fun technique and learned lots about shading.
    Have a safe & fun Monday....
  • Southernlady2
    no his mom die awhile back ago
  • Southernlady2
    here a card I made
  • OnlyJane
    Monday, Sunny, 75 at 2:50PM
    Good afternoon,
    Been out some this morning, but first had to make sure had mask, wipes, sanitizer and was ready to go. Picked up my meds at Walmart, stopped at Hobby Lobby and looked around quickly, headed over to Tuesday Morning, said hello to the girls who work there, stopped at Kroger and scored some meat, lean ground beef, pork chops and an angus steak. Should be set for awhile. Still lots of stores not open and a few were empty which isn't good at all.
    Terry I think the reason why they want people to mask up is that when you do your protecting others, and the others who are masked protect you. I can see though with your fears that it would be troubling for you. I feel really hot when masked and last week had just a small anxiety type feeling come over me and needed to get out of the store fast but this week all was fine other than feeling hot
    Cathe oh my on the lawn mower. Every year we go thru an episode where the mower needs work. My son does mow but he has a big commercial mower that doesn't allow him to get close enough to trees, etc. He will usually weed whack but forgets a few spots, so I need to use our small sized mower. Bob can generally fix the mower but it may take to next season (lol).
    Ashley hope your work week is stress free for you. Your Mom does have lots of responsibility taking care of your dad and grandma. How are your girl scouts doing? The boy scouts in our area may not get to go to summer camp this summer. We are in phase 1 of recovery for 28 days of this month and that means no camps, contact sports, pools, splash pads, etc. So it may be too late to get camp open. I really don't see how they can do it, the campsites are small, 2 kids to a tent (no way now), large chow house, etc. So sad when you think about it.
    Denise I noticed yesterday this site was slow in opening. Wonder if it is because so many people are posting things for the scrapbooking challenges. Hope you had a nice weekend.
    Time to get the towels, etc. out of the dryer and fold everything.
    Hi to everyone and stay safe.
  • Scrappin 2
    Stoppin in to say hi and know a lot of you come in after me in the morning.

    Denise- thanks for saying Casey will be fine. Did i tell you they bought a house in Plano?
    I get sick when I think of them moving.

    Terry- I can see why a mask will freak you out. They sure are confining. I went to the grocery store today and the way it hit my glasses I couldn't read labels as it bumped my glasses. I also lost my grocery list halfway through my shopping because I was dealing with gloves that were really too big for me.
    Yes, I want to scrap a couple of Prom pictures. ---when I find them. By then I will have changed my mind and move on to something else. LOL

    Jane- your HL was open??? Illinois is not opening up much at all, but we here in Rockford might even be a hot spot. I didn't listen today. Just can't.

    My hair stylist offered to come here to do my hair or she said we could wait a few weeks and see if she can open up. I said I'd wait. It makes me a bit nervous to have someone that close to me.
  • Abby0317
    My wonderful neighbor passed away last night at midnight. So sad. We went this morning to visit with his wife and family. One of his sons is our doctor too. They said for 2 weeks he fought and fought and the meds were making him angry which is so not him. I'm glad he's not in pain anymore but boy will we all miss him and the sweet loving man he was. Our loss is God's gain....
  • DNA301
    Hi! Worked today and was on body fluids. The body fluids area has never been my favorite (I got very poor training when I was first trained to work there so I'm not very confident when I'm assigned there) and now I dislike it more. If we get certain kinds of lung or chest fluids, we have to go down to the fifth floor to use the biohazard hood. I've had to do that once, so far, and it was not fun at all. The room is very tiny and you have to wear specific gear to use it. Thankfully, that didn't happen today. I got lots of not-lung and not-chest fluids instead.

    Cathe- Not a big fan of snakes here either. I mean, not that we have a lot of snakes here in NYC except in zoos and stuff. I still don't like them, though. My mom has my prom pictures...I remember, in one of them, you can clearly see I have a massive bruise on my arm from a dance class I'd taken earlier in the week LOL!

    Terry- My grandmother doesn't know my mom wants to move out of NYC or, if she does, she's choosing not to remember that fact. I don't enjoy wearing masks (and I have to all day at work). That's part of the reason why I don't go outside on my days or weekends off. I wear a mask enough in the lab that I don't want to wear one out of it...even though I know it's for the safety of others. I can be just as safe indoors, not bothering anyone.

    Jane- What happened to you with your mask isn't super uncommon. Some of us at work have complained about being lightheaded or feeling anxious after being in the mask all day. It comes from breathing in your own carbon dioxide, I think. My Girl Scouts are doing alright...every Sunday, I send them out a patch and they have a week to work on it and e-mail me back answers and a picture (I usually include some kind of craft project...last week, they had to design their own super heroes. This week, they have to make robots.). I post the pictures in an album on our Facebook page so everyone can see that we're still working and still having Girl Scouts.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    terry- sorry to hear about your neighbor that passed away.

    well today nothing much. well looks like today going to be another cool day here. the sun is out. when husband get home from work we are going to go to a taco bus here and get some good tacos for dinner. when my parents come and visit me we always go there to have there tacos sometimes we go 2 times. I am going to send my mom her mother's day card out today. I took pic of it and I will put it on here soon. my grandma text me last night and told me she got her birthday card. I hate snakes we don't have any where I am at but I know there are some up in are mountains. my sister came across one a rattle snake I guess when they went out for a walk and that is scary with my nephew . my sister lives in az.

    hope everyone has a nice Tuesday
  • Scrappin 2
    good morning!! It is only 41 degrees and raining.
    At least it isn't snowing!

    Terry- sorry to hear about your neighbor. Will the wife be able to keep up the house?

    Ashley- nice of you to think up projects for the girl scouts.
    Hope you don't get any chest or lung fluids today.

    I plan on scrapping today.

    Have a nice day. BBL
  • Abby0317
    Morning! I'm planning on making a mask today and doing some small errands in town. I should take the camera just in case too.

    Cathe: Patty, the wife, is planning to keep the house as long as possible. It's a beautiful 2 story home on 2.5 acres. The only thing she was worried about was the big tractor Noel mowed with. So her first item is to get a small riding tractor. How funny that is what she's thinking about! I swear after hearing their stories about the last days, if I ever get terminal cancer I will end it before it gets that bad. There is no dignity in the end days! Are you entered in any NSB challenges?
    Ashley: What I find as absolutely crazy is that all these masks have micro holes within the weave of the fabrics that will allow germs to pass. So why exactly are we supposed to wear these things? I really am going to ask my doctor (once he recups from 5 days of no sleep) to write me a note excusing me from it.
    Jane: wow, you have all kinds of things opening up!!! Wish it were so here!!!
    Danielle: did you get the cherry tree all planted? I've been wondering if hubby would have a snit if I brought home a dogwood for him to plant. He hates shovel work!

    Hope everyone has a great day! I'll ci later too....
  • Rockmom
    My sign-in issue was the never ending spinning circle of doom. Lol. Today it was quick.

    Plano is a nice area. We drive through there going to Missouri unless we take the back way through the mountains.

  • OnlyJane
    May 5th, Sun in and out, 10:30AM
    Good morning,
    Need to get another load of clothes to wash. So exciting.
    Cathe your weather doesn't sound that great. Near the end of this week our temps. are suppose to go back in the 50's for highs, goodness it is May and we usually are using some a/c by now. I am trying my best to stay away from reading too much from the media, so sick of their doom and gloom. We all just want our lives to be back to our normal, but I wonder if that will ever be possible. Oh well, must think positive thoughts.
    Terry so sorry about your neighbor passing away, so sad for his family. Nice that you and Steve went to see the family.
    Ashley that is nice that you give your scouts some projects to work on. The boy scouts are actually setting up virtual merit badge classes. They have 2 adults leading each class. I bet by now they are conducting virtual boards of review for the various ranks, tenderfoot, 2nd class, all the way up to Eagle rank. I would image they have or will have to change some of the requirements because of them being impossible to do because of all the closings and social distancing rules. Hope your day in the lab goes good and you don't have to do any icky testing.
    Danielle taco's sound yummy.
    Anna how are you?
    Denise what is Cooper doing now that he graduated? Does he do a good job of staying busy through out the day? Around here people are wishing that the libraries could open. Not sure when that will happen, at least not in Phase 1.
    Time to get some things done, I don't have all day (actually I do have plenty of time right now but no motivation).
    Take care, stay safe!
  • Scrappin 2
    It rained all day.
    I scrapped.
    End of story. LOL

    I am entered into a couple of the NSC challenges. ...........I think. It sure wasn't exciting this year. I really don't need to win anything anyway. I wouldn't mind a $25 gift card to here. I want some heritage looking papers. When i search heritage I don't like what comes up. So maybe TM Idea-ology. Don't know what I'm really looking for.

    Denise- glad to hear Plano is nice. When I hear Plano I think TORNADO. I know a big one hit a few years ago.

    Have a nice evening.
  • Scrapkaty
    Hi ladies!
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! My birthday meal was delicious!! There was enough raviolis for 2 meals... but the chowder and the tiramisu was gone in 5 seconds... well almost! It also came with garlic bread...yummy.

    Anna, how was your visit with your parents? I'm really itching to go visit Jeannie... but that isn't considered "essential travel".. I'm hoping they lift that order soon! I miss Michael as well..

    Ashley, How're you doing? I'm glad to hear your Dad is doing well! That's so great what you are doing for your troop. Are all the girls participating? I bet they miss their meetings.

    Cathe, I'm sorry the kids are moving! and so far! When do they move? That's so cool your family came to visit.. Jeannie sent me a video last week of her, her DD, Roni, and my brother and his wife sitting out on my brother's back deck... social distancing of course! They all waved and said Hi to me... I wish I could have been there with them.

    Cheryl, I like your layout. The black really makes the photos and the colors pop! How did your obesity paper go?

    Danielle, I love tacos!! and today is Taco Tuesday.... falling on Cinco de Mayo... and there's a virus called Corona ruining all the celebrations! Now I'm craving a taco..... Hopefully you'll be able to go visit your family in August!

    Denise, There is a lake...actually a "pond" in a subdivision about a mile away from me and in the evening you can really hear the frogs a croaking.. and the geese honking

    Jane, I love Tuesday Morning... the closest one to me is 90 minutes away.. I never go to it as it has been so long since I've gone there that I don't even remember what street it is on... however, when I go to Jeannie's, we always hit the one in her town... I always seem to find stuff I don't need.. but want!

    Terry, I LOVE that cat graphic!! I'm so sorry about the passing of your neighbor! One of the masks I ordered is pleated, and between the pleats is a kitty trying to crawl out...I ordered it on 4/15... and I don't think I'll be getting that until mid May... IF I'm lucky! I did order two other masks from another company and those should be here on Friday... a long with two jigsaw puzzles I ordered from another site. YAY

    Today is day 50 of "shelter in place".... but who's counting... I was bored today... so while out fiddling around in my back yard... I picked up a couple small rocks, cleaned them, and painted them... one is a lady bug, one is a flower, and the 3rd... is just painted white for now... but I'm not going to do anymore until I finish this dang layout that has been sitting on my desk...

    Ok, think I'll go have some of the beef stew I made yesterday in my instant pot... it's so so good!

    Have a wonderful day... or evening... or what's left of it!

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