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Are you getting blocked by a CHAPTCHA's (Prove I'm Human) while navigating the site?

  • Dawna.s Place
    For the past several months I've been getting the prove "I'm human" CHAPTCHA as I navigate around the site. I thought that something was up with my computer, but I had it thoroughly checked out and its not on my end. I know of three others having the same issue. I've put a message into "tech support" and would like to report to them how wide spread this issue may be. If you're experiencing this problem, can you please leave me a comment to that effect. Thanks!
  • Sewflake
    I have the same issue when going between different devices! It is highly annoying and keeps me from being more active on this site then I have been in the past.
  • Eapipkin
    I had that problem this morning on my computer. I had to identify boats in small groups of pictures 3 times!! My eyesight isn't that great for small pictures!
  • RachelUK
    I have that regularly and it really is pretty annoying.
  • Eapipkin
    So far this morning, no problem!! I hope that continues!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Thanks ladies!
  • Ppilgrim
    Captcha hasn't bothered me for a while but it was a major problem a few months ago. It's appears to be an intermittent thing so perhaps it's going to be my turn again soon.
  • Bishsticks
    I'm having this problem, but so far it's only when I try to view my gallery. But it's every time which is annoying and I'm using an iPad which means the pictures are often way too small for me to tell what's in them.
  • RachelUK
    I had it again this morning as soon as I tried to log in. So annoying.
  • Happy Go Lucky
    I hadn't had the issue for months and NOW the last two days I am getting blocked. So annoying. It's happening on both my laptop and desktop PC. UGH!
  • Lisn2cats
    I only run into that problem when using my phone and not using my own network (that is, when I'm trying to access SB.com while waiting in line behind the guy buying out all-the-meat-he-can-cram-in-his-cart-because-he-might-starve if he leaves one pack left on the shelves)
  • Happy Go Lucky
    oh my . . . I thought I was the only one who was coming across the "I can't leave anything for anyone else" person.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Ladies, I have found that if I go to my gallery by way of my notifications, I don't get caught. If I go directly, it never fails, I'm toast. It's two clicks to get to your gallery that way, but it does appear to bypass the robot. Give that a try and see if it helps you too!
  • Mrsmiller
    I still have to prove I'm not a robot no matter what I do. Those little pictures are such a pain in the arse!!!
  • BlingQueenRia
    YES!!!! It's SO irritating!!!! I usually only access this site from home when I have the time to devote to the site. I might read threads or quickly reply from the work network before I clock on, but I don't add to my gallery or post until I'm at home. That said, when I go between phone and laptop, on the same network/WiFi connection, it makes me go through the CAPTCHA. I take pics of my projects on my phone. So yes, I'm going to upload to my gallery from my phone. So to go through the CAPTCHA thing when I switch devices is a major pain in my neck.
  • Avantica
    Yep...this human here is constantly getting captured as well! ...lol... but seriously, it's VERY annoying! All those tiny photos of trucks and trains are dark and difficult to see and I keep getting it every time I navigate the gallery! Would prefer it if I had to do this just once when I logged into the website...and I prefer the captcha systems with clear random alphas and numbers we need to type rather than these tiny, dark, bad quality, pictures we need to identify!
  • KatieJo
    I get these all the time. I open several tabs on my home computer and move from one to another... especially when trying to comment on gallery posts; and this comes up a lot. Sometimes, I have difficulty posting comments at all and sometimes.... I have also have been getting "Scrapbook.com" is down for maintenance, but it doesn't really seem to be. I generally see that during random comment posts. I can close out the image and go back in and it will post my original comment then. It is getting frustrating.
  • Anda11
    that happened to me before