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Suspending My Challenges...For Now

  • Groovy Deborah
    Hi Everyone! I am dropping by to say that these challenges will be suspended for now:
    Elsie Flannigan
    White Space
    Baker's Dozen

    I don't want to but I am having major computer problems. What we thought was one thing was not the problem so we are going thru trying to get it corrected, and besides that the site here, for me is moving very slow. It make sit hard to update.

    I will not stay gone! We will pick these back up!!! It could be July. My husband was furloughed and I don't want to put my computer in the shop for a possible very expensive problem until he is back to work with an income.

    On top of this I am packing boxes to get my house ready to sell. That I could work around, but not my computer. My phone is just too small to work on..

    I have contacted those who have mail coming so I will see you there! If luck will have it I can play with a challenge or two IF I can get my electronics to cooperate!

    See y'all soon I hope!

  • Groovy Deborah
    P.S. and, I owe LOTS of luv to many of you! I will not forget to come back and get caught up with you!!!
  • Toni-n-tn
    I'm sorry to hear this. I'm sorry your husband was furloughed, and I hope that changes soon. I am really sorry about the computer and
    I can relate to that. I had to buy a new one last year - I think it was - because mine got pretty bad and really, really slow. I really don't like
    how we all become so dependent on computers. Anyway, selling your house, too? wow, you've taken on a lot. I wish you lots of luck.
    Hope to see you soon.


  • Fabricfrenzy
    Good luck and hope to see you back soon!
  • Ppilgrim
    Dang, even! That's horrible. I hope it gets sorted soon, for your own piece of mind, never mind us challenge junkies (I'm tryin' to cut down this month).
  • SusanneG
    Good luck and hope to see you back soon! Take care!
  • Groovy Deborah
    I will for sure be back. It hopefully will not be but a couple weeks. Looks like I might need a visit over to Apple with my laptop.

    In the meantime I'll be working on our challenges with whatever isn't packed yet you know it's the last thing to get taped shut lol!!! Anyways I'll make sure to have our next set of challenges pulled together. See you soon friends!!!