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Adhesive HELP! Herma Dotto repositionable out of stock and need to switch!?

  • Jenharden
    I've been scrapbooking for 20 years and have used lots of different adhesives. I have used Herma Dotto repositionable tape runner for years and love how you can lift stuff up to fix it, wipe off excess with a finger and it becomes permanent. The refills are cheap and they go a long way. BUT, now everywhere I look is out of stock and I'm worried they won't get them back. I've never tried the ATG guns because they are GIANT and seem so bulky. What repositionable adhesive can you recommend?
  • Gluemore Girl
    I think a lot of adhesives are out of stock b/c of COVID. More people are scrapping and probably less working to make them?
    I don't think I've ever used Herma...
    I'm on the search for a new tape runner too. I swear by CM which now has repositionable! It's expensive as heck but you don't need as much.
    I'm using Tombow (permanent) and I think the I need a new runner b/c it stops working part way into using the refill. I have another coming in this week. It's probably 2nd best for me but you go through it fast.
    I also have an ATG gun and it's big which I don't like but does last. It's also quirky in that you have to roll it and sort of swoop up at the end of your run to allow the tape to disengage and not clump.
    I've tried so many different ones that just stop working for no good reason. I like permanent but permanent that you can still lift off if you don't press it down.
    There are some you tube videos out there comparing but I haven't taken the time to watch them.