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June New Scrapbook Layouts and cards

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  • Scrappin 2

    Welcome to the New Layouts and Cards for the month of June. We would also love to see any other project, photo or imported images you'd like to share with the group.

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. Since there are several people here try not to flood the post with too many LOs or cards. Maybe 5-7 in any post and no daily limit. Follow instructions for downloading and linking your projects.

    Come by and join the fun! This thread has gained a fairly regular following. We enjoy seeing new people come by to share their work and join in the fun! You can join in at any time. Just remember that it is more fun if you give love and get love too!

    While this is a laid back community of artists and crafts people sharing their work and support, it's not a place to just drop off work and not visit the galleries of others in the thread. We encourage you to enjoy all the marvelous talent and leave comments! Should you encounter a problem with another poster in this thread, please PM them directly to ask your question or resolve your issue. The hostesses are not referees and can't step in the middle for you.

    This is a collaborative effort. We are rotating the job of hosting the thread. Included in the opening post is the schedule of hostesses over the next couple months. Please volunteer as its the easiest job you will ever have

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    Anna December 24

  • OnlyJane
    May 31st, Sunday, Sunny, beautiful weather, clear blue sky
    Good morning,
    Such a lovely morning weather wise. Wish we could say that about everything else going on in our country. When will this madness stop!! This afternoon we are going to meet ds, dil, dgd, and her parents for a small gathering at ds's neighborhood pavilion with our chairs placed 6 feet apart, and maybe masked up especially with the little one running around. I don't think we will stay too long but just to be able to say hi in person is a blessing.
    Since no one has checked in yet will check back later on today.
    Have a great day and continue staying safe.
    Oh and Di how nice you were to have a sleep over with your dgd!!

    Cathe thanks for putting up the June thread and Cheryl thanks for doing May!!!
  • Scrappin 2
    Good Morning!
    You might want to go back and read Di's last post in the May thread.
    She is the only one who posted after I did in May.

    The sun is out and I'm happy.

    We are going to have Doug, Charity, Nev, Van, Casey, Rayn, and Oakley for dinner. Sonny is doing something with Kian.- a little one on one time with him.
    We won't hug.

    Our good friends Mark and Nance stopped over yesterday afternoon. We sat out on the deck for a bit. We had seen each other since before Christmas! We had planned on getting together before our March trip, but they had an out of state wedding and other things pop up. Little did we know that we wouldn't be able to get together for so long.

    Have a nice day everyone!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Cathe thanks for putting up the June thread and Cheryl thanks for doing May!!!

    well yesterday I mow are lawn. It a nice day here today and warm. well I mad some card yesterday. well today I am going to try to facetime my parents that way I can show them my garden. the potatoes are come up the plant and the corn gowning good. I have to take pic and I put them on here. I didn't feel last night I think I had a little migraine and I sleep for awhile then wake up and couldn't get back to sleep. I feel little better today. I wish I could go see my parents I miss see them.

    cathe- hope you have a nice time with your family for dinner

    hope everyone has a nice sunday.
  • Terry0773
    Thank you Cheryl and Cathe for hosting the thread.
    Finished 2 of 3 Father's day cards yesterday so 1 more to go and I can start scrapping again. Monday, we have the big grocery trip to do, Tuesday the trees are getting whacked, and Wednesday I should have a apt with the periodontist but I doubt that will happen. Start a busy week! I wish Goodwill would open so I could get rid of these boxes! And I need a pedi done. Not going to do my nails until I see the derm and make sure its clear.

    Cathe: I bet you felt like I did when your old friends came to visit. We are social creatures and not hybernating bears!! Hope you have a great time with your family today! Did Rockford have any riots or protests? Our little town didn't but Portland had 2 violent nights of it. So very sad!!!
    Jane: Yea for you too on seeing your family! My oldest son wrote a really good post about the riots & political stuff that is tearing apart the nation let alone families. I was really proud he wrote it. He has a way with words!! I feel like we've enter the realm of insanity and while we suffer the powers that be just get more powerful . This isn't at the Pres level but local and state. I noticed our idiot gov who held a press conference yesterday had a very nicely groomed haircut. Wonder how that happened since he hasn't realized that type of business anywhere in WA state. Grrr...

    I too will bbl ---hope everyone is doing fine!
  • Cdjohnson
    Good Sunday afternoon!! I am working on a paper for my class that needs to be turned in today. I didn't work on it yesterday and I was busy with yard work, grilling and grandkids. If I get my paper finished, I might get some scrapping time in later.

    Cathe - Thanks for getting us to June. I can't believe half of the year is gone already!!
  • Scrapkaty
    June already? Look like we've all spent most of our spring at home... I'm hoping we aren't doing the same for the whole summer! it's going to be week 12 for me in this "Shelter in Place"! I've noticed now all the headlines are on the riots and no longer on the virus... from one horrible catastrophe to another... I've decided I'm not going to watch the news for awhile... only the weather... and it's supposed to be in the 90's by Thursday.. and today it's cloudy and in the 60's.
    I don't think Barkley has fully forgiven me for trying to "gently" shove him into the carrier the other day.. Harlow seems to have.. I'm going to wait a couple days before I attempt another try with Barkley... I might even wait a week or so!

    Cathe, that's so nice for you to have a family dinner! I bet you're excited to see them all!

    Cheryl, another paper? What is this one on? I hope you get it finished so you can get scrapping done.

    Danielle, those are cute 4th of July cards! And I hope you're feeling better.

    Jane, Enjoy your gathering! That sounds like fun!

    Terry, I'm planning on doing my grocery pick up on Wednesday, and I have a nail appointment on Friday, not sure if it is going to be at her house again, or if the salon will be up and running by then.. that's my exciting week! Years and years ago we had to have a 120 ft cedar tree taken down. Luckily, one of Lloyd's good friend/backpacking buddy has his own tree service down in the SF Bay area. He and his crew came up and took it down. I was at work that day, but Lloyd took some interesting photos of how they took it down bit by bit..

    Have a great Sunday all and stay safe
  • Anna C
    sunday evening quotes -

    Thanks to our lovely hostess, Cathe, for getting June up and going. And thanks to Cheryl for doing May. I'm up for July.

    Katy, you are so right! We spent spring at home and I really don't want to be home all summer. I am not sure what to expect with this Covid stuff. We suddenly have three brand new cases in our county. And in the announcement about it, more cases are expected based on the contact these three people had. So time will tell.

    Danielle, very pretty cards.

    Cheryl, are you all recovered from your bite? Get your paper done?

    Terry, is your son near the violence in MN? It was pretty bad in our state capital of Richmond. My cousin has two daughters that live in the area of the violence but both are ok. All of this violence is so uncalled for and I simply don't understand why the need to do this. What does it prove????

    Jane, so glad you got to see your dgd. Hope you all had a great visit.

    Cathe, how was your family gathering?

    Ashley, how are things with you? I have lots of violence on the news there in least I think that is where it was at.

    It has been very a very pretty, sunny day but cool....only in the 60s.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
  • DNA301
    Hi! Worked this weekend and spent most of it upset. My coworkers have been very vocal about this new horrible situation that's cropped up and, well, they've decided that people...let's just say who are the same color as I am...are the root of all evil and are the most dangerous people in the world. There have been several nasty posts put up in our lab group chat about that and I'm feeling a little called out now. I can't say anything because, obviously, that would be taken as racist but, yeah, it's not good here. I'm just worried (and I know this absolutely not the point) that these protest are going to turn into "super spreader events" and we're going to get a second wave of the virus over the summer.

    Cathe- My grandmother keeps asking when she can see her friends but my mom is refusing to allow it. I'm about 100% sure the next time we see anyone for any period of time, it will be when we all are vaccinated.

    Terry- I'm still trying to figure out what I can get my dad for Father's Day. He's literally one of the hardest people to shop for!

    Katy- I don't even remember what week we're on in our lockdown. It feels like forever though.

    Anna- There haven't been any protests in my area, thankfully, but there have been many in Manhattan and in other boroughs. There was one in Manhattan over the weekend where St. Patrick's Cathedral was defaced with graffiti on the outside walls.
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor, water and nature

    Welcome to June peeps! So hard to believe it June already!

    Ashley, yes, St. Patrick's Cathedral is what I saw on the news. I think this rioting and looting is so so so wrong! I am concerned about another outbreak too Ashley from all of this rioting. Our country is in such a mess. So sorry you are dealing with such a situation a work.....I take it you are a minority in your lab? Regardless, it is very wrong!

    It was announced yesterday that our county has three new confirmed cases of Covid. And more are expected due to the contact these three people have had with others in the community. So this makes me nervous.

    I got my returns made to Christopher and Banks. Because I used Pay Pal, they would only give a store credit. The enclosed receipt with my order did not indicate which bank card I used and I couldn't remember which one I used so I had to take a store credit. I could have left the store and found enough service to log in to Pay Pal on my phone but I was ok with the store credit!!! Now just to get my returns to JCP and I concerned I may be stuck with those items. No word on when they will reopen yet.

    Cathe, I think it was you that asked.....I have been able to create several different outfits using what I have and using the color matching from things I have pinned from "P." I have bought several new items of clothing, no complete outfit, just various items so that I can mix and match more. And I am always searching for just the right shoe....doubt I ever find it! I am done with my online retail shopping for a while!

    Gotta run and get the day going! Hope your day is awesome!
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    Ashley- I am so sorry that the lab is such an uncomfortable place to work now.
    Men are so hard to shop for. Neither Rum nor I have had a father to shop for years and years. So enjoy trying to figure out what to get your Dad. It is a good problem.

    Anna- that happened to me once when returning something I bought through Pay Pal. I had to take a credit. I was shocked. Hope you can get you JCP things returned.
    Shoes are so tough to buy. I hate shoe shopping. I love my Sketchers but for some reason they make me trip. I think it is whatever the rubber part is made of and how it sits on the toe.
    I'm so sorry to hear that your county as new cases. It spreads like wildfire. Now our county is doing more tracing. Our rate of spreading is down to 7%.

    Casey and family didn't come yesterday. Oakley and Kian were worried about coming. Casey and I talked a long time on whether or not they should come. We had the conversation that I know all you probably have had.....should we. shouldn't we. There was no right answer. What the deciding factor was that it hadn't been 14 days since traveling from Texas.
    Doug and family came. We had our first meal together since April. Getting dinner and cleaning up we were not 6ft. apart. They were with their friends over the weekend. I'm hoping and praying everyone ok.

    I do think their will be a surge and we will all be told to stay home, only now people won't.
    BTW Doug and Charity have a friend who is a pharmacist--one of the few who compounds drugs here in town. She has been studying everything she can on the virus. She says to take vitamin D and take a supplement with zinc in it. She also said don't wait to call the doctor if you think you have the virus.

    It is just horrible that peaceful demonstrations turn ugly. I guess that happened here. a young man was on tv last night being shown painting over graffiti. He said he marching in a peaceful demonstration until others showed up and started throwing rocks at the police. He said he got out of there. I only heard of two jewelry stores being broken into and robbed. I hope they had cameras and catch the thieves. Doug told me to not go into town for a couple of day. Major stores closed early. I guess at Walmart people were told they had to leave as it was closing.

    Ok enough gloom and doom.
    Have a nice day.

  • Terry0773
    Morning! Things are a mess in Portland with all this rioting. Mayor said curfew....what curfew? Black guy interviewing said more is to come, plans are being made to make more of a statement, and he feels that all blacks need $$$ compensation for what happened to George Floyd. Does that make sense? It's so wrong and so destructive. I wonder where the Nat'l Guard is? Angers me to no end! I'm not a racist, I do believe in equality, and I do not believe in police brutality. However, what does burning down someone's store and setting police cars on fire have to do with this man being choked to death? This whole thing angers me due to its utter stupidity!

    Anna: I too am on a quest for the perfect shoe let alone the perfect bra. What if you mailed your JCP item back? My son, Aaron, lives in Plymouth MN which is about 20 m outside of Minneapolis. Still a suburb but way north & east. He says they are totally safe and nothing is happening there. Thankfully!!
    Ashley: I hope things in the lab will settle down. No one needs that kind of attitude at the work place! What if you got your Dad a book all about Beagles?
    Cathe: Is Rockford having rioting? It's a pretty large town isn't it? How was your family get together?
    Cheryl: what is your latest paper on?
    Danielle: When is it that you will start the recipe box? How is Jim's finger doing?
    Denise: That nominating me for 10 photos is great: however, I don't have 10 friends on FB!!!! hahaha....I kept my "friends" list to my buddies!!!
    DI: how was your weekend?
    Jane: Are they rioting in your city too? I don't think our little country town will see it ---too many gun toting rednecks here! (Inc my hubby!!) June 1 and nothing is opening yet! OR gov opened up hotels etc which inc all the beaches on the coast. Yesterday she closed them all for some unknown reason. DS#2 was going to take his new off road machine along with a group of guys and go ride the sand dunes in SO can do since there isn't anywhere to spend the night! How stupid!!! Hope you get your yard work quote soon! We are having sunny & 72 deg weather so the trees guy will be here tomorrow. I may not be as I cannot stop the thought of a tree hitting our house.
    Katy: oh those kitties of yours are so adorable. I love the shot of them together.

    Have a good Monday!!! Hope you all are safe.... And the new news----Ms Emma has her first boyfriend!!!!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well I had a migraine again this morning so I took some advile and wash cloth and went back to bed. I feel little better. well today is clean the bathroom day and do some laundry. I am going to take easy today I go for a walk later on. we are have nice weather here and look like Friday we will be in the 90's again. are garden doing good the corn is gowning and the potatoes are growing.

    terry- I haven't start on the recipe box yet I been try to see if youtube has someone make one I was going to use chipboard. my husband finger is not great he went back to the doctor and he say he has to go back . he has a hard time bending it and his finger nail is black yuck.

    cathe- sound like you had a nice dinner with some of the family.

    hope everyone has a nice Monday
  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon, Monday at it is beautiful weather wise - sunshine, low humidity.
    Goodness am way behind in chatter. Our get together went very well. We all put our chairs out, keeping the distance and talked, catching up. Aria was so good and stayed on her side with Mommy and Daddy. Sure was hard not hugging her and playing with her, but so good to see her in person along with dil and her parents. I do get to see ds outside when he comes to mow but no one else. Other ds and dil have to be so cautious due to working at the Sheriff's Office. Hopefully soon we all can be together. Did go out today, masked up, did find some Clorox Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, and some disposable masks at Walmart. Thought it would be good to have the disposable masks on hand and use one when having to go to the doctor and can throw it away when leaving their office.
    Danielle, sorry about your migraine. Hope it goes away.
    Terry these protests/riots make me sick. So destructive, just plain nasty the whole thing. Our county did not have any problem that I know of, at least no news about anything, now the city of Knoxville, yes, looting, breaking windows, spray painting cars, breaking their mirrors, throwing big concrete planters, etc. They arrested some who had guns (stolen) and in one incident the police fired pepper balls because they would not stop doing what they told. Now they are complaining about police brutality, sure so sick of these animals. Bet they are the first to call for police when something happens to them. How cute that Emma has a boyfriend. Our virus cases are going up some which isn't good, this would be because of Phase 1, most likely in another week we will see what Phase 2 is doing.
    Cathe I am sure it is hard for your dd to make decisions on what to do and not to do with this virus, especially with children. Heck I can't decide myself what to do. Did notice today when out and about, so many without masks, lots of young people and some oldsters. Terry has a real problem she said with having to wear a mask and others are like her too, but the number that did not was alarming.
    Anna glad you were able to return some of your items. That reminds me, have a JCP gift card that I better use, think they have their store opened in the mall. Finding the right shoe, seems always a hassle. Have such a hard time, need to look for a comfortable sandal. Hope you have a good week at work.
    Ashley so sorry things are not going well at the lab with the people that have a problem with other people's shall we say background. Very nasty of them and your bosses should stop this, totally not right! How are you doing after your fall, o.k. now?
    Katy hope your week is good and you get your Kitty to the vet if you decide to go this week.
    Got to go, Bob needs my help putting some stuff away in the garage, why me, oh well.
    Have a good day everyone!

  • DNA301
    Hi! Work was uncomfortable today and that was putting it mildly. I was partnered with two African-American techs who decided just not to talk to me all day and not really help me all day either, despite the fact we only had one machine running (our other two CBC analyzers were down and dead until the afternoon), the phones weren't making outgoing calls, and clerks were coming over with portable phones so we could get yelled at by doctors for not having their morning blood draws done fast enough. One of the lead techs was with them and she turned a blind eye to their behavior. We're living under a curfew here in NYC now and they say they're going to delay reopening the city because of this whole mess. My heart is sad. My soul is sad. My spirit is broken. We've started living in a dystopian novel and I feel like it's only going to get worse from here on out.

    Anna- I was hired to "check a box" (I was openly told that by our previous lab manager four years ago after I was hired). The lab is mostly Asian/Asian-American...there are two African-American techs and two Caucasian techs to check those diversity boxes so I am very much in the minority at my job. NYC is a warzone. The building my sister use to work in in Times Square, which is thankfully empty, was destroyed with all the windows broken for no good reason since there wasn't anything for anyone to steal! It's destruction for destruction's sake.

    Cathe- My dad's nickname is "Grumpy" the dwarf from Snow White. He gave himself the nickname when I was in grade school for reasons he never told us LOL! My fall back idea is always something Grumpy related but he doesn't wear t-shirts (I mean, he does but he won't wear a t-shirt with like a character on it) and only wears zip front hoodies so I'm not sure what I can find.

    Terry- My dad, unfortunately, is not a big reader so he wouldn't be into a book. I wish I could magic him up a puppy from somewhere. I think, right now, I could use a puppy to cuddle too.

    Jane- I'm ok after my fall...still pretty bruised up but that's nothing new. I've had worse bruises on me back when I use to dance...I remember bruising my ribs a fair few times when I was doing acrobatics and that was painful. I couldn't sleep or breathe right for weeks afterwards.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well I am feel better this morning. well it is cool this morning. I am going to go to the gym today and take my mask and gloves with me. I am going around 9 am there not that many people around I hope. I talk to my mom yesterday she call me seen I didn't call her. she said that my brother and his girlfriend might have the baby this Wednesday if they hospital has a bed for her. my brother want my parents to come down there to watch Knox and his other brother but my dad doesn't want to go down there seen the virus is bad down there and my parents are not in good health. I get my hair done next Tuesday my husband gets his this Wednesday.

    hope everyone has a great Tuesday and take care

  • OnlyJane
    Tuesday, June 2nd, beautiful day once again, sunshine
    Good morning,
    Just finished cleaning our bathroom, not my favorite job but necessary. The rest of the day, who knows. Our county's virus numbers are going up. So much doom and gloom for all of us, somehow we will get through this.
    Danielle won't be long until you have a new niece. People need to be considerate of the older population especially during the virus, that applies to family too. If your parents have health issues they do not need to be around children, etc. Hope you enjoy your workout at the gym.
    Ashley so sorry for the work place atmosphere. All this destruction is so sad, how to you honor someone by destroying everything? If people want respect, act like a human being. I saw where a Cheesecake Factory was broken in, and they filmed a women running out with a cheesecake. Think it may have been in St. Louis, seriously. Find it extremely hard to buy for my dh, the word impossible comes to mind.
    Hi to everyone as you start your day. Will check back latter on.
    Stay safe!
  • Cdjohnson
    Good morning!! Yes, I finished my paper, turned it in Sunday and she graded it yesterday and it passed. It was on nursing history and trends for the future of nursing. Now I am working on a paper about the different roles of a nurse educator. I think it should be a fairly simple paper. I am hoping to whip it out by the weekend. I have to read several articles first. I didn't get around to scrapping because I got sidetracked working on my flower bed in the front yard and the weather was just perfect.
  • Terry0773
    Sitting here since 6AM waiting for the tree guys to come. Took the before pictures and intend to do during the cutting and afterwards too. I was surprised by a call from the periodontist that they were open & I have an apt tomorrow. I don't get how they are open since we are still in Phase 1. He's a very nice but very military type of guy which fits since he's an ex-Navy Seal. That's a hoot!!

    Anna: did your virus numbers climb again this week? Has Bucky worked during this whole isolation mess?
    Ashley: I'm so sorry that all this garbage is so hard on you! It is hard to be happy and free spirit working under those conditions in the city let alone what is going on in the lab. I read yesterday that we are born free of any kind of hate, racism, etc and all that is a learned reaction be it from family, society, friends, etc. Well add to that list cruelty. And your co-workers are cruel IMHO. What if you found a stuffed beagle to get for him until the real one can happen?
    Cathe: One more day and I can order!! I have seen a LO that is done with triangles & squares but the dies that they used were almost $100. I'm thinking I can come close using those new triangle dies from StampinUP. That's what I'm waiting to buy!! Sorry that some of your family didn't make it over! When is it that Casey & the kids are moving?
    Danielle: At least your hair salons are open whereas ours in this county are not. Steve's hair is getting long and now its curling in these tight little circles! Cracks me up! But he won't let me trim it so oh well.... Have fun at the gym.
    Jane: I wonder why your numbers are up...hmmm! Seriously....some crazy lady stole a cheesecake! I've heard speculation that its Antifa and then all kinds of other made up theories. I'm so tired of the "news" which just stirs up more trouble and fear. Some guy at Costco yesterday was talking to the checker and he said he wished Walter Cronkite was still around. Me too! I have solved the birthday & Mother's/Father's day problems. We each give each other a list or a link to what we want. No more guesses or worrying. Except Mr Elliott gave me a link to a $400 item and I about fell over. NO!! I told him if he wanted to play that game, then be prepared to be buying me a diamond on my birthday.

    Hi Cheryl, Denise, & Di---hope all is well!
  • Scrappin 2

    A Layout for the May challenge on Rockin' Scrapin' Grans
    Top photo first on the Left is my brother Mark who died of cancer. We all went to Hawaii when he was first diagnosed and still feeling ok.
    bottom photo : L to R, my brother Rick, Andie (Mark's wife) Rum, me, My sister Jean, my SIL Lynette (married to Rick) my BIL Big Rick (married to Jean)

    BBl I have to get some lunch.
    I have a hair cut color at 2:00
  • Rockmom
  • Rockmom
    Terry, I don't care if you nominate anyone, I just wanted to see your photos.

    Dr was pleased with mom's progress. I asked if he had seen any cases and he said 2.

    Made stone toppers for my dad's stone and my grandparents. Placed flowers on the others. Met my cousin at our grandparents' grave and handed her a packet of genealogy. It started raining so we got in our cars and left but it was good to see her and talk at 10 feet away for a few minutes.
  • OnlyJane
    Good evening.
    The day seemed to drag on today for some reason. The numbers came in at 3pm for our state totals and they went up to over 800 new cases in one day, that is not good at all. Our country went up by 26 new cases since yesterday which is the highest number per day since April 3rd I think. No explanation as to what is going on. We were doing good until this happened.
    Terry hope you got all the trees removed. Still waiting for the quote from the landscaper for our front yard, he is slow. It is so hard to know what to buy dh and he in turn, what to buy for me. Right now don't need anything special.
    Denise glad your back and how nice the dr. is pleased with your Mom's progress. Sounded like you were busy while there. Were the grandkids happy to see you return? Guess you will be starting Cooper's lessons soon.
    Cathe did you get your hair cut and colored? Bet you feel so much better. Did you have to sit in the car until your girl was ready for you and you both were masked up? Sure is a whole new experience going to the beauty shop now. Nice layout Cathe! Like those pineapples on the side.
    See where America's Got Talent is back for another season. Sort of on the fence if I like it or not. Howie drives me nuts, Simon is o.k. and Heidi is back and she seems like such an airhead. The other girl, Sophia not sure yet. Remember now that is just my own opinion. At least it is something new instead of reruns.
    Time to go for now.
    Hope everyone's day has been good.

  • Cdjohnson
    Good evening!! I have been reading the required resources for my next paper. I think I will start writing my paper another night. I feel like I need to digest all the information before I begin writing. It is short only 2 pages so hopefully I can crank it out this weekend.

    Jane - I thought the day was draggy (is that a word) as well!!

    Terry - Good luck on getting the trees down.

    Denise - Wonderful news that the doctor likes your mom's progress.

    I think I am going to go watch a little tv and have some wine.
  • DNA301
    Hi...another day at the lab. That's pretty much how things are now. I go in...I do my work...I go home. I keep my head down and just try not to be bothered by the fact everyone is pretending I don't exist for whatever reasons they have. It hurts that this is what's become of my job but it is what it is. People have the right to feel and act how they want, as we've all seen, even if it's in terrible ways. I would say I try not to let it get to me but it does bother me. I guess this is just part of the "new normal" now.

    Jane- Our numbers are down (we have only a handful of cases in the hospital I heard)...but I worry these protests are going to turn into super spreader events and cause our numbers to go back up. NYC is on a curfew now...everyone has to be indoors by 8PM except for essential workers.

    Cheryl- One of the things I miss about school is writing papers LOL! I use to love writing essays and term papers...really anything that needed words. HOWEVER, if I had to present the paper in front of a class...that I disliked immensely.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mroning

    Terry hope you got all the trees removed.
    Denise glad your back. great news that the doctor likes your mom's progress.
    cathe- nice layout

    well another nice day here they said it might be little breezy this afternoon. I am going to go to the gym when I go there less people there. I am have a hard time find shorts online that I wear when work out in. I have 2 pair but I want to buy some more. the one I have they are Bermuda shorts I like them seen they are little close to my knee. well nothing much else going on here . my mom will call me when they have the baby girl.

    hope everyone has a nice Wednesday

  • Terry0773
    What an amazing thing to watch. Tom, the guy climbing & cutting was a show all to himself. I can't begin to describe all he does. I'll post some photos today too. The other thing was watching the "chipper" work. Those guys were putting in 12 ft branches that were 8 in in diameter and this machine ate it like it was a twig. By the end of the day, my yard was clean of any debris, the patio was blown clean, and if you didn't see the large trunks cut into 16 inch rounds you would never know that those trees were even there. I am impressed!!
    Dentist day and of course I'm dreading it as usual.

    Anna: How did the last two days go?
    Ashley: I know what you are feeling. When I worked at the vet for 2 yr I was constantly someone's butt end of a joke mostly because I have a specialized hearing loss. It hurt and yet I couldn't do anything as I felt I shouldn't quit and give up. My stress level was in the stratosphere and I truly believe that is why I am diabetic. And it got so much worse when the head vet's 16 yo daughter came in to work. I will tell you to get out of that situation as fast as you can!
    Cathe: what a fantastic LO!! All the embellies are so Hawaiian!!
    Cheryl: Good luck with the paper!
    Danielle: Macy's has that Ideaology line of active workout clothing. I like the pants & shorter length ones. I haven't bought the shorts tho.
    Denise: That's a hoot!! I loved that we took the same photo in Alaska! Yesterday when I was photographing the trees, the work, etc I had an epiphany and thought "think outside the box like Denise would" and I'll post that photo today. Also took movies with the Nikon which was a first. Glad to hear you had a great trip and that your Mom is doing wonderfully.
    Jane: TV is now just mind numbing. I watch as many Chicago PD as I can find, we started on Season 1 of the Vikings and are watching it all the thru. I've seen Sopranos at least 3 times as well as Deadwood & Oz. Couldn't figure out the game show The Wall, World of Dance is ok but hard to sit still thru, and America's Got Talent is fun but getting boring at the same time. Same ole acts & talents. I love those ones with the black out neon scenes that the dancers create. I wonder, other than Terry Fato & Jackie Evancho, what happens to the winners after their first year.

    Had quite the scare yesterday morning as Steve told me he was having shortness of breath, his upper arm hurt and chest pains. I'm thinking he's having a heart attack but he wouldn't let me call 911. He sat down for about an hour and then felt fine. His heart rate was at 94 so I don't know. Cheryl????
  • OnlyJane
    Wednesday, June 3rd, Sunshine, beautiful again at 10:20AM
    Good morning,
    Up and about (around the house, that is), so far made the bed, hung up some clothes, cleaned the kitchen. Bob has been busy dealing with the neighbor's trees that lean over our house, the fellow is most likely in his 90's and we don't think he lives there, we sent a certified letter and have talked with our insurance company, plus now waiting on a confirmation on what can be done from our town. I do believe we can cut any branches of the trees that are hanging over our property and if the majority of the whole tree is leaning, we can cut that. I swear what a shame that you yourself will have to pay for tree maintenance of someone else's trees because of their stupidest of not dealing with this years ago when we talked to him. Our insurance would pay for damage to our house, but who wants that.
    Terry hope you got all the trees that you needed to be taken down. Did you get to the dentist, how did that go with all the rules in place?
    Cheryl good luck on writing another paper. Hope you enjoyed your wine and found something to watch on tv last night.
    Danielle hope you can find some shorts you like.
    Ashley can you go to Human Resources to discuss how you feel your being treated at work? Do they have a source for mental health of their employees where you can voice your concerns? This is so totally uncalled for. Throughout my life I never really paid that much attention to race, I looked at how they act, treat people, their goals, etc. We have way too many people around who are stirring the pot so to speak, in my opinion. If people want respect, show respect. Anyway so sorry how you are feeling. Don't let a group of idiots get to you, try to think positive thoughts, and think about trying another hospital lab to work for or perhaps a private lab? Hugs.
    Will check back to see who else has posted, meantime everyone keep staying as safe as you can!
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!
    I have to quit sleeping in so late. It was 9:15 again! Yet, what do I have to do?

    Danielle- My favorite length of pants is the bermuda length. They are hard to find. I'm so short that capris hit me funny. Good luck finding some.
    Isn't it wonderful to see another human that you haven't see for awhile???

    Denise- Good news about your mom. Good news is always welcomed.
    I don't think I have remembered to do the 10 day challenge. I will jump in when I remember. I enjoy doing it.

    Ashley- Start looking for another job!

    I got my hair cut and colored. I decided not to have highlights (or maybe they are called lowlights) put in because I was afraid all the gray wouldn't get covered. I didn't say that to my gal and now my hair is totally brown and I don't like it at all. I usually come away loving my hair.

    Cheryl- You sure are a work horse. You'll have this degree in no time.

    Terry- It is amazing how the tree people can take down a big tree safely. It sounds like they did a good job cleaning up.
    Steve should see his doctor. We had been down to Bloomington Il to see my brother and Rick and Rum had gone golfing. When they got back Rick said that Rum had to stop several times and he should see his doctor. The next day we were walking the dog and when we got back to the car he was out of breath and had to rest. I should have called 911 right then and there. But of course he said no. I got on the phone when we got home and found him a doctor. His had retired. Long story short, he had to have a stent in the main artery called the Widow maker.

    Jane- That is so maddening that you might have to pay to get that tree removed. It would be awful if it came down on the house!
    I hope your covid numbers don't keep rising. I thought it weird that you were reporting how you didn't have many down there.

    Ok I told myself to do something beside read and scrap today. It is dreary and it rained before I got up. Rum went golfing anyway. I hope it clears up.

    Hello Katy and Anna. Hope to hear from you later.

    Have a nice day.
  • Scrapkaty
    Doing the happy dance here... Michael said if nothing pops up he will be here on Sunday... He said it is "Essential" travel as I have a "Honey do list" of items I need to have him fix for me...
    and oh, Good morning, all! It's supposed to be 96 degrees today so I did my walking early this morning. I usually pick up my groceries on Wednesdays, but I'm not going anywhere in town today as there is a protest planned... I don't mind the protest.. it's when they block highways and freeways and later the rioting and looting... supposedly it is to be a "peaceful protest" in the park downtown... Let's hope it is. I saw on a couple posts on my local FB sites that some of the businesses downtown are boarding up their windows and doors...just in case.
    Yesterday Michael sent me a video some guy took of downtown Couer d'Alene, Idaho.. He was taping all of the local men and women out on the sidewalks with their guns strapped to their sides... a protest was planned there and they were prepared for any looting or rioting...

    Anna, we have 4 cases in our county now.... hopefully after the protest there won't be anymore popping up.

    Ashley, I am so sorry you have to work in those conditions.. I wish there was something you could do... like, look elsewhere for another lab? How's your Mom doing? Is she still researching states to move to?

    Cathe, I love your layout! So Hawaiian! Years ago I did a scrapbook for my youngest DD, Jordan, when she went to Hawaii (by herself!!) I had (and probably still do) lots of Hawaiian/tropical papers and embellishments... She took lots of great pics! I just had to scrap them all!

    Cheryl, I hope you get your paper done this weekend... How was your TV watching and wine? Sounds like a good way to settle down and relax! How's Karyol?

    Danielle, good luck in your Bermuda short shopping. I hope you can find a pair or two that you like!

    Denise, Good news about your Mom! I bet you were happy to hear that. Are you still in Missouri?

    Jane, sorry you have to deal with your neighbor's tree!

    Terry, I'd have Steven have a doctor check him out... just to be in the safe side. The pics that Lloyd took of the crew taking down our tree were amazing.. and he also took a video.. AMAZING work... especially since the tree was right off our back deck and close to the house.. The pic of my two kitties... that is what they do everyday about 5pm... they both go sit in the kitchen close to the cabinet where their goodies are.... and then they proceed to stare at me... LOL!!

    Have a wonderful day and stay safe!
  • Rockmom
    Well I'm so sorry Ashley. Insecure people are often mean to others as they try to compensate for their inadequacies and build themselves up. They see you as a threat. Been there. It's hard but doable more often then not. If it evolves into dangerous physical behavior, name calling, or outright sabotage you would have to report that immediately. Watch your back.
    Cooper and I did our 3rd lesson of 1st grade today. It's too easy for him and he lost interest. Math was comparing 6 to 7 and 8 to 9. Built two towers with unifix cubes one of 6 one of 7. Tell which is greater than and which is less than. What do you need to make them equal? Recognize the number and word name. Recognize and replicate the dot pattern for each number. Make tally mark's for each number. He has been counting since he was 2. He could do it in his sleep. Other things he could do: put words in lists that all start with the same letter... i. t, and s. Easy. Listen for letter sounds in words. Easy. Read color words...he knows them. Story sequence was easy too. Handwriting is hard because he is too impatient. History was a story he enjoyed that.

    Terry, hope Steve gets himself checked out.

    Cheryl, I'd want to diget the info too before writing.

    Danielle yeh I dont like short shorts either. In fact I just wear jeans most days.

    Jane, maddening!! Cut your own dad gum trees, right?

    Cathe, I am enjoying everyone's photos. Something positive in a world gone crazy!

    Gotta go feed these kids. TTYL
  • Rockmom
    No, I'm home, Cathe. Looking at a "thing" in the gulf...just what no one needs, a hurricane.
  • Scrappin 2
    Denise - now a hurricane threat??? OMGosh how much more can we take?
    Love hearing about what you are doing with Cooper. Reminds me of things I did with my classes. Casey's kids are good at math.

    I made myself work today. I really just want to scrap or make cards.

    I washed the 3 bathroom floors on my hands and knees. The bath with a vanity and stool is small. I can almost kneel in one place and hit it all. The other two are bigger but didn't have to move backwards too much to get the job done. The kitchen I washed with my electric washer. It isn't working right. I am going to call the store where I bought it and see if I can take it in to be checked out. I bet the thing is at least 10 years old.

    I went to the garden center and got a flat of purple and white petunias and one tomato plant. I got them planted. Boy am I achy now.

    Katy- Sure glad Michael can get over to see you!
    Animals sure know how to get our attention even if they can't talk..............they love to stare you down!
  • Terry0773
    I finally loaded up 9 photos of yesterday's tree cutting experience.
  • OnlyJane
    Good evening,
    Hope everyone had a good day. Again it seemed like a long day but it was nice out, did get to 89 but felt good to soak up some vitamin d. Pulled some weeds, seems like an endless supply. Really need to get some flowers for my hanging baskets which are empty at the moment.
    Terry those were fantastic photos, those were really tall trees and it always amazes me how those tree people climb up with ropes and start cutting.
    That is scary with the symptoms that Steve was having. Why is it that men never want to be checked out at the ER or dr.'s office? I like Chicago PD also, actually like all three of the Chicago tv shows. Have you watched any of the newer FBI series, I think Dick Wolf produces those, and also the Law and Order SV series.

    Denise wow that sounds like Cooper is way ahead in his schooling. Do they have advance lessons available for the ones who are ahead in home schooling? Sure hope you don't get hit by a hurricane. Like Cathe said this country sure does not need any other disasters with the dang virus along with the looting/riots/protesting going on. How much more can people take?

    Cathe glad you got some flower plants and a tomato plant. We usually plant several tomato plants but they just have not been doing good the last few years so did not do them this time. Bob will not listen to me when I tell him make up raised beds were you can put good soil in and keep the weeds away, etc. He will not listen. Wow your a cleaning machine doing your bathroom floors!

    Katy sure hope Michael can come to see you Sunday! Don't blame you for not wanting to be out when protests may happen. Apparently we had two groups in the city - ones who really were doing a peaceful protect and then there were the nasties who looted and destroyed a few store fronts, etc. Wish people could find better things to do with their time. Sounds like your having hot weather, good to go for a walk early in the morning. I need to start walking, this virus has caused me to snack way too much during the day and am liking way too many sweets, not good.

    Think I am all caught up until tomorrow.
    Anna hope your week has been going good.
    Ashley hope your day went better for you.
    Good night everyone!

  • DNA301
    Hi! Today was fair...which is better than the past few days have been. I was working the third floor STAT lab, where the chemo patients are. It wasn't very busy so, by like 1PM, there was no work to do. Since only four techs are assigned down there, everyone sort of did their own thing...played on the computers or with their phones, tech even pulled out a book and read. It was better than what's been going on upstairs. I'm off tomorrow (it was supposed to be Friday but, no surprise, that got taken away from me because heavens forbid someone not my supervisor's person favorite gets a three day weekend) so I'm just going to decompress with my books and video games. I even bought some new puzzles to do if I feel like that and my mom doesn't having the living and dining rooms full of drying clothes (she bought indoor drying racks for laundry because she's afraid to dry clothes outside now).

    Terry- I'm going to start rewriting my resume over the weekend. The only copy I had got lost when my hard drive on my old computer blew so I have to start from scratch. I need to find either a new lab or a private lab to go work in because this lab isn't good anymore.

    Jane- The hospital has mental health resources but you're only allowed four sessions and that's it. Instead of doing that, because four sessions kind of seems worthless, I found a telemedicine service and have started speaking to a therapist that way. My anxiety has gotten out of control and I had to finally admit I needed more help than I could give myself. I'm trying to be hopeful that this will give me some peace and help get my anxiety under control again.

    Cathe- That sounds like me but, lately, it's "read and play video games." I know there are other things I could be doing but I'm not.

    Katy- My mom has settled on someplace in the Pennsylvania as where she wants us all to move. It's far enough away from the city but not too far that she can't get my dad to his pulmonologist. My sister and I have turned it into a game...sending each other either the most outlandish, expensive houses we can find OR the creepiest, worst, cheapest houses we can find. (I found one with an outhouse!)

    Denise- One of the less fun, not exactly helpful parts of my anxiety is that I'm super paranoid so I'm constantly watching my back when I'm at work. At least, now, it's become a safety measure instead of just me being paranoid.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Katy sure hope Michael can come to see you Sunday! I bet you happy

    Cathe glad you got some flower plants and a tomato plant.

    Terry those were fantastic photos, those were really tall trees. I don't think I can climb a tree.

    well my mom text me really early this morning to tell me that my brother girlfriend had the baby girl. my mom didn't tell me the time. she sent me a pic of the baby I think my brother sent her. well today another hot day here but they said little windy today. I think I am going to wash my car today which it need it. need to vacuum today. so I can't wait to meet her. her name is Reagan jade

    hope everyone has a great Thursday

  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!
    I made myself get up at 8:00 today.

    Danielle- congratulations on being a new auntie again. I really like her name.
    In all my years of teaching, I never had a Reagen in my classes, but I did have a little girl named Jade.

    Ashley- glad to hear you reached out for some help with anxiety.
    It is nice that you and your sister finally have something in common and you are having fun with her.

    Terry- How is Steve? Did he agree to talk to his doctor?
    Wow , that was one big tree! I enjoyed the photos. You have beautiful land.
    How cute that you tried thinking like Denise when taking pictures.

    Jane- We didn't have good tomatoes the last two years either. But I will try again. Good thing you and I aren't farmers! LOL
    You and I seem to be in the same place with getting flowers and hanging baskets. I did get a start with buying the flat of petunias.

    Have a nice day. I will BBL most likely
  • Rockmom
    Cathe, I bet it does bring back teaching memories. It does for me. You scrubbed the floors on your hands and knees... that sound very painful. Yay on new flowers and tomatoe plant.

    Danielle, your niece's name is cute. Congratulations.

    Ashley, in my experience it never hurts to watch your back. I'm glad you are seeking someone to talk to and working on a resume.

    Terry, wow isn't it amazing to watch arborists? Daring, dangerous work. I loved your pics, thanks for sharing.

    Jane, there are so many curriculum choices available. We use a very solid curriculum that has been around for a long time so its merits are well known. It doesn't really have a separate set of materials or plans for advanced work. I could skip him ahead but I dont feel it's a good idea. I will just speed it up and do it faster until we come to something new for him.
  • Terry0773
    Morning...will be 70 deg, cloudy, and getting ready for the rain coming Fri thru next week. All day yesterday we had doves flying and cooing so I think we displaced a nest or so. I had a feeling that was going to happen. Sad too. Tom the arborist told us that he was cutting a tree and when he looked down there were about 18 people with lawn chairs watching. I can imagine! Now to get rid of all that wood!

    Ashley: glad you knew that you needed more help to deal with the anxiety. It's a shame that your Mom doesn't realize it would benefit her too. Is it possible to ask for a permanent placement in one of the satellite labs?
    Cathe: I do the hands & knee floor cleaning thing too. Was doing it in the kitchen, family room & entryway but I bought this little scrubber thingy that does a great job. I have tiles that have pits in them that catch water, dirt, etc. Of course guess what the dogs bring in! Steve had another episode last night before bed. I'm going to talk to him today. This stuff is worrisome and I do not want to wait to get some answers. I finally got my order in so you should have gotten word about it.
    Denise: You had quite the day yesterday!!! Hope today is better for you. I saw where the tropical storm is headed that way but so far it looks like it will hit land in mid LA. But I'm sure that still means torrential weather for you. Is your Mom feeling any better? I taught my boys a lot before Kindergarten so they were pretty bored until 2nd grade. They also both learned very fast and especially Aaron would soak up as much as the teacher could give him. By high school, Aaron never wanted to take summers off and Danny thought the whole year was a summer vacation. Had one I couldn't get out of school and one I couldn't keep in school! Danny finally took off again when he got into trade school and was the top of his class. And math was definitely a must have for them both per Steve. Hope little Cooper stays out of trouble today!!!
    Jane: Apparently in Portland right at rush hour traffic, 10,000 people marched over one of the main bridges out of downtown and were still rioting at 11PM. And my granddaughter Lauren in MN posted on Instagram some links to info on the riots---like where they were going to happen, plans of what to bring, etc. I texted her Dad since I was worried she was going to Minneapolis to be in the rioting. And now I am apparently persona non gratis with her. Too bad! I have 1 cherry tomato plant in a planter but other stuff the bunnies eat. I wish the big kid would build a green house and take over the gardening and growing since he is a old farm boy.
    Katy: Yipee a visit from Michael!! that will make your day. Heard that the fires are starting again around Corning and south . So Sad!! I would get a kittie but I'm not a fan of litter boxes and I really don't know where I'd hide one that the dogs wouldn't get into.

    I am out the door to plant 3 flowers and have to trim back a bush that finally got its branches free when the Plum tree was thinned out. Oh fun....not!
  • OnlyJane
    June 4th - Sunny, hot and muggy - 88 at 1:54PM
    Good afternoon,
    Beautiful day again, had hair done, needed to pick up my prescription, get my favorite hair spray from Aveda (they finally re-opened), like their witch hazel, no buildup on the hair but holds well. While in line at Walmart had to ask the lady behind me to please move back, she had her darn buggy almost in my rear, and no mask, goodness. Now I have discovered that people do not understand the arrows on the floor for going up and down aisles, in some ways you have to look at the humor of it all, but then by the time you get out of the store your grumpy, at least today I was.
    Terry it sounds like dh needs to see the dr., since he had an episode so close to the other. Both of our boys were average learners, they liked school and they liked being off for summer. College the older one did not want to stay on campus but we had him stay since it was a good experience about being on your own, etc. The younger one, college was made for him, he loved the dorms and for his senior year he and 3 other boys shared an apartment type dorm. Your dgd should be thankful for your concern, how old is she?
    Ashley glad your getting some help for your anxiety, good for you and hope it will help. Sure wish your Mom would do this also. Hard times for so many, way too much going on. That is funny with your sister and you looking for houses from the very expensive to the cheapest. An outhouse, oh my.
    Danielle congrats. on the newest member of your family.
    Cathe I hear you on getting up earlier. So far I do, anywhere between 6:15 and 6:30 for me, I make the coffee, get my cereal in a bowl, while coffee is brewing head out to get the paper (we still get one), come back in, all is ready and then Bob is up, the day starts. I would not be a good farmer either, funny because when born lived on a farm in Massachusetts. Dad and Mom farmed, cows, chickens, garden, they each had a horse and rode them around. Guess I was 4 or 5 when they had enough farm life, sold it to my Aunt and Uncle.
    Denise sounds like you have all things set for Cooper's school year. He sure is lucky. Heard our school board is sending parents three ideas they have about opening schools in our area. The article did not say what the ideas are. People are saying, start the year in Sept. instead of Aug., smaller classes, stagger the days, do some online lessons, no one seemed to know how to handle lunch times and bus transportation. They did say do not expect for school to look like it use to. I think that is so sad. Nasty virus and the numbers are still increasing.
    Have chatted enough for now so hi to everyone and hope your day is going good. Stay safe out there!
  • Scrapkaty
    Hi all!

    Ashley, I'm glad you're in contact with your therapist. and I'm glad you're working on your resume. I wish you lots of luck! I hope you are able to find a better lab to work at. You don't need to work in that kind of environment... it's not good for you!

    Cathe, I get down on my knees to scrub my kitchen and bathroom floors too... They are slate floors and I think that's the best way is to clean them. Luckily they aren't big rooms!

    Danielle, congratulations on being an Auntie again! I bet you can't wait to meet your new niece.. I love her name!

    Denise, that's so cool that Cooper is "ahead in class". My eldest DD, Kelly, was the same way. When she was in pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade she attended a private school and received lots of individual attention. When we moved up to Twain Harte she went to a public school. Her 2nd grade teacher told me she was way ahead of the class, and could tell that Kelly had attended a private school.

    Jane, luckily the protest was quiet... well, no looting nor vandalism nor rioting... it did get noisy with all the chanting and yelling.. There were a lot of local "good ol' boys" along the sidewalks just keeping watch, making sure nothing got vandalized.

    Terry, that was one HUGE tree to have taken down... and you have gorgeous lush property! So, green! There was a protest in little Sonora... a couple hundred protesters.. they stayed in the park downtown and didn't march down the road. Across the street from them were locals. I believe they were there just to protect the businesses and property... just in case...I didn't go.. I stayed home and watched a couple videos on Facebook.

    Michael asked me to email him the "honey do" list so he can make sure he brings the right tools for the jobs... I didn't realize how long the list was that I have for him. But I told him the only things I really want him to do on Sunday is to charge the battery on my #2 Jeep and check what damage there is above the guest bathroom. Last month I noticed ceiling along the fan is down a bit.. I remember way back in December when the guys were up in the attic running the gas line through for the generator that I heard some kind of commotion up there.... I didn't think anything of it until I noticed the ceiling! Michael is going to crawl up there and access the damage.. I might end up calling the company that installed the generator...

    I just can't seem to keep my posts short and sweet.... oh well....
    Have a great day and stay safe!
  • Southernlady2
    I don't know what you are talking about Do you think you could work from the satellite office more?
  • Terry0773
    Just to update everyone: Steve had another "attack" this morning and I did call our dr who said ER right now. Of course it's 14 mi from here. We get there, I was told to wait in the car. Grrrr...! So 3 hours later I marched into ER and asked what is going on. They moved him upstairs for more tests etc. So far he's done blood tests, Covid test (neg), EKG, x-rays, and sometime this afternoon they were getting him ready for a catheter scope. Said his heart hormones were to high for a stress test. WTH does all that mean? What are the results? They have him on nitro & fentenayl for pain. Holy cow... I just want someone with the knowledge to talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just sit and wait for him to call....
  • OnlyJane
    Danielle sorry that question was not for you, it was for Ashley.
  • OnlyJane
    Oh no Terry, so sorry to hear about Steve. Glad you did get him in the ER. It must be so frustrating waiting and waiting for answers. I really dislike all the new hospital rules in place right now because of this virus. Hang in there and let us know how things go. Sending prayers your way.
  • Rockmom
    Oh Terry. I'd be one nervous wreck waiting in the car. It's no fun in the ER but waiting in the car with no updates. Did they admit him? Sounds like he needs stents or bypass if his heart levels are high. I wish I was close, I'd come sit in the car with you. Prayers.

    Katy, yay Michael is coming . Good news.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    terry-Oh no Terry, so sorry to hear about Steve. Glad you did get him in the ER. hope they can figure it out what it is . Prayers.

    well today is grocery store day here. It going to be a hot hot day here I think they said in the 90's. I think I mow the lawn today this morning before it gets to hot. yesterday my husband got his hair cut. I got pic of my niece. my mom and everyone said she look like her brother baby pic. my sister going to go down to cali to see the baby and I am going to see if she can take some more pic of the baby maybe baby with her brother and so on that way I can print them out and put them in the book I made for her.

    hope everyone has a nice Friday
  • OnlyJane
    Friday, June 5th - light rain
    Good morning,
    Just checking in to see if any word from Terry on how Steve is doing. Prayers being sent.

    Will check back in later on.
  • Terry0773
    He's officially admitted and the doctor showed up around 6PM to tell him a few things. One is that he did have a full blown heart attack as per the blood draw. Apparently there are cells they identify with attacks and Steve's blood was full of them. The second item is today at 8AM they will do what I think is an angiogram (catheter scope) to see if anything is clogged and how much. Depending on what they find it can be a stent, drilling it out, or up to a full blown bypass surgery. Can I see hubby before or after all this NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I'm a wreck with little sleep. I took a pill this morning without thinking and it is one I'm supposed to take at night. Jeez....

    Katy: what a joy it must be for you to have Michael in your life! I've always thought how fun life would be to have 2 guys around---one to shop & decorate with me and watch girlie movies and dance (this is the gay guy) and the other would be a hunk like Shemar who would love to do whatever I need done. To me that would be close to nirvana...hehehe....
    Denise: I sure can see keeping close to the program but can you elevate it by going quicker? I do not know a thing about home schooling but it seems that the exceptionally bright kids should have a way to be challenged. Did the storm hit yet? I haven't looked at the news. I hope it doesn't do any damage. On top of everything, we sure don't need flooding.
    Danielle: how sweet that the baby was finally born and I do love her name. I do think a photo of her with the her brother would be special.
    Jane: I really am upset about not being allowed into the hospital. What a crock! Danny offered to come wait with me but there would have been no point in him being there either. Oh well....I may have to have date night by myself tonight! Our personal doctor stopped by last night and explained a few things and this episode may have been triggered by high levels of testosterone. Who knows....
    Ashley: hope you are having a better day than yesterday!!

    While texting & talking to my sons I find out that Danny on his birthday drove himself to the ER because he was terribly sick. Come to find out he had had the virus and on that day they thought he was having a stroke. And apparently this virus can in some people cause blood clots that travel and dissipate. He did test positive for the antibodies so he had the virus in mid-March. Now why did he keep that secret? And the oldest told me he's segregated himself out at their lake cabin because my grandson right now has the virus due to his girlfriend coming to visit. Which means my granddaughter will undoubtedly get it too. Like I needed this news on top of Steve's illness. Aaron is at risk because of his diabetes so he'll be at the cabin for at least a couple of weeks.
    I want a re-do on 2020 ---the worst year I can remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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