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July 2020 New Layouts and Cards

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  • Anna C

    Welcome to the New Layouts and Cards for the month of July. We would also love to see any other project, photo or imported images you'd like to share with the group.

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. Since there are several people here try not to flood the post with too many LOs or cards. Maybe 5-7 in any post and no daily limit. Follow instructions for downloading and linking your projects.

    Come by and join the fun! This thread has gained a fairly regular following. We enjoy seeing new people come by to share their work and join in the fun! You can join in at any time. Just remember that it is more fun if you give love and get love too!

    While this is a laid back community of artists and crafts people sharing their work and support, it's not a place to just drop off work and not visit the galleries of others in the thread. We encourage you to enjoy all the marvelous talent and leave comments! Should you encounter a problem with another poster in this thread, please PM them directly to ask your question or resolve your issue. The hostesses are not referees and can't step in the middle for you.

    This is a collaborative effort. We are rotating the job of hosting the thread. Included in the opening post is the schedule of hostesses over the next couple months. Please volunteer as its the easiest job you will ever have

    2020 Hostesses: July===Anna, August===Terry

    Lets celebrate everyone's special day. If you need added to this list, contact the current hostess and she can add you.

    Laura January 11
    Cheryl January 13
    Danielle February 11
    Denise February 13
    Ashley March 1
    Cathe March 18
    Jeannie April 3
    Katy May 1
    Jane June 14
    Terry August 5
    Anna December 24

  • Anna C
    Cathe, thanks for hosting June!
  • Southernlady2
    Cathe, thanks for hosting June!

  • Anna C
    National Social Media Day KALW Almanac 6/30/15 | KALW

    Today is social media day. If you are like me, you thought social media day was every day!!

    Hard to believe July is here. Where has the last six months gone?????

    Are your Covid cases rising? They are here. We are supposed to go into Phase 3 tomorrow too.

    Denise, sorry this site is freezing up on you. It doesn't freeze up on me but I have to do pick those images every day before I can log in. I have tried running my virus scan before logging in here just to make sure everything is ok on my end but I still have to go thru the process every single time I log in.

    Dad's biopsy results came back positive for cancer. I took him yesterday to have the cancerous places cut out of the side of his face. He has a pretty deep incision and it just keeps on bleeding but they say they got it all. Taking Mom to see her specialist for her diabetic retinopathy tomorrow...will be a long day.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Ann- that good news about your dad. Covid cases are rising here.

    Denise, sorry this site is freezing up on you. I hate when that happens.

    well today it is another cold day here and rain here. they said we got some snow up in the mountains area weird. when I go to the gym I wear gloves that my husband brought from work and I wear my mask but I have to be careful because of my husband. because if he go this virus it would be bad for him because of his MS. so when I get done at the gym is sanitize my hands and when I get home is take my clothes off and put new clothes on. I go in the morning time when there not that many people around . we are have a hard time find a dog. we been look and we want a medium size dog and female. I found one but we want to get 2 dog. this one we found at bestfriends in Utah but her friend dog that she like to be with is a male dog and I just don't want a male dog because if it inside the house will it pee on my couch. so we deiced not to get her. so I just don't know what to do. I would love to get a dog soon that way my husband can take dog for walks and ride bike seen he not going to the gym and he need to work out. I need to upload some layouts I did of my new niece.

    well hope everyone has a great Tuesday and take care.

  • Rockmom
    Glad they got it all Anna. The site only freezes on my computer not my phone.

    Danielle, your hubby could just take walks without a dog until you find the right dog. You will eventually find one to love.
  • Anna C
    Terry, thanks for the recipe for the asparagus. It sounds really good. I made the asparagus fries the other day and they were really good. And we grilled some with bacon wrapped around it yesterday. We like it fresh; don't really care for the canned or frozen stuff.
  • Terry0773
    Thank you Cathe for hosting June, which went by way tooooo fast! And Anna for doing July. Holy cow .... the sky just darkened in seconds and the rain poured down. Now, its stopped again. Going to be one of those days!

    Anna: I'm sorry your dad had to go thru that but hoping they did get it all and it heals soon! I also have to have the diabetic eye checks but compared to losing my sight I willing go there. I glanced at the headlines this morning and now we are back to having all Covid news stories and its like the riots & that never happened. The only thing new here is that both governors (OR & WA) have stated that those who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons can be turned away from entering any business, etc that decides to do that. Like this one guy said, would they turn away someone in a wheel chair? It's just crazy and unsettling!
    Cathe: So what did you do if anything while Rum was golfing?
    Danielle: I'm very sorry you are having trouble finding a dog. Hope you find one soon.
    Denise: I haven't had the site lock up on me --- yet! You might want to clear all the cookies that deal with this site and that might help.
    Jane: did the crew get there?
    Katy: oh I can just imagine how fun playing with those kitties is. Are these little ones given to the rescue or are they found? We had a really sweet cat once back in CO that had a litter. I remember Steve & I laughed ourselves silly because out of 6 kittens, one was totally white, one totally black, one gray stripe (like mom), one orange strip, one mottled, and one was gray. It was little our little cat partied hardy one night!!!!!!!

    I have to sew Emma's jean shorts today and I really am not looking forward to that! I'll also do some alterations on other clothes too while the machine is out. Cleaning bathrooms and changing sheets is on the agenda too. Oh, I also got another jury summons*p!!!

  • OnlyJane
    June 20th - Tuesday - Limited sunshine
    Hi ladies,
    Hard to believe it is almost July, the time seems to be going by fast, but the virus, well not.

    Anna thank you for hosting July and Cathe thanks so much for doing June.

    This morning went to the doctor and had blood drawn. Talked a little to my doctor and his advise is to stay off social media, news site, and just quickly check your local community on events. He said there just is way too much hate and information that is not correct and it just stirs up people. He said try to eat correctly, and exercise as even walking is so good.

    When I got home, the tree people were there and apparently the very top branch of this huge pine, did not fall right and busted part of the railing on our deck. Oh boy I bet Bob was beside himself (glad I missed it), but you have to keep in mind our deck is old and the rails were in bad shape. Plans were to do a new deck after the trees came down, glad we waited. Sure hope they can finish today as this project has been one of those from h***!

    Anna glad your Dad's cancer spot was discovered, hope he heals quickly and your Mom does well at her appointment. Its nice that your able to help them out to their appointments.

    Danielle you will eventually find the right dogs. Glad you take good precautions at the gym, just read at a Planet Fitness place a whole lot of people came in contact with the virus and our numbers here are spiking again Everyone seems to be on edge.

    Katy, how fun to take care of the kitties and how great some are getting new forever homes. Did you ever get a quote for the window? Do you have any 4th of July plans? None here, so many of the parades have been cancelled and I wonder if the neighborhoods will be firing off the firecrackers like crazy this year since not much is going on. Glad you liked both dresses.

    Cathe is Casey going to stop by on the 4th or is that still in the air? It is so hard right now, darn virus spreading again. No plans here that I know of at the moment. I miss so much hugging my dgd and family too. We all are in the same boat though.

    Denise hope the freezing of the site stops for you. Had that happen last week, in fact was on the computer looking at the latest photos you took and it would freeze - frustrating.

    Terry is today one of the days you were going to visit with more friends? Feels good doesn't it to see and talk with people. This mask stuff is annoying, everyone was masked up at the doctor's and my glasses kept fogging up and my face started to feel so hot that when I was alone in the room for a few minutes I lifted up the mask to get some fresh air, at least hope it was fresh (lol), oh well if it helps, o.k.

    Better go and check to see if any more disasters with trees happened - bye and have a safe, nice day.
  • Terry0773
    My grandmother made that recipe up and its my fav. Do you go out and pick wild asparagus? That's what we used to do but not now. I love fresh too! Those asparagus fries sounded yummy---I'm going to try those too.
  • Terry0773
    Holy cow Jane!!! Are they going to be responsible for paying for part of the replacement for the deck? I bet Bob blew a gasket!!! I kept wondering how our tree cutter missed the "pavillion" because those trees were 5 ft away from it.
    Your doctor is so right!!! I too get stressed and angry reading all the news and feel so lost that I cannot control things happening around me. Best bet is to ignore it as much as possible! Hope you can do it too....
    Tomorrow we go out to see our friends. Can't wait!
  • DNA301
    Hi! July needs to come in, sit down, and not cause any trouble. That's all! I tried getting my mom out of the house today just to walk around the block but she and my grandmother had a fight and was in a foul mood afterwards. I decided it was in my best interest to play video games until I had a video call with my therapist. It's weird because I can do video calls for my therapist or my doctor but the idea of FaceTiming my friend in Florida freaks me out LOL! I guess I should try to get my mom outside tomorrow but, we'll see what her mood is in the morning.

    Cathe- Thanks for hosting June!

    Anna- Thanks for hosting July! Our cases here in the city are still low but they say we're not going to total Phase 3 any time soon. Indoor dining seems to be a big problem so we may not have that here. Hope things get better for you dad!

    Terry- We got hail here on golf ball hail! It stopped as soon as it started!

    Jane- I try to limit the amount of news I consume because it makes my anxiety ickier than it normally is.
  • OnlyJane
    Good morning, cloudy looking like rain again on this Wednesday morning
    Been up and as usual have not accomplished much. This should be the last day of tree cutters so sure hope they finish.

    Ashley that is interesting now your cases in NY are low, but so many other states they are going higher, strange virus that's for sure. Our governor put the state under an emergency executive order until the end of August I think, this way if necessary he can change the restrictions quickly if needed. Too bad you could not get your Mom out, maybe one day this week. Glad your finding things to keep you busy while off from work.

    Terry our deck was in bad shape, it has to be replaced so now that we don't have to worry about anymore trees hitting it, will replace. Enjoy seeing your friends today.

    Hope Cathe is o.k., don't think she posted yesterday.

    Hope everyone has another safe and good day. Take care!

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good mroning

    Terry- have a nice see your friend today

    well today the sun is out yea no rain. well go to the gym early this morning. I don't go to the gym on Friday because that when I go to the grocery store. Are gym is little. if I still live in vegas I wouldn't go to the gym there seen they are big like the one I use to work at. my husband doesn't have to work Friday and he going to try to come home early Thursday. I need to mow are lawn here. my garden doing good. I have take pic of it I just haven't. Are apple tree get apples little one right now but looks like we might get a lot. this year no cherry so hopeful next year.

    hope everyone has a great wedensday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!
    Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday. My doctor appointment thru me off.
    I went to the ENT doc to ask about my constantly clearing my throat. Well, I came home so mad because of my wait time and I didn't get a satisfactory answer. He did take x-rays and the sinus cavities are clear and the top of my throat looked ok. I hope I get a survey from this Health System because I am going to tell about the wait time. Plus he was retiring yesterday!! I'm sure he was yacking to patients.

    Anna- Thanks for moving us to July.
    Sure glad the doctor feels he got all the cancer. Sorry it happened in the first place! Hope your appointment for your mom goes well.

    We are in stage 4. Illinois hasn't had a surge. I hope and pray that because we were wearing masks early and opened slowly that we will be ok. Yet we had all those protestors together. I do like articles that offer real information by doctors. I shared the one on FB that tells why we wear masks. It is a good read.

    It is scorching hot here and the pool isn't ready. Rum is having a hard time getting it to clear up. I'd rather stay inside in the AC anyway.

    Jane- well guess now you will be replacing a deck?? Ours needs to be replaced too.

    Terry- Casey and family are coming on the 5th for an hour and a half. She is right, breathing seems to be the main way to catch the virus. We will maintain 6 ft. You know a lot about dogs. Are male dogs likely to pee inside? All 3 of our Old English were females. Of course then you deal with "heat".

    Ashley- hope you can get your mom outside. It is safe and if no one has been in your yard it is perfectly safe.--as you know.

    I have walked two days in a row and my shins didn't hurt. I stopped over my friend Lynn's house and we sat and chatted. She lives in the back of the subdivision. She plans on flying to CA next week. I am not ready to fly anywhere.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • OnlyJane
    Just checking back to see what is going on. Nothing here, we have had rain storms off and on so tree cutters did not show, did call and will be here tomorrow to finish up. Other than that it has been a slow day, did clean the bathroom we use all the time, isn't that exciting!!

    Cathe that is maddening when you have to wait too long to see the doctor especially now when you really don't care to be sitting in a medical facility and then no clear answer given for your problem. Glad Casey and family will come on the 5th for awhile. When we first brought home our rescue Benji and he came in the house, he peed on a small wooden rocking horse my Dad made for our first born. The next time he peed on the door frame of the bathroom, and that was it. I think they say they are marking their territory.

    Danielle that is good your gym is small, much easier for them to keep cleaning. Glad your husband gets the day off before the 4th. Will you be baking anything with your apples when they are ready? We had an apple tree at one time and several years the apples were great and made pies but then several years they did not produce much plus they weren't good.

    Oh I noticed when shopping at Kroger's yesterday they opened up their salad bar again. This time it has a super large sneeze guard over it.

    Need to think of something for dinner! Have a good evening everyone.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Spent most of today cleaning my bedroom. Not exactly the most fun vacation activity but it needed to be done LOL! I also checked my work e-mail, just to see what's up, and I found out what the hospital is giving us as a gift for "going above and beyond" during this whole mess...umbrellas. They're giving us a pair of umbrellas...not even like big little hand held umbrellas! I feel very appreciated LOL! Today they officially announced that indoor dining will not be a thing we're doing in NYC as part of Phase 3 because they've tied it to spikes in other states. I'm all for anything that doesn't cause spikes...and it's not like I'm eating in a restaurant any time soon anyway.

    Jane- I'm an expert in keeping myself busy. I'm one of those people who always finds something to do. My mom use to joke that I would have done amazingly well as an only child since I'm such an expert at keeping myself entertained.

    Cathe- Most of my FaceBook feed has been taken over by articles with all kinds of false information. What concerns me is the number of people who believe false info and are freaked out by science as a result.
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: outdoor and water, text that says 'Freedom is not the right to do anything, it is the right to do the correct thing.'

    Jane, oh my goodness! What a mess you and Bob have to deal with! But at least you will get a new deck now.

    Ashley, I have unfollowed so much stuff and people on FB in the last few weeks. I simply don't want people's negativity showing up on my page. And only watching local news right now. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

    Cathe, I will have to say, all appointments for Mom and Dad the last two weeks have been very prompt. They don't allow for anyone to wait in the waiting room other than the patient or one adult with a child/patient. Everyone else has to wait in the car.

    Terry, hope you have a good visit with your friends.

    Hello to everyone else here. Gotta run. Have an early grocery pickup this a m and need to get ready to head out.


  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    The sun is shining. it is going to be 90 again today.

    Anna- pretty GIF and such a nice message.
    How is job hunting going? or don't you want to talk about it?

    Ashley-- I laughed that the hospital is giving you umbrellas!! Really? Just give me the money for an umbrella! What a ridiculous gift.
    I was always good entertaining myself as a child. I played paper dolls by the hours, or played with my baby dolls. I did a lot of pretending in my head.
    I guess I like scrapbooking because I don't need another person to play. LOL

    I am so lucky that my FB feed is pretty mundane. If something comes up on the virus I always check who wrote the article.

    Jane- I don't think I'm ready to get something from a salad bar. Yet the only thing I might by there is soup in the winter.

    Terry- Have fun seeing your friends!

    Danielle- It will be nice having a big crop of apples.

    Hello to all. Have a nice day.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    cathe- sorry to hear about your Waite time and that he didn't answer your question.

    jane- last year we had lots of apples and my parents where here so my mom help pick them and we made apple sauce that didn't turn that great and we made this apple pie I think it call turn over apple pie. I gave some apples to my parents to take home.

    Anna- pretty GIF and such a nice message.

    well look little cloudy right now. yesterday I mow the lawn. well going to the gym early this morning. I sold a grab bag that I put on Facebook for 5.00 which was nice. I wish I could go see my parents I miss see them in person and I would love to see there new wood floors the put in awhile back ago and I would love to see my new niece and my nephew. but California is get bad with the virus and I don't want to get it and I know my parents don't want to get it. I try to take pic of my garden and put on here that way you can see it is growing.

    hope everyone has a great Thursday

  • Terry0773
    Morning!! It's cloudy and due for more rain or mist or whatever version of water falling from the sky! And mid-60s, I love it!!! I've been trying to plan out what to plant in my new blackberry free space in the front yard. Lesson is there are way too many choices and it makes my head spin! Right now I'm thinking a yellow rose hedge with a low growing plant called Henry's Garnet for mid height and the low will be Sunsparkler Dazzleberry Stonecrop with 2 dwarf Crape Myrtle trees to anchor on each end. And then grass. I'll have to order these online from Monrovia & Jackson Perkins.

    It was such a good feeling to sit with our friends and watch the dogs run! Only 3 people in the whole crowd wore masks but pretty much no one hugged except me & BFF. A good friend from Seattle was there too and the 3 of us girls talked for 3 hours!!! Then Steve & I went back to Bff's new trailer and had lunch. When you lose the ability to do something you love and then you get to do it, the feeling leaves you so happy!! I hope everyone gets to feel that way soon!

    Anna: Love the freedom saying! I wish the younger generation who's entitlement attitude would appreciate the sacrifices made for them. They seem to think it's always going to be there. Sad!
    Ashley: I need to do some serious cleaning here too. That has to be this weekend's agenda! Hoping you can get your Mom outside which I think would help her tremendously.
    Cathe: Oh those pesky male dogs!! It goes back to the pack mentality. Male dogs were in charge of territories and keeping other packs out which protects the females from mating outside the pack. So that's why a male dog is constantly marking ( and some females do it too). My vet told me that if you neuter's a male puppy at about 6 months you take the testosterone equation out and the marking is now almost non-existent. Our BFFs have males and those guys do not mark in the house at all and they aren't fixed either. So maybe there's a training in there? I have never owned a male so I don't know how to train a dog to stop marking in the house. The maddest I have gotten at the doctor's office was last Nov when I waited 90 min to get into a room and then another 30 min for him to show up. I was fuming!!!!!!!!!!!! He said he couldn't get away from explaining a surgical procedure to his new patients. NOT my problem!
    Danielle: That's pretty cool that you have fruit producing trees. We had several apple trees here which were wild but I've gotten rid of several since no fruit ever came.
    Denise: how are things?
    Jane: I hope the crew shows up today to finish! There are so many bad information out there and we talked a lot yesterday about it. Since Chrissy is from Seattle she was very concerned. Yesterday morning at 2AM (?!!???) the Seattle mayor said to dismantle CHOP and the boy what a mess. The leader said they were just going to set up somewhere else. Hopefully this will all be coming to an end soon. Since Steve & I are now on a counting calorie type diet I need ideas for supper. He joined Noom and they have recipes but I have to have him do the searching etc since it's all on his phone. I'm going to intersper some Keto stuff too.
    Katy: I finally searched out that Fabulous 50s lady on YouTube. Wow...she's great!! I watched the one makeup video and she had great ideas---some new some I knew of already. Good deal you found 2 dresses!! I don't even own 1 let alone shoes to wear with them. I've gone totally country casual in the wardrobe department including yoga pants!!! What my mother would call "sloppy dressing". Hahaha....

    Have a safe day....and a happy one!
  • Rockmom
    Things seem back to normal with the site. No freezing so far.

    Personally, I don't think masks help all that much. I think distance, even avoidance, and hand washing does more. I wear glasses. when I put on a mask, my glasses fog up with my first breath which tells me my moist breath is escaping the mask. The moistness sogs-up the mask and it breeds germs. Maybe that's the idea, to get us all sick. Top all that off with forcing us to breath in more of our exhaled breath is bad for our health and gives us headaches. I read an article by OSHA that said only pre-fitted N95 masks work to keep us healthy. They are designed to keep toxins out in an already contaminated environment but they do not keep our exhaled particles in. So if you have the disease, then you will contaminate the environment around you. The surgical masks don't keep all our exhaled particles in and do not keep anything out. So no protection for you at all. None. IF one person around you doesn't wear a mask or wears it wrong and it doesn't fit them and has the disease then the environment becomes polluted quickly. I've seen lace masks, wow, I've seen them worn on the chin, and hanging from one ear, sticking out of pockets, ones that are loose, ones that are too small, the list goes on. It would need to be 100% wearing them and they would need to be well fitted and you'd still need to distance for them to work with the smallest percentage of efficiency. Also if you look at the numbers the deaths are slowing a lot. They are reporting numbers in an unacceptable way. For instance, if you test positive and live with 4 other people they are reporting 5 new cases and if you sit with 3 other people in close contact at work, then they report 8 new cases. that's wrong! So when one of those 8 test positive the numbers go up again. Too many inconsistencies with the numbers. Yes, Sars cov-2 is a terrible infection, yes it kills people. I just don't believe the hype on the numbers. Yes, I'm distancing, staying in or away from people, washing hands, etc. Okay, off my bandwagon. sorry...

    I'm working on my historical marker scrapbook pages. I made one last night. Hope to do a few this weekend. We shall see.

    Terry, that flower bed sounds really nice and pretty.

    Ashley, ugh, its work but when I get a purge completed it feels so good.
  • OnlyJane
    Thursday, July 2nd, Sunshine and hot - 88
    Good afternoon,
    Busy morning, did a Walmart run for my meds. and then got some items at Kroger's, had hair done. Came home thinking the tree people would be there, no, that is all I will say for now other than Bob is livid. Anyway, at least no rain. Just need some motivation, our numbers are going up and we had a death, first one since April. Masks are now required but still some exemptions like going to church, um that is one place they are needed in my mind, some things just don't make any sense.

    Denise, you do make some very good points on wearing masks. Your right about how numbers are being reported. This virus just plain sucks, sorry with my language. Now worried as the detention center where my younger son and wife works has an inmate who tested positive, they have him isolated in their medical facility, this is just way to close, although son is in admin, still all the other people who work there, mingle. We have not seen them since Christmas which I guess is good due to their work place and us being older. They do have temp. checks upon arriving to work, and extra cleaning, but still.

    Ashley glad you have been working on your bedroom. Oh wow on being given umbrella's for working above and beyond, how about some extra money added to your paycheck?

    Danielle would love to see a photo of your garden. It would be nice if you could see your parents but I can understand not wanting to travel right now.

    Terry so glad you had a visit. Oh how nice it would be to actually hug my family, we humans need interaction with each other. I am amazed that Steve is doing so well after his surgery so quickly, good for him. Need to refresh my memory on what foods are rich in iron as my iron levels came up low this time, so the dr. put me on iron pills for 6 weeks, then have a blood draw again to see if the numbers went up. Not sure what happened.

    Anna great sign today and so true. Glad you have been able to back away from lots of social media and news. We never watch the evening news anymore, only if there was something big like a hurricane or something like that. I do check the internet sites on our virus numbers and the weather. Any plans for the 4th? None here this year.

    Cathe, guess your area is warming up too!! Is your pool ready? The one thing that I noticed about Kroger's salad bar was they did not have gloves to use when putting your salad together, everyone touching those serving spoons does not sound good to me. Bob had noticed when he went to get a pick up food order, the place had their salad bar open, but on each plate was a pair of disposable gloves. Since I was an only child, did a lot of playing by myself, loved paper dolls and coloring and reading. Mom and I played lots of games, loved Old Maid, and did many puzzles.

    Time to find something constructive to do, this day has gone fast.
    Everyone have a wonderful rest of the day, stay sate!!!!

  • Terry0773
    Jane: Just saw what you posted. When I was having chemo every week I had blood draws 30 min before each session. If the iron levels were low you couldn't have the chemo which upset the doctors and the proverbial apple cart. Mine were borderline several times and my oncologist insisted that I have spinach every day. In whatever form I wanted to eat it. Plus I had to have the iron pills too. I know cow's liver is high in iron as well but it makes me want to puke. Cannot eat it! The other thing I learned from my doctor is that cooking food in cast iron pans puts iron into your food as well. I love my Lodge cast iron & use them every day. Those are my input!! I hope it helps ....

    Denise: I totally 100% agree with you. First the masks were said by the CDC were not a good thing ---wash hands & distance. Then all of a sudden CDC says to wear the masks but only the N95 fitted ones work. Only doctors get those and they have classes on how to fit them. As a seamstress, I see the tiny little holes that result when the fabric is made and the micro virus atoms pass right thru it. We read an article that said if a person tests positive but shows no sign and retests etc they are not counting that as 1 person but 2, 3, on up as many times as the person is tested. Plus they are now counting people who have tested but only for the antibodies and when they test positive it counts as 2. One for todays test and one for having it. How screwy is that? I know this might sound as if I am having a conspiracy theory going but I honestly think come Nov 5th, all this covid stuff will disappear. I think from what I've read that the majority of this is political ploys. Anyway, I am being a good little girl and wearing a mask although it is below my nose so I don't flip out.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Nothing much to report here but I guess that's a good thing LOL! I did get a text from my job with the next schedule in it and, of course, my schedule is completely garbage. I'm spending more time out of the lab than in it but that's my normal I guess. I wasn't going to look at the schedule until Sunday but then I realized I needed to so I could book an appointment with my therapist. I like to do them on my days off so I'm not running home from work, showering, and having to do a video session.

    Anna- My dad got into such an argument with the doctor's office today. They want him to come into the office for his next appointment even though his pulmonologist said that he should wait another month before doing any in-office appointments with any doctor. (The pulmonologist is waiting for the other shoe to fall and for NYC to go back to disaster levels.) They said my dad isn't "actually sick" so he can come in and my dad can't wear a drops his oxygen levels straight down quickly.

    Cathe- I have to remember to take pictures of what I've been working on. It's not exactly scrapbooking but, well, it's something LOL! I'll post a few pictures tomorrow.

    Terry- I can't wait to be able to do anything that remotely resembles normal here but I don't think that will be happening any time soon. My mom's decided the only way she's ever going to feel safe again is when there's a vaccine and when we move out of the city to someplace with "space." Talking about space, I'm taking the first rocket to the moon and staying there if this whole thing was a manufactured disaster!

    Denise- I have to wear a surgical mask at work and it fogs up my glasses all day. We (the lab) asked if we could be fit tested for N95 masks and the hospital told us "no." The N95 masks are only for "essential workers" and the lab doesn't count as essential since we have no patient contact. Thankfully, none of us have gotten sick in the lab though a few techs have tested positive for antibodies.

    Jane- The only plans for the 4th I have (aside from trying to ignore the growing dread that comes with going back to work after a vacation) might be to watch the Hamilton movie on Disney+ but that depends on my mom. She may decide we should watch it tomorrow instead.
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    We have been in the 90's for temperatures and it is going to continue. Sure glad I'm not camping!!!

    Ashley- I'll be waiting to see what you made.
    I did get to see Hamilton in Chicago. I would watch it on tv but we don't have any way of viewing it. It would be cool to see faces and expressions up close.

    I need to run to the grocery store. Maybe I'll see a flying elephant so I have something fun to report! LOL

    Have a nice 4th---as much as you can. Frankly I'm depressed over it. No one is coming over and we aren't going anywhere. There is no parade nor fireworks. Guess I will watch them on tv tomorrow night.
  • OnlyJane
    July 3rd. sunshine and will be hot today, in the 90's
    Good morning,
    At least the weather will be lovely. Nothing big going on, haven't seen the usual people out this morning who start their day walking.

    Cathe wish I could give you a big hug and I do understand being depressed especially with holiday time. Normally we would have something planned and get to spend time with Aria. Every holiday, family birthday's this year has been a bust. This virus stuff has been going on way too long and people are mentally falling apart. Can you do some virtual meetings just to be able to see each other?

    Ashley would love to see what your working on. Is Sunday when you have to go back to work? Oh my on your dad's doctor wanting to see him in his office and the other doctor saying he should not go. I am still sort of mad at my doctor since being of the older crowd, did not want to do the 6 month check but needed meds refilled, they said no, need to come in first.

    Terry thank you for the info on iron. I can remember from time to time growing up Mom would serve liver and spinach, oh my how I hated that meal, she would always say those foods were rich in iron. Cast iron, Bob loved to cook some things in his, he had them for camping mostly. When we got our glass cooktop on our new stove we were told not to use them, but I have also heard you could, but don't move them around on the burner, pick them up. I agree there is way too much politics with this virus, I know it is real, but so unsure if the numbers are even near correct. Regardless it sure has messed up the economy and left many people in a big financial mess due to no work. OK did not mean to get on the darn soapbox again. Last night heard some fireworks, expect more tonight and tomorrow will most likely be very noisy.

    Hi to everybody, if I don't get back on here for a day or two, enjoy the long weekend, stay as safe as you can.
  • Terry0773
    I'm sitting here looking out my office window and the clouds are moving and split apart and it formed a star Within 10 sec it was something else. Yesterday in the late afternoon, Steve called me outside to see the baby barn swallows. Apparently mom kicked them out of the nest and the one little guy didn't fly yet. He was so cute just standing there. Had to keep the dogs away from him. I did get pics!

    Anna: are you doing anything for the 4th? I miss your patriotic cards this time of year! I think our whole country needs a little patriotism right now.
    Ashley: Was it the doctor or his nurse that decided he had to come in? I ask because anyone who has a loved one on oxygen knows that it is a condition that requires constant monitoring, care, and diligence. This nurse sounded clueless!
    Cathe: I saw a weather report this morning and except for our region the whole US is going to be horribly hot this whole weekend. I'd love to find somewhere high enough to take photos of the fireworks they usually have by the Columbia River. I'd have to go out at night by myself as Steve is sleeping long before they start! We might BBQ but nothing else is on the agenda.
    Cheryl: darling photos on FB
    Danielle: keep looking! The dogs you want will be there...
    Denise: Are you doing a family BBQ?
    Jane: It amazes me when I think of all the foods our parents & grandparents ate without thinking about it and our generation and all the ones following ours do not eat let alone know about. Liver & onions is a good example. You cannot even find them on menus anymore which I think is a good thing! I think one reason we are all upset is the inconsistency of the virus reporting, etc. But we can't change it so live with it. Hope you have a great weekend
    Katy: enjoy your time with Michael!!

    Steve just informed me to get ready as we have to go to Best Buy to pick up his new computer. His other one just died last night! Bye Bye money!!!
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: text that says 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!'

    Happy July 4th!

    No plans for anything today. None of our gang is having a party, cookout, or anything…just a regular day. We will enjoy the neighbor's fireworks again tonight.

    We are in the process of removing our box shrubs from the lower end of the front of the house. It has turned out to be a bigger project than expected. Roots are very deep and the small tractor we are using is digging up the yard too. So we will work on this some more today.

    Cathe, yes, I am job hunting. There are not many job openings available right now. I have applied for a few but so far no responses. Honestly, I am enjoying my time at home but I would like to work until 62. My stress level has gone way down; don't have to worry about referrals and sales; nor the stress of deciding if a check being presented is going to come back and bite me. I do not miss it at all but worry about the stigma of being terminated on my record. Bucky is on vacation this week but then is furloughed until August 1. They have coal stockpiled everywhere and no orders so everyone has been furloughed….meaning they are supposed to be called back to work by August 1 or before if they get part of the coal sold. Hopefully, they all get to go back to work.

    Ashley, we were fortunate enough to get Covid pay for about 6-8 weeks. When they decided it was over, they delivered a king size candy bar to each employee. The guy over our region called two weeks before the covid pay cut off and requested a list of everyone's favorite candy bar. He personally delivered the candy bars and made small talk about how much our frontline service was appreciated. They were delivered in the afternoon and shortly before we left for the day an email came stating that our covid pay was over. The guy never said a word to us about the covid pay being terminated!!! I guess the candy bars were to soften the blow that was coming!!!

    Jane, there is church two counties over from us (in WV) had a lot of people infected with Covid. Per the local news, someone from the congregation had been to Myrtle Beach, SC and came back with the virus. Last I heard there were 34 church members infected and one elderly person had died from it. The local news reported that none of them wore face masks while at the church. I've always heard that liver is rich with iron. Personally, I can't eat the stuff….can't stand it in fact!

    Terry, sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends. How is the Noom diet different from WW? I've heard of Noom and seem some commercials for it but not sure how it works. Binged watched season 2 of Yellowstone yesterday. It was really good. I hoping to catch season 1 at some point. I don't think I have made a patriotic card in a long time. And I even have several new dies and stamps too. I've lost all mojo…..beginning to wonder if it will ever return. Even with all of this extra time at home, I have no desire to make cards.

    Denise, I agree with your thoughts on the face masks. My glasses fog up too and I had read somewhere that the N95 masks were the preferred to use.

    Danielle, I'm sure you do miss your family. Hugs!

  • OnlyJane
    July 4th - weather looks sunny and hot

    HAPPY 4th of July everyone!! Enjoy your day, stay safe. wash your hands, distance yourself, wear your mask! Who would have thought we would be saying all these words all the time now. Strange times we are in.

    Anna thank you for the sign for today. Shrubbery can be so hard to remove and here our soil is the pits, clay, ugh. Sorry to hear you dh is off from work until August 1st. Bob is still off, he was ready to go back in March after surgery but right now with his company, they are only getting work due to emergencies in the utility sector. All long term projects seem to be on hold and that is where he does his work. Glad your feeling less stress from not working at the bank, never realized how they hold their employees responsible for so much and also put pressure on sales so to speak. No gatherings for us this year, we, too, will most likely enjoying fireworks from the neighbors across the street by sitting on our front porch!

    Again, everyone have a nice 4th of July, think positive thoughts!!

  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!! Happy Fourth of July!!

    I finally got out my red, white and blue hand towel and a front door ornament thingy. It is red white and blue and is shaped like a bottle cap. i think a star dangles from it. It was from Jo Ann's I think.

    Rum's sister Rose is coming over for dinner. I think the pool is finally an acceptable color. So I plan on going in.

    Anna- i was wondering if you were feeling so good not working that you would chuck the whole job thing. ............but you are young.
    Sorry to hear Bucky isn't working. I too, didn't realize so much stress went along with working at a bank.

    As a kid, I didn't mind when mom served liver. I didn't eat the onions. I wouldn't eat liver now.

    Terry- did Steve get his computer?
    Did the little barn swallow make it? I hate it when nature is cruel.

    I plan on washing my hair and scrap. Guess we have to make our own fun. LOL

    Have a nice day everyone. I'm taking a hiatus of everything corona.

  • Terry0773
    Slept in late which means 7am. Don't know why the dogs didn't wake up. I have no plans today except maybe playing. No plans for supper either. I'm not sure if I'm in a mood or just don't care--go-with-the-flow.

    Anna: love the clip. Read an article yesterday that out of 100 college kids interviewed not a single one could answer why we celebrate today. No wonder you were under so much stress!!! I worked in banks back in the 70s and they weren't like that. The only thing that was empathized was balancing your cash drawer. But if you didn't you didn't have to pay it back or get fired for it. Let alone quotas and all that nonsense. I can certainly understand the feeling of no stress now. I also had boxwoods to pull out and there was just no way I could dig them up. Steve's at work and I had to get inventive so I took the ATV and tied a rope around the hitch hole and the other end around the base of the boxwood. I cut with a shovel a circle around the plant, got on the atv and pulled it right out. Easy peasy!! I thought Steve was going fall over laughing. I need to get online with his password to figure out how Noom works. They don't have points but a logging area and it tells you how many calories, etc you have left in the day. Food is listed in red, yellow, & green categories and I'm not understanding that yet. I'll get back to you!!!
    Cathe: I almost wish it would rain tonight to keep those firecrackers to a minimum. The people in OR cross the bridge to buy them here at a big warehouse place. They all are illegal in OR so the cops sit at the exit of the place and radio ahead lic plate #s to the OR cops and they then stop them once they cross back over the bridges. Then of course the cops write the ticket and confiscate all they just bought. My dad worked as a mechanic for a large trucking firm and he always had drivers bring him back M80s from the Indian reservations in OK or TX. Those I didn't like. Enjoy the pool!!! With the heat you guys are having it is a must. The little bird must have learned to fly away cuz he isn't around anymore. We don't have any raptors that would have gotten him or outside cats either. Yes we p. u. the computer and he's now a happy camper as the thing is running at mach speed!! He said to consider it his birthday present (that is on the 13th) and I think I will!!!
    Jane: enjoy your weekend! Any sign of the tree crew? I ordered some makeup last night and that made me happy. Have you looked at the YouTuber that Katy talked about? She talks about everything from makeup, hair, clothes etc for women over 50. I picked up some eye makeup news that made so much sense and yet I never knew about it. Like wearing an eye primer before shadow and what color shadows to wear. It's great. Then I amuse myself with dance videos, Todrick Hall, Pitbull, and of course paper crafting. YouTube is where I go instead of TV in the afternoons.

    Hope everyone has a safe 4th and a happy one no matter who you see or talk to! Bye for now...

  • Anna C
    Terry or Katy, what is the name of the site again?
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: flower, plant, nature and text

    Hope you all have a great day!
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!Q!

    Terry- I wonder what 100 college students they asked why we celebrate the 4th. --or how the question was presented.
    We aren't in school on the 4th of July so maybe it does get overlooked as why we celebrate. But I know it was taught as part of American history.

    The 4th was ok. It was nice to have Rum's sister over. We did go in the pool even tho' it isn't perfectly clear.
    We watched fireworks on tv. they were Rockford's from last year. Not the same as in person but at least we saw some.
    We never go to Rockford's fireworks as they are downtown. It is hard to find parking and get out of there. We go with Doug to his small town's fireworks.
    Rockford's display is spectacular.

    Does anyone have a gas stove/oven that they really like??
    Rum is researching. I didn't think my oven was going to heat up on Friday evening. It stayed at 100 for longer than usual.

    Have a nice day.

  • Terry0773
    Morning! All I have to do today is clean my messy kitchen! I did get in the car about 9:30 to shoot some photos of fireworks the neighbors were setting off.
    I've never done it the way they suggested so I have no idea what I'm going to get.

    Anna: I've attached a link for you but it is call fabulous50s.
    She seems Australian to me and she's quite beautiful.
    Cathe: I have what they call a dual stove from GE. The stove part is gas but the oven is electric. I love it. I grew up with electric and had one but then Steve got a wild hair and we bought a glass top and I will never do that again or recommend one. Now he says we should switch out to invection and I simply won't do it. It took me awhile to get used to the gas but I'm liking it.

  • OnlyJane
    July 5th - Some sun, some clouds
    Good afternoon,
    Pretty nice day again, may hit 90 and it was already 78 when getting up at 6:30 so it did not cool down that much, we did hit 94 yesterday. Lots of fireworks around us and in the neighborhood. The neighbor across the street from us always has had a wonderful display, did not do anything else this year. So disappointed, we were sitting on the front porch ready for the show, several people had walked down to the corner to sit thinking her show would start, boo on her (lol), she did have her yard all decked out with small flags, pinwheels, bows, etc. Bob said she had 47 small put in the ground type flags all around her house and driveway, guess he counted them, shows you how much idle time he has (lol). Anyway did see lots of pretty fireworks that were over the lake.

    Terry the glass tops on stoves are horrible to keep clean is my biggest complaint but like how no boil overs fall under the burners. Ours can be a regular oven or a convection oven. We tend to use the regular settings since so many of the directions on packages have no instructions for convection cooking. I know you have to convert a recipe and it is faster according to the engineer who resides in this house...

    Cathe glad you were able to use your pool. One of the houses up the street from us had a pool, they took it out several years ago as it was just way too much upkeep, they had to have dirt brought in to fill the whole, etc. In Florida, of course, many people have pools and most of them are screened in so they stay cleaner longer. Same is true I bet in other states that can swim a good part of the year. Glad Rum's sister could visit. We watched some of Macy's Fireworks, think they were new - had them going off by the Statue of Liberty, and they set some off on the top of the Empire State Building which was all in red/blue/white lights.

    Anna like your good morning sign! Hope you enjoyed your day.

    Hope everyone had a good 4th and today as well is going good. Stay safe!!
  • DNA301
    Hi! We had a quiet...well, sort of quiet because there were people everywhere shooting off illegal fireworks LOL...4th of July here. My mom and I watched "Hamilton" on Disney+ and that was about it. I didn't even feel like singing along because my mom doesn't know any of the words to any of the songs (which is fairly amazing considering I'm kinda obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack) so she couldn't sing with me. Tomorrow I go back to work and I'm not looking forward to it. I just really don't want to go back to the masks and the worry and the disaster that is the lab.

    This is what I've been doing to pass the time when I'm not writing LOL. I bought a journal from the Disney Store online and started making stickers out of the Disney pictures I have on my cell phone using a cell phone printer (fun toy but the battery has a crazy short lifespan and can only hold ten sheets of paper at a time)...then I kinda started a Disney Junk Journal with the stickers.

  • Terry0773
    Can't sleep again and its 1 AM --- I have a 10 AM dr apt too. blek!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: coffee cup, text that says 'It's MONDAY No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Demi Lovato'

    I sure hope there is a light some light at the end of the tunnel regarding this virus! So many new cases everywhere.

    Ashley, what kind of printer do you have for your cell phone? Great pages in your journal too.

    Terry, hope you were able to get some sleep before your appointment.

    Have a great day ladies!

  • OnlyJane
    July 5th, sunny
    Good morning,
    Yesterday was another hot one, today suppose to be cooler, around 89. Bob just went outside to do some things, hope it keeps his busy. There is about one or two loads of tree waste to get rid of and then project done. The guy was suppose to come yesterday, never showed. Bob told him he would not get the rest of his money until that is taken care of. Anyway, not sure what today will bring.

    Anna perfect sign for today, oh we need some good news and your right, cases are continuing to going up, when will it end. What is on your agenda for today? Did you get the shrubs out?

    Terry ugh on not sleeping. Hate that and lately been having some issues like that. Hope all goes well with your doctor appointment.

    Ashley love your Disney Journal and like how you made photos into stickers. Glad you were able to watch Hamilton on Disney. Too bad your Mom did not sing. Hope work goes better for you upon your return.

    Cathe, was yesterday the day Casey was coming over for awhile? What is on your agenda for today, meeting up with your bff this week for some shopping therapy?

    Guess better go and do something constructive and stop my laziness.

    Hope everyone has a safe and good day!!
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    Ashley- It is fun seeing your junk journal. Glad you are creating something with your phone pictures. I will love seeing more.

    Danielle- congratulations on getting a dog--saw it on FB.

    Yes, Casey and family came over yesterday. I will be making a Layout about it.
    Van went on a overnight camping trip with some of his school friends and one of the boy's father. So he wasn't here.

    There weren't many fireworks shot off around here.

    I plan on watering the flowers and scrapping. Not much else going on.

    Have a nice day.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well we got a dog. we got her from Utah at bestfriends. they have all kinds of animals like cats dogs and other animals. she is a Labrador retriever/ mix. her name at the place was call MS Potts. we where look at her on the website. so we went down there Friday to Utah . we got to the place around 4 pm and saw her and talk to the people. we meet her at downtown in little area park where I guess let you meet the dogs. so we talk about her and she was look for lizards. they where wear mask and we brought are mask with us. so we told them we come Saturday and pick her up and do the paper works and pay for her. she has all over her shots and has a chip in her. so there where a few people to say bye to her. her caregiver was there. we where going to get another dog with her but her friend dog that she was with was a boy dog and I didn't want a boy dog so we just got her and maybe next year we will go back and get another dog. it is a Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. she is a lover she loves belly rubs. her name now is Bella. she brak at cars. so we head home Saturday. she is doing good.

    hope everyone had a nice 4 th and has a nice Monday.
  • OnlyJane
    Danielle glad you found a dog, how fun! Post a photo of her on here as I am not on facebook, was at one time but did not care for it. You now have someone to walk with during the day. How old is she?

    Cathe glad you spent some time with Casey. Looking forward to seeing your layout!
  • Southernlady2

    here is a pictures of her
  • Rockmom
    We grilled burgers at home, had potato salad, corn on the cob, home- grown tomato slices, watermelon and cantaloupe. We made a strawberry lemonade poke cake for dessert. Son and daughter came over to pop fireworks in the street...its legal here. Sadie fell asleep on my lap. We watched the city's fireworks from our upstairs playroom windows and bedroom windows on the back of our house. It was a perfect view. I missed the eclipse I looked too early then too late. Lol

  • Rockmom
    Danielle, so happy for you.
  • OnlyJane
    Danielle she looks so sweet and looks like she is making herself right at home! Does she like to go on walks?

    Denise sounds like you had a nice 4th! Glad you got to see some nice fireworks from your home.

    Was hot today, tried to do some yardwork, the endless task of pulling weeds. Now from the trees being cut down there are a bunch of tiny pieces of branches all over that need to be raked up. Things are getting dry again, be time to water again.
  • Terry0773
    HI! Went to the oncologist who I see every year, had blood tests done & all is fine. She wanted me to do another infusion of Zameta for bone density but I will not go thru that awfulness again. First time I had every bad symptom x 2 and was sick and hurt. Nope! So now she asked if I would take Fosemax and I won't do that because it made my mom shake like she had palsy. Nope!
    After I ran errands to the craft store, Joann's for mask fabric, and the grocery store. Of course, tomorrow is our anniversary & I will bet $$ Steve did not remember. Why break a 47 yr old tradition, right?

    Anna: I sure hope the light at the end of the tunnel comes soon! I learned today that I cannot go see Emma play softball Sat because only 1-2 parents per girl is allowed. Jeez.... Did you watch any of the fabulous 50s videos?
    Ashley: You do disney proud!! Fantasia has been an all time fav of mine but Alice was put out when I was a kid and of course it amazed everyone. Technology and the animation now is beyond anything anyone imagined!
    Cathe: Can't wait to see the LO of your visit with Casey et al. There was about 3 min of fireworks here last night. My photos did not come out at all and I really wish I could have a do over!!
    Danielle: so happy you found a dog! Definitely a pretty thing and there appears to be more lab in her than anything. Do you know what the cross breed was? Have fun with her!!
    Denise: Sounds like your 4th was fun and filled with all american style food for the 4th!! corn on the cob here yet and the melons are just not ripe either.
    Jane: I was so glad our tree guys took care of any twigs or debris. When they left you couldn't tell that they had been here except for the trees on the ground----which I'm still waiting for our neighbor to come get what he wants. The nurse today told me I have to move the mask over my nose and I told her no that I had a pre-existing condition and I couldn't wear it that way. I did that because I found out that they cannot make you wear it over your nose and they cannot ask why or what the condition is. Worked!!! Cooling down to 89 deg? That still sounds waaayyy toooo hot to me!

    DS#1 is building this game board and he wants to sell them too but he needs me to make him a stencil. I need to find out what cutting blade a Cricut needs to cut 4mm stencil material. I'll have to go look at the blog maybe.... does anyone here know per chance?
    Almost time to start supper and all I want is to go back to bed.
  • Southernlady2
    thanks everyone. I think they said she was 3 years old not to sure. she dose like to go for walks but she bark at ever car that she see. so I have to figure out how to get her not to do it. it hard walk here on the busy street with cars. but she loves her belly rub. terry I don't know what mix she has on the site that had picture of here just say mix. she is love it here in the house. last night was not great seen people still did fireworks and she was barking so I stay with her and pet her to calm her down. tomorrow I am going to take her down to the river and see what she dose in the water. I can't take her off the leash because I think she will run. well I bought a crate yesterday for her to sleep in. she loves play with all the dog toys and pull them out of the bucket that I have them in. she has not had any accidents in the house which is good.
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