July Mixed Media Challenge

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  • Dawna.s Place


    If you love working with mixed media, you're in the right place! Not sure what mixed media is? Well simply put, its the use of art mediums to add texture, dimension and interest to your projects. It's one of those no rules categories so you can have lots of fun making a beautiful mess or create your finest masterpiece! So, grab your favorite mediums and lets have some fun! ~ Dawna


    At the end of the month there will be a random drawing chosen at Random.org and one lucky winner will receive a $10.00 SB Gift Certificate! Good luck everyone!


    Here's a sample of a layout that I created using texture paste, clear gesso, blooms sprays, and some lovely microbeads:6468903_5_641373.jpg

    Possibility Begins with Imagination Layout by Dawna.s Place

    Here's a canvas I did for Caroline last year:


    Mixed Media Canvas for Caroline by Dawna.s Place


    1 This challenge is open to everyone who plans on creating a mixed media project to share.

    2. Spread the love by leaving comments in other participants galleries.

    3. Non-mixed media projects are not eligible for the prize drawing.

    4. Feel free to hang out and join in the chat! We like getting to know you!


    1 Dawna (aka Dawna's Place) Hostess

    2 Tena (aka Tena E.)

    3 Bev (aka Scrapperbee)

    4 Tina (aka Tinacloer)

    5 Krissy (akaKrizzy05)

    6 Kelly (aka KRLVN)

    7 Vivian (aka Vivian Lake)

    8 Elizabeth (aka Eapipkin)

    9 Caroline (aka Bishsticks)

    10 Peggy (aka Mgiov)



    Prize Eligible Projects:

    1 https://www.scrapbook.com/gallery/image/other/6541587.html

    2 https://www.scrapbook.com/gallery/image/other/6543261.html

    3 6547799_5_641373.jpg Wall Plaque for Jess by Eapipkin Scrapbook.com

    4 6546893_5_641373.jpg Queen Bee by Bishsticks Scrapbook.com

    5 6549415_5_641373.jpg 20th Wedding Anniversary Album by KVRLVN Scrapbook.com

    6 6548873_5_641373.jpg Treasures Journal - Page 12 by Eapipkin Scrapbook.com

    7 6550535_5_641373.jpg Treasures Journal - Page 13 by Eapipkin Scrapbook.com

    8 6554215_5_641373.jpg Thinking of You by Eapipkin Scrapbook.com

    9 6554605_5_641373.jpg Tropical Sunset: A Mixed Media Project by Mgiov Scrapbook.com




    Above all else, have fun creating your projects!

  • Tena E.
    Definitely in and hope to work on a project this weekend since hubby is working...so no 4th plans for me.
  • Scrapperbee
    Will be trying this again in July! Thanks for the challenge.
  • Tinacloer
    I'm in again this month!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi ladies, Nice to see you again this month. I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!

    Tena no 4th plans for me either. Just another quiet day at home. What project are you thinking about?
    Bev your welcome, my pleasure! Do you know what your going to work on this month?
    Tina any idea what your going to create this month?

    I have a MM project that I'd like to get to this month also, just a canvas. But to be honest we just rescued a darling orange tabby kitten that's just 8 weeks old. So, it's been almost a full time job keeping an eye on this little guy! lol I'll just have to play this month by ear. He loves to explore my desk top so I need to be careful using any "wet stuff" around him. Maybe some late night crafting, we'll see.
  • Krizzy05
    Hi Dawna. Thanks for hosting again this month! I've been MIA recently but am back with a mixed media project that I made for my living room. I decided to redecorate and completely change the color palate in my living room. I took the mirrors off the wall and painted them to match my new colors. I added Mod Podge, glitter, and flat back pearls. I really like how they look on my wall.

    Hi Dawna! I'm going to try. I have 2 albums I hope to finish this month. We will see.

  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Krissy and Kelly, so happy to have you back! Love the mirrors, great recycle, love the colors Krissy! Kelly I are you still planning to do mini albums of your vacation pics?
  • Tena E.
    Dawna, I'm going to try and get a 4x12 canvas done for my bookshelves, it's been rattling around in my head for awhile. I'm trying to find a book mold so I can try out some of Vivian's techniques but no luck on the book mold yet, got a few more etsy shops to check out. And hopefully at least a layout.
  • Vivian Lake
    I'm in!

    Tena . . . there are some combination molds with books on Etsy. Excited to see what you create!

  • Eapipkin
    I'm in also! I just finished a project yesterday that qualifies for mixed media but I can't post it until it is received since the recipient is a scrapper!

    Gonna get a closer look at Kristine's mirrors! Love the colors!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Tena the canvas sounds amazing! Good luck finding your book mold, sounds like a fun project. Can't wait to see it!
    Hi Vivian and Elizabeth, so nice to have you both back! Elizabeth can't wait to see what you've created!
    I started meeting with contractors today to see about remodeling our master bath. So I'm researching material costs so I can pull an estimate together hopefully next week. We discovered that we had we have a mold problem so we want to get things repaired as soon as possible. The upside is a new bathroom, so I'm very excited to get it designed! BBL...
  • Dawna.s Place
    Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your celebrations today!
  • Krizzy05
    Dawna, I hope your bathroom remodel goes well. Mold is never fun to deal with.

    I was preparing apples yesterday for apple crisp and cut one of my fingers. Luckily I didn't need stitches but it's taped up and impeding a lot of things I do. Here's the link to the mixed media wall hanging I made for my living room to match my valances. I've gotten everything hung on the walls and the new lamps will be here on Thursday. I'm very happy with the remodel.

  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Krissy, so sorry to hear you injured your finger. You never know how much you use those little things till you injure them! Lovely wall hanging, I'd love to see pics of your remodel! I finished my material estimates up today, and depending on the labor quotes, it looks like it will be a go. DH knows that if we ever sell, we'll easily get our return on investment back, I'm so exited! My home was build in the mid 60's and the master bath has never been updated. So a vintage style refresh will be a welcome change! Enjoy the day everyone!
  • Tena E.
    Hi everyone, just reading along. I'm still looking for a small book mold for my canvas but not finding what I see in my head (if that makes sense) but do have something else I can use so hope to work on something soon.

    Dawna, good luck with the the bathroom remodel, I would love to get rid of my bathtub in our guess bathroom and put in a glass, tiled walk in shower but can't seem to talk hubby in to it since it's just the two of us now...he said it's fine like it is LOL.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Tena, Thanks. I understand, its not an easy thing to do. Took us quite a while to decide to do ours too. We did our kitchen last fall and it turned out nice. I think that's one reason DH has agreed to do the bath. BTW, I had an idea about your book mold. You could always fashion it by hand using just the paper modeling clay. That stuff is like working with play dough, so it shouldn't be to hard to do by hand. I'd use a rolling pin to flatten it all out, then cut it to shape and just heave it so it looks like an open book. Could be fun to do! Just a thought.
  • Tena E.
    Great idea, not sure I'd want to take that on for my first time using the modeling clay, maybe I'll just stick to the molds I already have and see how I like working with it.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Can't wait to see what you do Tena! I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Boy the treads have been very quiet this week. I hope folks are figuring out how to take mini vacations, to break up the monotony of staying at home! Anyone started their MM project for July yet?
  • Eapipkin
    I can finally post my project! I made this wooden plaque for Jess for her craft room. The letters and dragonfly are also wood. I used Mod Podge to apply the Bird Waltz papers to the letters, TH Distress Crackle Paint over each one and then distress ink pad. The dragonfly body is TH Distress Crackle Paint Black Soot, two colors of liquid pearls and chunky glitter glass. I used some new and some old laces, as well as buttons. Flowers are HL and I used stickles also!
  • Vivian Lake
    I have two projects to post but have yet to take pictures. Other than that I've been a silent stalker.
  • Bishsticks
    It's not too late to join is it? These days I hate to commit to something unless it's done or almost done, just because my schedule is so crazy these days! But I finished a mixed media art doll over the weekend.

  • Eapipkin
    I saw your doll on FB, Caroline! That is just the coolest thing!! I think you can join anytime.

    Can't wait to see your projects, Vivian!!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Elizabeth I love your name plaque, it came out gorgeous! I really like the colors you chose, just wonderful!
    Vivian can't wait to see what you've been up to. Any hints? Please feel free to pop in now and then, I get a little lonesome around here! lol
    Caroline, your fine to join in anytime during the month! By now you know I'm totally love with your fabulous art doll! She is simply divine! Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

    I've been assembling Christmas cards this week. I've done the design work on 47, 18 done only 29 more to complete! That will take care of my soldiers donation, then I've got to finish up my Cards For Kindness donation. I've already done the design work on 50 of those, 12 are done, 38 to finish assembling. So, its not looking like there will be a MM project for me this month. That is unless inspiration strikes! You never know, I may just need a break from doing cards! lol
  • Eapipkin
    Thank you Dawna! I enjoyed making the plaque for Jess. Her scraproom color is a tealish or seafoam green color so it should match it pretty good!

    It's so awesome you are doing cards for soldiers and the cards for kindness!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Your welcome Elizabeth, much deserved! I've kind of made these two charities my ministry this year. I don't think anything says "sending love" more than a handmade card.
    Hi Everyone!

    I finished my 20th Wedding Anniversary album.

  • Tena E.
    Kelly, congratulations on your 20th anniversary! Thanks for sharing your memories, the album is beautiful!
  • Dawna.s Place
    I love your Anniversary Album Kelly, congrats on your 20th! Great milestone to document all those loving years!
  • Scrapbook.com
    Wow! That is amazing, Kelly! How long did that take you?
    Congrats on 20 years!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Morning Everyone! What's on deck for creating this week? I'm still working away on my Christmas cards, have lots to do! Enjoy the day!
  • Tena E.
    Hi everyone, I'm so far behind in crafting anything this month. We've had a death in our family, I lost a niece to bladder cancer last Monday and the funeral was this past Saturday. This week will be a very quiet week for me, staying in and hopefully having some creative therapy.

    Love all the wonderful projects so far.
  • Krizzy05
    Hi everyone. Dawna, you're the card-making queen! I just completed a baby boy mini album for a co-worker, and am going to make a quick little folio for a 6 year old's birthday that's next week, and then I'll start another mini album. That's the plan at least...we'll see how it goes

    Tena, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your niece. Crafting is such good therapy for so many things! I hope you take care of yourself this week.
    Thanks so much everyone! I am so happy with it. It took about 1 1/2 years to complete working on it on/off.

    I'm working on our 20th Wedding Anniversary Album of our trip to Austin right now.

    Tena, I'm so sorry for your loss. Please take care.

  • Eapipkin
    Kelly, that is just gorgeous!!! Will get a closer look in a few minutes. I have so much to catch up on!
  • Eapipkin
    Tena, I'm sure sorry for your loss. Cancer is just the absolute pits. I'm sure everyone has lost someone close to them due to cancer. We've had our share in both families and church friends.
  • Eapipkin
    Here's page 11 of my Treasures Journal. I did some stamping, inking, and used liquid pearls...crocheted doily, laces, pearls, diecutting, buttons, butterfly applique. Well, you can basically see it all here! LOL. Next up, page 12!

  • Eapipkin
    Okay...page 12; embossing, mini prills, microbeads, liquid pearls, Wink of Stella, stamping and inking! Lots of textures!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Evening Everyone, It's been a busy few days.
    Tena I'm very sorry to hear about your niece. Some quiet time in art therapy will surely quiet the mind. Keeping you in my thoughts for comfort and strength.
    Krissy thank you! You've been one busy bee! Two folio's and another mini this week, you must be the Queen of mini's! I loved your folio and need to drop by and get a closer look at that darling baby album
    Kelly your anniversary album came out so gorgeous! Can't wait to see your Austin album!
    Elizabeth your Journey album must be a sight to see with all these amazing pages you've created. I was so tickled to see the diamond embossing folder made it into your journal! Yay! A little something from me.

    I'm still knee deep in Christmas cards, and busy getting quotes for our bath remodel. Sparky has kept me a bit preoccupied too. Card assembly is slow going. But I'll get there! BBS...
  • Dawna.s Place
    Any weekend projects on deck? I've assembled about 30 Christmas cards these past few days, Yay!
    Vivian where are you??? I hope all is well my friend!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Just dropping by...
  • Dawna.s Place
    I finely updated the first post. Hope everyone is have a good start to their week!
  • Eapipkin
    It has been pretty busy around here, Dawna, with lots of garden stuff coming off and trying to keep up with everything else. I put up 7 bags up yellow beans and 2 bags of green beans this morning. I blanch, vacuum seal and freeze them. Much easier than canning and they taste just as good! It took me nearly two hours yesterday to wash, drain and snap them all. I saved the blanching for this morning. I'm so glad it doesn't take as long to pick beans as it did blueberries. We got about 9 gallons off our blueberries this year. There may still be a few out there that are huge from a few young bushes!

    I did some paint spattering, inking and stamping on this card I made...
  • Bishsticks
    Hey Dawna, My project is listed under eligible projects, but my name isn't listed under participants.

    Lovely projects, everyone! So creative!
  • Mgiov
    Dawna, thanks for the invite
    Here's my entry; I hope it's okay that I didn't sign up in the beginning...

  • Tena E.
    Well, looks like this month got away from me with no project...just didn't feel much like creating with so much going on, hoping August will be better. But so enjoyed all the fabulous projects done this month, very talented ladies.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Elizabeth, love your project! Just love the colors so very pretty!
    Oh Caroline, I'm so sorry, I'll correct that! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Much appreciated.
    Hi Peggy no problem at all, you can submit any time! What a fabulous MM project, just so amazing!
    Hi Tena, I know what you mean, I've been pretty busy this month too and oh my gosh its be a scorcher here lately! Not much extra energy.
    So many amazing projects this month!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Tomorrow is your last day to submit any projects before I draw a random winner! Good luck everyone!
  • Eapipkin
    Speaking of scorchers...it has been over 100 degrees the past four days here and a high of 106 is expected today!! I hope it doesn't go that high! It just absolutely saps me of strength and energy, as well as my husband, because he has to tend his garden and keep it and the yard watered, everything dries out so fast!

    Peggy, your project is absolutely amazing!!!
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