August 2020 New Layouts and Cards

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  • Terry0773

    Welcome to the New Layouts and Cards for the month of August. We would also love to see any other project, photo or imported images you'd like to share with the group.

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. Since there are several people here try not to flood the post with too many LOs or cards. Maybe 5-7 in any post and no daily limit. Follow instructions for downloading and linking your projects.

    Come by and join the fun! This thread has gained a fairly regular following. We enjoy seeing new people come by to share their work and join in the fun! You can join in at any time. Just remember that it is more fun if you give love and get love too!

    While this is a laid back community of artists and crafts people sharing their work and support, it's not a place to just drop off work and not visit the galleries of others in the thread. We encourage you to enjoy all the marvelous talent and leave comments! Should you encounter a problem with another poster in this thread, please PM them directly to ask your question or resolve your issue. The hostesses are not referees and can't step in the middle for you.

    This is a collaborative effort. We are rotating the job of hosting the thread. Included in the opening post is the schedule of hostesses over the next couple months. Please volunteer as its the easiest job you will ever have

    2020 Hostesses: SEPT.... Jane OCT.....Cathe NOV......... DEC..........

    Lets celebrate everyone's special day. If you need added to this list, contact the current hostess and she can add you.

    Laura January 11
    Cheryl January 13
    Danielle February 11
    Denise February 13
    Ashley March 1
    Cathe March 18
    Jeannie April 3
    Katy May 1
    Jane June 14
    Terry August 5
    Anna December 24

  • Terry0773
    Welcome August!! Thanks Anna for hosting July!!
    As you all can see we need some volunteers for the next 4 mos of hosting. Let me know and I'll add your names and a big thank you for it too.

    Cathe: so glad you had a great Face time with Casey and the kids! My heart always sings when I get to chat with the grands!! If you need the wipes I will gladly mail you some--no problems!
    Danielle: It's going to be hot here too and I am so over summer. Bring on the rains and cool weather please. It might be a good thing to get your collar back if you think you need it. Have fun in the city & shopping.
    Denise: Safe trip and check in if you can
    Jane: We do not have an invisible fence since I would have to fence in 2 1/2 acres! One guy who lived on the property across the drive put in an electric fence since he had horses and a steer out there. Our labs knew not of electric fences so the first day Halley went running across the drive and ducked under that fence but didn't drop her tail. We just cracked up at the reaction to her tail being shocked. In her hurry to avoid that pain and get back home she did it again. But she never went over that way again. And the other labs just took a lesson from her. One thing is tho we never let the dogs just run if we aren't out there watching them. Those bunnies are such an attraction to the tiny dogs and if I could I would shoot them all. But I don't have the heart to do that.

    I have tons of stuff to get done and sitting here isn't helping.
  • Terry0773
    Saw this on hubby's FB page --- it sure is the way to get kids to understand "real" math:
  • Rockmom
    Thanks Terry
  • OnlyJane
    Terry I will be glad to do September.
  • Scrappin 2
  • Scrappin 2
    Sb is wonky this afternoon. There are two more in my gallery but I will try and link later.
    Jane thanks for getting us to July---omgosh I think you did July. I will go back and look.
    Terry- thanks for getting us to August.

    I can take October if no one has signed up for it.

    I actually did some real work today. I washed some windows! But of course a little cap thingy came off the peg that goes to a hole that holds the screen.
    DH is on his way home. After working at Doug's for two days he might not be happy about helping me with the screen. ---or he might have missed me so much that he'll do anything for me????? LOL

    I also vacuumed and did 3 loads of wash. yay for me.

    Terry- I see you have a birthday coming up......Aug. 5th.
    I have to remember to call Rayn on the 2nd.
    Thanks for the offer to send wipes. Surely we will gets some here in Illinois pretty soon. I'm not having you run to the post office to mail any--plus shipping is ridiculous.
  • Scrappin 2

  • Scrappin 2

    Oakley, Casey and Kian
  • Terry0773
    Thank you Jane & Cathe---have you down!
    Adorable LOs of the grands Cathe!!! Love that paper in each one.

    It's "Terry doesn't cook night" and that usually means our favorite Mexican food---take out now!
  • OnlyJane
    Good evening,
    Had another gulley washer around 5:30pm, well at least won't have to water for a few days. It was hot for most of the day, back up to 90.

    Anna thanks for hosting July and Terry thanks for bringing us in to August!!

    Cathe really like your latest layouts, so colorful and such fun looking photos that you took. Sounds like you had a busy day. My day seemed so long and for some reason felt down, well I know the reason, this darn virus is so draining especially since right now our numbers are spiking and our deaths are too, no one really knows why. I know everyone of us are affected with this too so not alone but I sure wish it would disappear!! Enough of my pity party. Did your sil bring some corn for dinner? Love corn on the cob, but can only eat a little bit as it is hard for me to digest it.

    Terry that Facebook sign that you posted is funny. Did you get everything done that you wanted to? I can get so distracted at times and then end up accomplishing not much at all, it especially happens when Bob is home so much. When he travels, I stay on track and get things done. With all your land I can see why you don't have an invisible fence.

    Denise hope your week away is a good one!

    Cheryl hope your dh is doing well after his surgery today.

    Anna any plans for the weekend?

    DS was going to mow tomorrow but I think the grass/weeds will be way too wet.
    Have a good night everyone.

  • Anna C
    Image may contain: flower and nature, text that says 'The brilliant poppy flaunts her head Amidst the ripening grain, And adds her voice to sell the song That AUGUST's here again.'

    Thanks for hosting August Terry!

    Good morning beautiful friends! It is so foggy here that I can't even see across the street! We've had lots of rain, heat, humidity, t & l and some of the most gorgeous rainbows the last few days. The new job is going well, lots to learn about insurance but after one week it was a pretty good week. Working full time hours right now and for the next few weeks then three days a week they say.

    The virus is here and in full force. Everyday there are new cases in our county and border counties. And now there are deaths in our area as well. One thing that bothers me….this virus is still in full force here in the USA but you don't hear how it is going in Italy now. How did they contain it? What is America doing wrong?

    Our Tuesday Morning is closing also. They always had some good stuff and seemed to get a lot of business. Sad to see them go. Even more sad to see one of our hospitals close. It was the hospital my daughter was born in. It served the area well. It was in the next county over on the WV side. We have a hospital here in our county which is ten minutes from my house, but it is nothing more than a “band aide” station. Most cases that come in there are shipped out to bigger hospitals. Thankfully, we still have access to a bigger hospital over on the WV side.

    Terry, I am looking forward to visiting Manhattan. Probably won't be this year but we do plan to go out there. What did you decide about the sweeper? When Bucky was working in South Carolina, we hired someone to mow and trim for us and he's still doing it. I am right there with you on the clothes issue. I have three sizes in my closet too and it runneth over. I need to purge some stuff but keep thinking I will lose enough weight to get back in those clothes. Hasn't happened yet!!! We have Direct also but their internet doesn't come out to us yet. Every time that it storms our services goes out so not sure I would want their internet. And they are owned by AT &T too. Love your cards. The colors are so vibrant and you did a wonderful job with each one. You really have perfected the blending and stenciling techniques! Any news from Steve's surgeon?

    Denise, hope you had a safe trip to MO and find things in good shape at your mother's home.

    Jane, did you ever get a hold of Jake from State Farm???? I loved that post….made me laugh. Those commercials are so stupid but I can't help from laughing at them! Oh and those Progressive ones are even worse! Sounds like you enjoyed your “alone time.”

    Ashley, I loved the profile photo of you holding your hand over your mouth on FB. Mom doing any better? Why did your sister buy a car? I'm with Jane….I would imagine owning a car in NYC would be very expensive. I really liked your last pages. Each one has a powerful message. At this point in time, I do not want the vaccine. I don't feel that there has been enough research.

    Cathe, if I feel asleep at 5:30 am I would be completely worthless. I just don't function well with no sleep. Glad you got your appliance ordered. Hopefully, it will arrive on time. Glad you got to facetime with Casey.

    Cheryl, hope DH's surgery went well.

    Danielle, how is Bella doing with her training? The neighbor across the street has a dog and when it is out, it barks constantly. Sometimes it comes up on our porch and barks at our cats sitting in the door way.

    Have a great day ladies!

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Anna thanks for hosting July and Terry thanks for bringing us in to August!! i am glad you are doing good at your new job.

    Denise, hope you had a safe trip to MO. stay safe

    cathe- glad you got your appliance ordered.

    well Ann she is doing okay she sit but lay down it take her awhile because she goes and lay down with her belly up. It going to take awhile to get her train. she loves her walks but barks when she see a bird or other dogs or other people. but she doing good in the house play with all of her toys. well today going into the city to take truck in get oil change and to do other stuff. looks like another hot hot day here. we got in the 100's yesterday here in the afternoon. well we need to look at the potatoes to see if we have to pick them yet. need to mow the lawn. need to trim the tomatoe plants.

    hope everyone has a nice saturday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    Anna- Thank you for hosting July. I think I thanked Jane. LOL
    and once again Terry thanks for getting us to August.
    I'll write down that I have October.

    Anna- I think Italy and other countries are doing better than us because too many American's seem entitled to do what they want .....and go where they want .........and don't wear their masks.
    That sign has such a lovely poem on it. My poppies bloomed a long time ago and are now dormant. They look like a weed now. LOL
    Glad to hear the job is going ok. Maybe it will remain full time.

    Danielle- The long term weather map looks hot, hot and hot for you. We are going to cool off a bit. It will be a welcomed relief. I'm glad Bella likes her toys. Do you know how old she is? Have a nice time in the city.

    Denise- hope you and your mom enjoy your time in Mo.

    Jane- this virus can get one feeling down.
    To me it seems like you and Anna's counties weren't getting cases when we were. I think your Governors should have closed things down and required masks sooner, but that is just my opinion.
    Rose brought corn and we tried cooking it in the microwave. It worked!! 2 1/2 minutes. You're supposed to cut off the end and it peels off nicely. Yet it is hot!
    I was shocked it turned out. I'm such a doubting Thomas.
    Corn is hard to digest.

    Terry- I don't cook on Friday's either. We usually get pizza.
    I saw some cards on Pinterest that used 3 -D embossing folders and TH distressed crayons. Now I could do that. I think a couple of my SU embossing folders are 3-D and would work for coloring. I love looking at cards as well as bathroom redos on Pinterest.

    Cheryl- such a sweet photo of Izzy on FB.

    Hi Katy- hope you are having a great time and got to be with your sis and Michael.

    We are going to friends home this evening for an outdoor dinner. Only we could get a shower. One other couple is invited too. We plan on social distancing, but I've found when food is served you get bunched up.

    Since I did so much work yesterday, I'm taking today off. Think I will scrap or make a card.
  • Terry0773
    Hello Ladies! I guess sometime this morning we are going the the Saturday Farmers Market. I do not see how they are going to social distance there as all the booths are lined up on a downtown street and everyone walks together. I've never seen less that 200 people there. I think Steve is nuts to want to go there. I would rather be home catching up on that growing mound of laundry!

    Anna: I was wondering if you weren't working every day right now. I am so glad that are so far enjoying this job. The one thing you will notice about KS is that it is flat as a pancake. I'm with ya on the vaccine thing. I want to see proof that it works first. Thank you on the cards comments. They were fun to do but that ink still has some drawbacks. Neighbor's dog stands on your porch & barks? So not right!!! hehehe....
    Ashley: how is work going this weekend?
    Cathe: That corn idea is something! I've heard of people cooking corn in the husk on a BBQ and now some gal said to bake it but I think I'll stick to the water bath cooking. I'm a tradionalist in a lot of things and cooking is one. I too loved your LOs!!! I've heard that the European countries are almost done with the virus and no new cases reported. One reason is they are not as populated as we are, another is that they had a more accurate accounting of the numbers than we do, and I think they are healthier all the way around. Just mho! Distress crayons & 3D embossing folders huh? Have to go look that up as I have some of both!!! I keep seeing so many new Christmas stamps, dies, & papers and my little devil says buy some and my little angel says you have enough!!!
    Cheryl: Hope Karyol is recouping from the surgery and that the fistula will work now
    Danielle: Well we didn't get as hot as you apparently! And I hope we don't..... How do you know when the potatoes are ready? Have a fun time in the city.
    Denise: Hope you are having a safe trip....
    Jane: Those invisible fences have one flaw as I see it. Sometimes the dog wants to cross the fence for some reason and those fences only give off a quick charge. So the dog running over it gets zapped for say a sec and when they learn that they are free again. It would be better if the dog kept getting zapped until he returned to the yard. Apparently you guys are getting all of our rain!!! It's so dry here right now. Told Emma not to mow for awhile as the grass is not growing. I need to call Lowes and see if I can return that sweeper if I don't have the receipt. If not it goes on Craigslist. Since there isn't any new TV shows, we started watching Game of Thrones thru Netflix. Didn't see it originally since I don't pay for HBO. I am loving this show---holy cow the storyline is amazing.
    Katy: ??????

    Monday I want Steve to call his surgeon and find out what is going on. He is in pain most of the day and he's not sleeping either. Plus to tell the truth this is really hard on me and my body. Yesterday we had to take a 10 gallon empty propane tank down to be filled which then weighs almost 100 lbs. I was struggling with him while we rolled and leveled this thing into place. Plus the trash plus the 40 lb bags of dog food that I have to lift & tote. Poor me!!! I'm a strong cookie but this is testing my limits!!! Pity party time.....
    Have a fun weekend!
  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon,
    So far today, no rain yet! DS came and mowed but the grass was so wet, he had clobs of wet grass all over, but I am grateful for him mowing. So far today have washed two loads of clothes, so exciting.
    Anna glad your enjoying your job so far. I bet you do have lots to learn about insurance, it is always hard to completely understand the policies when receiving them for the house and cars.
    Ashley how is today going for you?
    Cathe that is good to know that the corn came out good in the microwave. Enjoy being able to see some friends for dinner. Bob went for a walk down the street and said one house had about 12 people sitting in their driveway, talking away. He said he crossed the street. oh my. I have seen people in parking lots that aren't used much sitting around talking, their chairs are distanced from each other. Just read an article that said over 100 teachers will not be returning to teach in our schools, some are deciding to retire and others because of the virus.
    Terry did you get to the Farmers Market? So sorry Steve is having so much pain and trouble sleeping, he definitely needs to call the dr. and find out what is up and what is the plan, poor guy. Ugh on you having to lift heavy things, be careful. So many times I have had to lift things for Bob. Right now his shoulder has been hurting, does that from time to time, I don't even want to think of shoulder replacement. Never have seen the Games of Thornes. We don't subscribe to any of the movie channels, when they have free weekends I will record some. Cable costs enough w/o more charges.
    Denise hope your at your destination and the weather is good.
    Danielle hope you enjoyed your trip into the city.
    Hi to Cheryl and katy!
    Tonight there is a new Hallmark Movie on, at least that is what they have been advertising, so guess will watch it. Maybe I should hit the record button just in case I fall asleep (lol).
    Have a safe day.

  • Anna C
    Good morning Beautiful!!!! I hope you slept well! I am finally ...

    Hi Katy! Hope all is well on your end.

    Cathe, loved your latest layouts but not gonna lie, they made me sad for you. I know you are missing them so much.

    Cheryl, hope Karyol is feeling better after surgery. You have such sweet grands, love seeing their photos on FB.

    Denise, it sounds like your trip to MO has started out very busy. You got lots done yesterday.

    Terry, are you still watching Yellowstone? I finally had to order season 1. Never could find it on any of our networks. But glad I did order it because it answers many questions we had since we didn't start watching until season 3. I read somewhere that season 4 would be the last, not sure how accurate that is. Find lots of fresh things at the Farmers Market? I rarely go to ours anymore. FB says it is your birthday??? Not until the 5th right?

    Ashley, how is it going?

    Jane, we have lots of teachers leaving the school system here. I have two cousins that are teachers. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum about how to handle the kids returning to school. One is in favor and one is not. So glad I don't have to deal with it! I am right there with you on cable costs. We only subscribe to the basic but do have Netflix.

    Danielle, it will take time to get Bella trained. I suspect someone will call the game warden on the neighbor's dog. They let it out and it roams freely and barks at everything coming and going.

    Have a wonderful day ladies!

  • Terry0773
    Morning. I found out from Lowes yesterday that I can take that sweeper back even without a receipt. I always keep receipts and I cannot for the life of me find this one. Anyways, I'll get my $398 back on it and I don't have to tear it totally apart! So that's my plan for today. We never made Sat Market as Steve decided it would be too risky being that close to strangers. So he decided to go for a nature walk at the lake. Had to buy a parking pass but when he got there he couldn't park at all because of so many people so he came home. Ok, now he's going to walk around the sub-development close to us. He's was back in the house 5 min later---said he decided his heart wasn't in it. So the sum total of what he did yesterday----ZERO, zip, nothing at all. As I'm sure that is exactly what he'll do today too.

    Anna: you are right about my birthday. It's the 5th and today is DGD Lauren's 18th birthday. I used all kinds of phony info on that new FB page I did. Look at the spelling of my name! I did it on purpose so I could "hide" from some of the noxious people that sent me off FB, inc relatives. I don't have my sons or Steve as friends just my internet friends from here. And that's all I want too. Do you think you'll get weather from Isias? We are still watching Yellowstone and I hope it continues for many seasons!!! I love that show.
    Jane: my BFF needs a total shoulder replacement but she keeps putting it off. Her latest reason is that her hubby might need knee replacement. Sometimes I just want to shake her. It's bad too since she can't raise her arm past her chest level. And the other one is totally wasted and almost atrophied due to putting it off too. So if this thing bothers Bob, I would have him see a doctor even just to learn how bad and what is the problem. I've had rotator cuff surgery and it did take a long time to heal but it was so worth it. We as a society and being human need that contact with others. No getting around that plus people are tired of being isolated. It truly does your heart good to meet up with friends etc. But the danger is still there unfortunately. Did you get to watch the movie?

    Not feeling chatty ---hip is back to hurting and that saddens me. Oh well....
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Cheryl, hope Karyol is feeling better after surgery.

    Denise, it sounds like your trip to MO has started out very busy.

    well yesterday i bought some stuff at the store with the rest of my birthday money that i was save. it was another hot hot day yesterday. today i mow the lawn and clean the garden up little bit. another hot hot day here. i had to take a cold shower seen i was hot from mowing the lawn. nothing else going on today

    hope everyone has a nice sunday

  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon,
    No rain so far today, it is a lot cooler, 82, it sure feels good after so many hot days. Nothing really going on around here, did another load of clothes, went outside and pulled some more weeds, we decided to do takeout for dinner, we still need to decide what and where (lol).

    Anna cute sign, your always finding such wonderful ones! Did your dh ever find out some more info on his job? It is just so rough out there these days with jobs, so many companies are having to downsize, etc. Hope you have a good week at work. Is the insurance company that you work for in a large office or is it small?

    Terry I did watch most of the movie, but fell asleep near the end (lol), I swear I think maybe need to take a short nap in the afternoon. Glad you can take the sweeper back. So sorry that Steve could not find anything that appealed to him to do. Glad he did not get into any crowds though. Hopefully you will have a plan in place Monday on what needs to be done medically for him. Sorry your hip is hurting, do you think you overdid by all that lifting heavy stuff? Take it easy today.

    Guess that is it for now, so hope every one has a safe and wonderful Sunday.
  • Terry0773
    Going to be busy today with groceries, taking the sweeper back, buying paint for the pavillion, and just doing errands. Emma can't mow since our grass is in the dormant season now so I lined her up to help me paint the pavillion.
    Lauren loved the special necklace Steve bought for her. We did this thing this year where Grandpa picked out a very special gift for each grand that would be something they could cherish for life. Emma got a pearl within a heart necklace, Andrew's was a super nice Fossil watch, and Lauren's was a sapphire teardrop necklace. The sapphire looks like its suspended in the middle and it twirls. They all were so thrilled and I know it did Steve's heart good. I let him to the picking too.

    Jane---I think that I messed it up by trying to pick up that fool sweeper to get it turned so I could drive out. That thing has been a thorn in my ???? since the day we bought it. I'm going to query the chiro tomorrow on exercises to help keep it all together and lasting. Someone needs to pin a sign on me that says you aren't 20 yo anymore ...stop this!
    Anna: meant to tell you how cute your kitty sign yesterday was! Yea, how did it all turn out for Bucky?
    Cathe: How was your weekend? Do any visiting or anything? We found out another one of the dog friends that we haven't seen in 10 yrs died. That makes 2 within a week. These things come in 3 so I'm waiting for news....

    I guess I'll say toodles and hi to Danielle, Denise, Cheryl, & Katy too.
  • OnlyJane
    Good morning,
    Looks like it will be a rainy day - dark, gloomy, no outside working today. Suppose to hear from the landscaper if he was to get some rock. I am starting to wonder if we should see if we can come up with a different plan. Wish at times that we never bought this house with such a sloppy yard. Oh well.

    Terry you are going to be busy by the sounds of what you want to do. How nice Steve picked out special gifts for the grands and they all sound awesome. So sorry about the deaths of friends that you have known. Bet you are glad to get that sweeper back.

    Where is everyone today? Hope all is well.
    Will check back later on, have a nice day.
  • Scrappin 2
    Monday, Monday It was overcast and gloomy here too. I couldn't believe how our temperatures had dropped. It was so cool I needed a hoddie when I went outside. I didn't get up until 8:40. Rum was gone already to golf. I stripped the bedding and put the sheets in the wash. I sort of walking around the house with no direction. I had a twin comforter set that my cousin Melissa was going to take. She mentors a gal who was chosen to go into this housing complex………..low rent. People fought it tooth and nail…..anyway she mentors a mother of 3 and I asked Melissa if the gal needed a nice twin comforter. She did. So Melissa and I met up at Office Max. so she wouldn't have to drive all the way out here to get it. Then I went into Office Max and got photo paper. Went thru Steak and Shake and got a milk shake because I didn't have lunch. It was already 1:30 so I didn't want to eat a burger---well I did, but then I wouldn't want to fix supper. I drove out to the kitchen and bath store to get samples (again) for a bathroom vanity. Stopped at the grocery store for fish. I'm home and I'm tired.
  • Scrappin 2
    I typed that up in Word and that is not how I typed it. It ran everything together when I posted. Sorry, it is kind of hard to read.

    Terry- I'm so glad you can take the lawn sweeper back.
    Ya gotta quit lifting heavy things. I tell my SIL Rose, that frequently. Sunday at Cosco she was moving quite a few 10x7 rolled up rugs to get to the one she wanted. Some nice guy stopped to help her. But I told her she should go for help. Stubborn like her brother. LOL
    How special that Steve picked out Christmas gifts for the grand-kids. Rum would never do that.
    So sorry you have known two people to die. Hope I'm not the third!!!! LOL

    We had a very nice time Saturday night with our friends. I figured we couldn't be 6 ft apart at all times and we weren't. I just hope no one had the virus. No one knows anyone who has had it. BUT it seems we are starting to know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who has or had it. --follow that? lol

    Jane- We only have cable also. Rum won't pay for any of the extra shows.
    Why is your yard so sloppy?
    Our grass in back has never been really nice. There are a lot of weeds. When we moved in the weeds were 5ft tall. the owners were getting a divorce and the lady never mowed it once her husband moved out. We had to have Rum's cousin bring his tractor to mow it down. We aren't good at yard work, so it really isn't a nice lawn. It is a mix of grass and weeds.

    Danielle- Did you buy anything exciting with your birthday money?
    I sure miss getting birthday money from my mom and mother in law.

    Hello to all.
    Have a nice evening.
  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon,
    Nothing new, long day, at least it seemed like it. Need to stop being a slug, there are many things that I can be doing, do not need to sit around all day wishing things would change because they aren't for awhile anyway.
    Cathe it sounds like you stayed busy. Glad you enjoyed your evening with friends. Our neighbors next door just got back from a vacation in Destin Florida for a week. Must remember if I see them outside to just wave, say hi and then run like heck keeping my distance for 14 days (lol). I have no idea if they were in groups of people all the time or what. I know the guy is in sales and likes to talk. I think I used the wrong word for our front yard, it is hilly, goes from street level to a gradual hill where the house sits. Our backyard is better. A milkshake sounds good, I may have to stop at our Steak and Shake for one, thought they had closed up for good, but no, they just don't have too much business at the moment. I had put in a request for an absentee ballot for our upcoming primary for this week, but got an email that they were sorry but had to decline it as the closing date was Friday. Thought I sent the request in plenty of time. Oh well, not sure that I will want to stand in line Thursday with the virus numbers still going up and up here. Our state has gone back to paper ballots, we use to have the machines, now you have to sit at a table and fill in the circles, then use a machine to scan your ballot?

    No one else checked in today but you and Terry, guess all must be busy - I know Cheryl has so much to do right now and Denise is away so will close and say enjoy your evening everyone!!
  • OnlyJane
    Forgot to ask, did any of you lose your Favorite Topics. I always save our monthly ones by making the heart red along with a few others that I enjoy. Went to them yesterday and they were all gone.
  • DNA301
    I couldn't find this topic LOL! I had it saved and then I lost all my favorite topics! Worked this past weekend...Saturday was mildly busy because we had machine trouble but Sunday was as slow as a snail. I was finished all my work by like 11AM and then just had to sit and wait until the day ended...which was not fun at all. For the next four days, I'm working in our outpatient lab at 61st street....the one with no windows where you work alone all day. Part of me is glad about that because I'm kind of over dealing with my coworkers for the moment. The rest of me is upset because the lab has no windows and is always cold and that's not fun! We just got notice from Girl Scouts that we can't do in person meetings so, I guess, we're starting the year with virtual meetings which my mom is fine with. She's still not doing well with even the idea of other people. If it was up to her, the whole nation would be locked in their houses until a vaccine was found. Then we could come out again. I think, when it comes to the vaccine I'm not going to get much of a choice about taking it...I work in a hospital so we're all probably going to have to take it. I'm just tired and want this all to be over with.
  • Anna C
    Image may contain: flower, plant, outdoor and nature, text that says 'Good Morning HAPPY Tuesday'

    Covid is wild and rampant here. Sixteen new cases overnight. Very concerned.

    Weather here has cooled down considerably but it is also rainy and windy too. We've had some spurts of heavy rain with some flooding in some areas. Scattered storms are in the forecast all week.

    Bucky got to go back to work on July 27. However, while he was furloughed he received his 60 day warn letter. This means the mine is shutting down and in bankruptcy. Work and benefits will end in early/mid September, not sure of exact date yet. There is another company looking at the mine but that is about all anyone knows at this point. So he is job hunting too. We never thought we would be in this position as we head into our 60s.

    Jane, when I logged in yesterday, all of my favorites were gone. The insurance company that I work for is locally owned and they have six offices. Two locally (different towns within the county), three in surrounding counties, and one in neighboring Kentucky. Business seems to be very good and thankfully most of it is done over the phone. However, they still do a lot of things “old school” and have so much paperwork.

    Terry, has all of the phony info on FB kept the people away that you wanted to keep away? I had forgotten about your phony profile. How's the hip today? I have found that going to the chiro is never ending. If I don't go regularly, I hurt. What a wonderful thing for Steve to do for the grands. Those kids will always remember that. Were your surprised about the events of Yellowstone?

    Cathe, a milkshake sounds good. I can't remember the last time I had one. What do you think about the shakeup at DWTS?

    Hello to all. Have a great day!

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Ann- sorry to hear about your husband . hope he find a another job.

    well sunday after doing the mowing and other stuff outside i got a migraine and i thought it would go away but didn't so i took some advile and went to bed and slept for a long time and then woke up and it was around 5 pm that the time we usually eat dinner my husband made hamburgers for dinner. then i could go to bed and sleep so i was up all night. monday took the dog for her walk. still wasn't feel great so i didn't go to the gym and just took it easy. i sold another scrapbook stuff yesterday. well took Bella for her walk and the hang outside and water my garden the tomatoes are starting to turn red. took some of the potatoes out and they look good. i am going to go work out today. it another hot day here in the 90's but little windy. they said we should be get little rain thrusday . today is my brother birthday.

    hope everyone has a great tuesday
  • OnlyJane
    Good morning,
    Was 68 out this morning, felt so good. So far it is cloudy, not sure if we will get any rain or not. Bob has been on the phone with work all morning. At least it keeps him busy.

    Anna so sorry that dh is losing his job again. Hope he can find something that works out good for him. Sounds like where your working they are busy. My sil in works for Allstate (from home) said they were so busy with people calling about their policies and with people buying new cars which surprised me, but then again home sales are up especially in areas where people are moving from the big cities. Our virus numbers are worse than yours, Knox County had 143 new cases yesterday, getting scary once again. They closed the bars for at least 2 weeks but some of the craft beer places are refusing to close, so here we go again.

    Ashley you lost your favorites also, guess everyone must have then, Anna said she did too. Don't think I would like working in a windowless place. Sad that you still can not have in person girl scout meetings yet. The boy scouts here keep on posting dates for Fall Fellowship, Cub Scout Family Camping, but when it gets close to the designated dates, it changes to either a cancelled or a postponement. They did have a case of Covid with one of the staffers that worked in the local Council Office and closed down for 2 weeks. Sure wish this stuff would disappear as fast as it appeared here in the States.

    Danielle hope your migraine went away and you feel better today.

    Hi to Terry, Cathe, Denise, Cheryl, Katy

    Will check back, have a wonderful and safe Tuesday!

  • Terry0773
    Morning! Nice & cool here and all the critter are out ---getting worms, hopping around, playing in the bird baths. Very awesome to watch. Had no problem taking the sweeper back and 100% of my output $$ came back to the account. My silly hubby, because he knew this would be the case, hits me at 6:30AM yesterday with "we need to buy a new microwave". What???? Without thinking, I said no we don't. He fussed and fumed all flippin day over that. Oh well...we don't need a new microwave!!!

    Anna: I just love Yellowstone. Loved how Beth proposed and now Jamie finds out hes adopted? Who saw that coming?? With only 3 episodes left I cannot imagine them solving the land grabbers/airport situation at all. Steve thinks Beth is going to be killed off but I don't know why. My take on DWTS shakeup is that the producers made a fatal error. Tyra Banks is not a good host and I honestly think ratings will fall. I disliked her style on AGT too. I watched Next Model shows only because I wanted to see the photography and how they got there. It's such a shame for people who have work their whole lives to have to scramble for jobs just a few year before retirement. Hope Bucky finds something and that he likes it. What on earth are these idiots doing with the coal mines? There is not a single alternative that can play out and handle it. All the phony info has kept everyone away and I like it. If I want to see anything any of them wrote I can go to Instagram!! I unfriended one of them their too...hehehe....
    Ashley: What is the actual purpose of that satellite lab? Everyone learning the new equipment? It doesn't surprise me that GS said virtual meetings only. I'm sure they were under a lot of pressure. Has your mom ever listened or watched a video of Mark Ballas and his wife singing? They are quite good imho.
    Cathe: you sweetie!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful card. I love how her dress matches the paper! Very nice of you and I love it!! Sleep in today? Steve does have his moments but they are few and far between!! But then I think most men are like that. Bff has the same issues and we pretty much laugh about it. That's why we decided gay guys are the ones to marry. They seem to have more woman-type thoughts and needs!!! They problem right now is that Steve can't lift anything and I'm wearing out doing all the work. You would have laughed yesterday watching him take a loaf of bread from the grocery bag and carrying it into the house, then back out to carry in 2 cans and back out and this went on and on. He wouldn't even push the cart Don't know why he even came along---oh wait, I know, it was to give me the silent treatment.
    Jane: I don't have any "my favorites" saved so I wouldn't know but it sounds like others lost theirs too. I wonder is SB had a software fail going on. Anything on the boards about it? There's a beautiful older section of Denver where the houses all sit up a hill (so to speak) and half their front yards are on a vertical slope---not a gentle one but steep like an upside down L. I always wondered how they mow. Hope the rock is in and you can get that project rolling. I need to get moving on ours too. At least laying down the cloth to help with the weeds.

    Need to go get ready. Hi to everyone Will bbl....
  • Scrappin 2
    I didn't get in here this morning. I need to figure out the best time to catch everyone. Oh well, I'm here now and all caught up.

    I had not heard that Tyra Banks was going to host DWTS. What happened to Erin?? Maybe with doing sports and DWTS it was too much. But who knows if there will even be football. Is Erin married? Maybe she is pregnant or trying. I really, really like Erin.
    I didn't know Mark Ballas sang.

    I didn't have any "favorites" so I can't tell you if I lost them or not.

    Anna- I feel so sorry for you and Bucky. You are at a very hard age to find new jobs.

    Terry- what is it with men and microwaves??? Rum really wanted me to get a new one. I like mine just fine.

    Jane- Oh I can picture your front hill now. That would be hard to care for.

    Ashley- Are you allowed to read if you don't have any work?

    Danielle- hope your migraine went away!

    I couldn't get to sleep AGAIN last night!! Ugh!!
    I decided to do more physical work today. I washed the 3 bathroom floors on my hands and knees. They aren't very big. On the smallest I only have to change positions once. The bathroom off our bedroom --maybe 3 moves. The main on off the hall that I use is a bigger, but only 5 ft wide. so maybe 4 or 5 backward scoots.

    Doug stopped to borrow a tool. It was so nice seeing him. We happened to talk about redoing the hall bathroom. He said it should be gutted. I'm afraid it will never get done. He still is working on his Lake home. He says his Dad can't do all that he thinks he can. Rum was out of the room at the time.

    Rum's sister, Rose is having all new flooring put in the entire condo. It needed new flooring. The original was still in there from 30 years ago. But she agonizes over every decision. Choosing toilets was a nightmare. She got two at Cosco. This was after she sent me pictures of two different toilets and wanted to know which one I liked. (she has been talking toilets and shopping for them for days) I told her which on I liked better. She bought them. Then got them home and realized they were 30 1/2 in long instead of 29. We went over because Rum was going to assemble them. I measured with her in the bathrooms and said I think they will be fine.(I sure hope they don't stick out too much. I didn't know they were oblong, I would have told her to get round) I left to go to Kohl's. When I went back to get Rum he said I shouldn't have left. She was ready to return them because the picture on the box looked slightly different than what they actually were! Then she was just going to put the old ones back in.........she and I already had that conversation and I told her 'NO".........Heaven help Rum and me. when I got back she asked if I thought the lid looked different on the box. I lied and said no. I realize she doesn't have a husband to talk things over with, but geeze!!!!!!!

    I got two capris at Kohl's. The dressing rooms are closed. I will be going back to get a bigger size tomorrow. (sigh)

    Jane and Anna- sorry to hear your numbers are going up rapidly. Hope everyone wears their masks.
    I personally didn't think the governor should have opened bars and restaurants for indoor seating. I'm sure he was getting flack from every direction. I don't like him but I do think he has handled the Covid thing better than a lot of other governors. He just spends too much money. We were supposed to be broke.

    Ok enough ramblings from me.
    Have a nice evening.

  • DNA301
    Hi! Day one in the lab without windows down LOL! I wound up texting my mom most of the day to find out about the weather situation since we kinda got hit with that storm but I didn't know what was going on because of the lack of windows. Our virus numbers here are good so far....not going up but I'm mentally preparing for the worst. I told my mom that I'm not entirely sure I will be able to work through a second wave, especially during flu season but I'm going to try. My mom still just wants me to quit and stay home where it's safe. A lot of the techs I work with share the whole "we never signed up for this" sentiment like I feel. I'm going to assume, once it's easier to find a job again, this lab is going to have a mass exodus.

    Anna- My mom has officially "broken up" with Dancing with the Stars since they got rid of Tom and Erin. We're not fans of Tyra Banks...never were even when she hosted America's Next Top Model. She's not watching the new season even if they bring Derek Hough back like they seem to be hinting at.

    Jane- I assumed we were going to have to start the year with Virtual Girl Scout Meetings but it's not going to be the same. I know it's safer for everyone but I dislike this whole "new normal" thing. I want my old normal back where I still had some hope since I'm all out of hope that things are ever going to get better.

    Terry- One of our satellite labs (the one on the 3rd floor of the main hospital) I understand why that one exists. It's a STAT lab for the patients who are getting chemo the doctors need to know right away what their white counts or platelet counts are. The other three satellite labs, those are stupid. They're for the big wig VIP doctors and patients who can't be bothered with waiting for results because they're "special." My mom doesn't like Mark Ballas at all...her favorite was always Maks and then Derek. Mark was my favorite because he always did the stuff I wished I'd been allowed to do.

    Cathe- Since the lab I'm in has no supervisors on site, I can pretty much do whatever I want as long as the work gets done. Usually I watch videos on YouTube in the morning and in the afternoons, I bring my laptop and write. I know some techs who sleep while they're there and others who watch Netflix or Hulu.

    More Disney Stuff...
  • Anna C
    Amazing Animated GIF with Birthday Cake and Fireworks — Download ...

    Happy Birthday Terry! Hope your day is extra special!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Happy birthday Terry hope you have a nice one

    well today looks like it might cool down here today. well i am Waite until the garbage people leave are neighborhood to take her for her walk. i start on some Christmas cards. i go to the gym later on today. my niece is gorwing from the pic i see of her. I wish i could go see her but with California bad hope this virus leaves and i can go see her i think next year. well nothing else going on have remind my husband to send some pic of Bella to the lady at the sanctuary that i took of her play with her toys and play ball she just want to see how she doing and maybe ask her if she see another dog that right for her is to tell us because i would love to get another dog for her and i think i like 2 dogs seen we had 2 dogs. Bella loves watch tv she loves the show doctor Pol and see all the animals on that show sometimes she barks at the tv.

    well hope everyone has a nice Wednesday and take care
  • OnlyJane
    Good morning,
    Nice cool one to start the day, sun is out also.

    Terry - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Hope you have a great day, any special plans, meal, etc.?

    Will be back shortly to catch up.
  • Terry0773
    Good morning!! Thank you all for the sweet bd wishes. My day started at 6AM with me making a phone call to find out where Steve's med is. It's a advocating business who gets you discount prices on high price drugs. So far I've been on hold for 42 min and the message said a 90 min wait. Who on earth makes customers wait for 90 min?

    Anna I wish that cake was real and I could actually eat it!
    Ashley: I think just from seeing your new junk journal pages, that we could all use a bit of bravery right now.
    Cathe: The big wigs at the production co or the network actually fired Tom Beregon & Erin Andrews. No reason---did good job but we want someone new. I think it was a major mistake and one they will regret. Tyra isn't a good fit here at all. I'm in agreement with Ashley's mom, I've about worn out DWTS as most of the fantastic dancers are now gone. I had to laugh at what you described with Rose. A toilet is a toilet!!! When we replaced one last year the only complaint I had was the tank was 2 inch shorter than the original one. It meant that the wallpaper I had put up way back when, now ends before the toilet lid. I just bought a decorative shelf to sit on the lid and hide that until I feel like stripping and redecorating that room. I'm not sure what got into Steve's knickers about this microwave. We have so many other things that need fixed or replaced & bought it stuns me he focused on that.
    Danielle: that is a great idea to let that person helped you find another dog. I think every dog needs a companion. I'd love to get Cricket a small dog like her to play with. But then I think I don't need 4 dogs.
    Denise: hope your trip is going well!
    Jane: What am I doing today? After I get off hold (hoping that's within the next 24 hrs!!!) I need to clean the bathrooms, sweep the kitchen floor, help Danny load the trash, and take it down there to the dump and that should be it. Steve is cooking me Chicken Cordon Blue for supper. I bought them all pre-made from the meat market so all he has to do is fry them. I really wanted to get to a Dairy Queen for a choc dipped cone but I don't think that will happen. Of course, I picked out and sent him links for my bd presents (an external flash, mono-pod, and diffuser). He asked me yesterday if he had to wrap them! I told him I didn't see why he should have to break a 48 yr old custom!!! Men.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Going on 1 hr & 10 min!!! BBL....
  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon,
    Finally got back here, nothing urgent just was outside while it still felt cooler doing some yardwork. I sure hope we hear some good news from the landscaper that everything is ready for the project to start.

    Terry your birthday dinner sounds yummy and your gift super. I laughed when you said Steve wanted to know if he had to wrap it. No matter what the gift is for, Bob always goes into the Christmas closet and pulls out one of the Christmas bags (lol). We all tend to use gift bags these days so I end up saving them from others and reusing them, they are in perfect shape. I, too, do not think Tyra Banks will be good for DWTS, she was awful of AGT. Unless they have some better star dances not sure if I will be watching much. ATG seems to have gone down the tubes also. I guess this season got messed up because of the virus and the production schedule but last week was horrible and this week they just did a recap of years which I did not watch. They could use a better host also in my opinion.

    Danielle I would also wait until the garbage truck leaves before walking your dog. Dogs love to bark at them along with FedEx and UPS trucks.

    Anna I guess your working full time this week. Did you get much rain from the storm?

    Ashley glad you got through day 1 with no windows. It sounded like places in NY did get hit with storm damage, winds, water, etc. Glad your numbers are staying down. Ours now are high one day, lower the next, at least for yesterday we had no deaths for the first time in three weeks I think. Second official wave of the virus, good grief, I thought this was it. I am with you and all others, we want our lives back. I am sure that our area boy scouts will be going towards more virtual, like you said it is safer, so not sure why they insist on putting dates out and then changing them all the time. They are about to start their annual popcorn sales but the rules now enforce calling people that you know and/or your parents know to buy the stuff. Oh, like your latest journaling on Disney's Brave.

    Cathe I laughed so much over the toilet buying with your sil, oh my. Did Rum install them after all the indecisions? I have a hard time once in awhile on deciding colors, types, etc. If we ever do get around the redoing our main bath it will be the last remodel, but still this will be a new vanity, toilet, tub out, shower installed, flooring, towel bars - ugh too much to think about. Did you get your capri's exchanged at Kohls? I need to see what they have, maybe tomorrow, haven't been in the store since Christmas.

    Guess will go and see what needs to be done, well there are lots of things to be done, but what do I feel like doing..

    Have a good Wednesday, stay safe everyone!!

  • Scrappin 2
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!!!! (isn't there a birthday cake emoji?)
    I'm glad to hear that you aren't cooking tonight. It is nice you get asked what you'd like, and get it.

  • Scrappin 2
    I had a busy day. I slept until 9:00. Carole and I planned on going out today and said we'd text each other in the morning. We've both been getting up so late.
    Well we planned to meet at 10:30. I had to hustle.
    We ended up calling a gal we used to teach with and asked her to join us for lunch. She did. We left Johnny Pamcake at 2:00. I ran to the grocery store.
    I had a text during Lunch from my friend Lynn -----did I want to walk? so when I got home I did.....right knee hurts a little bit, but i think it will be ok. the hips are going to scream in the morning.

    I did get the 2 capris and shirt back to Kohl's. They didn't have as many in a bigger size. I got one pair, a dark tan color. That should get me through the hot weather.

    I was on my way to the library and my college roommate called from CA. I said I would call her back. I did and she was at lunch with her 2 daughters. She said she'd call me back. So I am waiting. I made up my meatloaf in case she calls so I can just pop it in the oven. We usually talk a long time. I told her we eat at 6:30 Central time so she doesn't call during dinner.

    Terry- I can't believe you had to wait so long to speak to someone about Steve's meds. That should be unlawful. Why don't our politicians work on that!!!

    I don't know what our covid numbers are doing. Don't wanna know. Last I heard the positivity rate had gone up. to 5. It had been down to 2.

    Ashley- isn't it sad that money talks? The privileged can get tested and get results but us peons have to wait.
    I'm sure glad you can read or watch something on your phone while waiting to do some work.

    Danielle- I bet Bella would like a friend. I got two tomatoes off our plants this afternoon. Did you plant tomatoes?

    Jane- Hope you hear from the landscaper.
    The workers at my SIL's are going to install the toilets when the flooring is done. She called me AGAIN asking if I thought they would stick out too much. About and hour ago Rum said, "I bet anything I'll be taking those toilets apart so she can return them". I told her have the guys take out the one toilet in her bathroom first and see if it fits. The other bathroom is no problem as it is larger. Rum said he told her to get round and not oval. Like I said, if I had know the ones she sent me a picture of were oval I would have said I liked the other one better.

    Denise- that was a beautiful view from your mom's porch.

    Anna- Hope work is going well this week.

    Hi Katy and Cheryl.

    Have a nice evening ladies.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Day two of work in the lab without windows was about as uneventful as yesterday's day of work. I did discover that people are now posting bootlegs of Broadway musicals (I don't condone doing this. It's really bad taste to video a musical.) on YouTube so I spent today watching the Broadway versions of "Frozen" and "Aladdin" LOL! At one point, I was upset I had to stop and pick up samples from the tube system because it was during a song I liked. My mom has, officially, gone of the deep end. She's become one of those people who yells at other people for not wearing a mask. I keep telling her stop because she's going to get herself arrested or worse but she won't.

    Terry- I hope you had a great birthday! I heard Tom got fired from DwtS over some political comments he made about Shawn Spicer the last time the show was on but I don't know if that's true or not.

    Jane- "Brave" is one of those Disney/Pixar movies that doesn't get a lot of love. Merida, the princess in that movie, isn't always mentioned in the line up of official Disney Princesses. She's my mom's favorite though.

    Cathe- The hospital where I work is now refusing to test the staff unless you're "actively sick" so they don't waste test kits. If you really want to get tested, you're told to go to your local testing site and do so there. Meanwhile, the wealthy people who come to the hospital can get tested on demand. It's really annoying!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    cathe- yes we plant tomatoes plants i did 4 of them different. they are all green right now a few are red. we trim the plant. sound like you had a busy day yesterday.

    well today took Bella for her walk and then trainer here little bit she getting sit and lay down good. i am just have a hard time get her to stay she barks at me when i put my hand up to tell her to stay. she love the apples that are on the ground she usually chew on them. yesterday afternoon it rain little bit. we still Waite for a court date for fil with the money he owe us. we are Waite for letters from my husband cousin that where there when his mom was about to die and we need letters say they where there and heard want she wanted for fil and other stuff. It just pain i want this over and i want the money he owes us. my husband going to get his truck tint windows on Monday and this place dose windows with the window on the front of the truck it has a crake in it from a rock on the freeway.

    Terry- glad you got to pick place to eat for your dinner. hope you had a nice birthday.

    Jane- hope you can get your yard done.

    hope everyone has a great thrusday.
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    Terry- did Steve's cordon bleu turn out?

    I'm mad that ABC fired Tom and Erin. I really liked both of them. I probably won't watch. I say probably because there sure isn't much to watch on cable tv anymore. The winter months get long if there isn't a regular tv show to look forward to.

    Not much has happened since I was in yesterday afternoon. --either with me or all of you. LOL

    It is a beautiful day outside. I think the high is going to be 80.

    Last night the electricity went out for a nano of a second. It was weird. We usually don't loose power. It was out just long enough that the and clocks had to be reset and the cable on tv went out and had to reboot.

    I hope to bbl. Have a nice day.
  • Terry0773
    Morning---which for me started at 4:00AM so that I could be on the phone calling this #??!!!## pharmacy at 5AM. I was on the phone on hold yesterday for 4 hr & 38 min and they hung up. I never talked to person. So at 5AM I was told I had a 1 min wait time and 2 hrs & 36 min later a real person finally came on the line. All this to get my refill of insulin sent and Steve's new med sent. I guess I get to do this now every 3 mo. How crazy is that wait time....grrr!!!!
    Dinner was superb! The cordon bleu was pre-made from the meat market and all Steve had to do was bake it. But he made Hollandaise sauce from scratch.

    Anna: how is your week going? Almost done training?
    Ashley: I've had different people growl at me about that fool mask because I have to wear it under my nose. Next one that does that ---and I do not care what age they are---is going to be told to mind their own business in not a friendly voice!!! People don't know me or my medical issues and that is something your mom needs to consider if she's screaming at people. Could your dad wear a mask? I know her heart is in the right place but not everyone can conform. Did you see where the 3 major airlines are now not allowing masks with those vents in them? What crazy stupid thing will come up next....????????????
    Cathe: I'm mad about it too. Tom said in an interview after last season that he held a conversation with a producer to rethink having Spicer on. Then he dropped it so I don't think that was why he was fired and even so why would they fire Erin? How are they going to dance and keep social distance or wearing a mask? It's misty raining here and I'm watching about 18 little black birds dig for worms outside my window.
    Cheryl: how is everything? I bet that cutie pie is growing!
    Danielle: yep, dogs love apples but most of them get diarrhea from it too. Our friends little lab jumps at the pear trees to knock off the fruit. I've seen our dogs carefully pick at blackberries too.
    Denise: Headed home yet? Your mom's house is in such a pretty place and that porch is to die for. Always wanted a wrap around porch!
    Jane: Did you get any weather from the hurricane remnants? Any word on the rock?

    Need to go read the manuals for the new flash --- I hate technical reading!!! Just show me and I can do it afterward. DS#1 got me convinced last night that I needed a remote shutter release too so that is on order. hehehe..... I think its time for a nap....
  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon,
    Checking in late, right now it has started raining once again. Yesterday evening we received almost 2" of rain in less than 30 minutes. Looks like the same thing at the moment.

    Terry unbelievable on the wait to talk with someone about your meds, wow. It sounds as bad as when you have to call the IRS. Glad you finally got to talk, but to go through this every 3 months. Glad you had a wonderful dinner. Remote shutter release, that sounds cool. I need to blow the dust off the Minolta digital camera Bob let me have when he bought his Nikon. just need to remember to take it when I go out and about. I heard that also about Tom B. with DWTS and saying stuff about Spicer. They (judges) I think were trying so hard to get rid of him, but then weren't they are mad when Bobby Bones won a year or so back? Still waiting on the landscaper and we did not get any weather problems from the Hurricane, at least the weather people never said anything.

    Ashley how many more days are you assigned to the windowless lab? Oh goodness your poor Mom. She needs to be careful what she says as so many people are becoming combative with others, so much for free speech, it depends of what your saying. Our health department here closed the bars down for 2 weeks, well the Craft Beer places complained so they changed the ruling, they all now have to close by 10pm. What difference does that make, you can catch the virus before 10pm. Did you get any rain and wind in the area where you live from the storm?

    Danielle hope you can finally get your legal problems settled with your fil. In the state where you live do they have a law that says how dark your vehicle windows can be? We do, especially for the driver's and front passenger windows. DS with his Cadillac ordered it w/o extra tint for the windows and had it done afterwards, only problem was he got stopped by the TN Highway Patrol and given a ticket for too dark windows so he had to have it removed and bring proof that was done and did not have to pay the fine.

    Cathe I am with you, nothing much to watch on tv at the moment other than reruns. I sure hope we can get some of our favorites back soon. I hate when the power goes off long enough to have to reset the range, microwave, tv, computer, etc. I can remember years ago we had a winter storm and the temp. got to below 20 (that was and still is a record), we lost power for almost 2 days. We had both fireplaces going and the the kids had stocking hats on, coats, and we had water boiling on the fireplace making hot chocolate and using for oatmeal, etc. We were lucky that we had no pipes freeze and rupture like many did.

    Guess I have rambled on enough for now, so everyone have a great Thursday!!!
  • Southernlady2
    i am not sure here about Idaho. but my husband not doing to dark because we go to Vegas and they have a law on how dark you can have it and California seen we got threw there a lot.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Day three of the windowless lab adventures....well, not really an adventure. It's just more exile from the main lab. I was supposed to have someone cover me for lunch today (which I don't like because I don't like eating in front of people and now it would be taking my mask off to eat in front of someone) but that person never came and, when I called the lab to ask what was happening, no one picked up the phone. I wound up having to guess when things were slow so I could eat my lunch without having to put my gloves and mask back on to pick up a specimen from the tube system. Tomorrow's my last day in that lab and then I'm off for the weekend.

    Cathe- On Tuesday, the lights in the lab flickered for a bit with the storm but they didn't go out. I'm guessing, if the building lost power, maybe it had back up generators or something. I didn't take the elevators down anywhere just in case LOL!

    Terry- My dad cannot wear a mask at all. His oxygen drops very quickly which is why my mom isn't letting him leave the house. All his doctors' appointments have been by video call. They supposedly banned all non-hospital grade masks from the lab but, the last time I was in the main lab, I noticed that many techs were wearing them, including ones with the valves in them. I'm tired of it all...tired of masks, of my mom being crazy, of this whole situation.

    Jane- It's just tomorrow and then I'm done with the windowless lab until they decide to exile me there again. My assignment next week is to the third floor STAT lab for the chemo patients but I'll be with other techs and that lab has windows LOL! I told my mom she just should mind her own business because she'll wind up in a viral video or worse but she doesn't care. She just wants to leave the city and be someplace where she has air and can breathe and we can all be together. I understand she's stressed but I can't keep up with her crazies!
  • Rockmom
    Hello. Home again. That drive gets longer each time it seems. The weather was so nice there. It's hot here. I've got a long list of to dos for October when we go back.

    I save this thread in my favorites. It was empty. Ugh. Had to hunt it down and do an I am human captcha thingy. Took forever.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well took Bella for her walk. It look cool this morning and going to be cool today. have to go to the grocery store today. clean the kitchen today. tomorrow we have to take Bella to vet to see if she needs some shots and to get her in the vet at 9 am. my husband come with me. nothing eles going on here

    Denise: glad you made home.

    hope everyone has a nice Friday and take care

  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    I couldn't sleep again last night. Maybe I'll go buy some Benadryl.

    Danielle- I hope your lawyer can get your money. This sure has been a long battle.
    I think it is funny Bella will eat an apple.

    Ashley- you're at work, but I hope you have a wonderful weekend away from that place!!

    Terry- Can you switch your prescriptions to a brick and mortar pharmacy? I had the option of getting my meds by mail, but said no thanks.

    Jane- that was a lot of rain in a short amount of time. Was there flooding?

    Denise- When do you start school with the Littles? Did you ever read the children's book The Littles? I think it is so cute you call your Grandkids that.

    I am going to a SU Open House to see cards Barb and Michelle have made. So I better get going.

    Have a nice day.
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