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  • OnlyJane

    Welcome to the New Layouts and Cards for the month of September. We would also love to see any other project, photo or imported images you'd like to share with the group.

    The rules for this thread are simple: Post a newly uploaded layout, card or project, get comments and give comments on everyone's pages. No "drop and runs" please. If you get love be kind enough to give love back. Since there are several people here try not to flood the post with too many LOs or cards. Maybe 5-7 in any post and no daily limit. Follow SB.com instructions for downloading and linking your projects.

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  • OnlyJane
    Here is September's forum. Thank you for doing August Terry. We need someone to do November and December.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone, stay safe!
  • Southernlady2
    Thank you for doing August Terry. thanks jane for doing September
  • Anna C
    Thanks for hosting August Terry and thanks to Jane for hosting September.

    Jane: You can put me down for November.
  • Terry0773
    Thanks Jane for September!
    For those who asked Steve's initial injury after the heart bypass surgery is most likely due to his wracking cough. The surgeon believes that the force of the cough and Steve's jerking because of it (bending forward & contracting his chest) caused the wires inside to snap or loosen. Several of those wires pulled thru the breast plate (sternum) and created a hole or a rip to the outer edges. Apparently when those holes & rips were created Steve's body took over and determined that this was a "foreign substance" and therefore attacked the sternum as it would a virus or cancer. That caused the outer hard shell to deteriorate and the inner soft cheesy area to break down and the body ate it so to speak. So what it now looks like is a split in the middle where they sawed it in half but there's about 1/8 inch missing. The right bottom side is almost totally gone to the point where it doesn't show in the photos. The left side has big holes now due to the body's antibodies eating at it. That's why they cannot wire it or screw a metal plate on it. It's also why the surgeon said that its like cardboard---flimsy. So I do understand more now and it does make more sense as to why they have to find some special way to fix it.

    Our friends should be here soon but I wanted to drop back in and see what's up! I'll bbl....
  • Anna C
    Thanks for the update Terry. I truly believe there is a solution to this problem, praying they will find the answer soon.
  • Anna C

  • Terry0773
    Morning! Last night was so fun and so relaxing. After dinner we piled in my car and topped the evening off with a trip to Dairy Queen!!! Yippeee...we'll go to breakfast this morning before they leave too.

    Anna: I love (big letters) that new gif today! It sure says it all doesn't it? Thanks for the uplift and I pray you are right. I am going to visit him this afternoon but I'll call this morning and maybe he'll have news.
    Ashley: how was the weekend?
    Cathe: I'm glad your icon popped back up! Loved your LOs! You had some really cool embellies on both of them. Have company for dinner yesterday?
    Danielle: How was your trip to the mountains?
    Denise: Are you all ok?
    Jane: I sure hope for your sake that the landscaping starts as stated. I just found out that there is a thing called faux rock so I'm going to start looking for that for my little area. Sure be easier and cheaper to get let alone put down! I'll do December's post....
    Katy: Hope you are safe from the fires!!!

    I'll ci later tonight too.

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Anna: I love (big letters) that new gif today!

    well today they said going to be another windy day here like it was yesterday. we might get some rain who knows. well took Bella for her walk. the trip in the mountains was nice we went up the mountains and they have a lake up there and went to it. i couldn't get to the lake because of my foot so my husband went down there with Bella and walk along the lake and i walk on the dirt road. she did good had to watch her. she did good in the truck we put her kennel and had her stay in there. we want her to get use to the truck seen we will be going to Vegas and California. my foot is hurt little bit and my husband told me i should keep wrapping it up.

    jane- i hope your landscaping start soon for you

    hope everyone has a nice monday
  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon,
    Apparently we had some heavy rain overnight so now everything is so wet. May get some t-storms this afternoon. So far not much going on. We did facetime with Aria. She looked so cute and looks so much bigger. She had to show us how she goes up and down stairs, she crawls up them, then scoots on her bottom all the way down. They have a one floor house with stairs going up to the bonus room over the garage. She is saying a few words that you can understand and is on the move constantly.
    Anna love that gif and that line of stamps are so awesome. Haven't bought any as I figure my coloring would not do them justice (lol). I guess it is back to work for you, hope you have a good week.
    Danielle that sounded like a nice place to go for a hike along with taking Bella. Sorry you were unable to walk everywhere due to your foot hurting still.
    Terry glad you enjoyed your friend's visit and going for a treat at Dairy Queen. That is so interesting about what they found happened to Steve. I did not realize that he had a bad cough after surgery. I thought he had picked up a heavy container of gas and he hurt really bad after doing that but would not call the doctor for awhile. Glad they are looking for the right solution to fix this problem. Hope he has some good news when you call or see him. Did you enjoy your breakfast out before your friends leave?

    Quiet on here so far today, still no Denise or Ashley?
    Will check back latter on to see who checks in. May all of you have a good, safe, day!!

  • Southernlady2
    here are some layouts i did of Bella

  • Scrappin 2
    Good afternoon!

    Thank you Terry for hosting August and Jane getting up to September.

    Terry- Poor Steve!! I sure hope there is a smart doctor out there that can fix-up Steve.
    Glad you had your friends there to keep you company.
    Only Doug and Charity came for dinner. Rose is back in NC to babysit.

    Danielle- Your hike sounds so nice and relaxing. Your pages about Bella are cute.
    Don is always telling me to wrap things when I have hurt them. (I decided to use his given name so everyone knows he has one.LOL)

    Jane - Glad you got to Face Time Aria. You should get some pictures to scrap all those precious things she is doing and learning.

    I decided to do some real work today.
    I got out my bucket of water and a rag and went to work on the porch. I opened the windows and proceeded to clean the inside. They were so bad. I didn't do them last year. I hope Rum will help me wash the windows another day. I still have 4 big windows to do. Two are behind the hot tub, which we haven't used in years because it has a leak. ---sore subject with me.
    I also made potato salad for dinner. .........and you know what a mess THAT is.

    Anna- cute GIF.

    We finally had a brief shower, but it needed to last longer.

    I received First day of School for Van. He is a Freshman!! So I have something new to scrap. I have papers.
    I also received Christening pictures of my great niece Everlee. So look for that pretty soon. I may want to get some stickers for that.
    Gosh I wish I had a real scrapbook store. I should go to one that I know of that is in Wisconsin. It is about an hour away, I think.

    Cheryl's little granddaughter Zoey turns 5 today. Doesn't seem possible.

    Have a nice evening.
  • Scrappin 2

    For the monthly challenge on RSG
  • OnlyJane
    Good evening,
    No rain so far, sure looked like it would several times. Nothing really going on, day seemed to drag on, however tomorrow will be September, not really sure where August went though. I did trim several shrubs today as I wanted to be out but wanted something to do. Should have mowed the front again but the grass was still too wet.

    Cathe that sounds like you did do lots of work cleaning the windows. Our windows and doors need to be cleaned and outside. Bob said we need to wait until the front yard gets finished due to the dust that may blow around with using a small dozer. Nice that Doug and Charity came to dinner. How nice you got some more photos to scrap. I really need to start scrapping, I have Aria to do, even my own boys, and soon Baxter, so what am I waiting for. Have plenty of stash, may not be the latest but still good. I see you have been scrapping. Your layout is so pretty. How did you make the fish net display in the corner? I wish we had a real scrapbook store close. When traveling with Bob sometimes we stayed nearby an Archivers. It was so much fun shopping in one of those stores. One time the hotel we stayed at there was a large mall right across the parking lot so while Bob went to the job site I spent lots of time in that mall which had an Archives.

    Terry I forgot to mention how neat those faux rocks sound, so easy to move around. How was your day and how is Steve doing?

    Danielle that is a cute album you made for Bella. The photos with her looking at tv was so cute.

    Time to see what is on tv tonight. Sure wish some new episodes of shows would start.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Sorry for disappearing but....well...I accidently found out my sister's expecting. Everyone in my family knew except me and I only found out because my mom accidently sent me a text meant for her. The part (one of them anyway) that's making me angry is that I wasn't supposed to know BUT my mom and sister went ahead and used my name and position to get my sister in to the state of the heart women's hospital affiliated with my job. The specimens from that hospital come to the lab where I work which possibly puts me in the awkward position of having to worry about my supervisors monitoring my computer use if they think I'm looking at her files on my terminal...which is a privacy violation and can not only get me fired but I can lose my license. Of course, they never considered that! All my wedding planning has to be put on hold (and my wedding pushed back) to accommodate my sister and the months of attention my mom said she deserves. They both promise me I'll get my wedding day, my day of attention, but I don't trust them. (I guess it's a good thing Joe and I were planning a fall wedding anyway...since it's going to be Snow White themed and we want to use apples in our decorations.)
  • OnlyJane
    Good morning,
    Cloudy start, may rain, we seem to be in the same weather pattern, some rain each day and not enough sun to dry the grass good for mowing. Oh well, more important things to worry about. As usual not sure what needs to be done today, so many choices and none that i really want to do.

    Ashley glad you checked in. Goodness your family can really mess things up can't they. Why in the world would they not tell you your sister is expecting. When is the baby due? You need to move out, cut the ties, just do it, live your life with Joe because if you don't they will keep on using you and prevent you from living your own life. I know that is a hard thing to do because I really think you want to please everyone, but you can't, so please yourself and live your life the way you want. Have you written anymore in your Disney Journal. I was just reading that Disney World was delaying some more openings, think it was the Polynesian Village won't open until next Summer. Tourism is taking a big hit, flights are way down, along with hotels, etc. What a mess.

    Will check back to see who else posts today.

  • Terry0773
    Only have a few minutes but I will be back after I get home. My first PT session is today (hip) and hopefully getting some good on point exercises will also help what the Chiro is doing.
    Steve was a depressed mess yesterday! I just didn't know what to say to boost his spirits. What did it about 6PM was his doctor finally showed up, said they were doing his closing surgery today along with the bone fix. But my hubby didn't ask any questions at all so I know nothing----again! I'm glad something is being done but who is doing it? And what is "IT"? Lord!!! All I do know is our Plastic surgeon is involved in closing up his chest and maybe more who knows.
    Anyway time to get moving!!!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well yesterday it rain here and cold. well today took Bella for her walk. i am going back to the gym to work out. i wrap my foot up. i need to upload my Christmas paper bag i made. i think it turn out good. today will be a nice day it was cold this morning. we are going to start warm up here.

    terry- hope everything goes well for your husband closing surgery goes well

    hope everyone has a nice Tuesday
  • OnlyJane
    Hi again,
    Raining right now, no mowing today.
    Danielle glad you feel like going to the gym. Do you put Bella in a crate when you leave the house? We have four more weeks until we can bring Baxter home and then the fun will begin with a puppy, oh my.

    Terry so sorry Steve was so down and my goodness I would think his doctor would inform you also of what they are going to do with this next surgery. Whatever it is I pray that it will work and he can be pain free.

    It is 11 here and I am hungry already, time to find something to eat.
  • Scrappin 2
    good morning!

    It was one of those nights where I couldn't fall asleep. It was about 4:30 am when I finally did. so I woke up at 9:15. I really thought after all that physical work yesterday I would sleep.

    Ashley- boy oh boy, your sister doesn't need a baby! I get upset with your mom and sister. What about your day? I'm with the others, plan your life and move on it! You don't want to loose Joe.

    Terry- Oh my gosh! You would think they would inform you about what they are planning to do. I will be praying the surgeon's are skilled and Steve gets top notched care.

    Jane- sure wish we would get some of your rain. We did have a quick shower yesterday. It wasn't enough but I didn't have to water.
    I think that "netting" stuff on my LO is cheesecloth dipped in .............I don't remember what I dipped it in............ink of some sorts..........oh I remember I sprayed it with Prima' s Color Bloom deep teal. (I had to get up and look) But I did that just for you...........
    Oh boy..........a puppy!

    Danielle- Glad your foot is feeling good enough to go to the gym.

    It is 10:15 already. UGH. I planned on going out to the kitchen and bath place and getting a door sample in a dark gray color.
    I want a shower and not a tub. But of course my Realtor brother in law says we need a tub for resale. However my good friend who is a physical therapist said, "go for the shower, if it would keep you in your house longer". I don't know what to do.

  • Southernlady2
    no we don't leave Bella in here crate. i usually leave the tv on and put it on animal shows. she is good i usually take her outside to have her go do her pee or pop. she dose good when we leave her home to go do some stuff.
  • Terry0773
    I'm back. Steve got out of surgery after 3 1/2 hrs and when I talked to the surgeon Steve was in recovery. I'm not going back in today but will tomorrow morning. I don't have all the details but what I know is that Dr Gabriel, who is a phenomenal plastic/reconstructive surgeon who we've known & used for 12 yrs, did all the work today. Apparently he took a muscle from Steve's stomach and attached it to the rib cages, pulled them together and covered the bad sternum with it. I simply cannot picture this in my head but this guy, I trust because of who he is and what I've seen and experienced. I feel relaxed and at ease now too. When I answered the phone, Dr Gabriel's first words were "we have to stop meeting like this". I think Steve will be in the hospital for about another week but that's a guess.

    Ashley: You have to be kidding....your selfish sister is pregnant? And your mom wants you to be ok with them using your name in some scheme that can get you fired? That's why they didn't tell you right off! And the audacity to say the wedding has to be postponed because of this!! I don't think I've been so mad at strangers. I agree with Jane & Cathe: it's time to leave Ashley. Time for you and Joe to start your life and let them do what they do without harming you. I am absolutely livid about this.
    Cathe: I am so envious of your pool!!! That's one thing I've always wanted and we just never had the $$$ at the right time. Do you have a tub in another bathroom? Is this the Master bath or the Main bath? If its the Master bath, no tub required. If its the Main bath---well maybe but you know there aren't any rules anymore. And if you go to sell and someone wants a tub there give them a $2000 allowance. Right now houses are being sold everywhere sight unseen for way more than they are worth. I would do what you want and ignore that realtor. Love the LO!! So now my sleep regimen is to bed at 10:30 without reading the internet/emails or playing on the Ipad. Then read a book for 5 min, lights out, and take 10 deep deep breaths to relax me. Now I've added ZZZQuil so I can stay asleep and not get up at 3AM. It's worked for 2 days now. WooHoo....
    Jane: Boy is it turning fall here now. I'm watching leaving falling like rain right now. We are super dry at the moment and headed for the mid 80s but we are in the 40s at night. My type of season!! Is your yard work going to start tomorrow? Look at tgwastewater.com/dekorra-model-102-autumn-bluff
    and that is one that I bought. All 4 of them will be that autumn bluff color. It will feel good to get that project done and I have the paints for the window and laquer for the door and that will be the end of my summer work. I bet your FaceTime with Aria leaves you with a warm heart. Too bad her mom is going overboard with the covid thing.

    I'm going to make myself Taco Pie tonight. I hate cooking for 1 person!!!
  • DNA301
    Hi! Still nursing hurt feelings towards my mom and sister (those aren't going to go away for a while) but I did talk to my friend in Florida…like I actually got upset enough that I asked if I could call her on FaceTime because I needed to talk to her. Her and her husband (who I only know from texts he's sent me) sat and let me just talk to them for about an hour and gave me their opinions on what I should be doing. They both said, like you guys, I should just keep planning and doing what I want to do because I have to start my life at some point. I'm just mad because this feels a little done on purpose...especially since my sister never wanted kids but all of a sudden is having a kid and that happens when I'm trying to finally plan a wedding. There are just too many coincidences in that sentence for me to be able to tolerate.

    Jane- I suspect the baby is due in either April or May, based on what little I know of the whole situation. I still haven't been told officially by anyone so I'm just using guesswork and science. Disney is closing portions of the Polynesian Hotel to redress the rooms. They're making the Moana themed. It seems to be a thing they're doing with the big money hotels...theming rooms after certain characters (rumor has it some of the rooms in the Contemporary Resort are being rethemed to The Incredibles).

    Cathe- The only thing that makes me feel sorry for my sister is the fact her husband is not at all interested in growing up and stepping up to be a father. He wants to go on his trips and go golfing and live his life so this kid is going to be raised by my mother and sister. I get I'll be the aunt (and Godmother...it's an Italian thing...the Maid of Honor is Godmother to the first baby) but I'm not going to put my whole life on pause because of this.

    Terry- I told my mom that what they did has the potential to make my situation with my supervisors (which is already stressful) worse than it is now and, of course, they never thought of that but, since the hospital is brand new, state of the art, they won't move even if it means I get to spend the next however many months worried about my job. My mom wants me to push everything back so my sister has time to lose "baby weight" so she'll look good in her dress as she'll be my Maid of Honor. She's really lucky Joe and I had decided on a fall wedding anyway to complement the theme we're doing (since it's Snow White and apples are in season...apples being a major symbol in her story). My mom is pushing for me to find a way to include the baby in the ceremony and I already told her that's a no-go. The kid can come and be in the carriage with his/her/its (my sister doesn't believe in gender pronouns) father at the church.
  • OnlyJane
    Good Morning,
    Guess we had a little light rain overnight so now everything is wet and can't mow yet. Dang, not sure son can mow this week as whatever he tangled with is still causing problems. he is going back to the dr. again as the cortisone shot did not help much at all. He doesn't think it is posion ivy this time since it is not responding to regular treatment. He claims it hurts and he is so uncomfortable.

    Terry the surgery for Steve sounds so amazing. Glad you know the plastic surgeon and trust him. I would image there will be lots of healing to take place and to think they took some stomach muscle to use. I wish the best for him in his healing. How did your pt go yesterday? I just looked at those faux rocks, oh my, they really look realistic and how much easier they would be to use. So far no landscapers have showed. They did say mid-week, however with all the rain bet for sure they are still a few days behind, grrrr. The lady at the Family Farm sent a video of her granddaughters playing with Baxter, it was so sweet. They had him on a blanket on the floor, backed up and came forward with a squeaky toy and he looked and looked at it, then backed away. Guess they are starting to interact some with the puppies at this stage. How was the taco pie? When Bob traveled it was always a problem on what to eat, I had been known to eat cereal a time or two for dinner.

    Ashley glad you facetimed with your friend. I just wish you would just go and get married now because I have a feeling your mother and sister will keep throwing roadblocks up so you won't have a wedding but hope I am wrong. That is interesting on Disney and redoing their hotels, etc. Come to think of, here locally our Regal movie theater was closed due to the virus and used the time to redo the whole inside. They have reopened but have not heard a word on how it is doing with limited capacity, etc. Read this morning our health department said we reached the 6 month mark in the virus and she expects the next 6 months to be about the same as now with social distancing, masks and limitations. It could change somewhat if a vaccine starts but they know it will be 2 shots needed, some herd immunity and will enough people take it, plus there won't be enough for all in the beginning. I sure hope she is wrong.

    Cathe thank you for getting up and checking on how you did the fish net look on your last layout, it is so pretty. Did you get all the windows washed? I know what needs to be done around here but just not motivated. Yesterday Bob went to get takeout and I was vacuuming, for some reason the vacuum would not move on the throw rug by the door, it always did, then I smelt like hot rubber, I think the belt slipped off or broke so need to get Bob to take the thing apart to look/replace belt. That should give him something to do!

    Danielle are you going to the gym today?

    Anna how is your week going?

    Will be back, have a good Wednesday, stay safe.
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    Terry the surgery for Steve sounds so amazing. Glad you know the plastic surgeon and trust him.

    Jane- when we go somewhere far like Boise we sally but are dog out side. my foot still hurts little bit. yea i am going to the gym i just take it easy on my foot and wrap it up. It is on the top of my foot that hurts little bit.

    well today took Bella for her walk after the trash truck came. i am have a hard time get her to stay she just won't stay when i tell her to stay. she loves this one toy of hers that she got in Augusta. well today should be nice day little windy. nothing eles going on today.

    hope everyone has a nice wedensday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!!

    Terry- What a relief to have that surgery over with! I can't imagine how sore Steve is going to be!! Moving a muscle to a different spot sounds horrible!! It is wonderful that you have confidence in the surgeon.
    Glad your sleep routine is working for you. I have tried ZzQuil. The first time I tried it it worked great. The second time it didn't work at all! I couldn't get to sleep and I felt drugged on top of not being able to sleep. I take 5 deep breaths guess I should up that to 10. LOL
    We put that pool in in 1988. Believe me we couldn't afford it now. Rum came home one night from work and announced we were getting a pool. He was tired of working and not having anything to show for it. Doug was 18 and Casey 10.
    We are remodeling the main hall bathroom. It is the one I use all the time. I never got used to using the one off our bedroom that we added in 1981. I think I may have explained why once before..............Rum got up after I did many times and I didn't want to wake him. 1981is when we added the family room, made our bedroom larger with another closet, added the bathroom with a 36' vanity, stool and shower. There was left over space for my sewing room that I never really sewed in and it became the laundry room in ? maybe it was 1991.
    I like your idea of not worrying about resale. Just give them a discount toward fixing. My kitchen gal, Deb, is like "do what you want". I am so wishy-washy I don't know what to do.
    How did PT go? My right hip is painful when I first get up. I had it x-rayed and was told it was bursitis. I don't think there is much to do about it. I am a true believer in physical therapy.

    Ashley- It is nice you could Face time with your friends and get their advise. How long does your mom want you to wait to have your wedding??? I bet anything after your sister looses weight (although I wouldn't wait that long) there will be some other reason for you to put off your wedding. So ignore them and get married. I'm glad you told your mom how she put your job in jeopardy. You live a hard life. I am pulling for you to get married, be on your own and have Joe at your side. Hugs.

    Jane did your weather clear up? Is the landscaping moving along?

    Danielle- i think it is so cute Bella watches tv. None of our dogs did, but Ozzie will for a little bit.

  • Terry0773
    Morning! Steve's throat was so bad last night from intubating him it was hard to understand him. This morning, he's in great spirits and he said the area where the stomach muscle was harvested hurts really bad. I imagine so! He sent me a photo and it seems like he will have another surgery to close up the wound. Right now there's a wound pack with suction on it. I am guessing that it will be another 2 wks before he's home. Thankfully my out of pocket charge is for 4 days in and anything after that the ins & Medicare take care of.

    Anna: hope you are having a great week!
    Ashley: What makes your mom think your sister will lose that baby weight? Most women do not take it all off that's why dr only want you to gain 15 lbs. I think you are right about BIL and he'll be a non-entity in this. I do believe all this happened so that she gets the attention and you don''t. Based on that I still think you & Joe should just go get married now and in the fall have a reception where it doesn't matter what dress she wears. And a baby in a wedding???? Doing what???? That's insane.... You really do need to cut the ties and I know you would be happier and less stressed!!
    Cathe:; Absolutely do what you want in the decorating area. Is there any future plans of selling? If not do not worry about that!!! And who takes baths anymore? With hot tubs and pools available that's where people go for relaxing.
    Danielle: I forgot to say anything about your Bella layouts and I apologize. My brain is fried at the moment. I did really love the LOs and those little dogs embellies you used were absolutely adorable! I sure hope your foot stops hurting soon!
    Denise: how are you? where are you?
    Jane: I sure hope your workers get there soon! Its been a long time since you first planned this out. How cute you got to see Baxter playing. Cricket has a playful surge right after supper. It's hysterical to watch her running thru the house with a stuffed toy nearly as big as she is. And she tries to get Kip to run after her. They sure do bring a light into our lives!

    I have to run now but I'll ci later too.
  • Scrappin 2
    Ouch on Steve's throat. I'm glad he was in better spirits. He must be relieved that the docs knew how to fix him.
    oh I don't think you will like the bill for 4 days but that is better than the whole thing.

    I'm going to try to find a Penny Black video on You tube or go watch Hallmark.
    Good night.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Today was, thankfully, drama free. I'm on vacation this week from the lab, which is nice, but I'm stuck home which has its downsides. Mostly I spend my days reading and playing Animal Crossing (the game is switching over to the fall season and we can collect pinecones and acorns to make decorations). Tomorrow I promised my mom I'd do some cleaning which I need to do anyway. She wanted us to go outside and take a walk with my sister this week but that would mean me having to pretend I don't know what I know about my sister and it's not worth the stress. I'd rather just be home with my books.

    Jane- The NY Times just reported the CDC has two plans for late October/early November about two separate vaccines (one for the Moderna vaccine and the other for the Pfizer vaccine) and I am so hoping that's true. Right now, Joe and I can't get married since all the reservations for virtual weddings are booked up. We'd get put on a waiting list so we're doing, as I call it, "the best with the worst". He doesn't know about my sister yet and that is stressing me out too.

    Cathe- My mom wants me to wait a "few months" after my sister has the baby to have my wedding which was going to happen anyway. If my guesswork is correct (thank goodness for an overpriced science education), my sister is due in either April or May. Joe and I were planning on a late August to early October timeframe for our wedding (except we won't get married on the weekend of NY ComicCon). Luckily, that works out without too much reorganizing of things.

    Terry- Since I can't tell Joe about my sister (because he'll turn around and text her), right now I'm just stuck knowing and pretending I don't know. I can't tell Joe anything until my sister makes her officially announcement in November. I told my mom the baby doesn't get to be in the ceremony...that's not in the plans and will never be in the plans. Joe has a young niece (she'll be four or five when we get married) and I'm ok with her being a flower girl in the ceremony if Joe wants her included.

    Only one Disney Page...apologies in advance if the left page upsets anyone since the ride is "sensitive:"
  • Anna C

    Terry, so glad Steve's surgery is over but awaits another one for closure, right? I really hope he is finally on the road to recovery and while it may take awhile, I hope his recovery goes smoothly. And I hope you can get some rest during this stressful time. It sounds like he has really been thru a tough and painful ordeal.

    Ashley, plan that wedding and get married! Time for you to take a stand for Ashley. And if you want to avoid the drama, head to Vegas. Plane flights are cheap right now. And just my personal opinion is (and I know you didn't ask for it) if you take a stand for yourself, your mother and sister will have a whole new respect for you. They may get mad but they will get over it and will realize that they can no longer walk all over you! Sorry, but I just cannot imagine your sister and her hubby with a child.

    Cathe, go for the walk in shower with a seat! Get what you want and don't over think it! Are you thinking of selling your home?

    Jane, we are having rainy spells then it gets hot and humid. Today they are calling for severe storms but they say the weekend will be dry and beautiful.

    Danielle, have you considered a professional trainer for your dog?

    Life has been very hectic this week. Back to work and then doing things in the evenings with the kiddos and this old woman is tired! They leave on Monday for Kansas so I am trying to enjoy every minute with them before they leave.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well it will be a nice day here maybe little windy but the sun is out and going to be hot day here. Well took Bella for her walk today. go to the gym later on today. work on some Christmas cards that i am send to family with a picture of us on the card. my mom send me pictures of my nephews and niece they are growing so fast. my niece is growing fast i hope next year everything be good and this virus will be gone that way i can go see my niece here.

    Ann- no i have not considered a profession trainer for my dog. i know i can get her but i know it takes awhile.

    hope everyone has a nice thrusday
  • Scrappin 2
    good morning!!

    Ashley- Just tell your mom and sister you know about the baby. Truth will set you free.
    Good for you for saying NO to the baby being in the wedding.......somehow.......that is just weird. If it were your baby it would be a different story. LOL

    Terry- Hope Steve feels better today.
    I watched a couple of Penny Black videos last night. Gee now I want new stuff. I think SU falls short on cool techniques, but then maybe I should watch some of their videos.

    Anna- nope, we aren't selling. Rum says they will drag his dead body out of here. LOL
    I go back and forth between tub and shower. I Pin all those pretty showers, but have to realize mine would not be very big like the ones I covet. It would be the same width of my current bathtub. It would seem larger because we are going to take out the soffit.
    Enjoy Shane and Britt.
    Thanks for your advise on the tub/shower issue. I need Rum to tell me what to do. He said, :Whatever makes you happy." It took him 50 years to realize that should be his answer to everything. ........ha ha, just kidding.
    Love those colors in the GIF. I think it has moved me to get out my Fall things.

    Danielle- How far do you walk Bella? I'm so glad you found her.

    I sure don't look forward to cold weather. Carole and I won't be able to go to lunch as we don't eat inside. Yesterday we went thru McDonald's drive thru and then parked and sat in the shade to eat. Fortunately we both were able to get up after sitting on the ground. LOL We decided to put chairs in our cars.

    Katy-if you check in. I love the cat things you share on Facebook.

    Jane- I'll check back as you will probably post later.

    Denise- the kids in Dee Dee school are sure cuties.

    Have a nice day.
  • Terry0773
    Morning---Its a bit foggy right now but when that burns off the temp is going to 94 deg! Holy cow ---I hope its the last hurrah before cool fall temps come. I have to go finish laying the landscape cloth and we forgot that Emma is back "in" school today (virtually) so I don't have help. Bummer but there isn't a lot to do. Rocks were shipped today and bark dust is coming next week so that project will be done. Two down & two to go.

    Anna: When I went on my hyper cleaning I also brought out all the fall stuff--pumpkins & colored sunflowers. I adore those colors!! Still on a hunt for a mustard colored quilted vest. Glad you are having a great time with the kids.
    Ashley: Why don't you confront your mom & sister and be blunt and ask why they won't tell you outright. Then its out in the open but on your terms. Also I would tell your supervisors what they did without your knowledge so that doesn't come back at you either. I'm with Anna.....do your marriage on your terms as your sister did. You didn't get any say in her wedding. And it is YOUR wedding and life. Tell Joe also and beg him not to say anything yet. He'll understand. Better that way than keeping secrets (I can tell you that never ever works as I did it once on a major issue and the backlash was horrible). I truly believe you will feel so much better by taking the control from those 2 and doing what you want!!
    Cathe: Don't over think the bathroom....go with your gut and what makes you smile. I had one heck of a time finding tile for the kitchen when we had to re-model as it was an insurance thing. No one would tell me how much I could spend and OMG the gorgeous choices that were out there. My mind was swimming. And of course Steve put his 2 cents in too. I solved it by doing what I wanted and I ended up with the Tuscan feel I love. And I was happy. Do that and you'll get what you want. The 4 day bill is $1500 but at least they've kept him in and all should be 0 dollars now. They moved him to another room last night at 11PM and he's very upset about that.
    Danielle: I can give you the steps to teach Bella to stay if you want. Let me know...
    Jane: Hope you are getting a new yard today!!!

    Better get outside before it gets hot....
  • Southernlady2
    sure terry. i watch that tv show that on on Saturdays on NBC where he takes the dogs form the shelters and gives them a home and i see how he teach the dogs. but it hard with Bella to stay . i have treats in my treat bag and she loves treats and it is hard form me to have her stay. she is good at sit and down.
  • OnlyJane
    Good afternoon,
    I am officially tired of buying groceries (lol). When the grocery store is the highlight of one's week, something needs to change. Beautiful day, windy but sunny. While in the grocery store treated myself to a Starbuck's Ice Coffee which I enjoy.
    Danielle at least Bella came into your home potty trained. I so dread this when we get Baxter, hope he is a fast learner and also does not try to chew on furniture, etc.
    Cathe as others say, go for a shower in your bathroom. That is what we will do, our bathroom project which is on hold right now due to Covid, is take out the tub, replace with a tiled shower, new vanity, countertop, toilet and tile floor. We will have to hire someone for the shower part. Oh we have wallpaper in the bathroom now, so that will need to come off and with all the problems we had with the downstairs bathroom with wallpaper removal (ended up replacing the sheetrock) I sure hope this won't happen again, sheet rocking is a huge mess, that dust gets all over the place. Did you watch the new medical show Transplant on NBC on Tuesday night? I usually like medical shows not sure about this one, it was different.
    Ashley I don't blame you for wanting to read and play games this week while your off work. Why does your sister want to wait until November to tell everyone she is expecting? You really need to confide in Joe as keeping secrets can backfire badly. I know from experience. I heard also that I think it was the CDC said they wanted every state to be ready by Nov. 1st to have plans in place for vaccine shots. They will need help from dentists, dental hygienists, pharmacists, student nurses, even vets to give the shots and apparently it may require 2 doses 21 to 28 days apart.
    Terry be careful being out in the sun doing the yard, remember hydrate. Glad you ordered the rock, you will have your rock done before mine at this point. The landscaper called, next week as the rain has really caused a backup on his current job and he is right, we have had lots of rain and things are still wet. Yesterday was the first day in a long time without some rain. How is Steve this morning? Is he allowed to sit in a chair yet? He sure has gone through tough times with his first surgery and with the repair surgery.
    Anna glad your enjoying your time with the kids before they head to Kansas. Do they live in military housing when they do their moves? How is Bucky doing, found anything in the job department yet? These sure are tough times every one is having. Our numbers for the virus jumped again thanks to the UT students. The health department is worried about Labor Day and large gatherings. People just won't listen.

    Time to accomplish something, maybe go for a short walk.
    Everyone have a nice Thursday, stay safe!!
  • Southernlady2
    jane- i say get some chew toys that will hopeful help if he chew on furniture, etc. i never had to potty train my other dogs
  • Scrappin 2
    Stoppin in.........taking a break.
    I got our my Fall decorations. I was up and down the basement steps many times.

    Terry - I too love the fall colors.
    I might by a new fall color table cloth or some little pumpkins. I feel the need to buy something! LOL
    Hope Steve is feeling better today, yet he sure had a major surgery!! I bet it will take a lot of time to heal.

    Jane- yhea all the college towns are experiencing spikes. I hope Nev is staying with her 6 friends and that is it.
    No I didn't watch that new show. I don't particularly like medical shows.
    One minute I'm doing the shower and the next minute think we need a tub in the house. GRRRRR!!!
    We still have kitchen chairs that have the rungs chewed up. That set is out on the porch now though. It got so I didn't even notice the damage. But I was really happy to get a new dining set. LOL

    ok I had better go do something!
  • Terry0773
    Sure didn't make it as far as I hoped with putting down the rest of the cloth. Had more blackberry sprouts to pull and I trimmed more of the scrawny tree too. Danny has agreed to come cut it totally down this weekend thankfully! Did a little mowing too where the grass never got cut due to the tree chunks laying in it. I was about to pay Emma $40 to cut a 5 x 10 ft section. So tomorrow I'll lay down the cloth for sure. Rocks will be here 9/9!!!
    Now for Steve. Brother!! At 11PM last night the nurses woke him from a dead drugged sleep to let him know they were moving him out of his room and clear across the hospital to another ward and a room that also has an 88 yr old man in it. Then at 7AM a cadre of nurses, doctors, etc all stormed in talking at once and doing something with the other guy and I am here to say Steven was fit to be tied. Mad as a hornet and I'm getting this after I woke up for 5 min. Jeezzz --- I went in at 2:30 and he's still fuming. But he nurse kept re-assuring him they were looking for a private room for him. He was falling asleep so I left. I hope they do get another room for him cause I hate hearing him rant when there isn't anything I can do to help.

    Danielle: the way to teach a dog to stay is pretty simple and the only real trick is that you have to be really firm and consistent. First make Bella sit, then say Stay (really firm). Take 1 step back from her. If she moves tell her NO and physically push, pull, or whatever to get her back to that original sit spot. Again Sit and then Stay. No treats! TAke a step back. Do this until she complies with the stay and 1 step. Then when she does it give the treat. Next step is the same only take 2-3 steps back from her or to the side of her but always in front of her. Always if she moves then physically put her back on the spot. When she gets this part then the next step is to make a 5-6 step backwards from her & move around. After accomplishing this the second to the last step is to walk around her in a circle. It s ok if she moves her head to look but not her body. Do this and widen the circle every time she stays put. The last step is basically to put her in the spot and then walk away. Reinforce the stay command every few feet you move from her. With each teaching step you take make sure the time limit on "stay" starts out at about 15 sec or so and then increase it. Hope this helps!!

    Cathe: one thing to ask yourself is how often do we use the tub? Did you see any Penny Black videos? There are quite a few good videos from wonderful card makers like Gina K Designs, Laura Bassen, Jennifer McGuire, etc. I have only seen a few videos from SU demonstrators and most of them were from England. I have a small collection of different colored glass pumpkins that come out with 2 bunches of fall colored flowers and 1 table arrangement. That's it.
    Denise: DD school looks so fun and colorful!
    Jane: That is exactly how I feel. How did groceries become the highlight of my week????? I sure hope all the wet stops and you can get that landscape done.

    I have to go find my Tens Unit as my back is killing me. That and some heat and an Advil should do it....
  • Rockmom
    Hello. So sorry I'm MIA. My free time is so small nowadays. Ugh, I hate that but what I'm doing matters to my family. Maybe I'll get faster or better soon. I'm going to try to do some long term prep this weekend so maybe that will help.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Today my mom and I decided to reorganize all my t-shirts. My dad bought these vacuum bags so you can store lots of things in them just by sucking the air out. At least that the theory behind them anyway. We got most of t-shirts in them but my dad ordered more bags so we could do the rest. It wasn't what I planned on cleaning today but it's what happened instead LOL. Tomorrow, if the new bags don't show up, I have a corner in my room I have to clean. I can usually tell how bad my mood's been when this one corner becomes a dumping ground for junk and then I have to turn around and clean it. I don't mind cleaning or organizing, though, since it gives my brain something to do other than dwell and be anxious.

    Anna- I 110% cannot imagine my sister and her husband being any kind of functional parents. Her husband isn't going to grow up or step up and my sister will probably dump the kid on my mom once she can work again. I'd totally go to Vegas but Joe very much wants the big wedding his older brother had so that's what we're planning for. I'm trying to just do this for me (my parents are paying for the wedding since they paid for my sister's circus of a wedding) so I can get some freedom from the crazy people here or become a free babysitter every day when I come back from work.

    Cathe- I was actually thinking of just saying someone in my lab got ahold of the patient list for the hospital she's using (since their specimens come to my lab) and texted me about a patient with my last name just to see what the reaction would be. I hate this whole knowing but pretending to not know because I know me, I'm going to eventually say something. I was always rubbish at keeping secrets.

    Terry- I'm going to have to eventually tell my supervisor because I can't work on anything from my sister. That's a privacy issue and a conflict of interest and something else but I forget what...we have a lot of rules in the lab when it comes to patients that we have to follow or we can be fired. I won't be back in the main lab until the end of next week so I can't say anything until then, though.

    Jane- I have no idea why my sister doesn't want to say anything until November. That information is "private"...my family's big on keeping things secret, even from one another so this kind of behavior is, unfortunately, considered normal and proper. I only recently learned, from my friend in Florida, that what my family does is very strange and is probably the reason why we have no extended family (not a single relative speaks to us anymore). I'm kind of hoping this vaccine thing happens but I know so many people who aren't going to take it. They won't open indoor shopping or dining here until there's a vaccine so I can't go shopping for a dress (I have three dresses picked out already though) or for a venue because that's considered indoor dining. The odd thing is, they're opening gyms, malls, and casinos and they want to open schools. Nothing that's happened here has made any sense lately.
  • Anna C

    Morning ladies!

    Terry, sure hope Steve got his private room over night. What was the point of waking him up to move him? You will have to take a picture of area with the rock and share with us. Those tens units are wonderful aren't they!

    Cathe, like Terry said....do you shower more or take a bath more? We prefer to shower but do like a nice hot bath to soak in from time to time.

    Jane, Bucky has not found another job yet, still looking. As of right now, their last day is 9/10. We do know the bankruptcy court has accepted several sealed bids for the purchase of the mine, but if an actual sale goes thru remains to be seen at this time. One day at a time....

    Ashley, I hope you get the wedding you want and that it is on your terms, not your mother and sister's terms. And I agree with the others, no secrets, because secrets have consequences regardless of how big or how little the secret it.

    Denise, hope things slow down for you. Enjoy your photos on FB.

    Danielle, sounds like Terry has given you some great info on training Bella. Good luck!

    Gotta run. Lots to do before I head out to work. Make it a good one ladies!
  • Southernlady2
    hello and good morning

    well took Bella for her walk this morning. have to go to the grocery store today. i think i mow the lawn today because tomorrow we are going to put are tent up in the back yard that way Bella get use to be in the tent when we go camping next year. Terry i will try that out. well that about it for today. clean the kitchen today.

    hope everyone has a nice friday
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!

    I had written 11:00 on the calendar for today. Then it is crossed off ad 9:30 was written. We have no idea what it is for. It is 9:15. Guess we will see if anything happens at 9:30. Ha Ha. I am still in my robe.

    I never take a bath--only shower. Rum has his own shower. It isn't very big --36"x36". The only person to take a bath is my Sister in Law, Lynette. And they are only here about 3 times a year. ......and now who knows when they will come.

    Terry- I read how to train a dog to stay. Sure wish I knew how to do that when we had our sheepdog puppies.
    I don't understand why patients are moved at night. I hope Steve gets a private room.
    Hope your back is better.

    Denise- thanks for stopping in. Sure glad I had manuals when I taught. Lessons were laid you.

    Anna- hope the mine sells and Bucky is called back to work.
    Exon is closing the nuclear plant in Byron Illinois. It employs over 700 people. The school district is going to loose millions in money. I sure feel for those people.

    Ashley- Is that the truth about someone getting the list and asking you if you were related? Isn't your sister's last name different than yours? If that's not the truth, I wouldn't use it. They would want to know what lab tech asked you.
    My niece is a bridal gown designer. Perhaps you have seen her dresses on FB since I have "shared" them in the past. I have no idea how expensive her dresses are. Her offices were in NYC but she works from home now.

    Jane- Hope the landscaping is coming along. Have you gone to see Baxter?

    Well it is 9:30 and no one has shown up. Rum said, "maybe you need to be somewhere." LOL well..........I'm not there. rofl

    Of course we have no plans for the weekend. We are keeping Ozzy for the kids so they don't have to deal with him up north. I'll let you know how that goes as it might storm Saturday night. But, we haven't gotten any rain or storms for weeks so I will be shocked if it actually happens.

  • Terry0773
    Morning....I'm confused at the moment as Steve normally calls at 6:30 and I've tried him 2 times now (it's 7:30) and no answer.
    Going to go outside in about an hour before it heats up again.

    Anna: That's a cute gif!! I sure hope someone buys the mine and the men keep their jobs! I don't understand how the new wave of thinking green energy works. It doesn't and then you get yourself into a pickle like CA gov Newsom is in right now. His green energy won't keep CA going and he's now back pedaling to find another answer. Coal is the answer since CA doesn't have the water for hydro-electric and they tore down the nuclear electric generating plants. Hope your day goes well!!!
    Ashley: I definitely understand not being allowed to work on your relatives medical stuff. If your family is big on secrets that really is hard since most people aren't when it comes to important things. The only secrets worth keeping are ones that might hurt someone else. Plus I think it puts a lot of stress on everyone.
    Cathe: Have you decided yet? Any plans today?
    Danielle: I hope it works. Staying put is really hard for dogs as they want to be by your side. We train heavily for it because in the field you don't want your dog running out where maybe people are shooting or another dog is retrieving. So since I do the puppy training---sit, come, stay, heal, & potty---I do practice what I told you. That's a good idea to get Bella used to the tent. Never know when a "boogie bear" will spook a dog!
    Denise: I cannot even imagine what your day is like teaching 4 little tykes, and then having the rest of the house and chores to deal with.
    Jane: How is your day looking????
    Katy: Hi----hope all is well.

    Off to the races.....
  • OnlyJane
    Good morning,
    Guess I am late checking in this morning. So far all is quiet around here. The sun is trying to stay out and it is so muggy. Hope we do not get rain today so the grass can dry out. I want, well have to mow over the weekend as don't want to ask ds since he still is having some breakouts with poison sumac. He had to go back to the dr. the other day and they said sumac and gave him another cortisone shot and cream.
    Cathe did you ever figure out what the time you had on your calendar was for? Oh my on the shutdown of nuclear power plants in your state. Makes no sense, of course we are a big advocate for nuclear. We moved here from Florida because Bob took a job with TVA and worked on their nuclear power. It was funny because I got a job with a coal company, The new fossil plants do not pollute anywhere near what the old ones and most of the old ones have been refitted with the newer technology but most places are even shutting down the fossil. There will come a day when all power type plants will be needed, and guess what, there won't be enough to give everyone power. Wind Mills and Solar does not work in every state. Oh well, lessons will be learned but too late. OK off my soapbox, I am just a little squeak in a big world of squawks. Have you decided yet on a bathtub or shower? We have no plans for this long weekend either, how things have changed in all our lives in such a short time frame.
    Terry did you get hold of Steve yet? Maybe they were moving him to his own room. I did not realize that hospitals still had rooms for 2. All the hospitals around here seem to have private rooms. Things have changed so much, I can remember being in the hospital several times having a roommate and the roommate was allowed to smoke and their visitors could smoke. Ugh when your not a smoker. I will need some expertise advise on potty training. It has been so long since we had a puppy. I know they recommend taking the puppy out at least every hour in the beginning? When you get your rocks be sure and take a picture. You will have your yard finished long before me for sure.
    Anna loved your gif today, so cute. It would be great if someone will buy the mine and keep it going. Do you have plans for the weekend before the kids leave, a cookout maybe, weather permitting.
    Denise glad you checked in. I can only image how little free time you have right at the moment especially teaching the four littles. Like I said before your family is so lucky to have you be able to do all this for them.
    Ashley I think I have several of those storage bags, never tried them, forgot all about them. Guess will look for them and see if they work good. That is interesting that Joe wants a big wedding. So the food places in NYC can not have their dining rooms opened still, just the sit outside part only. Opening of schools seem to be an off/on situation, right? Around here they just put out an alert that UT virus cases have gone up 51 percent in three days, hmm wonder why. Do you have to work on Monday or are you still off?
    Danielle is Friday your usual day for grocery shopping? Mine seems to be Thursday's. Good idea to get Bella use to a tent.
    That is it for now. hope everyone has a well and safe Friday!!
  • Scrappin 2

    Van going back to school. I need to add a date
  • Scrappin 2
    Never figured out why 9:30 was on the calendar.

    Terry- Hope you got a hold of Steve. Probably they were moving him.

    Casey just called and I was so excited. She said she couldn't talk long. What the heck???? She needed her Dad or Doug. I said Doug is at the Lake. They need some trim fixed on the house here. She talked long enough for me to find out she really likes her classroom kids. Sonny's parents are there. What the heck??? Then why aren't we there???? I told her to take pictures of Sonny's parents with the kids for me to scrap. Since they live in TN I rarely (like never) get pictures of them to scrap for the kids.
    But I am really, really happy that Sonny's parents are getting to see their Grandkids. They work so hard. I pray every night they can sell that chicken farm. They are getting too old to be doing that kind of hard work.

    Ashley- I have used those storage bags. They work great. You'd think the items would come out all wrinkled but they don't.

    Jane- I'm leaning toward the shower. I met with my gal on Wednesday so I have to know by then. My concern over pouring money into this remodel is that,,,,,,,say in a few years one of us needs a walk in shower. Rum's is too hard to maneuver in and out of. So putting in a shower might be a smart move. Of course no one knows the future our what our health needs will be. Only thing is I have to remember it won't be as big as the ones I admire on Pinterest.

    It was a beautiful day. We got more mulch spread. Kind of a long story.......Rum bought "brown"--said so on the bags last Monday. The first batch of "brown" looked black to me. no problem. The next 6 bags he bought yesterday all said "brown", but some were black and some were brown. Dang. So the brown when in back of the bushes where you really can't see. Rum did put some on the side of the house before I caught the color difference. He is color blind and he couldn't tell the difference in color. Oh well.

    We are dog sitting. We took him for his walk already.
    I will go pick up pizza for supper.
    Have a nice evening.
  • DNA301
    Hi! Another quiet day here...I opted to play Animal Crossing most of the day instead of cleaning because it's getting to be fall on my (virtual) island and I'd rather run around and collect acorns and pine cones to make things with on my island. Plus there are all the fall fish and bugs out to catch too LOL! Today my sister spent the day texting me questions about my wedding which was really, really weird because she hasn't cared a single bit about it for months now. It's mostly been Joe and I planning with my friend in Florida being a third party opinion person for me. Today my sister jumped in about venues and colors and themes and dresses and I was so confused and uncomfortable by the questions. She even asked if she was going to come look at venues when we could and I almost made a comment about her not being able to since she's expecting but I managed to avoid that since it was all done by text LOL!

    Anna- My mother is like shaking, crying levels of afraid because I found out this big secret accidently. She is so scared of what my sister will do or say to her if she finds out I know! I get her not wanting to tell her husband's family, since if something bad happens she'll have to backpedal and tell them that, but she told my whole family except me.

    Cathe- There's no truth to us seeing a patient list for any clinic. Most of us know the inpatients (especially our oncology patients) by name since we get their samples daily but the out patient clinics, we don't get a list for them. My sister never changed her last name so she and I have the same last name which just makes this all the more awkward for me. (I won't be taking my husband's last name either but for a different reason. Many lab techs find they have difficulties renewing their lab tech license when they change their last name because our education records and our original licenses are under our maiden names. Every married tech I know uses their maiden name to avoid arguing with the state so I'm going to do the same to avoid the headache.)

    Terry- My family LOVES their secrets. It's almost part of our family tradition here. I absolutely hate it because I'm bad at keeping secrets and knowing stuff that I can't say gives me all the anxiety in the world. It's not a tradition I imagine myself keeping.

    Jane- Joe has a much bigger family than I do (not quite as big as my brother-in-law's family though...his family is HUGE) so he wants a wedding with all the bells and whistles. I have a few things I want...and they're all quite specific things (like I know I'm not going to have a big bridal party but I have these seven Girl Scouts I've known since Daisies and now they're all in high school and I want them to come in with their Scout uniforms on carrying our Scout Flags in before the ceremony as an "honor guard") and a little silly. Here in NYC, there's still only outdoor dining and they pushed the start of schools back until the end of September to avoid the teacher's union going on strike...but they're opening gyms, malls, and casinos so that makes no sense. I'm really starting to give up on my own state at this point LOL!
  • Scrappin 2
    Good morning!
    I had another night of not being able to go to sleep. I say 3:30. This is the 4th night I've had trouble. I didn't get up until 9:45 so now the day is shot.
    I tried ZZQuill again, but it took two hours for it to work. I don't call that working.

    Ashley- hmm, I'd be suspicious too of your sister wanting to help you. Hope she is helpful.

    I'll check back later to see if anyone has come in.
    Have a nice day girlfriends.

  • Terry0773
    Morning... I'm not working outside today to give the body a little time off. Plus I need even more landscaping cloth!!! Danny came yesterday and sawed down that little quaky tree and I have to haul it off.
    Looks like Steve will come home Wed after another minor surgery to close areas & change the dressings, etc. They moved the elderly man out yesterday and Steve's the only occupant at moment. He's happy. We watched a YouTube video of another dr doing the same procedure as he had done. Utterly amazing.

    Anna: hope you are enjoying the long weekend with the kids! Will they tour their way to KS?
    Ashley: I would advise against telling your sister any plans of the wedding. This is her way to squeeze in her opinions and upset your plans. Honestly Ashley, keep your plans quiet and to yourself right now. Just tell her that you are still thinking things over and until Joe approves you aren't saying.
    Cathe: Even if the showers you liked on P are larger, they will look just as good smaller. Our remodel led us to glass door, tiled floor, walls & ceiling in the shower. It's the tiles that pretty up a smaller shower which ours is too. The only thing I requested was a cubby hole (tiled) in the one wall so all the bottles can sit in there and not on the floor. I'm sorry you felt upset when you talked to Casey. My oldest son is like that---can't talk long, won't send photos, and basically I get so upset but what can I do? Hugss!!!!
    Danielle: are you going up to the mountains this weekend?
    Jane: I detest potty training!!! All the advice I can give on that is to be consistent. Watch the water intake---and at least 15 to 20 min after drinking go out side. IF nothing, go again in 10 min. And also running and playing outside will encourage the pee & p**p too. With Cricket she cannot stand to be wet and therefore, in the winter she would do business in the house. I'd pick it up and her and out we go with a severe scolding. We finally figured out that when she would come to me and stand up she wasn't wanting petted she was telling me she needed to go. So she trained me!! The labs ran to the door she ran to me. You should start to notice a time frame of eating to pooping, drinking to peeing. Little dogs have little bladders so there will be more piddling going on too. I've never tried the doggie pads or any of the new training ways so I don't know about that. I do know this: as with kids, love when good, punish when bad. I good swat on the but with a rolled up paper doesn't hurt but gets the point across. I usually never use my hands to swat the dogs as then they will duck & dodge when you go to pet them. Good luck!!

    Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? Can I join you????? I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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