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Secret Santa Swap (Oct-Dec 2020)

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  • Dawna.s Place

    UPDATE (9/17): This swap is full and sign-ups are closed.

    UPDATE (9/13): We have one spot left, if you wish to join, please DM me no later than 9/20, after which sign-ups will be closed!

    Hello Crafters!

    With fall just around the corner, I can hardly believe its holiday crafting time already! Last year was the first time I hosted this swap. We had a wonderful turn out and a great time was had by all! You are cordially invited to join in this years Secret Santa Swap for the 2020 Holiday Season! Please have a look at the swap details and let me know if you are "In" and if you prefer a "USA" partner, an "International" partner, or "Either."

    Swap Details:

    1. The swap will officially open on 10/1/2020 and run through the year end.

    2. You must be an active SB.com member with significant gallery postings to enter this swap. If you have any questions about this prerequisite, please DM me.

    3. This swap requires one modest handmade item (i.e., a tag, altered tin, set of note cards) and a purchasing budget of $40.00. You may do more if you wish, but please be aware that it is not a requirement of the swap and not everyone can do more.

    4. I will assign your secret pal on October 1st. Remember this is a "secret swap," so DO NOT share who your partner is!

    5. Once you tell me your "In," I will DM you a survey. Please complete it and return to me no later than the end of September.

    7. When I assign your pal, I will DM you their survey. The survey has details about your pals life, likes, dislikes and gift preferences.

    6. All participants should update their SB wish list with any crafting items you would be interested in getting from your pal. If you have an Amazon wish list, please indicate that on your survey. It is not a requirement to exclusively purchase crafting items for this swap, please shop from your pals wish list as indicated on their survey.

    7. Deadlines: All gifts are to be photographed, individually wrapped for display under the tree, and mailed to your pal no later than 12/7 for domestic shipments or 11/17 for international.

    8. Recipients PLEASE post a link to your gallery picture of the wrapped gifts you received. Let the guessing games begin!

    9. Senders PLEASE post a link to the gallery picture of what you sent your pal AFTER they are opened Christmas Day.

    10. DO NOT open ANY gifts early and no peeking! All gifts are to be opened on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, according to your family's gift opening traditions.

    11. Please join in the chat at least once a week or more often, if possible. The chat is a wonderful part of this swap and it is a fun way for you to get to know each other better, so PLEASE feel free to join in!

    12. Please spread some holiday cheer by commenting on gallery links.

    12. Be kind, courteous, and respectful to others.


    1. Dawna (aka Dawna.s Place) Hostess

    2. Kristine (aka Krizzy05) USA

    3. Carri (aka Caletts) USA

    4. Darlene (aka Star77) USA

    5. Linda (aka Boricuapr) USA

    6. Lis (Lisn2cats) USA/Canada

    7. Gerry (Geraldine Ross) USA

    8. Debbie (aka DKravec) USA

    9. Caroline (aka Bishsticks) USA

    10. Jess (aka Jess E) USA

    11. Tammi (aka Scrappy_day) USA

    12. Suzanne (aka Sroseberry) USA

    13. Laura (aka LauralsAttic) USA

    14. Debbie (aka 0612) USA

    15. Lori (aka Lorilei1971) USA

    16. Kim (aka 2BuzyScrapper) USA

    17. Robin (aka RobandTim2)

    18. Keri (aka Msdixon) USA

    19. Lorna (aka Lorna Lee) USA

    20. Lisa Kaye (aka Kaye222) USA

    Legend: Survey Sent: Survey Received: Gifts Shipped : Gifts Received:

    Above all else, please join in and have fun!!!

  • Krizzy05
    Dawna, I'm so happy to see you hosting this again! It was so much fun last year! I'm in and would prefer a US partner, please.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Welcome Krissy! So happy to have you join in again, you're so right, we really had a great time last year!
  • Caletts
    Of course I'm in again. USA please. Last year far exceeded my expectations on the fun meter. I enjoyed creating and gifting as much as getting. Donna (Bonprof) was my secret Santa last year; I'm still using the goodies she sent. Thank you for hosting again Dawna.

  • Star77
    I'm in again love this swap USA, please!

  • Boricuapr
    Woohoo - me too!
  • Lisn2cats
    I'm in - US or Canada please
  • Geraldine Ross
    Hi Dawna I am in had so much fun with Secret Santa last year. USA please.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Welcome everyone, I'm so tickled to see you all join in again along with some new faces!
    Your welcome Carri. We'll have to think of something special to honor Donna's memory this holiday. I'm sure she's with us in spirit!
    Lis I'm so glad you're joining us! Have I got your name correct? I adore your cat layouts, they are so darling. I have a 3 month old orange tabby named Sparky, he's just like having a toddler around the house. Can't take my eye's off him for a minute! Little mischief maker! lol
    Linda do you have a preference for USA, Int'l or either?
    Darlene and Gerry so glad to hear you had fun last year!
  • DKravec
    I'm in. USA please. Looking forward to yammering with everyone.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Debbie! You can certainly count on a lot of yammering on this thread! lol Hope your having a good day. bbl
  • Bishsticks
    I haven't done anything like this before. It sounds like fun! So I'm in if you'll have me. USA please. This will be a good opportunity for me to finally clean out my wish lists, ha ha.
  • Jess E
    How did I miss this post???? Of course!
  • Dawna.s Place
    Of course we'll have you Caroline! You'll fit right in and have a great time!
    Jess did you want USA, Int'l or either for a pal?

    Can anyone tell me if they got my direct message invite? I'm am very suspicious about them as I'm not getting notifications if they are addressed to more than one recipient. I think I may need to reach out to the forum tech to see what's happening. Let me know if you got my DM. Thanks!
  • Krizzy05
    Dawna, I never got a notification of your DM, but when I went to my DM folder, it is there. I don't know why the group DM doesn't give a notification like the individual DM does. I hope they can fix that!
  • Bishsticks
    I had a notification about your message this time. But there's been several times lately I haven't gotten one.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Thanks, I reached out to tech support as I'm sure a lot of folks just didn't get a notification. If they check their DM's they will see it. The site has had a variety of issues here lately. I really had trouble posting my most recent mini album earlier this week.
  • Caletts
    Dawna I received your DM too. It actually hit my notifications this time. The last few previous DMs didn't hit my notifications and was not discovered for weeks. It's not instinctive for me to check my direct messages without first receiving a notification. Much to my excitement and anticipation...Secret Santa Swap!
  • Jess E
    I did not receive notification, but now that I went to look, it is there. Dawna, USA only please. Postage is kind of crazy, and it could get pretty expensive, shipping outside the US.

  • DKravec
    I did not get a notification here on sb, but I did receive one thru my email.

    Just checking in. Slept in later than normal so now I don't have a lot of time to play on the computer. Gotta get a shower and get ready for work. And Yuk, it's a rainy day today. I don't mind being home in the rain, I just don't like driving in it any more.
  • Scrappy_day
    I would like to join if you'll have me!! USA please
  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Tammi, of course we'll have you! Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm not quite sure what to do about the notification issue, I'd sure hate to send them all individually, but I may have to resort to that.
  • Dawna.s Place
    I heard from Suzanne and she would like to play too. I'm sure she'll check in with us soon.
  • LauralsAttic
    Count me in too! USA please. I had so much fun last year playing santa!!!! Ladies Im so far behind in looking through the gallery but I will try to catch up. DGS using internet for home schooling. Need to go get some dinner on. Making baked lemon zest Italian chicken with eggplant parm on the side. Yum.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Yay Laura, I'm so happy your on the mend and able to join in again this year! You're cooking, you must all done with the kitchen reno, yes? What a job that is putting everything back together! I'm surprised I'm willing to start a bath reno this late in the year, after last years fall kitchen reno. That construction dust gets every where!
  • Boricuapr
    Looks like our group keeps growing!

    Dawna, I see me on your list, but haven't received your DM yet.
  • 0612
    I would like to join I have never done this before. Thanks for asking.
  • 0612
    Forgot to add I would like USA also.
  • Geraldine Ross
    Wow what a great group of Santa's we have this year Christmas is my favorite time of year.
    Thank you Dawna for hosting Secret Santa It will be so much fun!!!
  • 2BuzyScrapper
    Thank you Dawna for doing this swap again how i missed it!

    I'm in USA only please
  • Dawna.s Place
    Welcome ladies, so glad to have you join us! 0612 can you let me know your first name?
    I have also heard from Lori and Linny. Linny is thinking on it. I'm sure they will be by to check in sometime soon.
    Gerry I'm happy to host again. We are filling up!
  • 0612
    Hi, my first name is Debbie
  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Debbie, so glad to put a name to your avi! Looking forward to getting to know you better. Enjoy the day everyone. It's going to be a scorcher here this weekend, like 114! Ugh! But it's a nice cool morning right now.
  • Jess E
    ugh on those temps..... we're into fall weather now...nice 70s during the day, and down into the 40s and 50s at night. Brrr tonight! Looking forward to a 3 day weekend!
  • Scrappy_day
    I am looking forward to this swap! Scary that CHristmas is coming up though.
    We started virtual learning for my daughter's school this week. We have a lot of things to learn in order to do it. I also work from home while trying to help her. I didn't think it would be so hard with a 6 year old!! I need to go grocery shopping for more wine!
    Here's hoping next week goes more smoothly!
  • Caletts
    Tammi this summer my neighborhood had a booze pop truck roll through Wednesdays at 3pm. I did not partake but I thought it was a novel idea. maybe you can get a cocktail hour truck. Wine and spirits for the teacher...just a thought.

    It looks like everyone is getting ready for the last big weekend of the summer. It's in the high 90s here, 107 with the heat index today. Please send some of your fall weather this way.
  • DKravec
    My computer broke down so it may be a while before I'm on here again. I have to use my phone and I'm not a happy camper when it comes to having to use my phone. I'd much prefer the whole typing old-school style. Anyway good to see all the new people and I'll check in when I can
  • Dawna.s Place
    A booze pop truck? Wow, what a great idea! it's 109 here today at 2pm, a bit hotter by 3;30. I could use an adult Popsicle right about now! lol
  • Boricuapr
    And this group keeps growing since I last checked in!

    Won't be on much this weekend. I'll be enjoying Le Tour de France and Kentucky Derby! I just might have to have my son whip up some of his award winning moonshine drinks for the Derby. Can't decide on my horse, so I'll need to wait until they walk around the paddocks before race time and see which one strikes my fancy. Totally enjoying the much better atmosphere of Le Tour without Froome. So excited that a week into the race that it is so close with @ 30 cyclist within 13-20 seconds of each other. One of the best things of this year's race is that most of it is in southern France and there are so many new towns that the stages have never visited. The commentary on the scenery, local museums and historic buildings is amazing. This should definitely be added to virtual learning. It incorporates statistics, history, geography, math, sociology, WWI and WWII, and everything else.
  • RobandTim2
    Hellooooo- my long lost scrappy friends!!!!

    I have missed everyone so much.
    Life is so busy around here....

    My grandkidos will begin actual School on Tuesday- Wow, it's been quite a journey for me.

    The boy's started online schooling July 27th, and it's been an adjustment to say the least. But, after the first week we all acclimatized to the stringent schedule and have worked through it...

    I'm exhausted! Plus, we've decided to house hunt, everything is so expensive! Definitely a sellers paradise right now.
    So, we are buying our rental. A great deal for us, hubby and I now are going to be remodeling the entire house....
    Wake me up, when it's over😴 lol....

    Glad to see everyone, Deb, I've been wanting to get in touch with you!
    Been praying for ya, I will give you a call in a few days!

    Debbie, nice to have you! This swap is sooo much fun🥰 you will enjoy it..

    Dawna, thank you, for staying in touch with me!
    I would love to join again, you spoiled me rotten last year...
    Your amazing my sweet friend!
    Big hugs!

    It's been so long since I've seen my craft room, I really miss it...

    Big hugs, my long lost friends!

  • Dawna.s Place
    Hi Linda, yes we are growing! Looks like it's going to be another full house this year. Have fun watching the Le Tour de France and Derby!

    Hey Robin, So glad to see you and I'm thrilled you can make the time to join in the fun again this year! Do you prefer USA? Int'l or Either?

    Today we get our RV ready for your beach trip and I start packing things up. I still need to decide on a project to take with me. I think I may try my hand at a layout. Haven't done one in a long time and I've got some darling pictures of Sparky to scrap. .
  • Dawna.s Place
    Oh no Debbie! I hope you can get a shiny new one. If I remember, you're old one is still running Windows 7. Check out the Dell Outlet, great deals to be had there! And its a great brand, runs like clockwork!
  • DKravec
    Dawna, I love the dell. I have a small dell laptop but I gave it to my sister a year ago to use because she doesn't have one and can't afford the cost. So my son and I went computer shopping today and I freaked out. I want a dell again so I looked at the dells and after adding stuff I need it was close to a thousand dollars for a new computer. I was seriously sweating. I finally just had to walk out. The whole thing was overwhelming to me. I up calling my sister up and telling her I will be needing to use my computer for a few days until they fix mine. She only uses it to get on pinterest and facebook and she hardly even does that so she said she wouldn't miss it for a couple of days, whereas I was having major morning withdraws with my coffee. Anyway, I just can't see spending that much money right now. I could take down that huge pine tree that's dropping sap all over my deck for that price. I have too many priority's with too little money. I need to take down that tree, paint that back garage and repair my roof first. I need a go fund me page. LOL

    Hi Robin, so good to see you again. I miss chatting with you. Girl, you sure do have a busy life. Those grandkid's must keep you jumpin'. I'm so glad you're back online. I love hearing about your busy days. Especially when they are about your grandkids.

    Now that I have my laptop, I need to go thru all the stuff I've missed out on for the past three day. How did we ever live without computers back in the day.

  • Boricuapr
    Debbie - I've gotten tremendous deals at Best Buy on Open Box laptops. Most are already loaded with all the software. When my Yoga died, I got a new Dell with the Geek Squad all devices membership for $99. A year later I really missed my lightweight Yoga and checked with BB and they said my Yoga was covered so I only had to pay $60 for a new hard drive-installation and uploading all the software was free. My annual membership also includes drastically reduced MS Office annual renewal.
  • Dawna.s Place
    Deb, Dell has an outlet center on-line that's where I got my bad boy, and its loaded! I admit that I paid about $600.00 but if all I needed to really do was get on-line and run a few programs, I could have gotten away with one for about $250.00. If you haven't looked there yet, its much cheaper. My daughter is an IT specialist and they have discounts with them. Maybe we could help you out. Text me if find something there.
  • Dawna.s Place
    I just went and checked Dell for you and the new home laptops run about $639.00. So, that maybe more than you want to pay. They have refurbished ones, those were the ones that were really inexpensive. But, they only have them now and then. Here's a link to what they have: https://outlet.us.dell.com/ARBOnlineSales/Online/InventorySearch.aspx?brandId=2201&c=us&cs=22&l=en&s=dfh&dgc=IR&cid=258996&lid=4635114&~ck=mn
  • DKravec

    Thanks Dawna, I'll just out the link. That price sounds so much better than our local store.

    Woke up this morning to a broken coffee machine so I ran out to Starbucks but the line was out on the street so I thought I'll just hit McDonalds which also had a line just not as long. So after hanging in that line, I get to the front and am told they are taking cash only. I never carry cash so off I go back to Starbucks to another long line which I stayed in just to get my morning fix. When it's my turn to pay, the lady in front of me paid for my order. I wanted to cry. I must have had a bad morning written all over my face. That was a nice pick me upper.

    I managed to cut the front yard last night before running out of gas. Need to get gas today so I can finish up the back yard. Then I'm going to spend my day either watching TV, coloring or reading. Have a good day ladies.

  • Msdixon
    Dawna I sent you a PM.

    Keri Dixon
  • Dawna.s Place
    Welcome Keri, thanks for the message. Looking forward to making new friends!

    Oh goodness Debbie, what a pick me up, kind of restores your faith in humanity when someone just does a kindness like that. Warms my heart just to hear about it.
  • Boricuapr
    Debbie - I just LUV those pay it forward moments!!!!! I've been on both ends of that experience and it's an amazing feeling to share those smiles and moments of understanding!

    Ms Penny got dropped off with son and enjoyed an early dinner. Now to do those last loads of laundry and pack! Then I'll do last sweep and mop before loading up the car. Still deciding if back will be OK to take the bikes.

    So excited to see there's a special exhibit of Frida and Diego at Dali. Spoke with staff and was able to get 1st tickets for Wednesday morning!
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