Username Post: Time To Defend the Sizzix!!
  • Anonymous on 03-24-09 06:15 PM

    In response to Vivian loves BLING

Wow... guess I am weird... I have a Sizzix and I am looking to get rid of it... it is NOT that I don't like it well enough or that it isn't easy... but I can't see spending money on new dies... I can buy a new big die (either on sale or 2nd hand) for say $5-6. I can get a new cart for the Cricut for 30.00 new - So I can buy 5 or 6 dies for the Sizzix that only cut in one size and direction... or I can get a whole cartridge... and I use my cricut the most for fonts... I can make them in MANY sizes... for 30.00... the Sizzix fonts are way outside my budget... even on sale!
So I guess for me it is an economical issue... what can I get for the same price.
I can say for sure that if I were to get 100.00 and was told I had to spend it on dies or cartridges, I would have new cartridges...


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